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Gloomy dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He looked gloomy to me.
  2. You are very gloomy, Mr.
  3. But his brow was gloomy.
  4. I feel solemn and gloomy.
  5. The sky was gloomy, and.

  6. It was not of a gloomy cast.
  7. Dull, gloomy: hate this hour.
  8. The night was cold and gloomy.
  9. Perhaps he thinks it gloomy.
  10. The future was looking gloomy.
  11. He was gloomy and absent-minded.
  12. He felt a gloomy cloud over him.
  13. Raoul arrived silent and gloomy.
  14. The cold reply with gloomy mien.
  15. Oh, yes, very gloomy, my friend.

  16. Mute, gloomy, implacable, he was.
  17. As gloomy as these times were, I.
  18. He looked at her in gloomy misery.
  19. He re-entered, pale and very gloomy.
  20. Another was a Jew, hairy and gloomy.
  21. Marwa stormed out of the room gloomy.
  22. Yet he was gloomy and terribly tired.
  23. There was a minute of gloomy silence.
  24. And faces on that Day will be gloomy.
  25. Altogether his spirits became gloomy.

  26. A gloomy chill traversed Marius' heart.
  27. She's had rather a gloomy time lately.
  28. Well, it seems a very gloomy business.
  29. And he stared back at his gloomy image.
  30. She has seen their weary, gloomy faces.
  31. Raoul dined alone, in a very gloomy mood.
  32. Their gloomy presence conveyed the same.
  33. Souls have roots in wars and gloomy life.
  34. All dropped their heads with a gloomy air.
  35. The day dawned at last, gloomy and sullen.
  36. The very thought moved him to gloomy rage.
  37. But nobody should be gloomy at breakfast.
  38. It was too nice a day for gloomy thoughts.
  39. Pierre’s gloomy, unhappy look struck her.
  40. There was a moment or two of gloomy silence.
  41. He resumed his gloomy dialogue with himself.
  42. Gloomy as night he stands, in act to throw.
  43. Prince Sergay said nothing, but was gloomy.
  44. He went away in a very gloomy frame of mind.
  45. His face was gloomy and his lips compressed.
  46. Raskolnikov's face grew more and more gloomy.
  47. I have not chosen a gloomy place on purpose.
  48. But Faith felt a certain gloomy satisfaction.
  49. Some days are gloomy, the air thick with pain.
  50. Born with a gloomy shell underneath his brain.
  51. Maslenikoff's face became gloomy and despondent.
  52. For, you know, I am a gloomy, depressed person.
  53. Do you think I'm light-hearted? No, I'm gloomy.
  54. The gloomy pile was before me, half in ruins;.
  55. Gloomy portraits of old men decorated the walls.
  56. The entire area appeared to be gray and gloomy.
  57. Think of the times when you were gloomy and sad.
  58. The dog still howled, and his was a gloomy sound.
  59. Yashvin, glancing at his comrade’s gloomy face.
  60. Linton sat down by the fire, flushed and gloomy.
  61. Van Thorn was annoyed by the gloomy observations.
  62. And they looked gloomy and began to scold Ermák.
  63. He had that gloomy intersection beneath his eyes.
  64. The black outfit he wears matches his gloomy face.
  65. His house is gloomy, and there is a secret in it.
  66. Having said all this to himself, he became gloomy.
  67. It's quite as gloomy as anything I was thinking.
  68. Do you think I'm light‐hearted? No, I'm gloomy.
  69. And now staring into the gloomy darkness that had.
  70. The count frowned, apparently in gloomy hesitation.
  71. It's a gloomy article, but that's what's fine in it.
  72. A north wind blew us strongly through the gloomy day.
  73. This barrier itself evoked gloomy fancies in the mind.
  74. Sophie is still beautiful, even in her gloomy days.
  75. The dawn that was smiling for all was gloomy for him.
  76. Annie was feeling pretty gloomy, when Steve turned up.
  77. He became sad, and everything appeared to him gloomy.
  78. Anyway, with this gloomy mind set, I started for the.
  79. He did a lot of things to get her off her gloomy mood.
  80. The man raised his eyes this time and turned a gloomy.
  81. And all around was that same gloomy stern wild nature.
  82. Even the fireflies had retreated into the gloomy night.
  83. She murmured in a low voice and in gloomy accents:—.
  84. The boy’s been rather gloomy lately, Pire mused.
  85. He leaned back in his seat, lost in gloomy speculation.
  86. He became gloomy and depressed, and lost all his gaiety.
  87. With most the punishment was only some kind of gloomy.
  88. Hush, Sonia, hush! he repeated with gloomy insistence.
  89. And he sat down with a most gloomy countenance by Fanny.
  90. The outer apartment of the cavern was silent and gloomy.
  91. A gloomy scene had indeed just passed at the house of M.
  92. Don’t sit there in the corner all gloomy, Trevain.
  93. It was a very gloomy place at the end of the huge park.
  94. On the trip back he was gloomy, but for reasons I could.
  95. These two causes were enough to give it a gloomy aspect.
  96. The sun began to dip once more and cast a rather gloomy.
  97. Breaking the gloomy bonds of the past is a mournful task.
  98. Yashvin told me you were in one of your gloomy tempers.
  99. Farebrother's thoughts about him had been rather gloomy.
  100. It was the same size as the other cells, dank and gloomy.

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