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Graduate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. She is a MBA graduate from.
  2. Joey didn’t get to graduate.
  3. He was a graduate in Economics.
  4. But Kara didn’t get to graduate.
  5. And he wanted to graduate, badly.

  6. One more and I will be a graduate.
  7. I’m going to graduate from high.
  8. But those who graduate are rarely.
  9. They won’t graduate this weekend.
  10. As soon as I graduate I’m out of.
  11. Chantal wanted to graduate with her.
  12. Population in a graduate school format.
  13. Johnson Graduate School of Management.
  14. Directory of Graduate Research (DGRweb).
  15. Morse, a graduate of Atlanta University.

  16. When these jockeys graduate, they will.
  17. He was a graduate of the University of St.
  18. My graduate student is blushing before you.
  19. Being a science graduate this profile has.
  20. A graduate of Rutgers University with an M.
  21. Two weeks before Lucy was to graduate, the.
  22. He was rather emaciated, The last graduate.
  23. I'll be sad to graduate and leave the campus.
  24. When you graduate from the course – kudos.
  25. It’ll be next June, as soon as you graduate.

  26. GRADUATE STUDENTS at James Cook University of.
  27. He applied to a graduate school in Ohio that.
  28. I start graduate school at the end of the month.
  29. You may graduate from a university with a degree.
  30. I’ll do my graduate and doctoral degrees there.
  31. Did you guys graduate Secondary together?
  32. I’ve been with this firm since graduate school.
  33. He would graduate next year, but he wasn't ready.
  34. I finished my BA and two years of graduate school.
  35. Knowing that will come in handy in graduate school.
  36. Being a Harvard graduate adds a third risk factor.
  37. Too bad you managed to graduate, said Montana.
  38. Linda Jordan, a Southern Baptist seminary graduate.
  39. It is called the Act Graduate Student loan program.
  40. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and.
  41. I was in graduate school at the time, getting my Ph.
  42. Linda Jordan, a Southeern Baptist seminary graduate.
  43. Chambers, the son of Zane will soon graduate and be.
  44. I talked with a recent college graduate the other day.
  45. Michael had a tough time in his graduate course today.
  46. Rose was determined to see her granddaughters graduate.
  47. He is a graduate of the 1961 Clinton Senior High Class.
  48. She was in graduate school for her teaching certificate.
  49. I got more than enough credits to graduate, I said.
  50. O’Neal from the Babcock Graduate School of Management.
  51. A graduate of Stanford, Kay too was an environmentalist.
  52. Clarke who was a graduate of philosophy and ethics from.
  53. The last graduate was a lanky boy with a black butch cut.
  54. Pastor Perry is a graduate from Emory and Henry and is a.
  55. I believe an academy graduate must have written the game.
  56. The first graduate to step was a black man with spiked up.
  57. Use as a text for training or graduate management courses.
  58. I assure you that I must graduate a virgin, Ben or no Ben.
  59. By redefining my perception of what being a college graduate.
  60. He said that when Tina was in graduate school, she was raped.
  61. The graduate of a hospitality and tourism school in Petaling.
  62. On the other hand, Sime is a priest, a university graduate.
  63. Columbia (UBC) graduate student who was blinded and maimed by.
  64. She sent me contact information for the head of her graduate.
  65. Working full-time, he managed to graduate in only three years.
  66. I want to quit school because I don't think I will ever graduate.
  67. What are you going to do when you graduate? the counselor.
  68. While we might well say that those who graduate have more skills.
  69. I graduate next month, so I’ll let her know with an invitation.
  70. Phil who is a graduate student in statistics says this is unfair.
  71. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh.
  72. ASM3 Kelly Mogk was the first female graduate in rescue swimming.
  73. Joel is a local Hollywood kid, a graduate of Hollywood High School.
  74. If you’ll help me, I’ll mentor you, even into graduate school.
  75. He gave me a B in the class, a low grade in graduate school.
  76. It needs changing all the way from first grade to graduate school.
  77. The following year was all about fun! Heck, what college graduate.
  78. My wife was about to graduate from college and — as I found out.
  79. But first, who was Channing? He was, of course, a Harvard graduate.
  80. Brandeis (1856–1941) was a graduate of Harvard Law School in 1877.
  81. Jason went to college and graduate school, where he studied history.
  82. In order to graduate, you need x math credits and y English credits.
  83. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University in 1977.
