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Grit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Then he grit his teeth.
  2. I grit my teeth against.
  3. They were odd but had grit.
  4. Meg spoke though grit teeth.
  5. Grit and leaves dug into her face.
  6. There was still grit in her teeth.
  7. But this calls for a lot of grit.
  8. That move made her grit her teeth.
  9. I grit my teeth and refuse to panic.
  10. She pointed at Bohdan and grit her teeth.
  11. Martin grit his teeth and growled at Gary.
  12. The sound of the smallest grit between foot.
  13. Placing his hands on the table top, he grit.
  14. The grit and sweat had turned them into a mess.
  15. There was less grit in the wind at this height.
  16. He grit his teen then said, Shut the fuck up.
  17. I grit my teeth and try not to think about that.
  18. Grit acts like teeth in the body of the chicken.
  19. This is the heart and grit of the Kingdom of God.
  20. Every time I encounter the term, I grit my teeth.
  21. With determination and true grit, none would cave.
  22. I grit my teeth and hit the crow again with my hand.
  23. With every step I slipped back a little in the grit.
  24. For example, if you grit your teeth in anger, and you.
  25. Jaycee slammed the dishwasher closed and grit her teeth.
  26. With all the grit he could muster, he ran towards the.
  27. Today, the general advice is not to give grit to budgies.
  28. His hair and clothes were still caked with grit and blood.
  29. I'll just have to grit my teeth, brace myself and bear it.
  30. I can't give you the balls and the grit - I can only try.
  31. The hard inflection in his voice made Libby grit her teeth.
  32. Serbia had to grit its teeth and accept independent Croatia.
  33. Jack would always roll his eyes and grit his teeth as Marie.
  34. When the chickens eat the grit, it is stuck in their gizzard.
  35. As he penetrated further, Cheryl grimaced and grit her teeth.
  36. The softness of the bread, compared with the grit of the sand.
  37. She grit her teeth so hard she could barely get her words out.
  38. For the women, that means you've got to have some feminine grit.
  39. I grit my teeth and shift my arm down, firing at Eric’s foot.
  40. Rubbing at the grit in her eyes, she searched for her fail-safe.
  41. She could barely make out his face through the grit in her eyes.
  42. She grit her teeth knowing he was right, Don't be, it's the truth.
  43. It requires staying power, grit, determination and singularity of.
  44. Yu would also need grit and separate bowls for the food and water.
  45. Hee-hee-hee, she laughed as the grit of his beard tickled her.
  46. I grit my teeth to keep from clutching my head and groaning out loud.
  47. Those who were left were women of determination and grit, with high.
  48. I lean back into the heat of the stove and grit my teeth against the.
  49. Once they had finished supper and washed off the grit from the trying.
  50. Hunter grit his teeth against the insulting tone, his eyes suddenly cold.
  51. Since chicken has no teeth, grit must be added to their daily food intake.
  52. I read a marvelous book, How Children Succeed - grit, curiosity, and the.
  53. I grit my teeth and consider lunging across the table and strangling her.
  54. Grit, salt — once that stuff gets inside, you never really get rid of it.
  55. Disappointed, Jeff slammed his head back against his pillow and grit his teeth.
  56. Grit is essential part of the meal, even if you are feeding them chicken feed.
  57. I grit my teeth and hold on as hard as I can, digging my heels into the ground.
  58. A fine layer of grit had colored it the same dull brown as the apartment walls.
  59. The thought of Trent at the hotel made Cami grit her teeth, but she forced a smile.
  60. I jog next to the car, wincing, then grit my teeth and grab the handle on the side.
  61. Paul had to grit his teeth, he hated she could call a Great General by his nickname.
  62. Not on your life, grit out Kay between clenched teeth, finding another foothold.
  63. A beach was forming underneath them, but still Ash felt the rocks and grit everywhere.
  64. A rough shove sent the doctor out of the van and into the grit on the side of the road.
