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Goth dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Who ever heard of a blonde, blue-eyed Goth?
2. Prough said the Goth girl had fallen hard at the blow.
3. Some of the goth boy’s appendages make my eyes widen.
4. The other alternative is the young girls who are goth girls.
5. It ushered my way into what I fondly refer to as my Goth phase.
6. Alex’s clothing and style of his room was true to every young Goth.
7. I could have cold-bloodedly stalked into their goth mansion months ago.

8. The tabs are broken down into Straight, Bi, Queer, Punk, Goth, and Vamp.
9. It’s just your standard industrial goth bar on the West side, Corey says.
10. The bathroom door opened and the Goth, draped in a white towel, drifted out on a.
11. They each dead-ended a few chambers in, they were used as squatter goth gallery space now.
12. She thought it was because she dressed like a Goth, and she wasn't a fan of judgmental people.
13. The skinny goth folds her arms over her chest and tosses her head, looking down her thin nose at me.
14. Leesa turned and saw it was one of the goth guys, clumped with his fellows in their usual place near the back.
15. Then she got a can of gasoline and poured it over the Goth girl, and lit a cigarette and threw it on the gas.
16. Alex, Esther’s Goth nephew was playing his guitar in his bedroom and had the amp running through the headphones.
17. Get back into the SUV! barked Bryce, bringing the bat down on a zombie who was dressed all in Goth and had jet-black hair.
18. Prough said he snuck in and watched from the shadows as Ava and another girl with Goth black hair got into a screaming match that became a hair-pulling catfight.
19. All other errands were done, and Meg and her mother busy at some necessary needlework, while Beth and Amy goth tea, and Hannah finished her ironing with what she called àslap and a bang', but still Jo did not come.

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