  84. Libby would graduate from high school in eleven years, so maybe then.
  86. She was at Cornell on a post graduate scholarship studying sociology.
  87. The British Columbia Institute of Technology graduate had only one.
  88. A young graduate of twenty-two; full of himself and arrogant to boot.
  89. Her graduate degree was from Harvard and her doctorate from Stanford.
  90. Could he really graduate as soon as he had reached the age? Of course.
  91. Nitz hired a fresh graduate as our production assistant and researcher.
  92. No longer are the Hari Ram Din, an IT graduate of Bangalore University.
  93. Two types of Stafford graduate loans exist: subsidized and unsubsidized.
  94. Graduate of numerous courses in Finance Theory and International Trading.
  95. So what high school did you graduate from? he finally asked out of.
  96. Because I had my graduate education in the US andworked in the computer.
  97. For subsidized Stafford graduate loans, the government pays the interest.
  98. A graduate of John Hopkins University and a well respected principal of.
  99. But isn’t lab required for this class? I can’t graduate without it.
  100. She answered that she did her graduate work at the University of Vermont.
  1. Alive and graduating this week!.
  2. Graduating in the spring, actually.
  3. She would be graduating with honors.
  4. A poor child graduating from one of these.
  5. New that I am graduating from Penn this spring.
  6. After graduating, he was appointed as a young.
  7. The first graduating class in 1903 numbered three.
  8. It wasn’t until around the time I was graduating.
  9. Also I recall in my early days after graduating when.
  10. They couldn’t get pregnant before graduating high school.
  11. This isn’t going to screw up graduating with us is it?
  12. He was now turning eighteen, and graduating high school this year.
  13. You graduating early from high school was a good idea, Tony said.
  14. ND’s club featured graduating senior varsity football team members.
  15. Motorola wound up hiring two other graduating law students besides me.
  16. You’re supposed to be graduating this year, have you forgotten?
  17. By the end of the term a commencement was held for the graduating class.
  18. After graduating, Patty married her professor and they came to live here.
  19. As it stands now, her chances of graduating from the school was very slim.
  20. There are other ideas such as graduating to higher spheres and dimensions.
  21. One must stop being the object before graduating to being the relationship.
  22. Akihiko attended the Naval War College, graduating with high honors in 1956.
  23. She came close to graduating from Forest Park High School in Baltimore, Maryland.
  24. Going on and on about what you did after graduating from Whatsamatter University.
  25. Sarah had come to Colorado with her high school graduating class for a senior trip.
  26. After graduating college, David Babbel decided he wanted to work for the World Bank.
  27. This was the ceremony for all graduating students, and there were robes everywhere.
  28. I was only nine when all this started and Seth was graduating high school that year.
  29. The Freshman class of 1962, the year Roger started teaching there, was graduating now.
  30. After graduating from Princeton, Carl Icahn started his fund with his poker winnings.
  31. Harvard University did a study on the graduating class of 1953 and asked many questions.
  32. She said that her daughter, Serena, was in law school and would be graduating next year.
  33. Kerry is forty something and in her first teaching post; she did PGCE after graduating.
  34. After graduating, I remained in the house on South Chappel Avenue with Prior and Brakel.
  35. He would be graduating at the end of this year and he already had his Paris scholarship.
  36. Too many high school graduating students are not prepared to meet the demands of college.
  37. Kristine is graduating in the top 5% of her class and is deciding where to attend college.
  38. He sat with his graduating class and simply did not get up because his name was not called.
  39. Upon graduating from the University of South Alabama, she began teaching high school history.
  40. I couldn't afford losing my sanity without at least graduating first, so I settled for that.
  41. In 1957 I came close, but was not good enough to be the Valedictorian of my graduating class.
  42. His outlook on life was exemplified by the conclusion of his speech to the graduating seniors.
  43. As a third degree black belt graduating from Han’s School of Martial Arts, Luke showed no fear.
  44. After graduating, he moved even farther out into the countryside—and farther into his painting.
  45. After graduating at the top of my class, I received orders to join the aircraft carrier USS Hancock.
  46. After graduating in 1995, Uyehara went to work for a small private engineering and construction firm.
  47. I wonder if you actually care about anything other than winning your games and graduating with honors.