  65. Coated with dust and grit, it clattered over the washboard road until it pulled alongside.
  66. One mistake, either way, and the last thing that he and Helen taste will be cold, hard grit.
  67. There Mercer dampened a towel and cleaned the grit from his hands, dabbed at his sweaty face.
  68. My protests fell on deaf ears as I ran to catch up with him, hobbling as grit dug into my foot.
  69. She grit her teeth, staring at the ferocious scowls of the carnivores as they raced to meet her.
  70. This was a chance to show the nation; in fact, the world, the true grit of British leadership!.
  71. His accent brought back unpleasant memories for me, and I had to grit my teeth to hold back a snarl.
  72. Grit is a finely ground calcium-rich material often derived from oyster shells or limestone rocks.
  73. He blew on the camera to dislodge the grit, pointed it at the houses, and peered into the viewfinder.
  74. I know, but we'll just have to grit our teeth, Moshe continued, and, once again, do what we.
  75. He grit his teeth and wanted to shout at the top of his lungs that the whore on the stand was a liar.
  76. Giving grit to a young budgie can cause death if the bird eats too much and the grit stops up her crop.
  77. This is a story of depth, layers, awesomeness, grit, fragility, flow, and self-fatiguing perfectionism.
  78. I clamp my mouth shut and strain against the Fae compulsion, and still my vocal cords grit, Mistress.
  79. My expectations were dashed by the smell of urine, the grit, and the insects rushing under the moldings.
  80. But how would he react to that realization? Would he see his mistake and back away? Or would he grit his.
  81. The girl moved again to another rune and Aesa grit his teeth against the new backlash, glaring at the dragon.
  82. If you're a new or intermediate trader, there isn't much you can do—just grit your teeth and take your loss.
  83. What had been as white as snow was now stained with dirt and grit, clumps of sand had knotted in the damp fur.
  84. Usually grit is stocked and sold by the poultry feed stores and is found as loose grain sand or small pebbles.
  85. But his grit and dogged pertinacity carried him safely through various adventures at sea and in Central Africa.
  86. I cover my face and grit my teeth as the tears fall, bearing the wave of despair like it is a fist, striking me.
  87. So he kept his nose to the grindstone and very carefully worked the blade over the whirling wheel of fine grit.
  88. Grit digs into his cheek and all he can see is the executioner’s feet and the wild swirls of the cloak he wears.
  89. Timonus face flushed red as he grit his teeth, There are men who have suffered gravely for saying a lot less to me.
  90. Jenny, livid and ready to burst stomped her foot, grit her teeth and followed Jeff around the bar back to his office.
  91. The man has grit, courage, and integrity, all of which are sadly lacking in all too many current American politicians.
  92. Bruce grit his teeth and answered, cause I was giving her a ride home, so she wouldn’t be on the trains this late!.
  93. Cut lengthwise into fourths and wash well, removing any grit that may be trapped between the rings; dry well with paper towels.
  94. For musicians, heroin and opium were ways to compensate for all the grime and grit of the world in which they made a livelihood.
  95. Each of their awnings were covered with a thick layer of dust and grit, turning the bright colors of the fabric into a hazy blur.
  96. I saw her grit her teeth and she fairly sprung away from the wall slashing, as she came at me and I backed away from her onslaught.
  97. Its teeth grit, the palms of the hands are cut by the turn'd-in nails, The man falls struggling and foaming to the ground, while he.
  98. Solomon's Proverbs, I think, have omitted to say, that as the sore palate findeth grit, so an uneasy consciousness heareth innuendoes.
  99. It is just as that dear, good Professor Van Helsing said, he is true grit, and he improves under strain that would kill a weaker nature.
  100. Look I know how you feel and I wish there was something that we could do but we will just have to grit our teeth and hope for the best.
