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Hatch dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He went down the hatch.
  2. There is no escape hatch.
  3. The hatch was welded shut.
  4. He peered down the hatch.
  5. TK tries to open the hatch.

  6. A small hatch opened and he.
  7. Joshua slammed the hatch shut.
  8. I climbed as far as the hatch.
  9. They were nearly ready to hatch.
  10. The eggs were beginning to hatch.
  11. Foreman parked by the main hatch.
  12. The pirate ship’s hatch opened.
  13. She pulled open the access hatch.
  14. The hatch above my bunk would be.
  15. However, Locke had a plan to hatch.

  16. The Tale of Marley Williams Hatch.
  17. Opening the hatch to the rest of.
  18. He opened the hatch and peered out.
  19. The hatch closed and the voice said.
  20. The pizza went down the hatch and.
  21. Close the hatch! Greg shouted.
  22. Congratulations on your first hatch.
  23. Someone slammed the hatch shut above.
  24. He closed the hatch and stepped back.
  25. They flew for the hatch to the loft.

  26. She pulled up the hatch and sat down.
  27. Afterwards, I closed the hatch then.
  28. You haven’t changed that much Hatch.
  29. The prince insists the egg will hatch.
  30. Zaphod tapped impatiently on the hatch.
  31. I told her about the maintenance hatch.
  32. The price in life is to let faith hatch.
  33. I only just got the hatch closed in time.
  34. Help me drop her through the front hatch.
  35. But right now, we had other eggs to hatch.
  36. I got out and opened the hatch at the back.
  37. The girl just nodded and closed the hatch.
  38. Hatch smiled at his friend’s observation.
  39. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  40. Car, open up the top hatch! Loki says.
  41. In 3 to 4 days the larvae should hatch and.
  42. Zorn was the first to step through the hatch.
  43. Ravena stepped forward to the boarding hatch.
  44. The cockpit hatch release hissed as Malorum.
  45. The hatch groaned as it ever so slowly turned.
  46. He opened the fourth hatch and there she was.
  47. When your eggs hatch, Silas, you will —.
  48. Is the hatch open, Gary? asked the Captain.
  49. Simla thumbed a code and the hatch swung open.
  50. It hit the edge of the hatch and rode the rim.
  51. The dragon squirmed as the eggs began to hatch.
  52. There should be an open hatch some ways down.
  53. The hatch lids fell back onto the outer plating.
  54. Titus methodically chopped away at the top hatch.
  55. The chicks will hatch roughly 2 or 3 weeks later.
  56. They were interrupted by a knocking on the hatch.
  57. All ready there? Off hatch, then, and start her.
  58. The hatch lock would have to be lasered through.
  59. Apparently some breach in the bottom hatch seal.
  60. Let’s see if this hatch mechanism still works.
  61. The hatch opened and we rushed onto the platform.
  62. I will let you figure out how to open this hatch.
  63. Can you find any clues of a recent mayfly hatch?
  64. They scrambled through the hatch to the cargo bay.
  65. The loft hatch was particularly awkward to get to.
  66. Myra opened her hatch and descended to the ground.
  67. Henrick bounded over and quickly closed the hatch.
  68. Murphy was standing behind the van, the hatch open.
  69. As soon as the airline crew opened the hatch, the.
  70. The hatch lay partly open and their pulsating cry.
  71. Secure this hatch! she yelled back up at them.
  72. As they closed the hatch the huge vessel submerged.
  73. In the wild, once they hatch they are on their own.
  74. He unbuckled his harness and reached up to the hatch.
  75. As arranged, a junior engineer met him at the hatch.
  76. Well, it got the hatch open, that’s what counts.
  77. I eventually found a large coal hatch in the ground.
  78. Press the big red buttons either side of the hatch.
  79. Burn’s flight helmet poked in the open bridge hatch.
  80. If you sit on a false thrown you hatch a vain empire.
  81. She found the hatch and the small handle, and pulled.
  82. After taking a deep breath, he closed the hatch, and.
  83. Parker made for the hatch like the bridge was on fire.
  84. I carefully closed the attic door hatch and left them.
  85. We were almost at the hatch when the air ripped open.
  86. All I knew was I had extra time to get the hatch open.
  87. A few minutes later they were crowded around the hatch.
  88. The hatch opened and Calvin motioned toward the jetway.
  89. Look, Jartis said, pointing inside a warped hatch.
  90. The hatch slid closed, silencing the roar of the crowd.
  91. Closing the hatch, she did a quick check on the systems.
  92. Swimming feebly, Max headed for the safety of the hatch.
  93. The damn beam had fallen onto the room’s blast hatch.
