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Great dans une phrase (en anglais)

He was a great guy.
The Great Power of OM.
It was a great night.
And we had great sets.
The gap is too great.
He was in a great city.
There are a great many.

He saw a great flash.
She is in a great mood.
He took great care in.
The Great War was over.
With great moment of God.
The grief was too great.
That was great last year.
In the great room they.
In a great factory, Mr.
That is great within us.
Great, just what I need.
This is great news for.
Even great Zeus had to.
We owe her a great debt.
A child of great renown;.
There were a great many.
It's not a great Library.
This is a great traffic.
For they have great trust.
That was too great a blow.
Besides this is great work.
He’s really a great guy.
The rewards will be great.
But it’s a great concept.
There's great money in it.
Sure, he has this great.
Martial arts are a great.
He became my great friend.
God has had a great deal.
Harry, You both look great.
Downstairs we had a great.
He was still in great pain.
Mack, these are just great.

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