  1. She was gritting her teeth.
  2. Gritting his teeth Murray said.
  3. At last, gritting his teeth and.
  4. Aesa turned away, gritting his teeth.
  5. Gritting his teeth, he lifted the lid.
  6. Gritting his teeth, Hal shook his head.
  7. He was groaning and gritting his teeth.
  8. He listened carefully, gritting his teeth.
  9. Gritting her teeth, her eyes lit up again.
  10. Gritting his teeth, he dropped to the ground.
  11. Gritting my teeth I rubbed at my eyes savagely.
  12. Gritting her teeth, Ingrid squeezed the trigger.
  13. She convulsed, clenching her jaw, gritting her.
  14. Let go of me, she said, gritting her teeth.
  15. His teeth were gritting, and his jaw was clenched.
  16. That was not me, he said, gritting his teeth.
  17. Stay away from me, she said, gritting her teeth.
  18. I’d been gritting my teeth so hard I had a headache.
  19. He worked the corkscrew, gritting his teeth and eying me.
  20. Gritting her teeth, she struggled to tame her wild locks.
  21. He stood, teeth gritting so hard he could almost taste dust.
  22. Gritting his teeth, he began struggling up the steep slope.
  23. Gritting his teeth, he tried to free his foot one last time.
  24. Buddy sat on a cold steel chair while gritting his new teeth.
  25. Son of a gun! Easton said wincing and gritting his teeth.
  26. You want to mess with me? she asked him, gritting her teeth.
  27. Thalia gave her life to save you, I said, gritting my teeth.
  28. The boy stood with his arms crossed, gritting his teeth with rage.
  29. Gritting his teeth he started to pick his way through the spares.
  30. Cristian inhaled sharply, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth.
  31. The sheriff rubbed his chin, gritting his teeth in anticipation of his.
  32. Bohdan looked up at the nurse, squinting his eyes and gritting his teeth.
  33. Then, gritting his teeth, Darek punched the rocks until his knuckles bled.
  34. What the fuck did you do that for? Dennis asked gritting his teeth.
  35. Gritting her teeth, Jesse stabbed at a piece of scrambled egg on her plate.
  36. Jack gritting his teeth then asked in a stern voice, Where are they?
  37. Gritting her teeth against the pain, she kneels beside Maya’s duffel bag.
  38. Gritting his teeth together, he looked at Jozef with the cold look of death.
  39. You will not be friends with Exavior, he said again, gritting his teeth.
  40. I lay there for a moment gritting my teeth, but eventually I lost the battle.
  41. After gritting my teeth and getting stuck in, I finally managed to remove it.
  42. Gritting her teeth, she hung on for dear life as a scream froze in her throat.
  43. Gritting his teeth, he swallowed his scream as a jolt pain ran the length of his arm.
  44. Gritting his teeth, Michael shifted the lever on the electronic rifle to ‘stun,’.
  45. What? he snapped again, gritting his teeth, irritated by her incessant curiosity.
  46. I remember keeping my eyes shut and gritting my teeth and literally pulling my head in.
  47. Are you sure you can land this thing? Dennis said gritting his teeth and sweating.
  48. Gritting his teeth he reached down and adjusted himself with one hand through his pants.
  49. There will be no whores in this family! he hissed venomously between gritting teeth.
  50. Gritting my teeth, I grimaced and assured the hostess (once again) that I was fine waiting.
  51. Gritting my teeth, I walked as nonchalantly as I could towards the horses, followed by Larc.
  52. But, gritting his teeth, he fought back tears and battled on like a soldier on the front line.
  53. Gritting her teeth, she sidestepped his next blow and retreated a few steps to catch her breath.
  54. The lieutenant turned and looked back at the three men using their oars and gritting their teeth.
  55. Gritting his teeth he thrust the towel over his body, angry at the cheek they had to ridicule him.
  56. He puffed and panted behind the others, gritting his teeth with the effort of trying to keep up with them.
  57. At least I don’t have to walk back, he said, gritting his teeth and watching the colorful lights dance.
  58. He cannot be allowed to escape, she said, gritting her teeth as if the idea of escape was tantamount to treason.
  59. Gritting his teeth, Murphy moved quickly to the doorway and together, he and the Colonel led the way to the stairs.
  60. Gritting his teeth in determination he moved out again hoping that he did not run into a squad of men on the next room.
  61. Seeing the enraged Nycarman woman coming Worm flipped onto his feet, gritting his teeth as the pain shot through his chest.
  62. Briefly scanning the walls for signs of weakness, they continued on, Alec kept his curses to himself, gritting them between his teeth.