  48. After graduating high school he set out to become a lawyer of high standards in memory of his late mother.
  49. Completion of these six books would give a graduating student the tools necessary to step into the big world.
  50. He was particularly anxious to succeed as this was his first mission after graduating as a security officer.
  51. Many adult students who once did horrible in high school find themselves graduating college with high honors.
  52. The only thing I had been looking forward to was graduating with Jason and Karen, but it is too late for that.
  53. When did my life become so derailed? I'm graduating this spring with an honors degree from an Ivy League college.
  54. He studied international finance at Cambridge, England, before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin.
  55. After graduating from Washington Preparatory High School, Aye joined the armed forces and was stationed in Germany.
  56. After graduating from Yale in 1985, she went on to a distinguished Hollywood career as an actor, director, and producer.
  57. As important as anything else, he could be sure that none of them would be graduating before the Olympic summer of 1936.
  58. After graduating with an Earth Science degree from UNC-Charlotte in 1986, he began a career in safety technical writing.
  59. The graduating class was surveyed and it was determined that only 3% of the class population had written financial goals.
  60. And that California graduating class is still missing one graduate who may have gone on to cure AIDS or bring about world peace.
  61. After my graduating and a few months of holiday I began to work halftime in Oded’s pub and Jabar’s training got more intensive.
  62. Leonardo knew her in one of the activities in which he embarked after graduating, promoting the secular texts among the population.
  63. When I left London for good that summer after graduating, he asked me to take a small package of medicine to his father in Trincomalee.
  64. After graduating, they had spent a leisurely month at home, planning their trip to Africa and relaxing after the stress of their exams.
  65. In fact, the lowest ranking woman candidate still placed 68th out of 96 students that were graduating, a still respectable performance.
  66. After graduating magna cum laude, in 1951 he joined the Wellington Management Company in Philadelphia, where he rose to become president.
  67. Wes owed the graduating class that much and it was because she had put her foot down on that that she was not allowing herself to miss it.
  68. Ingrid could hear some of the whispered remarks and comments from the spectators, a majority of them being parents of the graduating pilots.
  69. After graduating from Oklahoma A&M in 1951, Pickens worked for Phillips Petroleum before venturing out on his own as a wildcatter in search of oil.
  70. Winston Churchill was addressing the graduating class in a well-known public school, when one of the pupils asked him to sum up his fantastic success.
  71. Miss Bunker had a plaque made for the rear wall of the schoolhouse which read in relief letters across the top: Graduating Classes of Tahoe City School.
  72. My finger stayed on the pictures of the 1912 graduating class, with World War I not yet, unimagined and unknown, when I blinked at one snapshot and gasped:.
  73. We spent hours drawing guitars and a logo for our band name on a drum kit before graduating to making flat replica guitars cut out of large cardboard boxes.
  74. He entered the community at seventeen years of age after graduating high school, and stayed with them for almost thirty years of happy, fruitful life and ministry.
  75. The Academy’s Rabbi and his family joined the party, as did the remainder of the graduating Jewish Cadets and their families who Greg had asked the Rabbi to invite.
  76. After graduating from Harvard, she played squash professionally while finishing her premedical coursework and working in a research lab at the Albert Einstein Hospital.
  77. The Directorate sent an entire graduating class from the Selective Service on a final training mission---sort of a graduation exercise---to monitor freight; that was it.
  78. After graduating with a Master’s in Nursing Education in 1954, she returned to the Philippines and became Dean of the College of Nursing at the Manila Central University.
  79. After all, he has been in this industry since graduating college and knows intimately the limitations and strengths of each of the biggest insurance companies in the world.
  80. First, its location is centrally isolated, which gives Cornell University fits when it comes to attracting recruiters, even from New York City, for its graduating students.
  81. I watched him duck and weave around loaded questions and then always bring the answer back to the fact that here in this shelter, veterans were learning new skills and graduating.
  82. After graduating from Helsingfors University, he prepared himself for the career of magistrate, but becoming acquainted with the writings of Tolstoi, he brusquely changed his life.
