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Glisten dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And moonbeams that glisten.
  2. Tears started to glisten on my cheeks.
  3. It hit so hard his eyes began to glisten.
  4. The flame of his torch made her tears glisten.
  5. The sky was grey, with glisten of silver here and there.

  6. The clear liquid seemed to swirl and glisten in the vile.
  7. Not till the waters refuse to glisten for you and the leaves to.
  8. The glisten of the little steel instruments catching the glint of.
  9. Looking up and meeting his eyes, Dominique saw the glisten of tears.
  10. He held it up into the light and streaks of thin lines began to glisten.
  11. Lezura saw the glisten of the wrist-blades in the sunlight and squinted.
  12. As light will glisten diff’rent rays, so seemed this sound a quiver rare.
  13. Don't his eyes glisten when he sees something that doesn't belong to him?
  14. Her lips glisten when she lowers the bottle and gently smacks it back into my hands.
  15. As much as she tried to fight it, a few tears started to glisten upon her blue eyes.

  16. In a few moments he saw it glisten in the water, beauteous as a boquet of submerged flowers.
  17. We drove across the Missouri River, the water not even bothering to glisten in the afternoon sun.
  18. Rosy was well placed to hear the remark and well placed to observe McManus squirm and glisten with sweat.
  19. In front of him now, he saw her brimming, questioning eyes glisten as she now turned slightly in his direction.
  20. After relaying the basics, Paul got to the part of his history that made your little sister’s eyes glisten with tears.
  21. This particular shade seemed to glisten in the light, which apparently was making it a very popular color down in Mexico.
  22. At such times I have seen his face, even on a cold day, glisten with moisture, as though it were new raised from a basin.
  23. After a moment longer, he looked up and Donald noticed the glisten of a tear just to the side of his nose, but ignored it.
  24. Massie felt nothing from the waist down as she watched tears glisten in Claire's blue eyes, watching Cayden run back towards the field.
  25. Where is the use of our reckoning? God will make up our accounts, she said, and her black eyes began to glisten with the tears that filled them.

  26. Doc watched him trudge over the brim of the dune and saw the wind flip up the brim of his straw hat and the yellow sun light up his face and glisten in his beard.
  27. This bird is about the size of a hawk I once saw at a demonstration of falconry, its feathers glisten in the sunlight, flashing green one moment and blue the next.
  28. Her eyes glisten as she counts up the mounds of rubies and opals, baskets of emeralds and diamonds that shall never sparkle in the sun, sated in the ravenous grasp of her wealth.
  29. Now, when I take my poets up with into the forest, and sit on one of those dusky pine-grown slopes where the light is subdued to a mysterious gray-green and the world is quieted into a listening silence, and far away below the roofs of Jena glisten in the sun, and the white butterflies, like white flowers come to life, flutter after each other across the blue curtain of heat that hangs beyond the trees, now when I open them and begin to read the noble, familiar words, will not those other words, those anecdotes, those personal descriptions, those suggestions, those button holing, leer at me between the lines? Shall I, straining my ears after the music, not be shown now for ever only the instrument, and how pitifully the ivory has come off the keys? Shall I, hungering after my spiritual food, not have pushed upon my notice, so that I am forced to look, the saucepan, tarnished and not quite clean, in which it was cooked? Please don't tell me you can't understand.
