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Grimy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I glanced through a grimy window.
2. A grimy toaster stood in the corner.
3. Rows of grimy houses with gaping doors.
4. Shaddup, you grimy little feck, he said.
5. A horde of grimy children populated the street.
6. His fingernails and toenails were long and grimy.
7. She shoved me off and I landed against a grimy, old chair.
8. His legs gave out and he collapsed to the grimy pavement.
9. The feeling of the cool, grimy bricks on his face vanishes.
10. In the far corner was a smithy, where a grimy lad was at work.
11. Some grimy northern industrial town in the northern hemisphere.
12. The grey one had a grimy handkerchief wrapped around its handle.
13. Nobody wants to buy a product that appears used, grimy, or damaged.
15. Beggars, prostitutes in dark corners, dirty, grimy cobblestone streets.
16. Russell shot a demon just as its grimy hands closed over a window sill.
17. He nervously checked his reflection in grimy windows and still puddles.
18. He sighed inwardly at the grimy feeling of another day without a shower.
19. The power in my boot drove Corey's neck into the grimy, blood stained floor.
20. Guat the farmer ran past, his belly bouncing over his grimy leather loincloth.
21. Just a few minutes later, the taxi drew up at the grimy frontage of what was.
22. While he was still soaking, Elizabeth came in and took away his grimy clothes.
23. Regardless of how grimy these men looked, they were rich and held court in the.
24. Torn pants, grimy jackets, one of the men in suspenders; they do not wear uniforms.
25. He stood there, tired and grimy, his hair mussed, his collar lacking its freshness.
26. In her room, she reached out to pull back the cover before noticing her grimy hand.
27. His hands, large, and grimy, and yet well shaped for his labour, worked restlessly.
28. My last sight before I fainted was his black-bearded grimy face, broken with a sneer.
29. We stopped at a low building with a grimy front and harbor water swilling at the back.
30. Conklin parked at the curb in front of the grimy storefront before I could answer him.
31. The dull pounding of their grimy hands on the glass, almost rhythmic in its intensity.
32. A round whole was prepared and an earthen pot was available there which was very grimy.
33. Malone stood in wet, grimy snow that was soaking through her shoes and socks and slacks.
34. It was old, grimy, with a big bay window, and it was semi-detached; but it looked gloomy.
35. A couple of grimy dudes with plastic grocery bags for hats checked me out as I came close.
36. A white sheet spills over the side of the gurney and brushes against grimy checkered tiles.
37. He wiped under his eyes with an oily cloth that left his face grimy, like he had on war paint.
38. Added to that was the fact that he also made a life for himself in Majorca, not cold, grimy.
39. It was now grimy stone and concrete factories where textile machinery was made and maintained.
40. Then he saw the phone slide across the grimy tile, followed by Larry’s collapse to the floor.
41. It was now almost bulging at the seams, steadily becoming more and more crowded, dirty and grimy.
42. The white of his red-spotted bandanna was brilliantly clean, in stark comparison to his grimy face.
43. His grimy hand went out and grasped the spiked halo and held firmly while the little beast struggled.
44. But when he turned back to come to the table the candlelight fell upon a face that was grimy and scratched.
45. We followed him through dim, grimy hallways where barefoot children dressed in frayed sweaters ambled around.
46. Believe me when I tell you that facing the schedule released years of grimy, sewage like anger to the surface.
47. The exterior wall of the room he entered was of brick with a row of grimy windows covered over with steel mesh.
48. By the time he arrived, the air was thick with choking dust and Carla’s face was grimy and running with sweat.
49. He peered out of the window through the stream of water running down the grimy glass and let his thoughts run free.
50. The roar of engines interspersed with rolling, cranking sounds like chains hoisting machinery in an old, grimy factory.
51. It worked for just a second before Diane was pulling Patty and Libby, her mouth grimy with donut, out of the restaurant.
52. I could see in the dim torch light that Sam was in the same state of me and that tear tracks ran through his grimy cheeks.
53. Cindy thanked the man and began her tour of the parked taxis in the dark, grimy, stinking-from-gas-fumes underground garage.
54. Shhh yaar, Musafir eyes wandered over the building to see the grimy door that they assumed was the main door of entry.
55. The stinking mud oozing into the captives boots, its odour permeating their leather armour, making them feel grimy and dirty.
56. Weak light filtering through grimy windows, revealing rows of long counters littered with salt, dented cans, and torn labels.
57. The trousers undone, he lifted himself off the bed and stepped out of them, his erection straining against his grimy underpants.
58. At the station, Jacob sat in an interview room, with its two-way mirrors, grimy surfaces and memories of lies and pain and fear.
59. He moved through the markers until he got to a grave covered with a sheet of grimy plastic or glass, its edges slimed with filth.
60. For seashore lovers there are golden grimy seashores bordered by the perfect rainforests, challenging anything the Caribbean has to present.
61. I’d think a man as fussy and old maidish as Frank would keep things tidier, she thought, scrubbing her grimy hands with her handkerchief.
62. Every person, be he millionaire, grimy workingman, or toil worn woman, receives the radiant warmth of a brotherly affection that is sincere and true.
63. In a way she did, it was a grimy old industrial city where there was nothing to do but drink and fuck and has-been old music still pneumatically amplified.
64. By the engine stood a dark, motionless being, a sooty and grimy embodiment of tallness, in a sort of trance, with a heap of coals by his side: it was the engine-man.
65. I shivered at the idea of Runner clomping up my steps with his overstacked dress boots, his grimy hands around his little waist, grinning like he’d beaten me at a game.
66. She noted a dusty cobweb draped across the window as she glanced through the grimy glass only to see a rather dilapidated and neglected yard where three cars were parked.
