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Grumble dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. We have readers, he would grumble.
2. Massie managed to grumble, "What?".
3. I slouch back in my chair and grumble.
4. I can’t grumble at the way it went.
5. Juvenal and Tacitus alone grumble at it.
6. I will never grumble on that subject again.
7. Sally could hear him relieve himself and grumble.

8. His stomach obliges them with a grumble of its own.
9. There was a moment’s silence, then a general grumble.
10. That wasn’t flowery at all, I grumble playfully.
11. Nancy’s stomach gave a distinct grumble as she walked.
12. Caris, who was unofficially presiding, let them grumble.
13. She does nothing but grumble, and is always staring at you.
14. The pack, perhaps sensing my interference started to grumble.
15. He’ll grumble about it, but I’m sure he’ll acquiesce.
16. The crowd in the gallery started to grumble at this revelation.
17. It takes her a moment to answer and when she does it's a grumble.
18. I’m tired of hearing Mammy grumble about the cracks in the attic.
19. Well, grumble as he will, when Venus appears he is forced to smile.
20. What do you want, chief? the Latino man asked in a low grumble.
21. A mental grumble went around the blanket, but no one moved to leave.
22. Most children who were out of sorts could grumble, complain, maybe.
23. Hal tried to chuckle, but his voice came out like a wheezing grumble.
24. The grumble had left his tone to be replaced by the high tone of surprise.
25. There was a grumble and some muted objections that came from the long table.
26. The oxen grumble in their stalls, and the lambs leap about in their places!.
27. She is like that, and if you choose her--well, you can't grumble, said his mother.
28. Some people began to grumble, they were upset that Sam still had all of his wealth and they had nothing.
29. I had forgotten to eat! My stomach was one long grumble as I sat up and I received a pleasant surprise.
30. When they saw it, they all began to grumble, saying, He has gone to be the guest of a man who is a sinner.
31. Grumble was fascinated by the huge unexplored realm of the mist, and in particular the creatures it may harbour.
32. A high-pitched whistle interrupted him before he could address his subalterns, making him grumble with irritation.
33. He heard it again, the sound of someone’s arm or leg sliding on the floor, followed by a grumble or maybe a snore.
34. Stu and Spock had gone to the hospital and stayed with him throughout the day and forced to listen to him grumble and whinge.
35. If they got the `job' it often showed such a small margin of profit that Rushton used to grumble at him and suggest mismanagement.
36. The towering automaton would hiss and clank and grumble as it staggered, possessed by uncanny determination to stay on its feet and to keep fighting.
37. But as she came to the section of her story where one of their own had perished, and the manner of it, the men began to grumble and the women to shake.
38. Nakamura Hideki, Chief of the Maritime Staff and head of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, woke up with a grumble when his bedside telephone rang.
39. He was about to grumble about how he felt bottom of the class when he remembered that George's tables were worse than his and that he had just lost his brother.
40. Truman and Attlee could do little but grumble, but Truman did at least let Stalin into the deadly secret that the US had the atom bomb and was prepared to use it.
41. In order to become better acquainted with this foggy medium which is so important to our mariners, it is a good idea to turn to the learned writings of one Earnest Grumble.
42. So strong a heart this child has and yet so tender, Murphy spoke in a low grumble and the hand that caressed Raven’s cheek had all the delicacy of the butterfly’s wing.
43. But supposing during this time she notices the absence of the hatchet, she will grumble, perhaps kick up a shindy, and that will serve to denounce me, or at least might do so!.
44. The younger members of the family, still obstinate, refused to profit by the old man’s advice, and declared he was not right, and that he only liked to grumble in his old-fashioned way.
45. Shaking his head against the coldness that had descended on him, Slikit began to grumble his way along the overgrown pathway, his cracked old voice fading as the wind from the west grew in intensity.
46. He played in the Tuileries garden with his little shovel and his little chair, and in order that the inspectors might not grumble, I stopped up the holes that he made in the earth with his shovel, with my cane.
47. Valerie would usually be there, and they’d murmur to each other, Valerie’s voice coaxing, Diane’s a grumble, and then Diane would give me about twenty more seconds of conversation and make an excuse to go.
