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Grip dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I lost my grip and.
  2. I began to grip my.
  3. I could almost grip it.
  4. Barely a touch, no grip.
  5. Cassy pulled on my grip.

  6. She was losing her grip.
  7. He did not relax his grip.
  8. Grip the knife and twist.
  9. The grip on him tightens.
  10. Fear took its grip on me.
  11. She needed to get a grip.
  12. He had a grip like steel.
  13. And he loosened his grip.
  14. She jerked out of his grip.
  15. Ronnie, get a grip on the.

  16. My hands grip into the mud.
  17. Her hands grip his shoulder.
  18. Get a grip, she told herself.
  19. He made sure that his grip.
  20. The buckles grip at any size.
  21. His grip was warm and gentle.
  22. He loosened his grip on the.
  23. He tightened his grip until.
  24. The vision loosened its grip.
  25. Rincewind felt the grip lessen.

  26. He was however, able to grip.
  27. Use that dental grip stuff.
  28. The dove squirms in a grip of.
  29. Then the pressure of her grip.
  30. The monster loosened the grip.
  31. Then she got a grip on herself.
  32. She told herself to get a grip.
  33. Hrun released his grip slowly.
  34. Danny loosened his grip on her.
  35. Gradually she relaxed her grip.
  36. My grip on the wheel tightened.
  37. Saul returned the grip in kind.
  38. Her grip on her pistol falters.
  39. Jesus always escaped their grip.
  40. The unconscious is in the grip.
  41. She had a tight grip on his hand.
  42. His death grip on to the Prime.
  43. She pulled against Caleb's grip.
  44. Will nodded and relaxed his grip.
  45. He tightened his grip on his bat.
  46. Darek’s fingers lost their grip.
  47. The sudden release from its grip.
  48. The rider lost his grip and fell.
  49. His grip tightened until it hurt.
  50. Her grip was surprisingly strong.
  51. A grip of bullets burst through.
  52. I yanked my hands out of his grip.
  53. She squeezed the grip in her hand.
  54. She tightened her grip on his hand.
  55. He changed his grip and did some.
  56. He was losing his grip on reality.
  57. Dan relaxed the grip on his pistol.
  58. Get a grip of them by the stomach.
  59. Grab the grip and twist on or off.
  60. Flying low, Aero releases his grip.
  61. His grip on my shoulders tightened.
  62. Hallowed is the grip Jesus has on.
  63. Conal felt Kirsti’s grip tighten.
  64. He grinned and tightened his grip.
  65. Fear renewed its grip on her mind.
  66. My grip on Tobias’s hand loosens.
  67. Lewis took a grip on the table and.
  68. She tightened her grip on his head.
  69. He adjusted his grip on the stout 1.
  70. She slowly relaxed her grip on him.
  71. She released her grip with a giggle.
  72. He released his grip on Ali's neck.
  73. His grip on the aide never relents.
  74. He squeezed the grip on the phasor.
  75. He tightened his grip on the pistol.
  76. Ronan relaxed his grip on the weapon.
  77. His grip tightened around her wrists.
  78. Even his grip did nothing to stop it.
  79. Now a spotlight had them in its grip.
  80. He keeps a firm grip upon actuality.
  81. Joey tightened his grip on his sword.
  82. I swear I tried, but that grip held.
  83. I can feel his hands, as they grip.
  84. Herist loosened his grip on my ankle.
  85. G tightened the grip around her arms.
  86. And each one felt the grip of hands.
  87. A feeling of panic began to grip him.
  88. Mac released his grip on the old man.
  89. KC? Now, the grip was stronger.
  90. But then he got a grip on himself.
  91. Release your grip from a world that.
  92. She pulled her arm away from his grip.
  93. Daryl was losing his grip on the arms.
  94. Then, the grip began to hurt my hand.
  95. You have a firm grip, that’s good.
  96. His grip is most painful, most severe.
  97. However, she would also lose her grip.
  98. It felt good to touch its wooden grip.
  99. Ardara tightened her grip on the irons.
  100. She lost her balance and her grip on.
  1. He was gripping his left arm.
  2. He was wide-eyed, gripping the.
  3. Myself, gripping the window sill.
  4. With a special gripping tool, a.
  5. I’d forgotten how gripping it is.
  6. He was still gripping that holster.
  7. Gripping the door handle, he pauses.
  8. Gripping his blade, Jataka leapt out.
  9. Gripping the center of each pole, he.
