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Hapless dans une phrase (en anglais)

The hapless would be suicide.
The hapless Dantes was doomed.
I was lying helpless and hapless.
And I remain helpless and hapless.
His hapless relative wasn’t there.
Among the dead was the hapless Delco.
Seized by mute guards the hapless fair.

He stole a glance at the dirty, hapless.
She was not a little woman or a hapless gal.
Of what befell the hapless child; meanwhile.
Hapless worshippers trying to assuage their.
I feel only saddened for our hapless infantry.
This hapless crew of money-hungry mercenaries.
Wickham, the hapless victim of a timeshare scheme.
In fact, it only takes our hapless bondholder 10.
The hapless Corporal Harrington was on duty again.
The root hap means luck, as in hapless or haphazard.
Without Steve or a firearm, she had become a hapless victim.
I see the place of the innocent rich life and hapless fate of the.
My Days I sing, and the Lands--with interstice I knew of hapless War.
After composing himself, he buried the hapless goat in the back yard.
This would also give the hapless Medusa Bar some sort of immortality.
It scurried back from the cave entrance and waltzed past the hapless.
She had lost herself and was just a hapless willow in his mighty grasp.
Jack shouted to Suzy who was still remonstrating with the hapless waiter.
I had to assume my dear cousin had sent another hapless assassin after me.
For the hapless Sir Richard it was indeed the afternoon of his discontent.
Hall; and Aldor brother of Baldor the hapless; and Frja, and Frjawine, and.
Benedict great opportunities to vent his repressions on his hapless guests.
The helpless and hapless people were running hither and thither for their lives.
This is why he had more pity for the hapless sheep than for the young dead man.
As he seeped into our forest, a hapless Black Fox was foraging for food near by.
How would you feel about defending the poor, the hapless, and the hopeless?
The animals could easily chase down any hapless soul they set their sights upon.
Not waiting for long, tormenting him like a hapless animal, in his mind’s eye he.
He was as happy to have independent command as he was to be rid of my hapless cousin.
Although I am hapless to aid you but I could not watch on helplessly therefore I rush.
Without hesitation Kerry selected the boy who had had the necklace as the hapless victim.
The former had a strong king, after a very long struggle; the latter had the hapless emperor.
Now, he looked as if his soul had departed and left an empty mind to rule over a hapless body.

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