48. And you are always saying you like weeds, so why grumble at your lawns? And it doesn't hurt you much if the squirrels do break bits off your firs--the firs must have had that happening to them years and years before you were born, yet they still flourish.
49. So, at great expense, he constructed a bronze hollow globe studded with thick glass observation portals to protect him from the unsavoury vapours of the deep mist (and any of the monstrosities which called it home and Grumble dinner) and a sampling hatch.
50. Of course, younger adults will turn older themselves someday and will likely require more medical care in the future, so while they might understandably grumble about the new law over the short term, they stand a reasonable chance of benefiting from it over the long term.
51. Each of the working-people, male and female, knows this: even the children know that this is an important business and that one ought to work with all one's strength, carry a jug with kvas for the father to the mowing-place, and, shifting it from one hand to another, run barefoot as quickly as possible, a distance of perhaps a mile and a half from the village, in order to be in time for dinner, that father may not grumble.
52. The fire burning in the chacmool on the temple top, was the only indication that this was a serious religious gathering, after an hour or so, the crowd began to grumble about the wait, but before it could develop into more than a murmur the temple drums began to beat to an hypnotic rhythm, Yaotl, the high priest made his appearance on the top platform of the pyramid, he was about forty summers old, but whether by design or being too close to the spirit world, he looked much older, around his thin scrawny neck he had hung his magic mirror breastplate in which everyone believed he could see into a mans soul, across his face was painted a broad black band, this gave him the look of something that should have been buried a long time ago, when I was a small child he always had the power to frighten me by just walking by, now he raised his arms and the crowds chatter ceased, in a booming voice, which could be heard by everyone gathered in the great square, he said.
