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Glitter dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The brilliant glitter all about.
  2. Looked like it had glitter on it.
  3. A great shower of glitter poured.
  4. Avalanches of coal glitter blackly.
  5. Color the ears pink and add glitter.

  6. His dark eyes glitter with challenge.
  7. And glory's glitter, and the state of Russia?
  8. All gold atoms glitter with the same intensity.
  9. The sand sparkled with stars spread like glitter.
  10. Decorate the card with colors, paint, glitter etc.
  11. L€ne coughed a little and glitter stained her hands.
  12. He knew from first-hand experience the glitter that.
  13. The words on the metal leaped up with a sharp glitter.
  14. Because carrion flies have a metallic glitter to them.
  15. Most that glitter in men?s world is certainly not gold.

  16. The clear shine of the wood seemed to hold the glitter of.
  17. Except instead of new socks they’ll get glitter and scabies.
  18. Glitter was flowing out of her wound on her wrist and down her.
  19. They reached the door with a glitter glued sign that read Claire.
  20. A shell, a wisp, a bubble, a weed, a glitter, a whisper, a gill.
  21. All the hustle and glitter of Manhattan seemed to scare Berniece.
  22. Don't you think so, said I, with a glitter and a happy boy's.
  23. The glitter was coming off onto his hands, turning his palms gold.
  24. She saw the glitter in my eyes, as I could see it reflected in hers.
  25. The cards can be decorated with drawings, paint, glitter or stickers.