  63. He started to follow but stopped, shivering, clutching his elbows, gritting his teeth, half in, half out of night, half in, half out of sun.
  64. By dint of sheer willpower and a certain amount of gritting of the teeth against the pain, I manage to get dressed and pack up my bags again.
  65. Gritting her teeth Holly felt confident that they wouldn’t break her, and tried to probe their power for weak spots she could capitalize on.
  66. Gritting her teeth and running her hand through her hair, Allison then slid the phone into the back pocket of her jeans and left the house in a hurry.
  67. How would this change your life? How would you feel when you open up your monthly statements? Would you be gritting your teeth or feel calm and collected?
  68. Hilderich flinched painfully as he repositioned himself in a more upright position using his hands and replied, gritting his teeth through some of the words:.
  69. Gritting my teeth, I gave the rope another hefty pull but only succeeded in tipping the bench over at a dangerous angle, forcing me to give up the progress I'd already made.
  70. It explains, he says, gritting his teeth, why, under a pretense of neutrality—as if such a thing is possible!—you have left us to die at the hands of the Erudite.
  71. She’d been at his press conference earlier this afternoon, gritting her teeth as she watched him answer questions, charm the more hard core reporters with his wit and jokes.
  72. Gritting his teeth, Contin pulled the wheel in the opposite direction, managing to get the car back onto the road, where it slewed from side to side, the tyres smoking as he stamped on the brakes.
  73. A boat was moving out into the bay! Gritting his teeth he increased his speed, but before he reached the beach he heard the rasp and creak of ropes, and the grind of the great sweep in its socket.
  74. Once the initial feeling of shock had dissipated, Hilderich mustered every iota of self-control to keep himself from screaming the question through gritting teeth, his fists clenched in tension:.
  75. Pulling against the plant stem, Darkburst desperately tried to free his leg, gritting his teeth against the pain, twisting and turning this way and that, rolling over and over in his attempt to free himself.
  76. Gritting his teeth, and with an imposing anger in his tone, Mahood said, I often think about those men who came at me with rage in their teeth, blades high and sharp, voices loud with a false courage, and I can’t help but damn them for failing to kill me.