53. I suppose John'll grumble, but the Lord has sent me this money,.
1. He makes a grumbling sound.
2. My belly is grumbling anyway.
3. More grumbling from the sidelines.
4. Those farmers are always grumbling.
5. The cook looked them over, grumbling.
6. Instead of grumbling about the advent of.
7. Don't you think he's always grumbling, Mrs.
8. Still grumbling, the woman did as he demanded.
9. There’s been grumbling about our situation.
10. A most hideous scraping, grinding, grumbling.
11. Grumbling, he undid the rope around her ankles.
12. Now you git! Pa went grumbling out the door.
13. Dimly satisfied, the storm went away, grumbling.
14. He began grumbling obscenities under his breath.
15. A grumbling Jed slouched off across the farmyard.
16. Andy looked at me and then turned away, grumbling.
17. There was a grumbling now more subdued than before.
18. Instead of grumbling about the world, instead of.
19. As the rest straggled in, the volume of grumbling.
20. I should hear less grumbling when my tithe is paid.
21. Gollum withdrew grumbling, and crawled into the fern.
22. Oh shoot, said the voice on the speaker, grumbling.
23. Grumbling as he removed himself from the group, How.
24. The grumbling started as I gave orders for making a fire.
25. Once again, they started grumbling and once again Adonai.
26. The men went out of the Hall of Audience grumbling a little.
27. Then his master, grumbling, filled the manger with hay; but.
28. Her stomach made a grumbling sound and she grabbed her belly.
29. He hears jouncing axles, grumbling tailpipes, rain on canvas.
30. Grumbling, Beathan made do with one slave to serve his meals.
31. Gary looked at the clock on his phone and heard the grumbling.
32. I bit my lip to stop myself from grumbling as it dawned on me.
33. As the vet was leaving, grumbling to himself, the prison lady.
34. Without any more hesitation or grumbling, Darek took his place.
35. She took him by the arm, and led him grumbling back to the car.
36. He was grumbling over it when we left there a few hours back.
37. Although he had no The astonished rabbits obeyed him, grumbling.
38. Thomas nodded, grumbling inside, sure that Alby was exaggerating.
39. Actually, it was one man who started grumbling, but others soon.
40. Once again, the Israelites are grumbling due to the lack of water.
41. At some stage he heard Doc grumbling and swearing in the bathroom.
42. Grumbling in protest, all of them departed save for his bodyguard.
43. Grumbling commenced around the room and someone shouted over the din.
44. She knew it was beneath the dignity of quality grumbling to herself.
45. Two hours later, I was walking towards Chase’s bedroom, grumbling.
46. Gollum returned, carrying the pans carefully and grumbling to himself.
47. Not that he was grumbling about the job he had instead - far from it.
48. Grumbling to myself, I pulled at the ribbon and lifted the lid on the.
49. Greeks are not aggressive towards them but there is a lot of grumbling.
50. Hang it though, why am I maundering on? I go on grumbling and grumbling.
51. It was Bofur, and he was grumbling about it, when Bilbo opened his eyes.
52. She felt Henry tossing in his sleep and mumbling, grumbling incoherently.
53. The constant grumbling of some and the palpable fear with which all had.
54. Grumbling, Stu got out of bed, put a towel around his waist, and opened the door.
55. Both were bruised and in pain, and they awoke grumbling and groaning, still tired.
56. Yes, Sir, Tammas said, grumbling as he departed: Just hope whoever it is.
57. A general moaning and grumbling rose to compete with the humming of the stern lines.
58. I accept, the pilot said, grumbling something which Tammas would have to use.
59. You’re a telepath, Garcia said, grumbling about that not being in the report.
60. Grumbling, he ordered his men to bring up the horse, and I led him down the gangway.
61. The constant grumbling of some and the palpable fear with which all had followed him.
62. His belly grumbling again, he drove to a twenty-four-hour diner and ate at the counter.
63. As Youssaf moved away from the group, Moshe had heard his grumbling remark as he turned.
64. Grumbling voices in the depths of the network of tunnels echoed over the resting warriors.
65. Well: slainte! Around the slabbed tables the tangle of wined breaths and grumbling gorges.
66. Nowhere was the grumbling heard more loudly, vigorously, or continuously than issued from.
67. Still grumbling from having to eat his half-day meal whilst riding, Bane’s protests had.
68. I show my teeth to Diedie and make a grumbling sound that elicits a wavering smile from her.
69. Her usual smiling, cordial disposition were all but spent, replaced by groans and grumbling.
70. Puller slumped back on his bed, his belly grumbling as it still digested his fast-food dinner.
71. He smoked his pipe with an indulgent air, unable, however, to prevent himself from grumbling.
72. Colling interrupted the sergeant’s grumbling, Sarge, what about me holding sick call?
73. He lost himself in these knotty problems of morality until interrupted by his grumbling stomach.
74. My stomach however ruined the moment by grumbling hungrily to which he chuckled in response to.
75. Grumbling mightily to himself, Slikit looked longingly at the moon but found no inspiration there.
76. Pointing at my favorite chair, I offered it to her, grumbling to myself as I considered my options.
77. Upon seeing that he now stood alone, he too, with much grumbling acceded to the wisdom of the many.
78. Pattering echoes of footsteps and whispered grumbling emanated from smaller, torch-lit passageways.
79. After I was out of sight of them, he continued, struggling to be heard above the grumbling of.
80. Near him, placed on the left, was a convict, already old, sombre, discontented, and always grumbling.
81. A most hideous scraping, grinding, grumbling growl of a sound was added to the shaking of the ground.
82. There was some grumbling when they heard that they would have to go back down and go around the hill.
83. He was wearing a coarse and patched coat, and was walking in zigzags, grumbling and swearing to himself.
84. The train station was filled to the gills with shoving, pushing, and grumbling New Yorkers at their worst.
85. Grumbling, Mitch made the necessary arrangements with the bank—aka Uncle Pete—and handed over the cash.
86. She was speaking, but I could not hear what she said, nor could I make out the low grumbling of his reply.
87. Dyslexia had already pulled her hand away, crossing her arms and grumbling, I told you it wasn’t fair.
88. The soldiers started grumbling, with their stomachs unsatisfied and their limbs unrested, worn out by fatigue.
89. The guards now lifted the heavy bars of the doors and swung them slowly inwards grumbling on their great hinges.
90. Indeed they really expected him to think of some wonderful plan for helping them, and were not merely grumbling.
91. However, he was growing calmer, and was now grumbling in a paternal tone whilst he fanned himself with his skull-.
92. The rude dumping in cold water had revived many of the adults, and they were rolling around, moaning and grumbling.
93. Her mother-in-law, on the other hand, was rushing like a hurricane, always grumbling and dissatisfied with trifles.
94. She did not seem very interested; all that seemed to matter for the immediate moment was the grumbling in her tummy.
95. Even the grumbling Angel outside didn’t trouble her anymore because all that mattered now was what Clayton wanted.
96. However, he was growing calmer, and was now grumbling in a paternal tone whilst he fanned himself with his skull-cap.