  1. He was glistening with oil.
  2. That in his arms lay glistening.
  3. The sea glistening from the sun.
  4. Their black eyes were glistening.
  5. They are white and glistening in color.
  6. Fat and smooth, glistening with slime.
  7. Her glistening eyes pleaded with his own.
  8. It was a glistening, white-and-blue day.
  9. I could see glistening tears in her eyes.
  10. His body was already glistening with desire.
  11. She held my hand and her eyes were glistening.
  12. The moonlight caught his glistening blue eyes.
  13. Her eyes were luminous and her lips glistening.
  14. She looked away, her eyes glistening with tears.
  15. A glistening pool soon collects beneath his head.
  16. Its thick, black fur was covered in glistening tar.
  17. A veil of glistening water covered him like a cloth.
  18. As if by chance his glistening dark eyes reached Tom.
  19. His forehead was covered with cold, glistening sweat.
  20. She shook her head at me, tears glistening in her eyes.
  21. He smiled and chuckled, his teeth glistening in the sun.
  22. Malik focused on the floor, sweat glistening his forehead.
  23. Out of this there had emerged a black, glistening object.
  24. Her hair was damp and her face was glistening with sweat.
  25. He was a deep dark chocolate brown; shiny and glistening.
  26. Her head was a mass of pink, glistening and foamy bubbles.
  27. There was a glistening droplet on her golden patch of hair.
  28. With the whole atmosphere glistening in the sun, the sight.
  29. Onn grinned, the light of the flames glistening on his teeth.
  30. She was right in front of me, tears glistening from her eyes.
  31. He stared directly into the camera, eyes glistening and wild.
  32. The two of them were still glistening with sweat and trying.
  33. His eyes are brilliant white with a glistening chocolate iris.
  34. Her black hair holds a glistening streak of white over her ear.
  35. He longs to touch their glistening pages, but there is no time.
  36. Their smooth cream-colored bark was glistening in the sunlight.
  37. In minutes we were in the thick of the glistening green forest.
  38. Behind the desk sat a squat man, his beady eyes glistening with.
  39. Cal was up, his bare chest glistening in the sun’s early rays.
  40. A glistening whiteness on the surface caught the corner of his eye.
  41. At any second he hoped beyond hope to see his glistening gold GTO.
  42. One came wriggling over the threshold, glistening in the starlight.
  43. Don gazed into her eyes, glistening in the evening shadows, her 126.
  44. The procession of black, with its umbrellas glistening, turned away.
  45. When he did, he saw the big glistening tears flowing down my cheeks.
  46. Her face was a sickly grey, her skin sallow and glistening with sweat.
  47. Teller clasped an arm around her and stared into her glistening eyes.
  48. Although, she said with glistening eyes, it is a very good plan.
  49. I love you baby, Skinny said, tears of joy glistening in her eyes.
  50. The sun glanced off glistening pockets of snow in the higher elevations.
  51. A few torches were kindled and cast a dim light on the glistening walls.
  52. The bird fixed her with first one dark glistening eye and then the other.
  53. Her eyes were dry and glistening, her lips compressed, her cheeks sunken.
  54. I look at the mountain, standing tall in the distance, glistening in the.
  55. They saw a glistening density of bayonets undulating above the barricade.
  56. Kryltzoff listened attentively, gazing at Nekhludoff with glistening eyes.
  57. The boy rubbed his ear, and Bryony saw his eyes were glistening with tears.
  58. Water beaded his eyelashes and dripped down his face in glistening rivers.
  59. The floors were glistening and bare except for a few bright rag rugs, lock.
  60. Over his shoulder, Ken could see the glistening surface of the diesel fuel.
  61. Memnara flexed her hand, unaware that his forehead was glistening with sweat.
  62. The she blew out a small stream of clear, glistening water out of her mouth.
  63. A tear sprang in her eye and fell down her cheek, like a glistening rain-drop.
  64. Peewits, with their white breasts glistening, wheeled and screamed about them.
  65. The sun was in the sky at mid-afternoon, glistening off the damp autumn leaves.
  66. The sun picked out with faint glistening the neatly fenced with split-oak rails.
  67. I He could see it running faster with each second upon the glistening sandy soil.
  68. Nothing had changed much except for the pink lips that appeared to be glistening.
  69. Pierre lunged clumsily, his eyes glistening with excitement and eager anticipation.
  70. Halfway to the car, he veered to a glistening boulder sitting lonely in the meadow.
  71. His prudent footsteps stopped, and with his eyes glistening wildly, he spoke in a.
  72. Up river, glistening in the rays of a brilliant sun, the Columbia ran wide and full.
  73. Yes, we are, he responded arrogantly, his teeth glistening with a broad smile.
  74. I was holding Lisa's hand and both our eyes were glistening, looking at each other.
  75. Blasted, the shattered shards of the mirrors covered the ground, glistening like snow.
  76. Above their heads swirling round and round was a disco ball all glistening and bright.
  77. Her eyes were glistening, like a woman yearning for that which she knows can never be.
  78. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the exquisite swords glistening in the candle light.
