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Hand dans une phrase (en anglais)

I had my hand on.
Otto put up his hand.
I put my hand in his.
A grand in his hand.
The pain in his hand.
He held his hand out.
I lifted my hand to.

Jock holds out a hand.
He reached out a hand.
He stuck out his hand.
She holds out her hand.
Tanya put up her hand.
Jed holds out his hand.
She held out her hand.
He loved to hand her.
Reese held out his hand.
Ricci holds up his hand.
Rex on the other hand.
I shrugged the hand off.
Roman put one hand on.
It needs a strong hand.
To the business at hand.
In his hand he held a.
Hamo holds his hand out.
She took my hand with.
Hand me back that note.
In the palm of my hand:.
She pulled her hand away.
The right hand was gone.
On the other hand, the.
I should shake his hand.
It's all slight of hand.
Jude with his free hand.
Sandy Koufax in his hand.
In The Palm Of His Hand.
She pushed his hand away.
Still with one hand on.
I noticed his left hand.
Welles had the upper hand.
He whipped his hand back.
After handing it to me.
We'd be handing you over.
Handing it over Thomas was a.
Owen handing the paper to Holkey.
Mick nodded, handing over the bags.
Flint was handing me more pictures.
Handing over equity to a stranger.
Neil handing out his stack of papers.
Worley, I said, handing it to her.
Handing her the joint, he continued.
Handing them to him, she said, I.
Yes, he said, handing them over.
Here, he says, handing one back.
They are handing over the house today.
Here, he said, handing it to her.
Before handing the bottle of water to.
Sometimes, when handing her a roasted.
Kool aid that Jim Jones was handing out.
Here, he replied, handing them to her.
Handing him the bottle of wine, Thomas.
Sohrab was handing the string back to me.
Handing in one's resignation is honorable.
Here, he says, handing it over to me.
White said, handing over a folded document.
Jimmy glanced at it before handing it to me.
Jensen, but they're handing out letters to.
Handing it to Ravan, she nodded to the stool.
Kane was there handing out the Appreciation.
It was cold I said handing him his blazer.
Bless you She murmured handing it to me.
We’ll use the leverage of handing over the.
People were handing out roses at the trial site.
Galeron shrugged, handing over the metal object.
Hey, said Brian, handing Susan her martini.
Rhone nodded handing his dad another wooden slat.
Here, said Jesse, handing me the Band-Aids.
She saw a Klingon handing Lenar out of the pool.
Sayeed, handing over twelve million dollars?’.
Here Will, she said handing me an envelope.
Here, I say, handing Aaron the instructions.
He handed it to me.
I handed it to her.
I handed it to Mrs.
She handed me a key.
He handed it to Mel.
I handed him a mug.
She handed it to him.
He handed it to her.
She handed him a CD.
He handed her a comm.
He handed me the dish.
She handed him a beer.
He handed me the box.
He handed them to her.
Locke handed it to her.
He handed it to Jimmy.
He handed it to Caris.
I handed her the baby.
He handed him his card.
He handed one to John.
M and handed it to him.
He handed me the paper.
I handed them my knife.
He handed her the towel.
He handed it all to me.
He handed me his phone.
He handed it over to me.
He handed her the phone.
He was handed a stick.
He handed one to Panny.
He handed her a canteen.
She handed me my teacup.
He handed it to Garcia.
I handed Sue her glass.
Ella handed him the box.
Now he handed it to me.
He handed them to Hank.
He handed me the stick.
She handed him the cash.
I handed him the money.
I scowl at my hands.
I looked at my hands.
I shake out my hands.
I wash my hands of.
He hands me the roses.
He hands me the phone.
I moved my hands to.
You are in able hands.
Her hands came to my.
His hands went to work.
I shove his hands away.
Hands went to her hips.
Once by her own hands.
He shook hands with me.
Hands on my body again.
Or the hands of a girl.
Cats use paws as hands.
She hands Mark the beer.
Jack put his hands down.
He hands me the ice pack.
Not the hands of a woman.
I look down at our hands.
The Healing Hands of God.
I need those magic hands.
Her hands cupped his ass.
John hands the photo back.
He hands her her diploma.
I shook hands all around.
And my hands were burned.
I laid my hands upon her.
At the hands of the com-.
In his scarred hands, he.
Russell threw up his hands.
We can't hold their hands.
And stares down her hands.
Hands were I can see them.
Then put it into my hands.
He went still in her hands.
I shook hands with her too.
Sebastian held up his hands.

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