  83. He had found relief from the tedium of his hard life through the false comfort of drugs; at first it was the joint and graduating to the hype filled with the syrup of white powder.
  84. Despite graduating in the bottom fifth of his class, continues the reporter, Dunleavy was hired by the Brooklyn Public Defender’s Office, where he received mediocre evaluations.
  85. Soon after graduating from college I went through some testing at the Johnson O'Conner Institute and found I have two prominent aptitudes, inductive reasoning and what they call ideaphoria.
  86. After graduating from secondary school he studied computer sciences at Imperial College in London and defended his thesis on algorithms in neural networks, which was considered revolutionary.
  87. Her privileged background allowed her to live an affluent lifestyle, educated in the finest convent schools and graduating from Rosemont College, a private women’s liberal arts school in Pennsylvania.
  88. And more than any of the others graduating this week from Harvard, what you decide to do with the next five to ten years of your life will affect the rights of people in this country in a fundamental way.
  89. After a brief but probing interview, during which Harry was told of the school's twenty year history, and record for graduating the best and brightest, and his own responsibilities, should he be admitted.
  90. In comparison, Sarah had no illusions about her own limited experience, this being her first posting after graduating from ‘The Farm’, the secret estate in Virginia where CIA field agents were trained.
  91. It isn’t often that a student with only a sixth grade formal education earns a high school diploma then, in three short years, completes a Bachelor of Science program, graduating with honors near the top of the class.
  92. Even worse, they generate high capital gains distributions proportionate to their turnover, since the primary reason for selling a stock is a large price increase, resulting in that stock’s graduating out of the index.
  93. They’d all gone their separate ways after graduating but about ten years after that, Alastair had met up with Andy completely by accident and he had been in contact with Mike so they’d re-formed the band for fun … and financial reasons.
  94. Begun by psychologist Walter Mischel during the 1960s at a pre-school on the Stanford University campus and involving mainly children of the Stanford faculty, graduates and other employees, the study tracked down the four-year-olds as they were graduating from high school.
  95. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Mark Zuckerberg had dropped out of college, and they’d done okay, right? They intuitively understood that the world didn’t care about grades or even graduating, at least not in the long run, especially when compared to traits like creativity or persistence.
  96. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty.
  97. We have shown this on occasion to incoming or graduating Johnson School Park Leadership Fellows, after which I point out that my father was an entrepreneur, a pioneer who constantly sought and took advantage of opportunities, as well as a civic leader in his community who continuously strove to do the same for others, and that these are also the ideals on which the Park Leadership Fellows Program at the Johnson School are modeled.
  1. When she graduated in 1989.
  2. Kholi had graduated a year.
  3. They both graduated in June.
  4. When he graduated, he kept on.
  5. I graduated from a college in.
  6. He is only recently graduated.
  7. I graduated the year before.
  8. And he graduated two years early.
  9. Dixie graduated from Scottsdale H.
  10. He had just graduated high school.
  11. I recently graduated middle school.
  12. Considering that he had graduated.
  13. He graduated from the University of.
  14. She graduated from Smith College, a.
  15. When I graduated to WORD, I thought.
  16. Harry and Liz had graduated to Empty.
  17. I only graduated about middle of the pack.
  18. Wrote The Great Graduated Path and others.
  19. In June 1880, she graduated from Allegheny.
  20. And once I graduated I started working at.
  21. He had graduated from Stanford with honors.
  22. I graduated from the University of New York.
  23. I graduated high school and then I went to.
  24. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  25. Bershirt, Petrulyn and I graduated together.