  26. But for a slumbering glitter in his eyes, his bearing was unchanged.
  27. Especially the ones where the snow is substituted with glitter.
  28. Through his own self-imposed darkness, Sloth can still see the glitter.
  29. This time the look he cuts me holds a glitter of crimson and I shut up.
  30. Lining the wall are tapestries that glitter, glow and almost seem to move.
  31. In the clean, warm kitchen, the stove still held a glitter of dying embers.
  32. Nekhludoff noticed a peculiar glitter under his brother-in-law's eye-glasses.
  33. And as the sun lowers, more dots glitter in the darker patches of the night.
  34. As the others came to his aid the harpy’s wing membranes began to glitter.
  35. Nekhludoff noticed a peculiar glitter under his brother-in-law’s spectacles.
  36. Her eyes were out lined with a dark blue fading to black, mixed with glitter.
  37. Since that fantastic kiss we shared in all that glitter back in the jungle.
  38. Out the corner of his eye he caught White wings glitter on the horizon; Caleb.
  39. He stared at the blowing glitter of a screen saver, waiting for another call.
  40. The glitter of the sword, the way it felt in her hand as she swung it upwards.
  41. The loose glitter that had stuck to her hands fell in to the rest of the boot.
  42. They were the same patchwork of greens as the dresses, only without the glitter.
  43. Whatever thing you are given is but the material of this world, and its glitter.
  44. The cloth clung like wet jersey, but it had glitter that flashed as she jiggled.
  45. It is a story that birds love: birds love shiny objects that sparkle and glitter.
  46. They never did the present thing, but the glitter and celebrating was always great.
  47. It’s base color was still red but it was shimmery like glitter was mixed with it.
  48. There was no glitter in them today; they were revealing a suffering similar to mine.
  49. Glitter covered the floor, the lockers were strung with green fluffy garland, light.
  50. The leaves glitter with sunlight and in the middle of the grove stands a stone altar.
  51. Decorate the egg cutouts with markers, crayons, glitter, pieces of ribbon and stickers.
  52. Amonas stood staring at Hilderich’s eyes, a tiny glitter barely visible in his pupils.
  53. It snarls once more at him and he sees the glitter of teeth in the weak winter sunlight.
  54. Amid the crash and glitter of the falling glass, he tumbled into the flagged area below.
  55. On everything- far and near- lay the magic crystal glitter seen only at that time autumn.
  56. There was something ominous in Wolfe’s stiff posture, the distant glitter of his eyes.
  57. She went further into the small cupboard and gazed at the green glitter, it was everywhere.
  58. You’d be better off with a shimmery eye shadow that has granules of glitter in it already.
  59. Kid Mojo randomly started talking about his new fat laces that he had put silver glitter on.
  60. Our visitor collapsed into a chair, with a ghastly face and a glitter of moisture on his brow.
  61. There was a strange glitter about them, an icy glow that rendered his gaze keen like a knife.
  62. On everything—far and near—lay the magic crystal glitter seen only at that time of autumn.
  63. She held out a reflection glass in the sun, and the glass began to glitter in the sun’s rays.
  64. I could see smoke from the dragon guardian at the pine tree, the glitter of the distant Fleece.
  65. On her yellow lampshade, there were cut out stars and planets decorated with sparkling glitter.
  66. And she sparkled, aspects of her glinting – as if the material had been sprinkled in glitter.
  67. His lips are firmly closed, his eyes glitter, and a wrinkle comes and goes on his pale forehead.
  68. Specks of glitter sparkle on the station pilot’s license, whereas the Recruit ID is just plain.
  69. Jezzabell whipped the remaining glitter of the top of the box only to get more on her and her hair.
  70. His eye still had a feverish glitter and he seemed too animated for someone with the wounds he did.
  71. From the glitter in his eye, he still hadn’t abandoned the possibility of Maigwair’s involvement.
  72. The wide streets, the green comfort of their parks, the clear skies, the tall glitter of the buildings.
  73. If you plan on using glitter for some shimmer on your eyes then avoid glitter that comes in huge chunks.
  74. I shake my head instantly, not about to confess my part in things with that glitter of crimson flashing.
  75. There was color in Scarlett’s face and a bright hard glitter in her eyes and she laughed a good deal.
  76. In the corner of his bed-area, Sloth can see a glitter of moving lights hovering about the wolf’s body.
  77. There was such a savage bright glitter in his eyes when he spoke that Scarlett shrank from him, frightened.
  78. Too much silver or golden fabric, glitter or all these combined is something that should really disappear.
  79. She went in the direction of Lezura and Joey’s tent, but she was stopped by a glitter of light in the sky.
  80. He was tickled pink and giggling like a schoolgirl with glitter toenails as his deviant thoughts grew within.
  81. Hedgers transfer price risks to speculators who enter the markets, lured by the glitter of potential profits.
  82. The scintillation and glitter of light destroys this touch idea, which is better preserved in quieter lightings.
  83. His brows were drawn into two hard black lines, while his eyes shone out from beneath them with a steely glitter.
  84. Maybe Madam Helene, his associate Ellen, could find the glitter in this mess - or confirm he should write it off.
  85. As he leaned over her, she saw that his face was dark and flushed and his eyes still held their frightening glitter.
  86. She didn’t see his handsome features any more, just the cold glitter in his eyes, the unpleasant twist to his mouth.
  87. Lezura said, The ratio of my body determines the amount of sleep glitter and honoi I am able to produce, she said.
  88. There is an oyster, holding a pearl in it and this pearl is holding a worth in it, whose grace and glitter is infinite.
  89. It had been a good experience for Lester, this business of watching a glitter of achievement dawn in four pairs of eyes.
  90. It’s yellow and black patterns reminded him of a bumble bee, her hose was sheer with glitter sparkling in the noon sun.
  91. Its motion was so swift, complex, and perfect that at first I did not see it as a machine, in spite of its metallic glitter.
  92. The dining room is a mess with bits of paper and glitter left over from the creation of Jo’s invitation littering the floor.
  93. The boy’s eyes filled with tears, his smile now a distant memory; Simon could see the glitter of his tears in the sunlight.
  94. Thrusting Bêlit aside, Conan bounded up, his sword a long silver glitter in the moonlight, his hair bristling at what he saw.
  95. The glitter of the ivy, the soft, atmospheric grey of the castle walls, the gentleness of everything near the ruin, was perfect.
  96. In the moonlight, I thought I saw the glitter of tears on my aunt’s cheeks, but she smiled and hugged me when I approached her.
  97. Know that the worldly life is only play, and distraction, and glitter, and boasting among you, and rivalry in wealth and children.
