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Grub dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. That grub Kerry talking to himself.
2. I didn’t bother to grub out the roots.
3. The grub is not bad, but I hanker after.
4. Lay her egg and the grub would eat the spider.
5. Hello! Here’s our grub, he intoned majestically.
6. She scraped up some earth, squashed a grub, and ate it.
7. This was serious grub and needed their full attention.

8. So you scored some grub for our hunted friends?
9. Smjagol won't grub for roots and carrotses and -- taters.
10. What was that, you grub? I’m afraid we didn’t hear you.
11. He had seen that his gal Muffy was already in line to order grub.
12. We can’t let you go without a bit of grub inside you, he said.
13. There was no thistle, no grub or bush to leave by his side in memory of the soil.
14. As we dug into our grub, Bob Barker playfully nipped at the old man’s shoelaces.
15. One of the crew-member whispers, I sure hope they don’t have roaches in the grub.
16. Thus, also, you pass from the lumpish grub in the earth to the airy and fluttering butterfly.
17. Quickly he whacked open a can of cat grub, tossing the lid and can into the garbage receptacle.
18. Which Brazen Grub Street Writer, i’faith, would dare to name a Man-Midwife, or Accoucheur, Dr.
19. While getting some grub, I recalled that Dave mentioned an alternate design for the lottery program.
20. It’s late, I know, but I know that son of a grub can’t sleep when there’s profit to sniff out.
21. Skyscrapers of grub and vittles, where the visual impression was far more important than the flavour.
22. Catherine went as she was bid, and began to grub for them, and soon made herself very dirty with the earth.
23. The Garrets of Grub Street scarce lackt for starving Poets, many with Names far more renown’d than mine.
24. We moor the boat on the shore, climb up a small hill, and, sitting at the base of a boulder, get out our grub.
25. It wasn’t until 1993, when my maternal grandmother passed on and left me $3,000, that I finally had my grub stake.
26. Soffen's greeting dragged Grey back to the present and he carefully put the half-eaten grub to one side so he could finish it later.
27. There was no way that Randal was at the Big Burger for the break dance contest, I’d bet he was just coincidentally there to grub on down.
28. One particular pub grub he remembered fondly was saveloys with tomato ketchup sauce, which would be set out in a large stainless bowl placed on the bar.
29. He later got a Pension of Lord Granville, who pitied him, but still he remain’d a struggling Grub Street Hack, and ne’er free from Want his whole Life long.
30. Randal grabbed his bag of grub, meandered through the crowd, and made his way to his daddy’s BMW that was filled with a bunch of older kids that were wearing golf shirts.
31. Quick I’m going to open three cans of apricot jam and throw them down the trench when these shit house flies descend on them shovel your grub down before they get back.
32. You look lovely, Elizabeth, I said, toying with my grub, because the nearby guests were making forays as a good guest should, attempting to engage in conversation with their neighbours.
33. The Work went smoothly enough for a Time, since I was as able with my Pen as any Grub Street Scribbler, purveying their Romances, like so many Cups of rich, sweet Chocolate, to their greedy Readers.
34. He walked among them, listening to their stories, marveling at how they savored the mess hall grub, watching them tear up over photographs of wives and steady girls who, they hoped, hadn’t given them up for dead.
35. The upper half of each turnip had been eaten off by the live-stock, and it was the business of the two women to grub up the lower or earthy half of the root with a hooked fork called a hacker, that it might be eaten also.
36. Only a few berries and an occasional grub worm rewarded his search, and he was half famished when, looking up from a log he had been rooting beneath, he saw Sabor, the lioness, standing in the center of the trail not twenty paces from him.
37. In fact, I distinctly remembered reading in Gary Oldenhammers' Scrounging for Grub in 11 Trillion Solar Systems: Important! If the vast amount of pointless energy stored in even a single investment banker can fuel your spaceship, it can surely provide you with necessary sustenance in a pinch.
38. If any Grub Street Hack had written The Pyratiad, he would have been securely enthron’d upon Parnassus, but O, ’twas not the case when that same Poem issu’d from a Female Pen! For tho’ the Offers of Audiences, Assemblies, and Balls did not cease, there was now an unmistakable edge of Lewdness to ’em.