  26. Since he graduated, he has been doing nothing.
  27. He graduated in the rank of security officer.
  28. Still, he hasn't graduated from university yet.
  29. All of our fastest runners graduated last year.
  30. The Graduated Length Method, GLM, in the late.
  31. From this he graduated to the total and.
  32. Instead, I graduated with a degree in Economics.
  33. Have your nicks graduated to new heights?
  34. She graduated as queen of the Sinbara day school.
  35. He would soon have graduated from medical school.
  36. He has a daughter who just graduated, Celeste.
  37. He just graduated from college, Yes! she said.
  38. He graduated from the Whooton School after I left.
  39. He graduated from MIT with a four-point-eight GPA.
  40. Well, your boy has graduated to the big time now.
  41. He sold the business when he graduated from high.
  42. He excelled at art, and graduated with a B average.
  43. Jackson, he graduated with honors in 2020 receiving.
  44. He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938.
  45. I’m pretty sure he was there the year I graduated.
  46. Yet, both Heather and you have both graduated, and.
  47. I recently graduated from the University of British.
  48. Bill graduated from OU near the top of his class and.
  49. Yakov, then twenty-three, had just graduated with a.
  50. He started with cats and graduated to bigger animals.
  51. When I graduated recently, with a degree in computer.
  52. But that had not been updated since I graduated BUD/S.
  53. My brother graduated four years ago and he was stuck.
  54. Oh, he had to move back to England after you graduated.
  55. It seemed that all bullies graduated from school into.
  56. Meanwhile, Dave has graduated and started his first job.
  57. The summer of my 21st year, I’d just graduated College.
  58. At the age of seventeen he graduated as an officer from.
  59. He had graduated from an Ivy League college with an MBA.
  60. You studied hard and graduated with the required credits.
  61. You decided to leave after Ashdyn’s class graduated.
  62. Having graduated from business college, she has worked as.
  63. But that had not been updated since I graduated BUD/S.
  64. In 1947, at age seventeen Buffett graduated from High School.
  65. Husky voiced I said, I do believe that you’ve graduated.
  66. He and Suzuki were old friends who had graduated from Meiji.
  67. We graduated three young ladies from the Academic Department.
  68. I graduated last spring, so now I can stay wherever I want.
  69. After that week, we graduated and went back where we came from.
  70. We finally got through that year, I graduated and we attempted.
  71. Proctor’s parents graduated from Missions College in Norfolk.
  72. Only with those types of experiences can your freshly graduated.
  73. When we had sufficiently graduated our advances towards the main.
  74. He graduated last May and would be attending college in the fall.
  75. He graduated from Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois.
  76. I said I hoped the job market improved by the time you graduated.
  77. After a while we graduated to rope climbing, which was just awful.
  78. My grandfather had graduated from the original high school in 1916.
  79. Tommy Rivera? Graduated last year? Is that you? It’s me, Ryan.
  80. College of Law and graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree in 1983.
  81. When the bars ceased to feel risky enough, he graduated to the Park.
  82. I graduated from college with my two degrees in hand and my little.
  83. I can then go home and let my father know that I finally graduated.
  84. After she graduated, she decided to turn those snippets into books.
  85. Once deployed, he graduated to mayonnaise jars and ketchup bottles.
  86. Louise’s emotions had graduated past scared and now she was angry.
  87. The night before my oldest daughter graduated I receive a phone call.
  88. When I graduated university he gave me one of them as a gift and I.
  89. Evidently, a graduated scale of tension was elevating, between them.
  90. Doublet and McDougall had brothers that graduated two years ago who.
  91. I graduated from Cocalico (The real answer was a lil more simple.
  92. In which camp or collage was this leader graduated? In the school of:.
  93. From the moment he graduated until now he had seen very little action.
  94. No one would think that she was twenty-one and graduated from college.
  95. When done cut into as many graduated circles as the child is years old.
  96. I think that’s why they put up with me for so long after I graduated.
  97. Graduated with dual degrees in business administration and agriculture.
  98. I graduated in 1983 from Peru State College with a Bachelor of Science.
  99. When she graduated with a minimal knowledge of grammar, mathematics and.
  100. He was a whiz-bang expert in chemical science at Cal Poly, graduated a.
  1. The graduates in the team.
  2. West Point graduates had a great.
  3. Graduates, some of whom had limited job.
  4. The School’s graduates have gone on to.
  5. They also plan on hiring graduates with Ph.
  6. Also the library today: those girl graduates.
  7. It is important that new graduates show good G.
  8. A small percentage of the graduates were from.