  98. Simon knelt down, laying the cane across his knees and allowing his fingers to travel up its ebony smoothness to the silver glitter.
  99. With the sea and woods at hand, they were in their element in a way they could never be in Manhattan for all its glitter and glamour.
  100. A strong smell of wood smoke hung about in a thin haze, which was faintly perceptible to his raised eyes against the glitter of the stars.
  1. His eyes were dark and glittering.
  2. I’ll sing with the glittering.
  3. Once the little fire was glittering.
  4. Spend the glittering moonlight there.
  5. He holds them with his glittering eye.
  6. He holds him with his glittering eye—.
  7. Glittering pieces of gold and gold dust.
  8. Have you ever wondered why a glittering.
  9. The roses were glittering with drops of.
  10. That way lies Aglarond and the Glittering Caves.
  11. His eyes were glittering, his lips were twitching.
  12. The truths in them are both glittering and hidden.
  13. I felt tears glittering as I looked around our home.
  14. I stared again at the glittering crystal in my hand.
  15. He tossed the match out into the glittering meadow.
  16. He looked at the glittering gold object in his palm.
  17. Our boat rose above the glittering suburbs of Dal as.
  18. Only the wind came through the high, glittering trees.
  19. The sunlight glittering on the water dazzled his eyes.
  20. The shovel sank easily into the white glittering mass.
  21. Maharaj: The world is but a show, glittering and empty.
  22. City of the sea! city of hurried and glittering tides!.
  23. Y-Yes? His eyes turned to hers, wide and glittering.
  24. The dragon stirred, glittering like a mountain of pennies.
  25. His eyes were glittering and he breathed with difficulty.
  26. It sets the landscape to glittering, a dazzling array of.
  27. The girl saw the glittering diamonds and froze with fright.
  28. Doug leaned forward, his eyes glittering behind his glasses.
  29. The constellations were glittering with startling intensity.
  30. His glittering eyes watched the prince with an intent stare.
  31. Thankfully, I had the glittering stars and the ever smiling.
  32. Jeremy stood up and slowly approached the glittering treasure.
  33. He stood in front of her, his eyes glittering as he expounded.
  34. But how could that be? Sim's eyes dilated, hot and glittering.
  35. Then he saw the floor sprinkled with tiny, glittering shards.
  36. He was looking at her with glittering eyes, smiling tenderly.
  37. The twinkling of the stars was like the glittering of his eyes.
  38. Small shards of glass lay on the porch, glittering in the sun.
  39. Her eyes were glittering in the moonlight, they resembled stars.
  40. Ralph's eyes glittering through the mask, held a long staff in.
  41. But how could that be? Sim’s eyes dilated, hot and glittering.
  42. He stares intently down at me, his eyes glittering with promise.
  43. Trees, their boughs hushed, towered over its glittering surface.
  44. There were strange glittering lights of many colors dancing within.
  45. He turned to her, his eyes glittering in the light from the streets.
  46. Our arrival at the theatre was the opposite of a glittering occasion.
  47. Dan’s thoughts wandered from glittering gold and silver to another.
  48. Across the wide river there arose a skyline of glittering skyscrapers.
  49. The quiver rattleth against him, the glittering spear, and the shield.
  50. He turned a bit and laid his left hand upon the glittering blue boulder.
  51. It slipped silently into the glittering water and sank like a submarine.
  52. Tiny teardrops gushed suddenly from his glittering, feverish, grey eyes.
  53. My stallion plunged and smashed through the glittering throng valiantly.
  54. The light of the moon was also producing a glittering path over the ocean.
  55. He stood for a moment looking down, the sun glittering on his golden head.
  56. THE FAMILIAR LIGHTS of the old house in Riverdale were glittering brightly.
  57. He even surprised himself with the glittering joy his voice put into them.
  58. As I fixed my eyes on the child, I saw something glittering on his breast.
  59. It stood high on a hill, glass buildings glittering in the touch of the sun.
  60. His gaze briefly turned to the sky, admiring the glittering stars and moons.
  61. In all parts of the house were to be found pink faces and glittering breasts.
