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Hangout dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Dragons at their hangout:.
  2. They arrived at the old hangout.
  3. That night, at the Dragons hangout:.
  4. Maybe Atlanta’s their new hangout.
  5. It was his "steki", his habitual hangout.
  6. He reminds them this is where the dock-hands hangout.
  7. Realistically the hangout functioned as a secondary building.
  8. The little place became their hangout when they weren't working.
  9. You can connect with colleagues through Skype, Google Hangout or a.
  10. Well… I’d hit every terrorist hangout we know about in the city.
  11. Think of it as a time to hangout with your friends, while providing them with a.
  12. Unfortunately, I am allergic to them, but I still find ways to hangout with them.
  13. True, Louis’ drew tourists, but it was still a local hangout, especially in the early morning.
  14. In April, we did a Google+ Hangout with Kejriwal, one amongst several we had planned with top politicians.
  15. Stone thought of it as Paris’s answer to Elaine’s, his old hangout in New York, until the death of Elaine.
  16. Then Clifford ambled down to his favorite hangout: the stream at the back of the property, which was full of trout.
  17. Two habitual drug users in their early twenties testified that Ben had shown up at some abandoned warehouse, a hangout place, on the day of the murders.
  18. He was further surprised at the mention of the Versailles, given it was the favorite hangout of Vladimir Stratavynski, whose store Spalding just happened to inspect prior to his death.
  19. On 22 February 2013, astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn (both USA) and Chris Hadfield (Canada) took part in the first Google+ Hangout from space, on the International Space Station.
  20. This race was going to be special because they were being escorted up to the VIP area next to the commentators and press box to a five-star hangout positioned directly behind yet still above the race track.
  21. The restaurant, a longtime hangout for people in the arts, had outside tables and a ground-floor dining room, plus an upstairs one where the tourists were invariably sent, to keep the main room open for regulars.

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