  10. Here, she said, gripping a bedpost.
  11. Gripping the dice box with a stubborn.
  12. Zia moved next to me, gripping her staff.
  13. The hand gripping the cane began twitching.
  14. Gripping the hair he pulled backwards and.
  15. Scott glanced at Ingrid's hand, gripping him.
  16. Gripping the stick, I gave it a little shake.
  17. Two hands gripping the same ineffable baton.
  18. Shoop fought the sleep that was gripping him.
  19. Gripping the well-used 12 gauge he had been.
  20. Mitch froze, his hand still gripping the key.
  21. Payne listened, his hand gripping the handle.
  22. Gripping an arm each, they hauled me out of.
  23. Gripping the stick, I turned in a slow circle.
  24. His hands came around her thighs, gripping them.
  25. Hanor! Nole tried again, gripping his arm.
  26. Firmly gripping the sides of the chair, I nodded.
  27. Gripping with the terror of a carnivorous raptor.
  28. She felt iron fingers gripping her arm and waist.
  29. He felt the intense hunger pains gripping His body.
  30. Conan bounded back, still gripping the broken hilt.
  31. At last he reached the staircase and, gripping the.
  32. He made a gesture with the iron bar he was gripping.
  33. He suddenly jerked into a rigid position, gripping.
  34. In the darkness too, something was gripping his leg.
  35. Deville blanched, gripping the armrests of his chair.
  36. He was gripping the steering wheel pretty tightly now.
  37. Gripping it like a surgeon’s scalpel, he delicately.
  38. Gripping tighter, the others waited for him to respond.
  39. She was driving intently, her hands gripping the wheel.
  40. Mungo, with Edythe tearing up and gripping his arm hard.
  41. Gripping the small square of material that held his few.
  42. Thesa gasped at the thought, a raw fear gripping his mind.
  43. Death is gripping Me - all the fears of it are around Me.
  44. She could feel the material gripping tightly to her neck.
  45. Gripping the rope with both hands, he said, All right.
  46. Louie was still in the back, gripping the parachute cords.
  47. The story has been quoted as being gripping and fast paced.
  48. You have trouble gripping things and drop them more often.
  49. Then she hugs me with one arm, her hand gripping my shirt.
  50. She was gripping her leg and he saw the break in her ankle.
  51. She was screeching, gasping, shuddering, gripping my head.
  52. He was no longer petting Spot, but gripping the cat tightly.
  53. Gripping the railing with both hands, he crawled downstairs.
  54. The offenders arm is held in a ‘V’ gripping toward the.
  55. Cheers, Micah replied, gripping the neck of his bottle.
  56. Sword across the encased wire, gripping the enormous weapon.
  57. She waited, gripping the door, and then she called for Liddy.
  58. One hand went round the man’s throat, gripping it tightly.
  59. In two steps Willy was on me, gripping my arm, then my throat.
  60. I could see his hand gripping hard around the base of his mug.
  61. Honey sat down, both hands gripping his as he relayed all of.
  62. She caught herself gripping the yoke and let go for a second.
  63. Her eyes lifted to the barn and she hesitated again, gripping.
  64. Gripping his hilt with both hands he tugged and worked it free.
  65. I struggled forward, gripping the urn of ashes with both hands.
  66. Drake, gripping the pole and digging his heels into the wall of.
  67. Dickie, gripping the tiller hard, was staring as one in a trance.
  68. Yes, Mother, he replied dejectedly, gripping her hand again.
  69. It was Dario Santiago, gripping him hard enough to leave bruises.
  70. I just want to stay this way for a while, gripping you like this.
  71. My burned hands were bandaged, and I was gripping a hairy baboon.
  72. As the man's body, still gripping the weapon, dropped at Spikey's.
  73. He looked as uptight as I felt as he sat there gripping the wheel.
  74. Dew prevented the wheels from gripping when she applied the brakes.
  75. Gripping the stony lip of the fall with his fingers he let himself.
  76. He felt tears stinging his eyes and desperation gripping his heart.
  77. W…what…? spluttered Reeve, gripping the edge of the long.
  78. He reversed his longsword, gripping it with both hands near the tip.
  79. She was deliciously dizzy, still gripping his shoulders for balance.