97. Despite his grumbling about Raul being a communist, it was readily apparent that Truman was delighted to be reunited.
98. His fears were quite justified, for they did not like it a bit, and started grumbling loudly in spite of their danger.
99. Coatleztli suggested that the grumbling was not against him, but against a project that would only benefit the Mexica.
100. Inside the tavern, he noticed a couple of Nords at the counter, making grumbling conversation with the female proprietor.
1. I knew why Ish grumbled.
2. I grumbled about the $6.
3. A motor grumbled behind her.
4. Petra grumbled a sleepy reply.
5. I blew it, she grumbled.
6. What is it? he grumbled.
7. She grumbled as she headed for.
8. Well, that, too, I grumbled.
9. Holly's stomach grumbled in reply.
10. The engine grumbled to life again.
11. Jeff grumbled a good-bye when he.
12. Ditherer grumbled, but to no avail.
13. I don’t know, she grumbled.
14. He finally grumbled in frustration.
15. The jailer, therefore, only grumbled.
16. He grumbled for hours to his mother.
17. She grumbled a bit then did as I asked.
18. I’ll eat with Andy, Sully grumbled.
19. Baba grumbled something under his breath.
20. But they often doubted, or grumbled and.
21. Rogan caught up to Sebastian and grumbled.
22. Argh! When do they open? he grumbled.
23. But I can see two things, Swann grumbled.
24. Jack grumbled all the way to the appointment.
25. Your mother grumbled at the expense when I.
26. Nord had grumbled to Jaxon about it a little.
27. This could take a while, Azura grumbled.
28. Don’t pull that on me now! he grumbled.
29. But nothing happened as they grumbled slowly.
30. It’s a lot-of-things thing, I grumbled.
31. Frida grumbled again as she looked around her.
32. The man grumbled, without pausing in his writing.
33. The crowd churned and voices grumbled throughout.
34. Whatever, she grumbled and walked past him.
35. The man grumbled, but motioned for them to follow.
36. Why’s he in my robe? he grumbled tersely.
37. Not all of the risks, obviously, I grumbled.
38. What’s that supposed to mean? grumbled Rex.
39. Your mother grumbled at the expense when I first.
40. I have spared him once already, Zeus grumbled.
41. Probably has another girlfriend, she grumbled.
42. Probably not the first time, Higgins grumbled.
43. For all the good it does me! Rekanam grumbled.
44. Well that's more than I found, Moshe grumbled.
45. Drat! I liked that tune, grumbled the Admiral.
46. Those who grumbled and complained hindered God’s.
47. Fauchelevent grumbled, more to himself than to Jean.
48. Well that’s more than I found, Moshe grumbled.
49. When this is done I will have my peace she grumbled.
50. If anyone had treated me so, grumbled the boxer.
51. Higgins grumbled something inaudible under his breath.
52. Now we are getting complicated, Higgins grumbled.
53. Fucking shoes, he grumbled and pulled them off.
54. This is just great, he grumbled under his breath.
55. His dragonhunger grumbled in agreement with that fear.
56. Their only servant, Madame Magloire, grumbled a little.
57. Nlara grumbled about the rudeness of the local traffic.
58. I hope it’s not too warm, there, grumbled Mabel.
59. It comes early this season, the old man grumbled.
60. Wel , I grumbled, I suppose I could tolerate it.
61. I hid them,' grumbled the beleaguered host aside to his.
62. I hate washing dishes in the bathtub, Ali grumbled.
63. We’ll be back in a few minutes, grumbled Barnes.
64. Stop trying to pin that on me, Graham grumbled back.
65. I oiled that thing a million times, Stacks grumbled.
66. It smelled wonderful and both of their stomachs grumbled.
67. I grumbled how nice it was to have super-powerful friends.
68. Elowen’s stomach grumbled with hunger but she knew the.
69. Isn’t that what I just said? grumbled the Wishfish.
70. I had no other options, or so I thought, he grumbled.
71. She smiled as Henry grumbled and they walked up the stairs.
72. That Offender is around here somewhere, Hiss grumbled.
73. The dancers grumbled, but then there was a shout from above.
74. His stomach grumbled for food which would not be forthcoming.
75. The twins grumbled in unison and took Jack by both arms and.
76. Some owners did not want to go this extra mile and grumbled.
77. They killed that poor heku because of me, she grumbled.
