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Harebrained dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. That’s harebrained scheme, Victor.
  2. She’d gotten this harebrained idea that she could create.
  3. Lard points out that his understanding is not new or something a few harebrained fanatics have recently.
  4. Now I didn’t know this guy, but I knew he was famous and I had some harebrained idea he might take an interest in the shelter.
  5. I could have told him a harebrained story about us pumping her full of lipids and spring water and he would have bought it wholesale.

  6. It seems harebrained to have had to decipher Rorschach blots and answer silly questions when all that is wrong with me is a missing chemical or an excess of one.
  7. Floy landed beside him and spoke for me: What sort of harebrained, stupid thing were you doing that you got shut up like this? The others’re probably out of their minds.
  8. Whatever the reason, she listened thoughtfully to my harebrained idea, tucked back a fugitive strand of her hair, mentioned a cousin in Austin, and said we could start packing first thing in the morning.
  9. With the same impulsive decision with which he had auctioned off his fighting cocks in order to organize a harebrained boat business, he gave up his position as foreman in the banana company and took the side of the workers.
  10. But unlike his forebear, Aureliano Triste did not lose any sleep or appetite nor did he torment anyone with crises of ill humor, but he considered the most harebrained of projects as immediate possibilities, made rational calculations about costs and dates, and brought them off without any intermediate exasperation.
  11. How many harebrained plans did we devise? Do you remember all of the Hollywood movie like plots and rip offs we designed but never executed? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we even want to start a militia in the 1960's? Knowing what I know now, with the wisdom and understanding that has been given to me, it’s a wonder we didn't blow up the world somewhere along the way.

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