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Glint dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The glint of an eye.
  2. The glint in hers as.
  3. Garn! Have a glint, do.
  4. You had that glint in your eye.
  5. Was it a glint, was it a smile?

  6. An occasional glint on the horizon.
  7. The glint of life was fading away.
  8. In place of glint, there was gloom.
  9. That woke a glint in Wolfe’s eyes.
  10. Joe got a crafty glint in his eyes.
  11. Shifty said with a glint in his eye.
  12. A silvery glint caught his attention.
  13. There was a strange glint in his eye.
  14. He told us this with a glint in his eye.
  15. I saw that all-knowing glint in his eyes.

  16. He noticed a smal glint coming from the.
  17. Her eyes were utterly flat, without glint.
  18. I threatened – and the glint in her eye.
  19. I didn’t trust the glint in Seth’s eyes.
  20. He smiled crookedly, a malicious glint in.
  21. Suddenly my eyes caught the glint of a light.
  22. A glint of something metallic caught her eye.
  23. Yes, said Jimmy with a glint in his eye.
  24. He had seen the moonlight glint off his sword.
  25. There was the glint of glass up in one of them.

  26. He waited for the glint, for the armour of the.
  27. He could see the glint of a tear in her eye –.
  28. The glint left Robert’s eyes and his face sad-.
  29. He had a glint in his eye she hadn’t seen before.
  30. The first thing he could see was a glint of silver.
  31. Then he spotted a glint of gold at Cinder’s belt.
  32. The armour Ultra by now was merely a glint in the.
  33. There was a glint of mischief in her wonderful eyes.
  34. He could just make out the playful glint in her eyes.
  35. She looked over at me with a cheeky glint in her eyes.
  36. Seeing her name, there was a glint of joy in her eyes.
  37. The old man stared with admiration, a glint in his eye.
  38. But there was not a glint of humor on that lady's face.
  39. A few minutes later, Beth stands up, a glint in her eye.
  40. A slight glint as he moves suggests it might be a knife.
  41. Welky? Henry said with a doubtful glint in his eye.
  42. He's totally straight faced but his eyes glint with humor.
  43. As do I, said Dunit with a glint of honoi in his eye.
  44. The glint of the gold in each case caught my eye, you see.
  45. Rhone caught a glint of sunlight out of the corner of his.
  46. Hudson came up and looked between us with a glint in her eye.
  47. She was drawn by the glint of metal upon the long map table.
  48. She looked at him with a glint in her eye, Cigarettes!.
  49. The bars of the stereotactic frame glint in her brown irises.
  50. I looked down to shield my eyes—and saw a glint in the path.
  51. Angela turned and June caught the glint of a tear on her cheek.
  52. The glint of a metallic shield stopped Titus’s chatter short.
  53. The glint in his eyes changed first, turning to cold steel as.
  54. Not if I was right that the wild glint in his eye was defiance.
  55. There was a glint in the eye, but no larger sign of recognition.
  56. The tiny glint of an earring against her elegant and supple neck.
  57. He waved it as he walked, letting the sun glint off its surface.
  58. With a glint in his eye, Jimmy said, ‘I’m a hundred year old.
  59. As they neared the glint on the horizon, the sky approached them.
  60. The glisten of the little steel instruments catching the glint of.
  61. A proud glint and a tear of joy lit up the eyes of the grasshopper.
  62. His eyes were insanely happy again and the glint of fear was gone.
  63. When she spoke, a glint of gold showed in the middle of her tongue.
  64. So where were you? she asked with a wicked glint in her eyes.
  65. A glint of reflected sunlight through the bush below Kay’s place.
  66. Or have we? He wore a glint of humor on the corner of his eyes.
  67. They presented it and opened the lid, revealing the glint of gold.
  68. The colors of his shimmering jacket picked up every glint of light.
  69. Mosh sweat-bright in the moonlight, to the glint of a firestick–.
  70. He opened his eyes and looked at them with a sudden glint of blue:.
  71. I saw the faint glint of her sharp teeth, when she smiled slightly.
  72. Beyond that again he caught the glint of the afternoon sun on steel.
  73. Looking back she could see the silver glint of the quonset hut just.
  74. One could see the metallic glint and hear the click as they complied.
  75. I'd like to believe that, said Stan with a sad glint in his eye.
  76. When I saw the glint in Professor Aziz’s eyes, I suspected that he.
  77. Then she saw a glint of lacquer off the nails of the approaching cop.
  78. Leave him to me, the princess said, a fighting glint in her eye.
  79. I realized how the passer bys stared at him with a glint of amazement.
  80. Tony’s eyes had a slight glint of surprise but he soon smiled at her.
  81. There was a glint from her sword as she moved toward a rock, her wrist.
  82. This he said with a barbaric glint in his eyes, and Anne became alarmed.
  83. Abigail gave a sudden giggle and looked at Hal with a glint in her eyes.
  84. They were as blue as the sky with a glint of silver every now and then.
  85. Why? It's a legitimate source isn't it? Jasper asked, a glint of.
  86. I couldn’t see anything of Annabeth except a glint of her blond hair.
  87. Augusta came over to us with a glint in her eye that told me she was up.
  88. Moshe! Moshe! Soldiers, up there! I saw the glint of many spears!.
  89. I caught a glint of gold as he put something back in his trouser-pocket.
  90. Thin stockings of silver thread cover her legs and glint like chain mail.
  91. James shrugged again, but Hunter noticed the mischievous glint in his eye.
  92. The sharp glint of light reflecting off a school bus stabbed at his eyes.
  93. My breath froze as I watched the sun glint off his slicked-back black hair.
  94. How do you manage?’ the older man asked with a glint of envy in his eyes.
  95. A trumpet sounded in reply and a glint of steel appeared amongst the trees.
  96. The glint of steel was visible in the small circle of light cast by my lamp.
  97. Once, as it moved, I thought I saw the glint of two terrible, greenish eyes.
  98. I asked her for information about my future, eager to gain some glint of it.
  99. She is easily dealt with if it comes to that, she said, a glint in her.
  100. Maybe she is looking for more paint, Takina suggested, with a glint in.

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