78. Dumb slaves, he grumbled to himself, as he saw them off.
79. It wasn’t there when I dozed off, the halfling grumbled.
80. I developed a terrific appetite and grumbled very much that.
81. What's the matter with him ! Lambert grumbled from his bed.
82. Mort grumbled something and then pushed his way by Van Thorn.
83. Yeah, they’re rough on the psyche too… she grumbled.
84. They should have been up and ready by now, he grumbled to.
85. Darek grumbled angrily, How could a Hero do bad things and.
86. It’s not getting any better; only worse, Edward grumbled.
87. A few men grumbled audibly, not convinced that a show of force.
88. The other man grumbled a bit and we could catch the word, risky.
89. Washington is the whitest black man I know, grumbled Du Bois.
90. Will grumbled something about needing to sleep and see you later.
91. Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron, saying, You are the.
92. Bob’s undead belly grumbled at the prospects of easy pickings.
93. Hey! I’m hungry! I said, rubbing my stomach as it grumbled.
94. We don’t have to, Juan grumbled, looking out into the sea.
95. Higgins grumbled, Make sure they’re satisfied when you leave.
96. Just like the others… she grumbled as she ran to the house.
97. Even though they grumbled and failed the test, Adonai gave them a.
98. He snorted in disgust and grumbled again as he paced the tiny cave.
99. Why are there four walls? grumbled Ben as he looked at Dahms.
100. Sure, he grumbled in response, clearly not eager to re-situate.
1. He also grumbles over.
2. Anísya (rummages in her box and grumbles).
3. Grumbles and groans filled the small area.
4. All of a sudden there are the low grumbles.
5. I hate wearing these things, he grumbles.
6. Hitting the gas without even being asked, Amy grumbles.
7. Bradshaw rode Bozo back to his house, with only a few grumbles.
8. The roar of the V-6 engine covered the grumbles and teeth grinding.
9. Half an hour afterwards you could do with another one, the dragon grumbles.
10. He grumbles something under his breath, then buries his face firmly in his pillow.
11. Can’t wait for the after-party, Emily grumbles as she scrutinizes the boys.
12. His audience began to murmur their grumbles about this but he continued regardless.
13. I overheard grumbles as to this radical decree, but none dared say anything to my face.
14. There was a chorus of grumbles from the circle around her, and Jevan shook his head harshly.
15. His mind was full of constant grumbles that sometimes would surface enough for him to gripe about.
16. Footsteps and grumbles receded and the leader leaned back resting his head on the well-padded cushions.
17. Ignoring his grumbles I wrapped him in a bathrobe and forced him to eat breakfast with me in the kitchen.
18. Stef grumbles a reply and gets out of his car, opening the trunk he pulls the holdall out and drops it by Simon�s feet.
19. Everyone who isn’t Somebody grumbles this below their breath, but none of the masses are empowered to do anything about it.
20. There was an outcry of whispers and annoyed grumbles at Abigail’s outburst, a mixed reaction from a surprised circle of adults.
21. As he’d expected, there were grumbles from one or two villagers, while Cheeryup and Wyll celebrated the news, as it gave them more time to run, play, and explore.
22. He stopped for a moment, as he’d realised that some of his audience wouldn’t be familiar with the term, then explained, again to grumbles from the technical delegates.
23. I try to bring her round, she resists, I emphasize I will come all the way from Glyfada, while she will only have to walk some metres; she grumbles a little more and finally she says in a plaintive voice: Alright, Yvonne, I will come.
24. Kneeling down as the groaning cracks and grumbles of overlying rock sounded louder and louder I took the scarf off that had encased my chest and afforded me some modesty while there had been a time for such things and wrapped it about Sheatera’s face.
25. Here there was a great obstruction, a group of people blocking the passage down the room and having to be got out of the way before we could pass; and when the scraping of their chairs and their grumbles had ceased we caught the Professor's conversation a little farther on.

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