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Glue dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I'll use glue in a moment.
  2. Got patch, but no glue stuff.
  3. It was a crack and want of glue.
  4. A little glue, and it was hidden.
  5. They have some kind of glue on them.

  6. They stick by one another like glue.
  7. My mouth felt like it was ful of glue.
  8. Let’s try it on, first without glue.
  9. A lot of old glue and several different.
  10. Without the glue they were falling apart.
  11. Why the coat? Why glue fur on him?
  12. Then he waited for the sun to dry the glue.
  13. I did, however, glue my hand to the helmet.
  14. You didn’t glue these on, did you?
  15. Jimmy Bond, secret agent, you haven't a glue.

  16. Yeah, he hung this on it with blood for glue.
  17. Love Will Glue These Br-oken Pi–ece-s / She.
  18. There’s a caff-pill and skin glue in here.
  19. These moments are the glue that hold me together.
  20. He had had the entire stairway smeared with glue.
  21. Glue the thin side edging pieces to the top and.
  22. A book is a book: ink, paper, glue, nothing more.
  23. These great moral values are the glue of humanity.
  24. This extracellular matrix is more than glue that.
  25. Without this electronic glue, millions of Indian.

  26. We need to remove the glue that held the paper on.
  27. Lukewarm glue in Thom's next door when I was there.
  28. Maybe the glue and paint fumes had fried his brain.
  29. Are those who dry the glue to our most damaged past.
  30. You insinuated that you would turn Maximus into glue.
  31. Her arms, her nose and her hair were covered in glue.
  32. Glue the dowels into the holes on the first piece of.
  33. Glue traps are a common method of trapping rodents and.
  34. I think he’s the glue that holds you guys together.
  35. Once the sides are complete (and the glue has dried) it.
  36. Examine the Glue that Bonds her and the Hero/Heroine so.
  37. Researchers create glue based on toe pads of tree frogs.
  38. All he had to do was dry them and glue them to the frame.
  39. A rodent caught in a glue trap struggles with all his/her.
  40. Loyalty to the leader is the glue that holds groups together.
  41. The PLAN is the glue that holds you and your dreams together.
  42. This, she said, is, for want of a better word, glue.
  43. Our church and our belief is the glue that holds us together.
  44. These were sticky like paper glue and difficult to scrape off.
  45. He found what he was looking for—a small tube of Crazy Glue.
  46. Women always seemed to stick to me like glue, but not this one.
  47. Now for the glue: watch this, in case you have to make repairs.
  48. And there are puzzle accessories – glue and storage mats and.
  49. There were marks of old dry glue where Scott's head had once been.
  50. When she ran down the stairs, her left slipper stuck in the glue.
  51. In certain parts the glue has gone and the seams are coming apart.
  52. When the glue has dried, paint varnish over the outside of the jar.
  53. With the end of the war, the glue evaporated, literally overnight.
  54. Grab your list, scissors, glue stick and all of your old magazines.
  55. The committee open the box, set up the regal ribs, glue those that.
  56. It’s the same glue that is used to keep your furniture together.
  57. Because hot glue melts in Australia because it’s broiling so often.
  58. It's been the one constant that's held the glue of my goals together.
  59. It’s gotten stuck on one of those glue traps you use to catch rats.
  60. I tried to shake my hand loose, but it was attached to hers like glue.
  61. You don't want to compromise the glue that holds your tank together!.
  62. I have another idea, which I discovered by accident: a non-toxic glue.
  63. He took a hot glue gun to the bottom of the tiny motor then fixed the.
  64. He took a tube of roll-on glue and dabbed all over the back of the photo.
  65. Scoop the silver onion blend on top of half the slices and glue together.
  66. Glue pieces of foil all over a jar to cover the outside of the entire jar.
  67. His eyes felt like they were stuck with glue and he strained to open them.
  68. Finally, glue a plastic table straw into the metal pipe, flush with the end.
  69. If you don’t stop that, I’m going to glue your feet to the floor!.
  70. I have tried repairing shoes using glue, but this has never lasted very well.
  71. Where δ is thickness of cement paste that film and glue aggregate’s grains; S.