  80. Jodie sat in concussion still gripping the driving wheel of the SUV.
  81. He looks me over again before gripping my shoulder with a bony hand.
  82. My hand shifted, no longer hooked over his but gripping his forearm.
  83. That’s good stuff, Doctor, she said, gripping Garcia’s arm.
  84. His gaze hardened and he reached out his hands gripping my shoulders.
  85. She sat silently for a moment, listening, still gripping the doorknob.
  86. For I found my hand on my dagger, gripping it, half out of its sheath.
  87. But why? Alex said, gripping the arms of the chair to deal with.
  88. The man behind him must have let go of the projection he was gripping.
  89. Some hours later, he awakened with gripping abdominal pain and diarrhea.
  90. His hands were on her arms gripping relentlessly, stopping her punches.
  91. It helps to pass the time, but I wouldn’t describe it as gripping.
  92. Fiercely, gripping his coat by the back, he swung him back onto the ice.
  93. He was gripping it so tightly that his knuckles had started going white.
  94. He felt a cold hand gripping his heart and his eyes widened in surprise.
  95. Nothing but the rain came, so I inched forward, hands gripping the wall.
  97. She told her team all the gripping details with a big smile on her face.
  98. Still gripping the shoulder of the man supporting him, Ralph turns round.
  99. Abdominal colic is a gripping pain from abdominal cramps that come and go.
  100. Louk is gripping my hand, as though he’s afraid to let it go in fear of.
  1. I gripped his hand :.
  2. A cold chill gripped me.
  3. He gripped his left arm.
  4. He was gripped with fear.
  5. I gripped it and relaxed.
  6. I gripped my spear harder.
  7. He gripped her by the hips.
  8. He gripped her jaw tightly.
  9. I gripped her hand tightly.
  10. I gripped my breath tight.
  11. I gripped his hand in mine.
  12. A hand gripped his shoulder.
  13. His hands gripped the wheel.
  14. His hand gripped the letter.
  15. He gripped her hand tighter.
  16. He gripped the hilt of his.
  17. The cat's image gripped them.
  18. Ben gripped Tillo by the arm.
  19. She gripped his parka sleeve.
  20. Adam gripped hold of my arm.
  21. He gripped his staff tightly.
  22. His hands still gripped the.
  23. I could have gripped her by.
  24. Fear gripped her frozen body.
  25. She gripped the throttle hard.
  26. Then he gripped Kipley’s arm.
  27. My fingers gripped the handle.
  28. He gripped his throat; blood.
  29. A tightness gripped her throat.
  30. She gripped the Rune pendant.
  31. Jim gripped his elbow, fiercely.
  32. Our faces are gripped in terror.
  33. It gripped the shaft of the key.
  34. If he gripped it any harder, it.
  35. Val gripped the arms of the chair.
  36. Lethargy gripped the entire city.
  37. Ish gripped his trishul rod and.
  38. His hand gripped around my wrist.
  39. An air of expectancy gripped the.
  40. She gripped the arms of the chair.
  41. He still gripped its haft tightly.
  42. Something gripped his heart, his.
  43. He gripped his pint pot 'til his.
  44. She whimpered as fear gripped her.
  45. Dayne gripped her by the shoulders.
  46. They both gripped a little harder.
  47. Thalia's fingers gripped the wheel.
  48. She gripped the pillow in one hand.
  49. Lydia gripped the arms of the chair.
  50. My hand firmly gripped the blender.
  51. A sense of foreboding gripped them.
  52. She gripped the shaft of her spear.
  53. She gripped her hair in frustration.
  54. He gripped the railing, exhaled hard.
  55. He gripped the corner of the blanket.
  56. She reached out and gripped his hand.
  57. She gripped the revolver in her hand.
  58. A sickness gripped throat and bowels.
  59. I gripped his arm and stepped forward.
  60. Victor gripped the handle of his whip.
  61. The boy smiled and gripped Swann's arm.
  62. I gripped the pedal with my right hand.
  63. His fingers gripped Decoud's shoulder.
  64. I nodded, as I gripped his other hand.
  65. She gripped the rope, almost swooning.
  66. She gripped the stem of her wineglass.
  67. She was immediately gripped with fear.
  68. He gripped his poor excuse for a spear.
  69. She gripped the microphone in her hand.
  70. She bent over and gripped my shoulders.
  71. Nick gripped the steering wheel tightly.
  72. I tried to console her; gripped her hand.