  1. I gritted my teeth together.
  2. The female gritted her teeth.
  3. The Captain gritted his teeth.
  4. Finally, he gritted his teeth.
  5. He spoke through gritted teeth.
  6. Juko gritted his teeth and stood.
  7. David gritted his teeth, Okay.
  8. Help him, the Taliano gritted.
  9. He gritted his teeth and forged on.
  10. Rich Trader almost gritted his teeth.
  11. Silas gritted his teeth in aggravation.
  12. No, I gritted out into the dust.
  13. Ok, I said through gritted teeth.
  14. Through still gritted teeth, he obliged.
  15. Rincewind groaned and gritted his teeth.
  16. No, she said through gritted teeth.
  17. Faye Anne answered through gritted teeth.
  18. Sean glared at me then gritted his teeth.
  19. I scream into gritted teeth, frustrated.
  20. Do it, I say through gritted teeth.
  21. With gritted teeth, she continued forward.
  22. Alex shook his head and gritted his teeth.
  23. He gritted his teeth, Dried blood?
  24. Stein watched him go and gritted his teeth.
  25. Cursing through gritted teeth, Cloud let.
  26. He gritted his teeth and grabbed it again.
  27. Not, I ground out between gritted teeth.
  28. The boy gritted his teeth in a forced smile.
  29. And now so have you! Iya gritted out.
  30. He gritted his teeth as more pain followed.
  31. No, says Tobias through gritted teeth.
  32. He gritted his teeth, bracing for the impact.
  33. I say this with gritted teeth as TNI hits 102.
  34. Poseidon gritted his teeth but held his tongue.
  35. Don’t you remember? She gritted her teeth.
  36. Michael gritted his teeth and laid into the bag.
  37. Joey scowled, gritted his teeth and looked away.
  38. What?'' Derrick said through his gritted teeth.
  39. She gritted her teeth at the man in the casket.
  40. Berunni gritted tusks and spurned physical burn.
  41. Krishnan’s gritted his teeth at the ‘dear’.
  42. He gritted his teeth to try to subdue the hunger.
  43. He gritted his teeth as her fragrance teased him.
  44. She is mine, he said through gritted teeth.
  45. Bingham slapped at the air and gritted his teeth.
  46. I said, no, she said through gritted teeth.
  47. She gritted her teeth, stepped back several feet.
  48. He had said this through gritted teeth and with.
  49. She gritted her teeth, then rolled to her stomach.
  50. She gritted her teeth and forced her gaze upwards.
  51. Yes, Riley, he forced through gritted teeth.
  52. Jess gritted her teeth, determined not to scream.
  53. Then get out, she said through gritted teeth.
  54. Moses gritted his teeth as he fought to still the.
  55. Marie gritted her teeth, walked away, and went to.
  56. Through gritted teeth he said, "The stirrup cup!".
  57. Ex-fiancée, Katie said between gritted teeth.
  58. I gritted my teeth to bite back any further protest.
  59. Just hear me out, he says through gritted teeth.
  60. Biledumper gritted his teeth crookedly and glared at.
  61. She could tell he was speaking through gritted teeth.
  62. Knew it was too damned good to be true, they gritted.
  63. Teeth gritted and ignoring the stabbing sharp pain in.
  64. Shane gritted his teeth, and he turned his head to me.
  65. He quickly glanced at the paper and gritted his teeth.
  66. Incoming! the Colonel said through gritted teeth.
  67. He drove fast, then slow, eyes half-shut, teeth gritted.
  68. His grin was forced and he spoke through gritted teeth.
  69. Libby gritted her teeth and thought, Traitor, as after.
  70. Get upstairs, now, he said, through gritted teeth.
  71. A sound of agony squeezed out between his gritted teeth.
  72. My teeth gritted harshly at the mention of my shortness.
  73. He muttered between gritted teeth, ‘What the fuck?’.
  74. Where is he then? said Ethan through gritted teeth.
  75. She gritted her teeth and pushed her arms beyond a pain.
  76. It’s not broken, he replied through gritted teeth.
  77. Evan paused and gritted his teeth hoping that any minute.
  78. You're a wicked old man, she said between gritted teeth.
  79. She checked herself out, Chevalier gritted his teeth.
  80. He is not my suitor, Anne said through gritted teeth.
  81. How nice was that? he asks through his gritted teeth.
  82. She gritted her teeth against the pain and arched her back.
  83. Then she gritted her teeth, made fists, reared back, and.
  84. Evan gritted his teeth some more and stared at a truncheon.
  85. Libby gritted her teeth as she suffered the humiliation of.
  86. Jeff was scanning her body again, and she gritted her teeth.
  87. Paul, he said through gritted teeth, is the monster.
  88. There, it’s attached, she said through gritted teeth.
  89. Luke’s face turned red with anger and he gritted his teeth.
  90. Barron gritted his teeth; he was starting to lose his temper.
  91. He gritted his teeth and read Amanda's left handed writing:.
  92. She pulled Elowen close to her and through gritted teeth she.
  93. You brought her here? Lauren said through gritted teeth.
  94. Where's this Romy, I managed to say through gritted teeth.
  95. Gloria gritted her teeth, Derek and love didn’t come in the.
  96. No divine interference! Ares said through gritted teeth.
  97. He stuck the gun to the side of her head and gritted his teeth.