  72. Hugo continued to glue himself to his hero as we partied on exotic Chinese dishes.
  73. Personal interaction and mentoring is the glue that holds an organization together.
  74. No, I was born this way, my mother sniffed glue while she was pregnant, and she.
  75. He had to devise something that could etch up the patch area so the glue would stick.
  76. Her arms, her nose and her hair were covered in glue and disintegrating paper leaves.
  77. The boys in the Navy and Cornell boats suddenly looked as if they were rowing in glue.
  78. Susan and George should have bought wedding invitations with this glue on the envelopes.
  79. First of all, we need to check the shelves and see if we can find glue or adhesive tape.
  80. All of this is totally understandable and perfect, since judgment is the glue that keeps.
  81. When the wreath base is dry, glue the egg cutouts onto the wreath allowing them to overlap.
  82. How did you do that? The water you spat out—it turned to glue when you breathed on it.
  83. It was Thomas who put the puzzle together, from scraps of metal and paper, leather and glue.
  84. Furthermore, our lab was unable to detect saliva samples on the glue of any of the envelopes.
  85. I don’t know, he croaked, his lips sticking together as if painted with a pasty glue.
  86. He tugged off the tape covering Karla’s mouth, and she gasped as the glue tore at her skin.
  87. We used retail catalogues to cut up and glue to cardboard backing to represent real products.
  88. The use of thrombin does not mean that F/L supports the use of meat glue in the meat industry.
  89. He applied the Crazy Glue to the seams of the trap door, letting the glue drip into the cracks.
  90. Using the pressure of his fingers and the strong glue he seals the cut, adding hair to cover it.
  91. We went to the bazaar and bought Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner bamboo, glue, string, and paper.
  92. I’m getting hot and the glue on my Vulcan ears is starting to melt and my ears are sliding off.
  93. If you’d like to stop here, hot glue a silk flower in the middle to finish this simple project.
  94. The platform and its components were in storage, ready for assembly with non-ferrous bolts and glue.
  95. Max found some small scissors and a tube of glue like substance, in a small case that lay on the bed.
  96. His hair was done up in shoddy spikes, the telltale white crust of Elmer’s glue drying on the tips.
  97. The boys name rose to the tip of his tongue but stuck there like a glob of glue and would not ring out.
  98. Using a small amount of very strong glue he covers the scar and sticks Martin's hair carefully back on.
  99. The doctor once again used sutures, staples, and ample amounts of super glue to keep the organ in place.
  100. The brute had his pieces of soul sticks togather like a super glue in a team effort drawn by the dragon.
  1. Science is too often an art of gluing together a house of cards.
  2. Tom was sitting at the table, gluing colored paper chains together.
  3. The man drew near, and gluing his face to the panel, he stared at.
  4. For instance, gluing chicken skin onto shellfish or bacon onto beef fillets.
  5. My stomach dropped to my feet, gluing me to the spot, and the air closed in.
  6. The blood had matted the feathers—had been what was gluing them to the ground.
  7. Seeing Ken look at her hungrily she smiled and went to him, gluing herself to him.
  8. He moved back from me still holding his hands on my shoulders, gluing his eyes into mine.
  9. Stan noticed that young Margaret sat besides Nancy, gluing herself to her in search of a feeling of security.
  10. His savior didn’t answer then, instead gluing herself to him and wrapping her arms around him, surprising Edward.
  11. They could make it appear, in this instance, that both devices were legitimate, gluing a fake barcode over a real one.
  12. Making ourselves as presentable as possible and gluing radiant smiles to our washed but unshaven faces, we walked north.
  13. The invention of marital bondage: gluing two people together into a wedlocked hell which they are not allowed to get out of.
  14. Gluing the warning sticker first on the tube, he then applied the label and wrote the date and the words ‘enriched uranium’ and.
  15. It’s my favorite camping tool, and you can make it yourself by gluing some parts of aluminum cans together and drilling some holes.