  73. Lily moaned and gripped my hair tightly.
  74. Hastings gripped Ned suddenly by the arm.
  75. For an instant I was gripped by despair.
  76. A moment of dread and panic gripped him.
  77. She gripped the phone, her hand shaking.
  78. Gripped on the left hand was a red baton.
  79. His heart was gripped by a terrible fear.
  80. Two strong hands gripped about her waist.
  81. Annie gripped his arm and leaned forward.
  82. Fear gripped him, but he couldn’t move.
  83. Charlie gripped the top of the tube and.
  84. At first no one could see what gripped me.
  85. She gripped each rung as though her life.
  86. I gripped his hair and pulled his head up.
  87. He gripped my hand tightly—reassuringly.
  88. Leanne gripped Pete’s arm in excitement.
  89. A sudden pang of sadness gripped her when.
  90. A brown hand gripped Manfredo’s pale one.
  91. He reached over and lightly gripped my arm.
  92. Yuki leaned forward and gripped the armrest.
  93. At the top, he gripped the rope and pulled.
  94. The policeman’s firm hand gripped his arm.
  95. He gripped her shoulder tighter to calm her.
  96. My head nodded yes; a fist gripped my heart.
  97. She gripped my hand as the gates got closer.
  98. Diggory suddenly gripped her arm and pointed.
  99. Mac stepped close to him and gripped his arm.
  100. Saul gripped her hand and said, I’m not.
  1. I’ve come to grips with it.
  2. John grips the arm rest on the door.
  3. For a moment, he grips Simon’s arm.
  4. Notice the grips on your Pain/Catcher.
  5. She grips his hand—not hard, but firm.
  6. I had to come to grips with my reality.
  7. Fear is a hard one to get to grips with.
  8. They allow the reader to come to grips.
  9. If I can’t get to grips with something.
  10. You have to get to grips with this!.
  11. I’ve talked with the owner of New Grips.
  12. Demarcus grips his brother’s hand as the.
  13. He grips the saddle horn and looks down at me.
  14. Simon grips Johan’s shoulder while he cries.
  15. Zhan Donglai loosened his grips and asked again.
  16. Ted thrusts out a hand and Alex grips it firmly.
  17. I'm having a hard time coming to grips with this.
  18. Half way there I broke loose of their grips and.
  19. Amy grips the steering wheel and narrows her eyes.
  20. He grips the belt around his waist and attempts.
  21. I have to come to grips with this now and forever.
  22. Sorrow grips and squeezes my heart at the thought.
  23. Iverson grips the magazine as he nods in agreement.
  24. The layout wasn’t difficult to get to grips with.
  25. When this happens, we haven’t come to grips with.
  26. In a flash, LITERALLY, he grips one arm from each of.
  27. He grips the handle of the door, ready to return to.
  28. The Indians had the barrels, wooden hand grips, and.
  29. Alice still couldn't come to grips with the situation.
  30. Orcher grips my shoulder, something Father always did.
  31. I can’t open this, the grips are too hot to touch.
  32. This is something that you should come to grips with.
  33. You need grips with straps that feel good in your ski.
  34. Enzo grips the center of his weapon and starts stabbing.
  35. Two grips, held easy, somewhere between firm and gentle.
  36. It is clear we are in the grips of a ‘double democracy’.
  37. I have to hold it but he grips my hand and the dagger fell.
  38. I’m still coming to grips with whether I have an immor-.
  39. She wipes water from her eyes and grips her arms, shivering.
  40. As difficult as it was, Garcia managed to release the grips.
  41. Or maybe he was finally coming to grips with the inevitable.
  42. You can read more about New Grips on my website at this link.
  43. The grips were covered with a Velcro sleeve to prevent him.
  44. The blast grips me and tosses me like a weightless paper bag.
  45. Zolla still hadn’t quite got to grips with human analogising.
  46. So there’s something to be said for iron grips at the moment.
  47. He holstered the weapon and took the grips just in time to land.
  48. Ignoring any pain he might have, Ralph sits up and grips her arm.
  49. He grips her young charge tighter and raises the knife once more.
  50. He noticed Kitara observing his hands and he let go of the grips.
  51. He unconsciously grabbed the hand grips at the end of his arm rest.