67. Selling junk for petty cash, our menial jobs, our grimy apartment – the American version of a hut; maybe in America, when Baba looked at me, he saw a little bit of Hassan.
68. Mark watched the to-ing and fro-ing of people as they dodged the polite motorists gesticulating violently through grimy windscreens, and was almost mesmerised by his thoughts.
69. Sometimes, as a kind of art-school exercise, he attempted mentally to disentangle them, but the grimy little tabs of masking tape marking Channel 1 and Channel 2 were useless.
70. George Ashley Wilkes, Care Miss grimy from the dirty pocket in which it had been carried, creased and ragged about the Sarah Jane Hamilton, Atlanta, or Twelve Oaks, Jonesboro, Ga.
71. She was dressed in an Indian costume with Chuckie sporting a breechclout, his head resplendent in a band of grimy chicken feathers salvaged from last Sunday‘s home cooked chicken dinner.
72. Instead of all that, what if it’s one little room, like a bath house in the country, black and grimy and spiders in every corner, and that’s all eternity is? I sometimes fancy it like that.
73. What was this? Was it the poor quarter of London? The Kaloleni of London? It was grim and grimy, especially during that winter when pavements sang out a frozen tune to his footfall and all was covered in icy filth.
74. The English soldiers, presumably, though in contrast to the neatly uniformed Welsh, these men had only remnants of their former red and black about them – a grimy pair of pants here, a tattered scarlet coat there.
75. She looked up at the lowering sky, down at the crimson bow already flecked with black, forward along the muddy street, then one long, lingering look behind, at a certain grimy warehouse, with `Hoffmann, Swartz, & Co.
76. As Can Martin‘s part unrolled, Elise could only look at her former patient‘s flushed face and shake her head, tears of sympathy creeping down dirt streaked cheeks to be wiped away by her grimy, bloodstained hand.
77. Directly we entered we asked for the toilets and were led to them passing outside a large kitchen where a battery of big blackened, grimy pans were gurgling on a huge stove emitting the stink of oil and fish being fried.
78. He watched, transfixed, as it slowly lost its grip on the grimy cold earlobe and tumbled towards the floor, merging in the small pool of water slowly gathering there; tiny radiating circles running from the point of impact.
79. He was caked in chalky dust this stuck like glue to you clothing and put a grimy film over your skin if you added the smoke and burnt powder from our rifles and bombs then you ended up with grimy chalky white looking soldier.
80. There were two lamps overhead, both encased in large opaque bowls reminiscent of schoolhouses that provided enough light in addition to the natural light that managed to pass through the grimy windowpanes to illuminate the store.
81. In the eyes of the world, I was doubtless covered with grimy dishonour; but I resolved to be clean in my own sight—and to the last I repudiated the contamination of her crimes, and wrenched myself from connection with her mental defects.
82. Nor did the counting-house where Herbert assisted, show in my eyes as at all a good Observatory; being a back second floor up a yard, of a grimy presence in all particulars, and with a look into another back second floor, rather than a look out.
83. For a word, for one little word, he felt he would have knelt, cringed, grovelled on the floor before the drowsy, conscious stare of those fixed eyeballs starting out of the grimy, dishevelled head that drooped very still with its mouth closed askew.
84. The graveyard was enclosed by a thick adobe wall, and at its four corners small stone angels tilted out on stony wings, their grimy heads capped with bird droppings, their hands gifted with amulets of the same substance, their faces unquestionably freckled.
85. Jacques Foucharde carried a worried look in his 13 year old eyes, nervously wiping the palms of his grimy hands on his bib coveralls while standing on one bare foot as he rubbed the other on his leg to assuage the myriad ant bites getting itchier by the minute.
86. One hand poised on the grimy cracked subway tile, the other in his pants, the older man went by the name of Shanghai Larry, and as he stood there, his tired Eurasian features twisted into an alcoholic stupor, Michael reflected that the moniker could hardly be more appropriate.
87. Along the railroad tracks on which the visitors would travel into Berlin, grimy buildings had been whitewashed, vacant apartment buildings had been rented out inexpensively, and identical window boxes full of red geraniums had been placed beneath windowsills of even the apartments that remained vacant.
88. Cairns Esplanade, which was once a vast green park, now marks a world-class capacity including an outside arena, a big grimy swimming pond, green picnic regions, walking paths, free civic barbeques, kids playing field, shops and cafés, an ecological explanation center and a Grand Barrier Reef Cruise leaving workstation.
89. It seemed they were keen to get their hands on dollars in this part of the world, so I thought why not try it here? Pulling one out I put it on the grimy conter top and asked in sign language if there was anything else to eat? The guy behind the counter whipped the note away without a word and motioned for us to sit down.
90. To Clapham Junction the face of London was grimy with powder of the Black Smoke, in spite of two days of thunderstorms and rain, and at Clapham Junction the line had been wrecked again; there were hundreds of out-of-work clerks and shopmen working side by side with the customary navvies, and we were jolted over a hasty relaying.
91. Oh the long days (the hot days of summer, and the cold days of winter), when we had to sit for hours on hard wooden benches, before uncomfortable desks, bending over grimy slates and ink-besprinkled "copy books," and poring over studies in which we took no interest—geography, which we learned by rote; arithmetic, which always evaded us, and grammar, which we never could master.
92. I knew his letters of old; I had had them at Ravenna; I should not have been disappointed; but that day as I tore the stiff sheet across and let it fall into the basket, and gazed resentfully across the grimy gardens and irregular backs of Bayswater, at the jumble of soil-pipes and fire-escapes and protuberant little conservatories, I saw, in my mind's eye, the pale face of Anthony Blanche, peering through the straggling leaves as it had peered through the candle flames at Thame, and heard, above the murmur of traffic, his clear tones.

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