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Great dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. He was a great guy.
2. The Great Power of OM.
3. And we had great sets.
4. The gap is too great.
5. It was a great night.
6. He was in a great city.
7. There are a great many.

8. He saw a great flash.
9. The Great War was over.
10. He took great care in.
11. She is in a great mood.
12. In a great factory, Mr.
13. This is great news for.
14. Even great Zeus had to.
15. We owe her a great debt.
16. Great, just what I need.
17. That was great last year.
18. The grief was too great.
19. With great moment of God.
20. That is great within us.
21. In the great room they.
22. It's not a great Library.
23. This is a great traffic.
24. For they have great trust.
25. A child of great renown;.
26. There were a great many.
27. There's great money in it.
28. Besides this is great work.
29. He’s really a great guy.
30. The rewards will be great.
31. But it’s a great concept.
32. God has had a great deal.
33. He became my great friend.
34. Sure, he has this great.
35. That was too great a blow.
36. Martial arts are a great.
37. Downstairs we had a great.
38. They journeyed in a great.
39. All of these men are Great.
40. He was still in great pain.
41. A great power was with them.
42. The Great Creation of Love.
43. Harry, You both look great.
44. Mack, these are just great.
45. That was the great conundrum.
46. Those who have a great cal.
47. Yeah, that would be great.
48. A great idea from Parekh-ji.
49. I didn’t have a great game.
50. May great Zeus turn me into.
51. They are created with great.
52. She had hung a great kettle.
53. He had taken great pains to.
54. I opened my eyes with great.
55. The great power was with them.
56. I think that's a great idea.
57. Jason wondered how great it.
58. The leaves of this great fir.
59. The Great Crate at Taktor's.
60. The great street of the city.
61. But he could be great fun too.
62. But great care should be taken.
63. Great miracles will occur in.
64. It was great to be on the road.
65. It became a great game for us.
66. That sounds like a great idea.
67. I'm not that great of a pilot.
68. We do a great service, though.
69. They were having a great time.
70. It was a great film and he'd.
71. A great sadness came over him.
72. On a pretty great, steep and.
73. Then he told me I looked great.
74. Thomas: Great thanks, and you?
75. And a great life happens here!.
76. In other news, The Great Paper.
77. In the midst of great calamity!.
78. Dad, I’ve had a great time.
79. The statue is mighty and great.
80. This was a great loss for the.
81. Great, that’d make it easier.
83. Art History was great, for one.
84. It is a great word because it.
85. The 5 Checks For a Great Niche.
86. The great problem was whether.
87. Have a great time, both of you.
88. Here's another great game I saw.
89. It is a great celebration today.
90. Soon here come the great changes.
91. I have great success with teens.
92. The classes are doing great guns.
93. That only a great granddaughter.
94. And the great dragon was thrown.
95. The Great Creation of the Love!.
96. Even though it is great to use.
97. It is with great sadness that we.
98. She learned a great deal about.
99. Thanks Mom, that would be great.
100. Great number of special things!.

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