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Gruesome dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was gruesome.
They are gruesome.
The Rules of Gruesome.
Quite a gruesome story.
It was pretty gruesome.
But Gruesome understood.
Gruesome looked at Tarac.

Vile, gruesome and cruel.
Gruesome clawed the earth.
Sounds pretty gruesome.
It became a gruesome sight.
Gruesome jumped to his feet.
Thank you, friend Gruesome.
Nothing, mighty Gruesome.
that kind of gruesome stuff.
Pretty gruesome, isn't it?.
Gruesome stared into the fire.
Gruesome, the mighty warrior.
Gruesome joined them eventually.
These are the rules of gruesome.
that things really got gruesome.
You know the rules of gruesome?.
gruesome coiling twisting faster.
It was gruesome, the way Howdy.
You can view the gruesome thing,.
Gruesome, horrible ends in those.
The sight was gruesome and awful.
Gruesome stared at the little girl.
It was suitably gruesome.
But Gruesome was already past them.

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Synonymes pour gruesome

ghastly grim grisly gruesome macabre sick