  9. The smal contingent of graduates marched to the.
  10. At the same time, many high school graduates are.
  11. The Arts graduates gave a graduation dance that night.
  12. She graduates from Georgia Tech in four years, with a.
  13. The graduates of his school were strong enough to shape U.
  14. These graduates had been trained in the basic skills of.
  15. Pierre graduates in May 2054 with Academic Honors, with a.
  16. Too many graduates are not prepared to enter the work force.
  17. When the child graduates, he may discover new aptnesss that.
  18. If that is your decision, then there will be no graduates.
  19. The graduates leapt to their feet and tossed their gloves into.
  20. Tatiana graduates from the University of Miami, Coral Gables in.
  21. College graduates far outearn those with only a high school degree.
  22. Six of the nine Supreme Court Justices are graduates of Harvard Law.
  23. Think about Travis interviewing at a prop firm after he graduates:.
  24. Christophe graduates from the University of Miami, Coral Gables in.
  25. In 2125, John Leveque Chevalier II graduates from the University of.
  26. The graduates were deployed across the entire range of the known Galaxy.
  27. A study was done of the 1953 graduates of the Yale University in America.
  28. I was the first of the six ADP Graduates to be appointed and commenced the.
  29. The next morning, two hundred fresh MBA graduates and their insanely proud.
  30. The six graduates awaited their placement into managerial posts within the.
  31. Maybe the patient’s share graduates up slowly and is dependent upon income.
  32. Beginning Course Graduates shouldn’t expect to now be a Master of the skill.
  33. Exclusively for Beginning Course Graduates, the Mastering Animal Communication.
  34. Mothers from all over the US and Canada were being trained by Institute graduates.
  35. Kennedy said Jack was probably one of the best informed college graduates of 1940.
  36. AS EVERYONE FILED INTO the sanctuary, the Rabbi directed the recent graduates to the.
  37. Families were waving to their graduates, cameras were flashing and I couldn't find her.
  38. Dutch students themselves have a hard time finding student rooms, and Aruban graduates.
  39. The best recruitment method for us is graduates from our EMBA Programs, says Selva.
  40. Academy graduates are not yet accustomed to these lengthy walks through infinite nature.
  41. Graduates of online training earn Worldprofit Certification as an E-Business Consultant.
  42. He plans to return to school in a few years, after his sister graduates from high school.
  43. More than half of our 35 post graduates of which 10 are PhDs are involved problem is framed.
  44. The graduates carried and dragged their luggage to the flight line in a single strenuous trip.
  45. Directors of MARAD have come from the ranks of merchant marine officers and graduates of the U.
  46. This is the advantage graduates have over all their retired years over HS dropouts who die faster.
  47. Banking, transportation, financial, and insurance services are seeking Economics/Finance graduates.
  48. These schools got thousands of applications, from new graduates as well as from dissatisfied page 90.
  49. The graduates were asked if they had a clear, specific set of goals with a plan to achieve those goals.
  50. His low-paying job is unsatisfactory, but there is little he can do about it until his sister graduates.
  51. Local Goodwills got inundated with these come summer—university graduates shedding their old souvenirs.
  52. Opening a folder, the Chief Administrator then smiled at the graduates, still lined up and standing easy.
  53. And that's why college graduates are flipping burgers; because the system is overwhelmed by inherent flaws.
  54. The Marines were recent graduates of the Marines’ Special Forces programs and were in top physical shape.
  55. I’d had a few glasses of wine at Jillian’s with some other medical students, recent graduates like myself.
  56. The friends were recent med-school graduates and they’d been drinking hard since about two in the afternoon.
  57. And loving people are the best teachers in the world… not boring degreed, unimaginative university graduates.
  58. Witness to my observation is that we have become a nation that graduates college folks who are often semiliterate.
  59. She and Gilbert had once picturedout merrily the day on which they should be capped and gowned graduates in Arts.
  60. Nearly intimidated, Elizabeth slowly got out of the ranks, patted on the back and encouraged by the other graduates.
  61. He is one of the greatest graduates the university has ever produced, and is one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs.
  62. As the crowd and graduates applauded while Sanchez walked to the podium, Boran Kern added a few words in the microphone.
  63. His idea was to hire 20 new graduates and train them to read the tape and scalp the crap out of the market dime for dime.
  64. The pretty Puerto Rican then turned around and walked back to the group of graduates as Kern spoke again in his microphone.
  65. Starting salaries for these graduates and nongraduates range from $75K to $100K, plus signing bonuses of $5,000 to $15,000.