  16. In the beginning, I kept the diary of my trades in a paper journal, gluing in chart printouts and marking them up—I still keep one of those antiques next to my trading desk.
  17. He stood and explained, Forty thousand years ago, your Euro ancestors were still living in caves and gluing their Stone Age tools together, thinking about creating the wheel.
  18. Dorothy Dandridge was the first to follow her counsel, followed by Jeanne Crain and Cara Williams, gluing herself to the old man, whose extremities were become pale from the cold.
  19. Gluing her back to Farah�s belly, so that she could still point her pistol at Harker, she watched the door of the office while Farah passed one arm around her and activated her wrist time distorter.
  20. Having heard enough and disturbed by it, Tina walked out of the cafeteria, then took a moment to take out her gum and tear a small part away, gluing and flattening that part against the outer face of the cover of her wrist communicator, where a small red light indicator would be normally be blinking when the device was operating.
  21. I visited the shops next to our grocer, one of which sold toys and another that sold hand made shoes and stood, like I used to stand, and watched the craftsmen cut the fine leather for the shoe and the thicker one for the soles and the hand-sewing with thick, long, curved needles and waxed strong thread and the gluing of the heels, slowly, almost lovingly bringing a shoe to life, to our life.
  22. It came on at length: the baronet led the extasy, which she critically joined in, as she felt the melting symptoms from him, in the nick of which, gluing more ardently than ever his lips to hers, he shewed all the signs of that agony of bliss being strong upon him, in which he gave her the finishing titillation; inly thrilled with which, we saw plainly that she answered it down with all effusion of spirit and matter she was mistress of, whilst a general soft shudder ran through all her limbs, which she gave a stretch out, and lay motionless, breathless, dying with dear delight; and in the height of its expression, showing, through the nearly closed lids of her eyes, just the edges of their black, the rest being rolled strongly upwards in their extasy; then her sweet mouth appeared languish-ingly open, with the tip of her tongue leaning.