  62. Hah only a jeweller can distinguish true jewels amidst glittering objects.
  63. When the chaos settled only glittering particles were left floating in the air.
  64. A moment later gold coins were rolling across the floor, spinning, glittering.
  65. His glittering eyes focused on her, and she knew he was moments from attacking.
  66. In the front, head erect and royal cloak glittering in the morning, rode Ralph.
  67. He had glittering eyes,—small, keen, and black,—and thin wide mottled lips.
  68. The scorpion was sitting on my knee now, staring at me with its glittering eyes.
  69. TOM was a glittering hero once more—the pet of the old, the envy of the young.
  70. He scratched his nose, regarding her with amusement still glittering in his eyes.
  71. He was evidently unwell, and, judging by his glittering eyes, he was in a fever.
  72. It was the size of a pick-up truck, with silver claws and golden glittering fur.
  73. Her pine tree was still there, the Golden Fleece glittering in its lowest branch.
  74. His broad head with its bold features and glittering eyes was resting on his hand.
  75. By the torchlight Dantes saw the glittering sabres and carbines of four gendarmes.
  76. One afternoon it had sailed like a flung coin into his field, round and glittering.
  77. Lembke, with a pale face and glittering eyes, was uttering the most amazing things.
  78. A glittering social life could be one reason; another could be family disturbances.
  79. The glittering eyes looked sternly and reproachfully at his brother as he drew near.
  80. It advanced swiftly and gracefully, leaving behind it a glittering stretch of foam.
  81. They broke the kiss, breathless, shared a drawn breath of glittering eyes and ran.
  82. Only, where the drops fell tremulously, the water was broken into glittering sparks.
  83. She considered Beastie's habits and his possible hiding places for glittering objects.
  84. Somebody kicked the fire and it went up in rockets of glittering sparks and vanished.
  85. Looked up at the glittering holes of the stars, proving the sky will never protect us.
  86. Denisov remained silent and did not move, but occasionally looked with his glittering.
  87. On his white, slender, little fingers he always wore a number of big, glittering rings.
  88. It really is beautiful, he said, nodding to the glittering white city of Sanctuary.
  89. There was no way I could avoid drooling over those rippling muscles and glittering eyes.
  90. His large, glittering, masculine eyes were so close to hers that she saw nothing but them.
  91. After the tired years of Eisenhower, Americans could look forward to a glittering future.
  92. She looked up toward the top of the lake and saw sunrays glittering through the broken ice.
  93. It turned its crested head sidewise and regarded the invaders with glittering eyes of jet.
  94. Out of the blinding glare, out of the yellow sun, glittering, splendid as a prince's coach.
  95. The black sky twinkled with billions of glittering stars, a breathtakingly dazzling display.
  96. A smile crept up in a corner of her mouth, but it was not as warm and as glittering as usual.
  97. From the stunning pendants to the glittering necklaces, jewelry has always remained with us.
  98. Theo looked out over the glittering sea as the beautiful Mirielle sipped coffee next to him.
  99. No gleam of fire, no glittering shower of sparks, no roar of bellows; all shut up, and still.
  100. The poor child felt like a little bird that is placed in a glittering cage for the first time.
  1. Sting glittered blue in his.
  2. His eyes glittered with rage.
  3. He fairly glittered in the gloom.
  4. It glittered in the candlelight.
  5. His eyes glittered with amusement.
  6. His eyes glittered in the darkness.
  7. Lord Kikritan's beady eyes glittered.
  8. His eyes glittered in sardonic humour.
  9. Their cold eyes glittered, and they.
  10. The air itself wavered and glittered.
  11. Lex’s eyes glittered in anticipation.
  12. Another case glittered through the air.
  13. Starlight glittered on the brass poles.
  14. His brown eyes glittered with amusement.
  15. Tears positively glittered in his eyes.
  16. He rather liked the way they glittered.
  17. Levain’s thoughts glittered in the air.
  18. His eyes glittered and he breathed hard.
  19. The elven-sheath glittered as he grasped.
