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Halter dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I prefer a rope halter with.
  2. You are excused, Miss Halter.
  3. Lukashka took hold of the halter.
  4. This halter will give you better.
  5. Some horses fear the halter because.

  6. Or maybe the horse was beaten with a halter.
  7. Investing in a good knotted rope halter will make.
  8. She dressed casually in a blue halter top and jeans.
  9. Granted! That will give me time to speak with Halter.
  10. And then he saw himself breaking a large colt to halter.
  11. The woman took the horse's halter and set out up the road.
  12. It is the safest most humane halter to keep on a horse if needed.
  13. When Jody held to the halter rope she ran at him with bared teeth.
  14. It is better to attach the lead rope to the side ring of the halter.
  15. It was a halter top, cropped short, exposing her midriff, and the top.

  16. Jess lifted Jody down and then caught the stallion by its broken halter rope.
  17. As they went through the barn the horses snorted and the halter chains rattled.
  18. The other horses reared back against their halter chains and squealed and kicked.
  19. This is Miss Xinia Halter, of the Imperium Ministry of Trade, and her six assistants.
  20. She was wearing a halter top under a man’s plaid shirt, a pair of embroidered jeans.
  21. And then there was Jodie Foster, who, despite her halter top and hot pants, was a child.
  22. The horses stamped on the other side of the feeding racks and the halter chains clinked.
  23. Tizzie stood in her tight black leather pants and silver halter top and tall black boots.
  24. Had them untie me, flipped me over so that I was on my good side and pulled on my halter.
  25. Then he found a scratch on her back, unprotected by her halter top, and cleaned it as well.

  26. There was no breeze, only a stiff heat that made her sweat even in her halter top and shorts.
  27. She wore shorts and a halter top, clothing not quite appropriate for the early spring weather.
  28. She had purposely worn only a brief halter and hot pants, nothing more below, about, or underneath.
  29. Before she had finished asking for money several bills were rammed down the front of her halter top.
  30. Carlos has combined a luxurious mix of satin and velvet, perfect partners on this long halter dress.
  31. Rose Laren, Dini Moran, Xinia Halter and her six assistants greeted them inside the passenger airlock.
  32. I whispered to Lady as I put her halter on, telling her how much I loved her as I led her out of her stall.
  33. With hoofs battering the ground the stallion appeared and charged down the hill trailing a broken halter rope.
  34. Her chest was encased in a halter top of leather, which left her shoulders, belly and lower back completely bare.
  35. The bark at liberty in the wind, what delight! Do you, lazy idler, delve, drag on, roll, march! Drag your halter.
  36. The dress was pale green, with a halter neck, an empire waistline and a skirt that flowed to a knee-length hemline.
  37. The barn was darkening gradually and, in their stalls, the horses shifted their feet and rattled the halter chains.
  38. The top was a halter top with an under shirt of dark gray and the skirt was full, but would only come to her knees.
  39. The Lord punished me for my sins, and what with the censer and the deacon's halter, I only got twelve roubles altogether.
  40. I have 700 tons of various goods in the holds of my ship, the nature of which you will be able to review with Miss Halter.
  41. Turn the rein, or the halter, of thy Dapple, and begone home; for one single step further thou shalt not make in my company.
  42. The only other person in the place was the chubby girl in overalls and a halter top scouring the rack of fanzines by the door.
  43. Sounds of pleasure escaped from her lips as he coated the cream across her back where her halter top had failed to protect her.
  44. Her back was suddenly bare as she shrugged the straps of the halter top off of her shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor.
  45. I got him Uncle Jesse! Lauren called out as she neared the barn holding on to the horse’s halter as she urged Tonka onwards.
  46. Plough-men with bare arms were holding by the halter prancing stallions that neighed with dilated nostrils looking towards the mares.
  47. Jody took hold of the halter leather itself and started up the hill toward the ridge ranch with Nellie skittering and jerking behind him.
  48. She then called up Xinia Halter, hoping fervently that the trade representative could give her some positive information to help this case.
  49. By then, Mister Dutour will have undoubtedly determined with Miss Halter how the cargo is to be displayed to potential buyers and importers.
  50. She wore cutoffs and gold earrings in the shape of butterflies and a grayish halter top that seemed to have been made with the strings of a mop.
  51. Down comes Doggett from his Pulpit, seizes Lustre by the Halter, praises his Beauty with a covetous Look, and says: I’ll water yer Horse, Boy.
