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Guardianship dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956.
  2. I live under his guardianship in our house.
  3. And furthermore I assign sole guardianship to.
  4. Cameron was now in control of the guardianship of.
  5. You are not a child under parental guardianship anymore.

  6. The Möbius strip is our pledge of guardianship eternal.
  7. Ron and I appeared in Phoenix court to request formal guardianship.
  8. I mounted Minny, and urged her to a trot; and so my brief guardianship ended.
  9. Sphinx: Symbolic meaning deals with guardianship and protection of the secrets of life.
  10. But court-ordered care and medical guardianship are always going to be emotionally scarring.
  11. The Angels had to find the soul who had been charged with the guardianship of Earth's door.
  12. This lady was one of my nearest relations, an orphan from her infancy, and under the guardianship of my father.
  13. But it stands to reason that the sons would have taken over guardianship from their father, Doug piped up.
  14. Thus it was with the men of rank, on whom their eminent position imposed the guardianship of the public morals.
  15. You should see him where he has some great opportunity of acting dishonestly, as in the guardianship of an orphan.

  16. They were not required to create a paradise—but to keep uninjured that which was committed to their guardianship.
  17. Our lives have been at stake for sixty years, we will continue our guardianship until His Majesty the Tsar arrives.
  18. Would to God, that he who holds the honor of our royal master in his guardianship, would show but half her firmness!'.
  19. Will the gentleman trust the merchants with the guardianship of his own honor? No, sir, he chooses to protect it himself.
  20. We look for certain behavior patterns in management that are consistent with an efficient and prudent guardianship of our assets.
  21. Given his less than zealous guardianship of the other keys under his protection, Rafferty was sorely tempted to make a sharp retort.
  22. And once they had performed the necessary rituals, the howling banshees that had taken up the guardianship of the Well would be gone.
  23. Cameron was now in control of the guardianship of the Well and was the leader of the spirits of the dead, but her authority stopped there.
  24. He explained that each archangel has guardianship of one of the directions and that the qualities associated with those directions are significant.
  25. Now Dolly and her children are under his guardianship; all these peasants who come to him every day, as though he were bound to be at their service.

  26. All of this equipment Ferrell and I cleaned and prepared under the guardianship of the gray clad, but the gray clad would not answer any of our questions.
  27. After a prolonged tussle for its possession, the guardianship of Kabah changed hands from Khuzaah to Quraysh, one of the powerful Arab tribes of Abrahamic descent.
  28. The belief was a favorite one with our forefathers, as betokening that their infant commonwealth was under a celestial guardianship of peculiar intimacy and strictness.
  29. I believe, sir, the people of the United States confiding their honor and national character to your guardianship, would this day decide the same question in the same way.
  30. And Rogozhinsky began seriously thinking about putting Nekhludoff under guardianship, and demanded of his wife that she should speak seriously to her brother about his curious intention.
  31. She decided that the root of her depression was not mental illness but the jail of her guardianship by us, and that she should go away for long-term treatment somewhere far from Boston.
  32. You have had experience in your accepted duty of guardianship; are you willing, as the body is still of tender age, to persevere in that guardianship and to help him as he treads the second Path?
  33. Ordeyne’s tribulations, growing out of his enforced guardianship of this extraordinary young woman, may be easily understood, but will hardly be considered a reason for condoling or sympathizing with him.
  34. Taking all in all, his act is very eccentric, said Ignatius Nikiforovitch, already considering the necessity of a guardianship, and he demanded that his wife should seriously speak to her brother of this, his strange intention.
  35. Now this outward guardianship of law and force has been needed; just as the transplanted flower needs special shelter and the upholding aid of the stick to which it is tied, until its vital power can build it into independent strength.
  36. Cathy was a powerful ally at home; and between them they at length persuaded my master to acquiesce in their having a ride or a walk together about once a week, under my guardianship, and on the moors nearest the Grange: for June found him still declining.
  37. Nekhludoff remembered having heard that this Schonbock, just because, he had spent all he had, had attained by some special influence the post of guardian to a rich old man who was squandering his property—and was now evidently living by this guardianship.
  38. Boston, so far as medicine had aught to do with it, had hitherto lain in the guardianship of an aged deacon and apothecary, whose piety and godly deportment were stronger testimonials in his favor than any that he could have produced in the shape of a diploma.
  39. But I cannot call that situation nothing which has the charge of all that is of the first importance to mankind, individually or collectively considered, temporally and eternally, which has the guardianship of religion and morals, and consequently of the manners which result from their influence.
  40. The baroness had looked forward to this marriage as a means of ridding her of a guardianship which, over a girl of Eugenie's character, could not fail to be rather a troublesome undertaking; for in the tacit relations which maintain the bond of family union, the mother, to maintain her ascendancy over her daughter, must never fail to be a model of wisdom and a type of perfection.
  41. When, then, we consider the narrow grounds we have to legislate on, that our great privileges are left at home, we shall be convinced that there is no occasion that this body should be as numerous as if we were concerned in the great questions of property and right, which are secured by the constitution, under the guardianship of the State Legislatures, and of the courts for the furthering of justice.
  42. In these my confidence will, under every difficulty, be best placed, next to that which we have all been encouraged to feel in the guardianship and guidance of that Almighty Being whose power regulates the destiny of nations, whose blessings have been so conspicuously dispensed to this rising Republic, and to whom we are bound to address our devout gratitude for the past, as well as our fervent supplications and best hopes for the future.
  43. Milnor said that if he understood the third section of the bill under consideration, it allows recruiting officers to enlist minors above the age of eighteen years, without regard to their situation as apprentices to tradesmen, or living under the care and guardianship of their parents; and its object was to hold out to young minds a temptation to desert the useful course destined for them by their friends, for the purpose of becoming soldiers.
  44. The marshal of the province in whose hands the law had placed the control of so many important public functions—the guardianship of wards (the very department which was giving Levin so much trouble just now), the disposal of large sums subscribed by the nobility of the province, the high schools, female, male, and military, and popular instruction on the new model, and finally, the district council—the marshal of the province, Snetkov, was a nobleman of the old school,—dissipating an immense fortune, a good-hearted man, honest after his own fashion, but utterly without any comprehension of the needs of modern days.

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