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Guess dans une phrase (en anglais)

I guess it was my.
I guess this is it.
I guess I was, too.
I guess I was wrong.
Guess I have a lot.
Yeah, I guess it is.
He’d know I guess.

Dubai was one guess.
I guess we have.
Guess what happened.
Just before I guess.
I guess they might.
What a random guess.
Though I can guess.
Yeah, I guess so.
I guess that’s it.
He could only guess.
I guess I just can't.
I guess we should.
I guess you're right.
Oh, so I guess you.
I guess it was more.
It’s my guess the.
Fair enough, I guess.
It's stress, I guess.
And guess what? The.
No, I guess it's not.
I guess it wouldn't.
I guess he went home.
I guess that will do.
I guess it will do.
Up to him, I guess.
That is true, I guess.
I guess I earned that.
It’d be my guess.
I guess you better.
Thats just my guess.
I guess I needed to.
I guess they can do.
Guess what you’re.
It is no good guessing it.
There's no guessing to it.
Bucca is guessing you are.
The mind plays a guessing.
You could also try guessing.
I'm guessing it's the Ancient.
In fact, I'm guessing it was.
I’m guessing he even hired you.
I'm guessing his parents are home.
I'm guessing that was an accident.
Doug? I asked, guessing right.
Guessing correctly that they were.
Speculators are in the guessing game.
I’m guessing he’s in the shower.
He might even be guessing the truth.
I’m guessing it’s 200 kilograms.
I’m not in the mood for guessing.
I’m guessing that it’s flour, Emma.
I’m guessing you’re a millionaire.
Bazyl said, almost guessing his thoughts.
I'm guessing about twenty-six years old.
She stared at him guessing his thoughts.
I’m guessing the lads know this one.
You are extraordinarily quick at guessing.
And, as though guessing my difficulty, Mme.
Yeah, I was guessing he skipped that bit.
We’re guessing you’ll have better luck.
I’m guessing that’s where the action is.
We all waited, eyes shut, guessing the answer.
But mostly he wanted to leave people guessing.
And I’m guessing you have a window here?’.
No prizes for guessing who was on the other side.
So I’m guessing you came here for something.
I'm guessing the council is in a crisis session.
Guessing the gist of June's message, one of the.
Delaney was guessing, but if he had to place the.
So I set a watch for him, guessing that he would.
I’m always second guessing things, looking for.
I’m guessing Wright will put out an APB on Dr.
It was so, too; it was not a matter of guessing.
If I had guessed, I.
She guessed he was a.
A guy thing, I guessed.
I guessed he was thirty.
Caris had guessed as much.
A fresh start, I guessed.
Eric guessed it was iron.
I guessed the Bishop had.
By the looks I guessed not.
Paul guessed it made sense.
I guessed what he thought.
I guessed that much by now.
I might have guessed it.
A new conquest, she guessed.
I would not have guessed.
Orphenn guessed he was one.
She guessed she could have.
We should have guessed this.
I looked at her and guessed.
Tim guessed it was the cray.
I should not have guessed it.
I guessed that, he said.
I guessed that the ones who.
Poor Assunta had guessed all.
I guessed the old dogs were.
I could’ve guessed that one.
She guessed she was too late.
As you might have guessed, a.
He guessed that she had lost.
How could I have guessed that.
Fairly old injury, he guessed.
Merthin guessed she wanted him.
Edwin guessed Bryony was right.
What he had learned or guessed.
David guessed Kim was the pilot.
I could have guessed as much.
She guessed they were about sex.
Nobody could have guessed that.
David guessed he was the pilot.
She guessed that the one room.
He guesses it is inevitable.
Solving crimes has its guesses.
I may have started with guesses.
The reader knows and guesses the rest.
Perhaps he guesses at its true nature.
He knows or guesses something about it.
Klowa guesses they've been hibernating.
Clever guesses notwithstanding, he cannot.
Davie guesses the boiler was sold for scrap.
The guesses ranged from 2,000 to 5,000 people.
After he made a few wild guesses, we explained.
Any guesses as to where they are heading?
Guesses for the snowpack on the mountain vary from.
I've scarcely dreamed of it, and he guesses my dreams.
Jesse's guesses were wrong but she hadn't been too far off.
Clive wondered if he was keeping other guesses to himself.
Only if that fails should we move on to more devious guesses.
And he didn't need two guesses as to who had stirred the shit.
But it had not been the time for second guesses and apprehension.
Frodo said nothing: the shrewd guesses of the farmer were rather.
Perhaps Charlie Sloane had guessed and told his guesses for truth.
In fact we made even our guesses with a sort of lack of confidence.
All of these guesses proceed from the false assumption that the.
The timing of the attack and the manner of attack were open guesses.
But he had his guesses as to which side he likely claimed allegiance.
But he knows or guesses; and he will have to be told sooner or later.
Unks guesses they have a little over an hour and a half before sunset.
I make trades based on historical odds, not guesses or hopes or gambles.
If I had three guesses, I should use every one that our maid wanted to.
The team with the most number of correct guesses at the end is the winner.
Jesse's guesses about the young men were wrong but she hadn't been too far off.
I’d say thirteen, Tina guesses a bit high, knowin’ what he wants to hear.
He guesses we shouldn't wait for him this late hour: at least, he guesses that only Mr.
Any guesses on how many times I have been asked today if I'm going to this afternoon's.
In this program, we take guesses from the user and check if it is the number that we have.
Mitch was yelling out guesses from the door, only serving to scatter Silas’ concentration more.
If later on he guesses in that, or in any of a number of other areas, hes going to kill patients.
Nigel had a password-protected computer and 15 minutes of my best guesses did nothing to unlock it.
In that approach, the computer could usually figure out the player’s word in eight guesses or less.
Legal Guesses: This is non-consensual sex which is basically rape and I'm guessing it’s most likely illegal.

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