  52. He stopped, and I didn’t look behind, but I knew he stood there without moving because Sandal’s halter rang when the horse jostled his shoulder.
  53. The halter top that her chest was encased in looked less worn and instead of the tight leather pants she wore and equally tight short leather dress.
  54. I suppose a guy should be careful whose filly he’s trying to shoo into his stable - especially when she’s still wearing another man’s halter.
  55. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her tight-fitting stretch denims, white halter and three-inch stilettos that she slipped on in place of her uniform.
  56. The resting horses nibbled the remaining wisps of hay, and they stamped their feet and they bit the wood of the mangers and rattled the halter chains.
  57. Halter came on the bridge fifteen minutes later, obviously a bit embarrassed, and went directly to Rose, who was standing in front of her command chair.
  58. Through the open door that led into the barn came the sound of moving horses, of feet stirring, of teeth champing on hay, of the rattle of halter chains.
  59. Xinia Halter and her six aides finally showed up at ten past eight, coming aboard in two air cars that parked themselves in the small garage of the ship.
  60. Presently she asked for the halter, and the freight agent, somewhat doubtful, but too full of admiration for the near presence of beauty to refuse, gave it to her.
  61. Justine pictured Vangy in her shorts and halter top, drink in hand, sitting cross-legged on the bowsprit under the night sky, her third husband down in the galley.
  62. Some of the moms were wearing miniskirts with halter tops or tube tops, or whatever you call those types of tops that were designed to cover just the TA TA’s.
  63. Ah! I yelled, the same as I had when I saw the bear, but I reached for the lead rope that dangled from his halter anyway, an old habit from my childhood with horses.
  64. In five minutes she had made love to the mare so effectively that the shy and hitherto somewhat disdainful creature was following her with a slack halter and an entreating nose.
  65. MARTHA: (Thickveiled, a crimson halter round her neck, a copy of the Irish Times in her hand, in tone of reproach, pointing) Henry! Leopold! Lionel, thou lost one! Clear my name.
  66. But then she realized she had pretty much done the same thing, wearing a black Natori halter bikini and a white see through Marc Jacobs cover up with black Tory Burch flip flops.
  67. Two girls wearing only halter brassieres and mini skirts with no underwear, approached five young men crossing the Robbie Burns park, said they were seventeen and wanted a bit of fun.
  68. That had been a harrowing trip home—Ravan struggling upon his saddle horse, the black stallion fighting at the other end of the makeshift rope halter for nearly the entire distance.
  69. In her skimpy shorts and halter T-shirt, she was back to her old self, before the months of confinement that had left her wasted away to a pale skeletal shadow of this beautiful woman.
  70. Daphne was relieved to learn Cam had been telling the truth about Bridget not coming, even though she had worn her yellow backless halter top and most flattering navy shorts just in case.
  71. As for the cargo your ship will be bringing back to the Imperium, it will be gathered as soon as Miss Halter decides what type of goods from this century are of interest to your Imperium.
  72. She must knit me a scarf; look what a horrid one I've got, the nasty yellow thing, it did me a bad turn to-day! And you wore a nice one, Vasya, to introduce me while I had my head in a halter.
  73. Then, having led the horse out of the gate, he suddenly shook his head, threw the reins of the halter over its head, sprang onto its back like a cat, gave a wild shout, and galloped down the street.
  74. But what I say is this: it ain't good sense to go court'n around after a halter if you can git at what you're up to in some way that's jist as good and at the same time don't bring you into no resks.
  75. I swallowed hard as my eyes involuntarily followed the path of several rivulets of water as they ran off her face and down her neck to disappear into the cleft of her breasts visible above the leather halter top.
  76. With her youthfulness, there was a kind of innocent voyeurism, a sexuality in the very short cut-off jeans, the lacy cotton halter top, a small black leather purse over her bare shoulder perfectly accessorizing with the dog.
  77. Normally she wouldn’t think twice about it; she’d wear shorts and either a halter or a bikini top, and she certainly wouldn’t have showered beforehand or put on makeup or felt the clawing pangs of nervousness in her belly, but there they were.
  78. But for all that, if heaven were to make me a fair offer of an island or something else of the kind, without much trouble and without much risk, I am not such a fool as to refuse it; for they say, too, 'when they offer thee a heifer, run with a halter; and.
  79. I have seen some foals hurt a leg while trying to scratch and get caught in a halter, and I also saw another horse grab a foal by the halter and swing them into the air! I don’t use halters in the pasture at all at my place, I just feel that it’s safest.