  20. Their gold eyes, bright titles, glittered.
  21. The mirrors glittered as they rotated softly.
  22. His black eyes glittered behind smal round.
  23. Her cheeks were burning, her eyes glittered.
  24. At last he went up to her; his eyes glittered.
  25. His eyes glittered feverishly while he tried.
  26. All possible knickknacks glittered around her.
  27. It glittered against the electric bulb overhead.
  28. They glittered in the sunlight, hurting our eyes.
  29. A more baleful fire glittered bluely in his eyes.
  30. The lights within his eyes glittered with feeling.
  31. His eyes had glittered with anger as he told his.
  32. Few stars glittered in the partly cloudy night sky.
  33. Halfway down the left wal , a gate glittered with.
  34. Actual tears glittered in his long black eyelashes.
  35. His eyes glittered and his brows frowned with wrath.
  36. Something glittered in the younger brother’s hand.
  37. Its silver color glittered upon the mid-morning sun.
  38. Its eyes were yellow gems which glittered balefully.
  39. The falling water glittered as only falling water can.
  40. The vaulted ceiling glittered with broad chandeliers.
  41. At my emphatic No, her deep-set eyes glittered.
  42. Away to the left something glittered in the gloom as.
  43. Gorulga's eyes glittered fanatically in the torchlight.
  44. An area around and behind the pool glittered and Ashi.
  45. It flushed bright red as his eyes glittered in response.
  46. Her voice quivered, and tears glittered on her eyelashes.
  47. His right hand was raised, and something glittered in it.
  48. Mirandas two-piece outfit glittered in the waltz of his.
  49. Her cheeks were flushed crimson, her eyes glittered, her.
  50. She glittered with diamonds, and her teeth were very white.
  51. Through his strong spectacles his eyes glittered peculiarly.
  52. They glittered in the dark; I could not make out their color.
  53. The point glittered wickedly in the feeble light of his lamp.
  54. Something hard glittered in Sam’s eyes and he sprang forward.
  55. Munigant's eyes glittered as he saw Harris' protuberant bones.
  56. The machine glittered with hidden, shifting, compressed power.
  57. His two-colored eyes, brown and blue, glittered with excitement.
  58. Rebecca’s eyes glittered like stars and she had a big smile on.
  59. A thousand roofs glittered with snow that had fallen from the moon.
  60. His deep brown eyes glittered as he stood, watching the spectacle.
  61. It had a golden rock in front of the door; it glittered and shone.
  62. His eyes glittered as he said that there’s a waterfall nearby.
  63. Under the thick lashes of her shining eyes tears suddenly glittered.
  64. To remind you of me His prismatic eyes glittered under the moon.
  65. Munigant’s eyes glittered as he saw Harris’s protuberant bones.
  66. And look at this! He held up a thing that glittered in the sunlight.
  67. Nearer at hand glittered golden cornfields interspersed with copses.
  68. And what made this palace so riveting was, it glittered and sparkled.
  69. The dead monsters’ scale-like skin glittered against the sunlight.
  70. Paul came into the yard with his bicycle, which glittered as he walked.
  71. His eyes glittered "as though he were mad," Sonia thought, in her turn.
  72. Even in the dim light within the factory its weapon glittered wickedly.
  73. Sting: it flashed and glittered like a blue flame and then slowly faded.
  74. Her bright eyes glittered with amusement: she was not so easily persuaded.
  75. Heather wore a white dress that glittered every time it touched a spec of.
  76. The evening sun glittered and flashed over the ripples as a boat sped past.
  77. It was embossed with Peter's picture in gold, and it glittered in the sun.
  78. His eyes glittered ‘as though he were mad,’ Sonia thought, in her turn.
  79. The Island came into view and the moonlight glittered off of the white sand.
  80. They glittered in the last light of the Moon, as they spread over the plain.
  81. Rotors glided, liquids glittered in small creeks through valves and blowers.
  82. The valuables shone and glittered in the dusky light of the longhouse lamps.
  83. Elior's sword glittered in front of him as it was swung against another enemy.
  84. They were gone, and the lights of the towns and villages glittered in silence.
