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Glum dans une phrase (en anglais)

Don’t look so glum.
Only Walt looked glum.
Isaac sounded glum.
Funeral be rather glum.
’’ Answered Ingrid, glum.
My right-hand man looked glum.
And then, his face turned glum.

He'd rarely seen her look this glum.
But you know boys! My, you look glum.
They looked rather glum, on the whole.
As Danny was stared at by all the glum.
) So the days ahead will be likely glum.
The married couples are silent and glum.
The idea clearly made her a bit glum.
She looked glum which made his heart sink.
Fenton returned to his seat, looking glum.
That was another of my mom’s words: glum.
and laughed, but Jessie sat looking glum.
She could only remain glum for a short while.
I noticed he looked rather glum as he greeted me.
’ He said, his expression glum to say the least.
He looked glum so I changed the subject saying.
It was Otto Skorzeni who answered him in a glum voice.
They sat in glum silence for a while, and then Mel asked.
Fred raised his eyebrows at a glum Ish in the locker room.
had trained her horses and he looked as glum as his mistress.
Coffee arrived, and Sasha looked glum faced as she stirred her cup.
strength and tenacity to live with the glum setting of her new home.
‘’I see!’’ Said Prime Minister Attlee, suddenly becoming glum.
BLOOM: (Murmurs with hangdog meekness glum) That bit about the laughing.

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Synonymes pour glum

glum dark dour glowering moody morose saturnine sour sullen