  79. The sign said ‚WITBANK', but all they could see were mesas of glistening black coal.
  80. He carried Anthony Bruno another fifty yards to a glistening white lifeguard’s chair.
  81. His hand dipped into his robe and came out with something shining—a glistening sphere.
  82. The driver’s eyes were glistening wetly, but he almost had a pleased smile on his face.
  83. The torrents of early fall had left the grass glistening, thick, and soggy to the touch.
  84. Of course, it also had the standard-issue fifty-foot pool, always heated and glistening.
  85. He sat back in his chair, remnants of the ice cream and my juices glistening on his chin.
  86. I see the glistening fangs and the sharp planes of his face, and my heart starts pumping.
  87. He was bare-chested with a thin, glistening slick of wet desire covering his taut muscles.
  88. She saw the hound’s teeth glistening, she heard it roar, and she saw it leap forward….
  89. The door opens and Four walks in, a towel in hand and his hair glistening with shower water.
  90. What is your point? he responded, his eyes glistening like small sparks of electricity.
  91. She was sloppy wet from her eyebrows to her chin, glistening from Veronique’s love juices.
  92. All around were loving eyes glistening with tears of joy, and all around were lips seeking a.
  93. It grazed Sterling's cut arm and hand with its glistening translucent skin before diving deep.
  94. Tears glistening on his cheeks, and he choked back sobs as he continued, He tried to save her.
  95. It was about ten feet long, glistening gray, with a painting of a barn owl above an olive tree.
  96. She was still silent but her cheeks were pink, glistening from the tears that rolled down them.
  97. A moment later he came out, stripped and glistening with water, the helmet still over his head.
  98. It was Miss Simone, her long blond hair plastered over her shoulders and her face glistening wet.
  99. He let a finger glide over the glistening, soothingly cool metal-surface of the six-inch barrel.
  100. How could she stay indoors, when the glistening sunshine was pouring down and all the mountains.
  1. A tear glistened on her cheek.
  2. Her eyes glistened as he spoke.
  3. Sweat glistened on Ash’s skin.
  4. Sweat glistened on his forehead.
  5. His cheeks glistened with sweat.
  6. The garden glistened and laughed.
  7. The chain glistened in the light.
  8. A fake tear glistened on his cheek.
  9. Its black armor glistened in the.
  10. I was cold, and the snow glistened.
  11. His horns glistened in the midday sun.
  12. The blade, glistened as he held it up.
  13. On the dais, Hitler’s eyes glistened.
  14. Their white teeth glistened in the night.
  15. Her eyes glistened as they became teary.
  16. Her brow glistened with a sheen of sweat.
  17. His intense, dark eyes glistened with hate.
  18. Her purple Mohawk glistened under the sun.
  19. It glistened red and slimy in the sunlight.
  20. Tears glistened in her eyes as she went on.
  21. Reed's forehead glistened with perspiration.
  22. Tears of happiness glistened in their eyes.
  23. The glans was stretched so tight it glistened.
  24. Jewels glistened in her hair and in her ears.
  25. Her eyes glistened at the sheer sight of them.
  26. Most of the plants were healthy and glistened.
  27. The snow lay in waves and glistened like sugar.
  28. His eyes glistened in the soft light of the moon.
  29. Down Derby Road was a cherry-tree that glistened.
  30. The light glistened on her lower lip as she sang.
  31. Overhead the starlit heavens glistened, brooding.
  32. The skin of the duck glistened beneath the honey glaze.
  33. The river glistened with reflections of lights on the.
  34. Buey Dan stared at her in the dark, his eyes glistened.
  35. His dark eyes glistened and burned with un-cried tears.
  36. Tears glistened and threatened to roll down his cheeks.
  37. Andy held it up in the air and it glistened in the sun.
  38. The dark green leaves glistened in the hot, searing sun.
  39. Cu had a tear in his eye which glistened in the moonlight.
  40. The wet clay glistened, all the white flowers were soaked.
  41. Van Thorn’s forehead glistened with beads of perspiration.
  42. When she raised her eyes to his they glistened with longing.
  43. Drops of water glistened in his white hair like tiny jewels.
  44. His body glistened with the sweat of one who had worked hard.
  45. The leaves glistened in the early morning sunlight and the dew.
  46. A bit of moisture glistened as it traced its way down her cheek.
  47. Spiderwebs glistened thickly on hinge and sill and bolted panel.
  48. Her eyes glistened with tears of joy as her husband emerged from.
  49. In the dim light its scales glistened coldly, white as hoar-frost.
  50. Murphy’s eyes were blood red and his fangs glistened with saliva.
  51. The man’s eyes glistened as he smiled, and then he, too, motioned.
  52. As he recovered once more, he noticed that his sleeve glistened wetly.
  53. Several diamonds glistened in the ground surrounding the great stone.
  54. Tears glistened in his eyes; dribbles of snot oozed from his nostrils.
  55. His sharpened teeth glistened in the moonlight, and his eyes narrowed.