  85. His eyes glittered, and two red spots on his cheeks grew brighter and brighter.
  86. Jewels glittered in nose-rings and ear-rings, and in the hilts of their daggers.
  87. A pair of large, dark, and hostile eyes glittered as they gazed severely at him.
  88. An aloof November sun glittered off the cold steel bayonets of the rigid lines.
  89. His green eyes glittered with tears as he glanced at me, then he blinked them away.
  90. The jungle floor glittered yellow-gold as a breeze clattered leaves in the treetops.
  91. Air cars buzzed around the object like flies, and the sun glittered off its chrome.
  92. Now the foremost knights had reached the thin line that glittered across the sands.
  93. Her hazel eyes glittered — not with tears, but her own particular brand of anger.
  94. By the time the sun rose, its light glittered over the entirety of the rejuvenated.
  95. All had glittered for limited time and their sun of power was set at appropriate time.
  96. A yellow noon lay on the green land of the Tongue, and the water glittered with silver.
  97. The 18 carat gold jewellery glittered invitingly, laid out on the deep purple bedspread.
  98. With a quick movement of her slender hand, a rune glittered on the tips of her fingers.
  99. Scarlett said nothing but her eyes glittered and her heart contracted with a little pain.
  100. Their cheeks were shallow cups under their cheek bones; their eyes glittered with fever.
  1. All's Not Gold that Glitters, 75.
  2. The hoar-frost glitters: all rejoice.
  3. Far down below, the blue water heaves and glitters.
  4. You know Beastie can't resist anything that glitters.
  5. All That Glitters: Investing in Gold, Silver, and Platinum.
  6. At school reading a story: ‘All That Glitters Is Not Gold’.
  7. Her glasses made faint firefly glitters in the well where she moved alone.
  8. Its monstrous amber eye fed on them, fired their armor in red glints and glitters.
  9. In the gap is revealed a deeper cavern containing a curved wooden structure that glitters in the gloom.
  10. Lesson number one is that anything which glitters in a counter-insurgency turns to granite and not gold.
  11. Through stubbled fields, over glitters of ravine creek, down marbled spread of cemetery yard, into woods.
  12. For here was only cold metal silence, quiet mo tion, gleams and glitters, murmurs and faint whispers of steel and brass.
  13. As planned, the balloon overhead the last stair busted on her and glitters and stars fell on her making her shine even more.
  14. Together, they appear like a hillock of snow scarred occasionally with a dark slash of beak or eye, which glitters in the light.
  15. Curious fish will attack a shiny object drawn through the water: try coins, buttons, pieces of tin can, buckles — anything that glitters.
  16. Glacia Aliyah Haverns, Station Pilot is printed below a fresh picture of her face, and the Undil Embassy crest glitters on the reverse side.
  17. Yes, white flags are hung out from the bastion and the trenches, the flowery vale is filled with dead bodies, the splendid sun sinks into the blue sea, and the blue sea undulates and glitters in the golden rays of the sun.
  18. For I would have you know, senor, all is not gold that glitters, and that same little Altisidora has more forwardness than good looks, and more impudence than modesty; besides being not very sound, for she has such a disagreeable breath that one cannot bear to be near her for a moment; and even my lady the duchess--but I'll hold my tongue, for they say that walls have ears.
  19. My first aim will be to clean down (do you comprehend the full force of the expression?)—to clean down Moor House from chamber to cellar; my next to rub it up with bees-wax, oil, and an indefinite number of cloths, till it glitters again; my third, to arrange every chair, table, bed, carpet, with mathematical precision; afterwards I shall go near to ruin you in coals and peat to keep up good fires in every room; and lastly, the two days preceding that on which your sisters are expected will be devoted by Hannah and me to such a beating of eggs, sorting of currants, grating of spices, compounding of Christmas cakes, chopping up of materials for mincepies, and solemnising of other culinary rites, as words can convey but an inadequate notion of to the uninitiated like you.

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