  66. As I said before, college graduates shouldn’t have to be saddled with a loan that will take them twenty years to pay off.
  67. The average debt among graduates was two hundred dollars, it said, and the average four-year tab was more than two thousand.
  68. In spite of the odds against him, he excels at all school subjects and graduates at the young age of fifteen from South High.
  69. General Arnold came to attention and saluted as the graduates from Fighter Pilot Course 42-E marched in parade order past the V.
  70. The ceremony concluded five minutes later with the departure of Boran Kern and the dismissal of the graduates for their vacation.
  71. Paul Coughlin, president of the alumni association, started placing calls to some of the university’s more prominent graduates.
  72. Mechanical engineering graduates topped the list and eyeing on them are aerospace, automotive, mechanical equipment manufacturers.
  73. When I became a freshman at Cornell University, I went in with the largest class (thirty) of graduates ever from Ithaca High School.
  74. This is now the time to honor those graduates who distinguished themselves in particular fields of their training as field agents.
  75. Furthermore, since 1951 the Coast Guard selected university and college graduates for the newly established Officer Candidate School.
  76. There are no and could not be any traditional institutions from where spiritual graduates come out holding a degree in Spirituality.
  77. Graduates with lower income and with children would be required to pay much lower repayments monthly, or in specific cases, none at all.
  78. Marian and I are both graduates from Oxford, and she is teaching English during our travels in Africa, while I teach about computers.
  79. It has been already remarked, that the degree of fertility, both of first crosses and of hybrids, graduates from zero to perfect fertility.
  80. It took a good forty minutes to review all 61 graduates, after which Boran and Nancy returned to the lectern, behind which Boran took place.
  81. He surmised the girls were collage graduates, with an idea that would astound him, they had to have or they would not have got in to see him.
  82. This move is expected to particularly benefit new graduates who are faced with big loan repayments amid a tough employment market these days.
  83. One-third of business owners plan on hiring associate graduates categorized into three: technology, engineering and business related degrees.
  84. An undated news clipping indicates that Rose was voted the most beautiful girl graduate by the male graduates of Dorchester High School.
  85. The sacrist, the treasurer and several other monastic officials, or obedientiaries, were graduates of the university, as were all the physicians.
  86. Because of the new student loan repayment scheme, graduates who earn about $30,000 annually would only be required to pay just up to $172 monthly.
  87. An increasing number of college graduates are gradually filling entry level (corporate) positions traditionally reserved for high school graduates.
  88. There were a couple of recent graduates from university who he had felt would make useful additions to his team, with the proper coaching of course.
  89. Both had the bumptious self-confidence that the university seemed to instil in its graduates along with medical theories and a taste for Gascon wine.
  90. Normally, we would insist on formal officer candidate school, but graduates of the Federation Space Force Academy are released from that requirement.
  91. They belong to the hands-on work force who developed a good work ethic which is sadly observed by employers as missing in previous amateur graduates.
  92. In conclusion, a big thanks to two groups: SpikeTraders who keep me on my toes with their questions and Traders' Camps graduates who sharpened my teaching skills.
  93. The evidence from this source graduates away, and is doubtful in the same degree as is the evidence derived from other constitutional and structural differences.
  94. Louis Zamperini of (Torrance) California, Louis is here; the same old Louis, cheerful, sportsmanlike, the idol of all our Southern California fans and graduates.
  95. Giving back her trophies to a waiting Carolyn Anderson, she then returned to the group of graduates as Ingrid Weiss was called forward as top gymnast of the class.
  96. The focus of the graduates had shifted from helping more unfortunate members of their community to earning a lot of money and that was Gāndhiji’s main concern.
  97. There is a growing demand for new graduates in the job market as a result of the also growing products and services they offer and to keep up with the retiring HR staff.
  98. Like any aggressive college, NC State pays attention to its wealthiest graduates, both for their influence and for what might be earmarked for the college in their wills.
  99. I got, on average, four or five enquiries a month from graduates begging for a job, any job, as they’d been unable to find one, sometimes after a year or more of searching.
  100. As an instructor, my leave didn’t coincide with any great gathering of men such as often happens when a class graduates, or a unit embarks; or returns from a theatre of war.

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