  56. He was breathing hard and a slick sheen of sweat glistened on his face.
  57. Zizi danced for nearly an hour nonstop and her body glistened with sweat.
  58. The glass buildings, bathed in brilliant sunlight, glistened like jewels.
  59. Alby’s eyes fluttered open—bloodshot orbs that glistened in the light.
  60. Rose of Sharon looked at the fire and her eyes glistened in the firelight.
  61. Reverent, the tree glistened at different points, trickling water the cause.
  62. Most of these he made into a pile that glistened and sparkled on the grass.
  63. Their grey, wet bodies glistened, scales reflecting hues of green and blue.
  64. It was a crazed female with shards of green crystal glistened from her skin.
  65. The sun was going down and it glistened off the pavement like a golden ocean.
  66. Waves softly lapped against the shore, and the sand glistened in the moonlight.
  67. He was; and the tear which glistened in his eye, when he respectfully pressed.
  68. The hills beyond glistened with the chill splendid lustre of moonlight on snow.
  69. Bright baubles glistened as the sun streaming through the window hit upon them.
  70. Then I noticed something glistened underneath one of the plants I had passed by.
  71. Luke had a bloody slash across his chest and his pale face glistened with sweat.
  72. The blade, almost white as snow, glistened as yellow dust trickled off the edges.
  73. Blood glistened wetly amid the thick fell, and there was a cut upon his shoulder.
  74. The sides of which glistened in the bright light, which was being directed into it.
  75. I asked him and do you know what he told me?' she looked at him her eyes glistened.
  76. The Sea of Galilee glistened far below, where sails were busily bobbing up and down.
  77. Its fur glistened and moved gently as the summer breeze washed over the regal animal.
  78. Colored lights, which resembled the aurora borealis glistened across the inky blanket.
  79. He could see that her eyes were glistened but she wasn't about to cry in front of him.
  80. A hundred tints glistened on the white ground and the iron bars of the garden railing.
  81. The sides of the passage glistened, almost appearing to crawl with burrowing creatures.
  82. She was glaring at him, and her eyes glistened a bit with tears, but her voice was calm.
  83. The scribe wiped his hand upwards over his face and saw that sweat glistened on his palm.
  84. Homer fondly looked at Elsa, Jennie and Hank, his big, emerald eyes glistened with tears.
  85. It was zero outside and below freezing inside the cab but sweat glistened on his forehead.
  86. She must have been terribly angry with us, Natura sniffed, tears glistened in her eyes.
  87. Bowing and crossing themselves, they entered the empty church, which glistened with gilding.
  88. Marco’s eyes glistened with delight as he returned her glare and he licked his lips lightly.
  89. The eyes of the Goblin Masters were deep set and glistened with discipline and determination.
  90. But as she fondly gazed at her address in Sandhya’s hand, her eyes glistened with fondness.
  91. Sweat glistened on his face and a red stain grew on the gray uniform beneath his bleeding hand.
  92. Though she could no longer savor the perfume that had formerly glistened around her, there was.
  93. Something glistened along the length of the straps, though Ravan could not make out what it was.
  94. Her long, flowing hair glistened in the sun as her eyes panned around the lushly vegetated gorge.
  95. Mama’ s eyes were closed and her face glistened, in the candlelight, with a film of perspiration.
  96. Beads of sweat glistened on his dark skin; his fingers twisted the gold-worked fabric beneath him.
  97. You're here with me and that's all that matters! a forming tear glistened in his eye as he.
  98. The gossamer threads glistened in the sunlight and she was sure it was making a soft, musical sound.
  99. The sun glistened off the emerald colored sea; the color reminded her of Zoe’s eyes and she smiled.
  100. The crown of armor between his widely spaced eyes glistened dully and he bared his front row of teeth.
  1. His face glistens with sweat.
  2. The water glistens from the moon shining on it.
  3. Jabar’s helicopter glistens in the last rays of light.
  4. You know how the snow glistens at night when the moon shines.
  5. The sun glistens the cypress leaves and the tree is calling him.
  6. The child is panting and the sweat glistens on his forehead but he is in no greater difficulties.
  7. She is wearing traditional Maasai dress and Musab’s neck-chain, which is hanging from her neck and glistens in the sun.
  8. Yet it remains to me a curious token, it makes me think of manly love; For all that, and though the live-oak glistens there in Louisiana.
  9. Michael’s forehead glistens with a nervous sweat and his hair looks as if he ran his hand through it one too many times during the convention.
  10. The black of the iron reflected by the overhead lights shines and glistens as if it has been newly forged, it could have been made five years ago – or even five-hundred thousand years ago as it looks ageless.
  11. By day his coat glistens like silver; and by night it is like a shade,.

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