  98. I gritted my teeth and held still so he could heal the wounds.
  99. You’re gonna what? asked King showing his gritted teeth.
  100. Hagan was on his knees, sir, he said between gritted teeth.
  1. Victoria grits her teeth.
  2. Grits was impressed, and made.
  3. Roy and Grits got a line or two.
  4. She’s OK, Grits, I said.
  5. Roy shook my hand and Grits smiled.
  6. He grits his teeth to stifle a groan.
  7. Grits smirked, then said, Probably.
  8. Grits looked at me, and I smiled back.
  9. On that tray was a bowl of grits, a plate.
  10. He grits his teeth, then takes a deep breath.
  11. Roy and Grits were sitting near the counter.
  12. Still thinks he’s young and full of grits.
  13. He grits his teeth as his face tenses in pain.
  14. I told him Roy and Grits, and let it go at that.
  15. I’ll be clean by then, Grits said offhandedly.
  16. Then he grits his teeth and puts a hand to his head.
  17. Grits made a noise, and we introduced the two of them.
  18. Devon grits his teeth and throws his foot onto the brake.
  19. Paul loaded a spoon with buttery grits and aimed it at Xen.
  20. OK, he said, I’ll be here with Grits at eight sharp.
  21. Grits laughed, I really needed it to protect me from her!.
  22. Tobias grits his teeth and elbows one of the guards in the face.
  23. I’m called Grits, real name Jim, don’t ever call me that.
  24. I heard a laugh behind me, and Grits stood there with a big smile.
  25. In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a boil; stir in the grits.
  26. She left with a smile for all, and then Roy and Grits got up as well.
  27. Grits roared out another hearty laugh, and followed Roy out, shaking his head.
  28. Roy was in his usual jovial mood, and Grits was there as well, along with his dog.
  29. Grits laughed, He isn’t being benevolent sonny, he’s covering his butt too.
  30. I ordered coffee and a big breakfast of grits and eggs, patty sausage and biscuits.
  31. She grits her teeth and lets out a frustrated groan, more animal-sounding than human.
  32. I thought that maybe you, me and Grits could pay it a visit tonight, once it’s dark.
  33. Grits laughed, blew some smoke in my face and said, Look in the big box behind the.
  34. The rest of the night was uneventful, and I was still slumbering peacefully when Grits.
  35. He likes grits with sugar and butter and an omelet with cheese and tomatoes for breakfast.
  36. The miles passed by, and Grits turned out to be a good conversationalist, regaling me with.
  37. Grits seemed to drive, eat, smoke and drink simultaneously, and I assumed I was in good hands.
  38. I didn’t understand Grits at all, but I was very glad he was on my side, and I was grateful for the unexpected lift to Chicago.
  39. Grits smoked one cigar after another, but as he was my host, I said nothing and tried to breathe my air from the right side of the cab.
  40. I was off the hook for the guns, and I could look Grits in the eyes and act naturally around him, not having to take any orders from that quarter either.
  41. The damp night air provided little comfort and Sam had only covered a few hundred yards before his perspiration soaked clothes stuck to him like hot grits.
  42. Grits had stopped right next to a Chicago Transit Authority station, so it was just a matter of minutes before I was on my way into inner city Chicago, which was where Felicity.
  43. Miss Fanny brought my breakfast of fried eggs, creamy salty grits, a slice of cured ham, and buttermilk biscuits, but I only had eyes for my coffee cup, and Mama’s words haunted me.
  44. The house menu might include pancakes and either pork sausage or bacon; melon in season; grits, or oatmeal, or farina, with a thick pat of butter and a generous mound of sugar on top; eggs in every shape and form.
  45. He would never think of dialing out hunger, so over a hearty breakfast of eggs, ham and grits, she was going to have to tell him, there was less than ninety minutes till that shutlecraft docked with the Lula at this point and less than half an hour till they had to be in the androids to greet them.
  46. Huh? Then why do all humans waste their lives trying to become rich, if Beverly hillbillies are happier eating hog jowls and corn grits? Why do most lottery winners after they win: still work at their old jobs, and live in the same house? And confess that they are no happier than when they did not have all those millions? The lottery only sells tickets because it is based upon the imagined happiness and ease all that money will buy.
  47. Although neither of the executioners had spoken with a southern accent, I sounded to myself as though I must be trying to track down some good old boy with a red neck and a tattoo of the Confederate flag somewhere on his body, good old Jim Bob, with a juicy wad of chewin’ tobacco tucked up in his cheek and Merle Haggard playing on the radio of his pickup, while he drove around with a loaded rifle, looking for a possum to shoot so that he could bring it home to the little woman and have her make her mighty fine stew that she served over buttered grits with collard greens on the side.

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