  1. I’m glued to my seat.
  2. She was glued to my side.
  3. He felt glued to the bench.
  4. My eyes were glued on the.
  5. My eyes glued to the figure.
  6. I had her glued to her seat.
  7. His eyes stayed glued to mine.
  8. Maybe he was glued to the seat.
  9. His thoughts remain glued to the.
  10. We were glued in each other looks.
  11. Terror glued my feet to the floor.
  12. And now, she was glued to the set.
  13. His terrified eyes were glued to me.
  14. Is that why you keep your eyes glued.
  15. Harold sat glued to the television set.
  16. My eyes stayed glued to Shareef Thomas.
  17. The foil wrapper has been glued to a.
  18. This time, his palm glued itself tight.
  19. We glued our ears to the earth to hear.
  20. He’s around because he’s glued to me.
  21. For a moment I just stayed glued to the.
  22. They stayed glued together for a long time.
  23. His eyes were glued to his beloved Aurora.
  24. It was as if they’d been glued together.
  25. They kept their eyes glued on the subjects.
  26. Ty moved with his human as if glued, with.
  27. Daksha’s eyes were glued on a teary-eyed.
  28. Her eyes were still glued to the television.
  29. He should have had his eyes glued to Ashley.
  30. Sim stood, feet practically glued to the floor.
  31. His tongue felt glued to the roof of his mouth.
  32. He would have to stay glued to his screen today.
  33. Liam’s eyes were glued to the computer screen.
  34. As I sat, miserably glued to my recliner, Max.
  35. The cord doesn’t look like it’s glued on.
  36. Carrie, blushing wildly, kept her eyes glued to.
  37. My eyes were still glued to the back of the hall.
  38. Once on the deck, the boy glued himself to Nancy.
  39. The members of the audience were glued to their.
  40. The entire world glued themselves to their TV sets.
  41. It was like someone had actually glued me to the.
  42. He had his eyes glued on Janie and was screaming.
  43. All eyes were glued to the drama unfolding before.
  44. The others were glued to the news trying to catch.
  45. Special agent Carter sat glued to the ritzy redwood.
  46. He keeps the binoculars glued to his eyes for 10hrs.
  47. I tried to run but my legs were glued to the ground.
  48. Upon my arrival everyone was glued to the glass that.
  49. Dad headed home with that same smile glued to his mug.
  50. Phillip nodded, but kept his eyes glued to the screen.
  51. Nathaniel kept his eyes glued onto the road and only.
  52. And what keeps the wrestling audience glued to the set.
  53. All the clothes pins are securely glued to the clothes.
  54. It was just glued to the molding, I said to Hugo.
  55. Every time I watch that show my eyes are glued to them.
  56. Alex’s eyes were glued to the dancer in front of him.
  57. Patrick kept his eyes glued to the television while he.
  58. What’s happening? Why am I glued to the ceiling?
  59. The doors were sealed shut as if they were glued together.
  60. But it was too late! I found that my lips had been glued.
  61. Mary continued down the aisle, her eyes glued to the groom.
  62. The nation were glued to their TV sets as they took in the.
  63. The huge wound on his back must have glued him to the wall.
  64. Yeah I did, he replied, but his eyes were glued on me.
  65. All eyes were glued to the huge screen built into the north.
  66. Crazy strokes of red across the paper, my eyes stayed glued.
  67. The guard let me go and I hung on the wall as if glued to it.
  68. She felt her hands trembling on her weapon, glued to her hip.
  69. Elly stayed glued to the couch watching Gummy Bears in Polish.
  70. Tom felt as if he was glued to his bed, his eyes staring wide.
  71. No problem, Martinez said, his eyes glued to his screens.
  72. Rory's eyes were glued to hers and she did not avoid his stare.
  73. Annah and Mary to stay back, glued to the terrace wall, and I.
  74. He kicked me out, She replied with her eyes glued to the.
  75. The floor was so sticky it nearly glued his burgundy wing tips.
  76. But you and I will be glued to the TV all weekend, I expect.
  77. I open one eye—the other stays shut like it’s glued that way.
  78. They reached the door with a glitter glued sign that read Claire.
  79. Her eyes were glued to the floor as she walked, her back slumped.
  80. Seth stood dumbfounded on the slab, his eyes glued to the women.
  81. The completed material was folded four times and glued together.
  82. Since when does she have to be glued to you, Hudson? Jason.
  83. Shall we start? the woman asked, her eyes still glued on me.
  84. Just like a martial arts expert with his feet glued to the floor.
  85. I didn't want to go on stage and my feet were glued to the floor.
  86. I looked at Hudson with questions in my eyes, but hers were glued.
  87. Michael and Pamela kept glued to as many media reports they could.
  88. Shh, Mark, listen! dad shouted with his eyes glued to the TV.
  89. There was still no answer; Thorn’s eyes were glued to the gauges.
  90. The Pastor sat with his arms crossed, eyes glued to the television.
  91. If he cut the man’s hair and glued it on, perhaps it would be OK.
  92. What's that? Mabel asked sharply, her eyes glued to the place.
  93. Not to mention the ridiculous time I wasted glued to its every tick.
  94. Michael and Pamela kept glued to information sources to see what al.
  95. I do not say there is nothing that is keeping me glued to the earth.
  96. Ken’s eyes glowed with pride as he glued himself to her for a kiss.
  97. She turned and looked at his face seeing his eyes glued to her pussy.
  98. Danny, his eye still glued to the wall, shook with bursts of laughter.
  99. Her eyes were glued to the lizard’s as she waited for its reaction.
  100. I expect it to fall as the lacing of the cord is not glued to it or.
  1. Love is what glues humanity together.
  2. Adhesive glues and solvents should be avoided due to the potential for voids and.
  3. Yellow and white glues are probably the most often and most popular glues used in.
  4. The stitching he had done looked neat and tidy and he glues some of Martin's hair on top of it to cover the scar.
  5. On another day I would have taken it as a sign but there is something in the nature of heat that glues the mind for there on the beach all questions seemed absurd.

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