  52. New Grips weight lifting gloves are a must have! They protect your.
  53. I know this will be very hard for some to come to grips with, but.
  54. Their grips tightened on her arms, but she barely noticed the pain.
  55. When you are shaking from a deep-‐seated fear that grips.
  56. Sloth shakes his head, grips the blanket more firmly around his body.
  57. Morinda took hold of the hand grips and gave him a push helping him.
  58. I am fine, Hanor said, getting to grips with Bane’s presence.
  59. What are you saying? That’s our son, you quack! Travis grips Dr.
  60. With that, he takes two steps back towards Simon and grips his shoulder.
  61. Realising the three boys were trying to get to grips with this as much.
  62. They held them to the chairs with death grips, not easing up for a second.
  63. My mom turns me around to face her, grips my arms and stares in to my eyes.
  64. What? Gary leaned forward against his captors’ grips with huge eyes.
  65. Only when he grips Daddy’s withered biceps do the old windows flutter up.
  66. It was the left and right hand grips on the sides of an ancient war chariot.
  67. These are some simple truths which we must ideologically come to grips 148.
  68. The Kelvan grips came alive in Garcia’s hand as if he had taken hold of an.
  69. He played with the finger grips and then attempted to produce the first note.
  70. They chose not to act, but he was aware that their grips tightened on their mugs.
  71. There is a Kelvan access touch pad built into the grips of my chair’s armrest.
  72. Now as my hair blew about my face I fought to come to grips with my new reality.
  73. A drunken navvy grips with both hands the railings of an area, lurching heavily.
  74. Shannon stops the wheelchair and grips my right arm, the one I can still move.
  75. The problem with this is that grips end up on your fore arm when trying to brake.
  76. Garcia tore the Velcro sleeves off his arm rest, took hold of the grips, and was.
  77. More time passed as they cried and tried to come to grips with what was happening.
  78. Mandy walked around in a daze, still coming to grips with what had happened to her.
  79. I did until I sensed that my father was finally coming to grips with his mortality.
  80. Garcia put the stick of gum in his mouth and reflexively took hold of the grips at.
  81. His mind raced as he tried to come to grips with the facts which Elias had offered.
  82. He beamed proudly as the actress was led out on a leash by one of the heftier grips.
  83. I shook my head as I came to grips with the reality that I was married to a temptress.
  84. He lay there in silence, still finding it hard to come to grips with what had happened.
  85. Our challenge now is to come to grips with the concept that reincarnation can move us.
  86. A screeching sound is heard on both sides as the sharks slowly lose their strong grips.
  87. She tried to come to grips with her mother’s decision that had finally torn apart the.
  88. She stood up, agitated and frustrated, trying to come to grips with what her friend had.
  89. Learning about the different types of grips is essential to delivering better strokes.
  90. While no true evil had existed in over 100 years, rumors still held them in grips of fear.
  91. Don’s words made it sound as if he’d come to grips with the imminent loss of his father.
  92. He did this flying with no hands on the grips, instead firing laser pistols with both hands.
  93. This handle had rubberized grips that made turning easier than its sister handle on the bottom.
  94. In all, some ninety thousand people came to Mars, and more, on Earth, were packing their grips.
  95. Four grips my shoulder with one hand and holds my head steady with the other as I push myself up.
  96. Besides, the dog, unexpectedly scratched and bitten, showed a certain reluctance to come to grips.
  97. I have an overwhelming urge to cry, a sad and lonely melancholy grips and tightens round my heart.
  98. Struggling upright, I made a grab for one of the rubber grips, hearing Uncle Hobart shout a warning.
  99. He's offered his help, but he's having a tough time coming to grips that he may have to bury his son.
  100. It also tries to be overweighted in a market that is undervalued and in the grips of a bearish crowd.

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