  80. But what is sacred for the man of the modern world? He is told: Be my slave, in a bondage where you may have to murder your own father; and he, oftentimes a man of learning, who has studied all the sciences in the university, submissively offers his neck to the halter.
  81. Maritornes, who had been by this time roused up by the same outcry, suspecting what it was, ran to the loft and, without anyone seeing her, untied the halter by which Don Quixote was suspended, and down he came to the ground in the sight of the landlord and the travellers, who.
  82. Sancho followed him on foot, leading by the halter, as his custom was, his ass, his constant comrade in prosperity or adversity; and advancing some distance through the shady chestnut trees they came upon a little meadow at the foot of some high rocks, down which a mighty rush of water flung itself.
  83. He wore trousers of blue cloth, boots tolerably clean, but not of the brightest polish, and a little too thick in the soles, buckskin gloves, a hat somewhat resembling in shape those usually worn by the gendarmes, and a black cravat striped with white, which, if the proprietor had not worn it of his own free will, might have passed for a halter, so much did it resemble one.
  84. And therefore they are but like the felon that standeth before the judge, he quakes and trembles, and seems to repent most heartily, but the bottom of all is the fear of the halter; not that he hath any detestation of the offence, as is evident, because, let but this man have his liberty, and he will be a thief, and so a rogue still, whereas, if his mind was changed, he would be otherwise.
  85. He observed too that it opened and widened out into another spacious cavity; seeing which he made his way back to where the ass was, and with a stone began to pick away the clay from the hole until in a short time he had made room for the beast to pass easily, and this accomplished, taking him by the halter, he proceeded to traverse the cavern to see if there was any outlet at the other end.
  86. The advice seemed good to Don Quixote, and, he leading Rocinante by the bridle and Sancho the ass by the halter, after he had packed away upon him the remains of the supper, they advanced the meadow feeling their way, for the darkness of the night made it impossible to see anything; but they had not gone two hundred paces when a loud noise of water, as if falling from great rocks, struck their ears.
  87. They made their way at length in among some pleasant trees that stood a little distance from the road, and there vacating Rocinante's saddle and Dapple's pack-saddle, they stretched themselves on the green grass and made their supper off Sancho's stores, and he making a powerful and flexible whip out of Dapple's halter and headstall retreated about twenty paces from his master among some beech trees.
  88. Yet habit—strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish?—Gayer sallies, more merry mirth, better jokes, and brighter repartees, you never heard over your mahogany, than you will hear over the half-inch white cedar of the whale-boat, when thus hung in hangman's nooses; and, like the six burghers of Calais before King Edward, the six men composing the crew pull into the jaws of death, with a halter around every neck, as you may say.
  89. Sancho perceiving it his master's final resolve, and how little his tears, counsels, and entreaties prevailed with him, determined to have recourse to his own ingenuity and compel him, if he could, to wait till daylight; and so, while tightening the girths of the horse, he quietly and without being felt, with his ass' halter tied both Rocinante's legs, so that when Don Quixote strove to go he was unable as the horse could only move by jumps.
  90. To be brief, Sancho fixed Don Quixote on the ass and secured Rocinante with a leading rein, and taking the ass by the halter, he proceeded more or less in the direction in which it seemed to him the high road might be; and, as chance was conducting their affairs for them from good to better, he had not gone a short league when the road came in sight, and on it he perceived an inn, which to his annoyance and to the delight of Don Quixote must needs be a castle.
  91. At the sound of his piteous cry and of the stroke of the cruel lash, Don Quixote ran to him at once, and seizing the twisted halter that served him for a courbash, said to him, Heaven forbid, Sancho my friend, that to please me thou shouldst lose thy life, which is needed for the support of thy wife and children; let Dulcinea wait for a better opportunity, and I will content myself with a hope soon to be realised, and have patience until thou hast gained fresh strength so as to finish off this business to the satisfaction of everybody.
  92. Maritornes felt sure that Don Quixote would present the hand she had asked, and making up her mind what to do, she got down from the hole and went into the stable, where she took the halter of Sancho Panza's ass, and in all haste returned to the hole, just as Don Quixote had planted himself standing on Rocinante's saddle in order to reach the grated window where he supposed the lovelorn damsel to be; and giving her his hand, he said, Lady, take this hand, or rather this scourge of the evil-doers of the earth; take, I say, this hand which no other hand of woman has ever touched, not even hers who has complete possession of my entire body.
  93. Near him was Sancho Panza holding the halter of his ass, at whose feet was another label that said,.

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