39. On some jobs, if the `coddy' happened to be a decent sort, they posted a sentry to look out for Hunter or Rushton while the others knocked off for a few minutes to snatch a mouthful of grub; but it was not safe always to do this, for there was often some crawling sneak with an ambition to become a `coddy' who would not scruple to curry favour with Misery by reporting the crime.
1. Grubbing one of them.
2. He could do the actual grubbing in the.
3. We go grubbing along day after day, without a bit of change, and very little fun.
4. He wasn’t an idealist, only a money grubbing slug that had no interest in their goal other than lining his own pockets.
5. He lowered himself down on his knees slowly and went on grubbing with his fingers with industrious patiencetill he uncovered one of the boxes.
6. Religious fanaticism, religious cults, religious cultures became a tiny minority in a sea of equals all grubbing to rise in the world as best they could and as fast as they could.
7. The book is a race for gold: it is a grubbing, greedy story of slavering human filth; fighting each other, betraying each other, and killing each other over gold and gems and wealth.
8. He made it allowable for greedy cheap money grubbing robber barons to insist that their employees work all twelve days before christmas, instead of having them all off as a holy holiday.
9. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen year old who was never ashamed to scratch the dirt out from under his fingernails after grubbing up the last of the late potatoes.
10. Then she could walk haughtily among the huts and spit at the slaves; then she need never think of grubbing in the earth or bearing strong black children; then she would have red cloth to wear, and a silver chain to go about her neck.
1. He grubbed his victim.
2. Murad grubbed two bags at once, hundred pounds each, put them both on his shoulders without evident.
3. Farid walked over to him, stood there for a while, looking into his eyes and then suddenly grubbed Atlai.
4. I grubbed in my pocket and took out the picture of Cal with Scott Joplin except Joplin's head was still missing.
5. She even took the lid off the toilet tank and grubbed around in the rusty water to see if he'd wrapped a package in plastic and hidden it there.
1. And rock grubs.
2. Dirty, filthy, grubs.
3. There were a lot grubs imbedded into the.
4. The Grubs of these are a very serious threat.
5. They’re the witchetty grubs the Aboriginals eat.
6. These grubs can be dealt with, by using beneficial nematodes.
7. Soap Drenching: You can check for grubs by placing a can that has be.
8. There is a wide selection of baits for example, grubs, jigs, and plastic worms.
9. Birds generally feed in older trees where there is some decay and plenty of grubs.
10. AVOID: Grubs found on the underside of leaves—they often secrete poisonous fluids.
11. Silas felt like he could do with an overturned rock of grubs and another cup of coffee.
12. It will be past its best, with little food value other than the grubs or worms upon it.
13. Grubs may be employed in clear water conditions like highland reservoirs where there is no cover for fishes.
14. I smelled deer and wolf, even bears and warned him away from the big brown beast that was busily uprooting tree stumps in search of grubs.
15. The last of the swallows had gone long ago, and now the black outlines of rooks could be seen flying around the plowed fields looking for grubs.
16. They stopped to watch birds building nests and when they passed by a stand of spruce they saw two black bears searching for grubs in an old tree.
17. If you live in an environment where there are lots of gophers bugs, larvae, grubs, spiders, and centipedes, you should start thinking in terms of protecting your plants.
18. He found a little food – mainly worms and grubs, which diet was one of the main reasons he had preferred to go off on his travels in the first place – and they prepared to leave.
19. I could see that thousands of maggots were busily feeding on what was left of two dead sheep, the heaving mass over-flowing onto the floor as the mound of glistening grubs continuously fought each other for a space to eat.
20. At first Galinda simply lived wild in the forest bordering the village, foraging nuts and berries and grubs and sheltering in caves or hollows, but eventually she built a large hovel of tree trunks and slabs of peat torn from the nearby bog.
21. What a doleful night! How anxious, how dismal, how long! There was an inhospitable smell in the room, of cold soot and hot dust; and, as I looked up into the corners of the tester over my head, I thought what a number of blue-bottle flies from the butchers', and earwigs from the market, and grubs from the country, must be holding on up there, lying by for next summer.
22. Nevertheless, Sancho the Good, mount thy beast and come along with me, for God, who provides for all things, will not fail us (more especially when we are so active in his service as we are), since he fails not the midges of the air, nor the grubs of the earth, nor the tadpoles of the water, and is so merciful that he maketh his sun to rise on the good and on the evil, and sendeth rain on the unjust and on the just.

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