  94. The hatch slid open and a ladder automatically slid down.
  95. She went in after, closing the hatch quietly behind her.
  96. Several were already rising to the evening hatch of fly.
  97. He left me kneeling terrified by the hatch and went to.
  98. A dragon will hatch? A living dragon? What, here?
  99. As Troy crashed the hatch aside, Lee flicked his lighter.
  100. Silently, she dropped through the hatch, Cloud’s body.
  1. It is a viable hatching ground.
  2. Bird sitting hatching in a nest.
  3. Communist ideas were in hatching.
  4. Laid out before me was a hatching chamber.
  5. My Queen has need of the hatching ground.
  6. There was one egg on the hatching ground.
  7. You were both in the same hatching ground.
  8. Reluctantly James left the hatching grounds.
  9. A half formed plan was hatching in her head.
  10. Daniel looked up towards the hatching ground.
  11. We were hatching it for the elves —.
  12. The hatchling inside is near ready for hatching.
  13. The man and the female are in the hatching grounds.
  14. All was in place for the hatching of the new queen.
  15. Jake, dragons are approaching the hatching grounds!.
  16. Did you also know that the sex of crocodiles hatching.
  17. How did we land in a nest of hatching lizard eggs?
  18. He was looking forward to his dragon hatching soon also.
  19. These 20 were the hardened ones from the first hatching.
  20. Kate told them she was sure that his queen was hatching.
  21. I’m this far away? Those niggers are probably hatching.
  22. School hatching programs began in the 1950's, probably to.
  23. And my friend … Homer … was always hatching odd things.
  24. Any of their kind who destroys a hatching ground is killed.
  25. Daniel and Kate headed to the hatching grounds at a fast pace.
  26. Michael rushed to the hatching grounds with Sally at his side.
  27. Look! It’s the eggs! They’re…they’re hatching!.
  28. But knowing him, I was sure he was hatching something crazy.
  29. It was very young Daniel; there may be a hatching ground nearby.
  30. Two days later, Steve’s dragon called him to the hatching grounds.
  31. That was when she saw a pack of them head for the hatching grounds.
  32. Jason and Andrea were called to the hatching grounds on the same day.
  33. Jake flew like a comet towards the hatching grounds, flaming all the way.
  34. Queenie had headed straight for the hatching grounds and remained there.
  35. The assisted hatching technique is only suggested to infertile couple who.
  36. They are aware of the locations of all the hatching grounds on this continent.
  37. Both dragons left the hatching grounds and went to present themselves to Jake.
  38. You said that Michael reported Lady Jennie might have found a hatching ground.
  39. Up above Sally entered the hatching ground and let her eyes adjust to the dark.
  40. Apparently they have a hatching ground in the area and they are breeding again.
  41. She’s also enhanced; happened when Lady Sally and Rah bonded at the hatching.
  42. This means that all the eggs will be hatching very soon, she thought to herself.
  43. Some varieties carry their egg cases with them and place them for hatching later.
  44. He stared at the opening to the hatching ground, tilting his head as if listening.
  45. When she entered the hatching grounds three months ago, Lady Sally was 9 years old.
  46. Some mutations are deadly, killing the embryo in the egg or shortly after hatching.
  47. Oreo and the ‘twins’ kept a huge mutant bear from entering the hatching grounds.
  48. Michael told him the story of the hatching grounds battle and the death of his friend.
  49. When your dragon egg is too big to carry around any more, place it on the hatching ground.
  50. The pile of dirt started to shake and shift, and she was terrified the eggs were hatching.
  51. Jake, Queenie called to him in a soothing voice, our hatching grounds now hold twenty eggs.
  52. I have some news that I believe explains the reason for the two eggs at the hatching grounds.
  53. She sure didn’t look like them, but a human was the first thing they had seen after hatching.
  54. Unknown to the others, at first, Oreo stationed herself at the entrance to the hatching grounds.
  55. And another thing; I barely picked up on this but they are hatching eggs at an accelerated rate.
  56. Any hatching ground that survived would have gone into hibernation till the time was right again.
  57. She fell into a hatching ground and landed on a clutch of 22 dragon eggs in the gelatinous stage.
  58. Daniel rushed up the mountain so fast that he was out of breath when he entered the hatching ground.
  59. A 13-year-old boy in India produced winged beetles in his urine after hatching the eggs in his body.
  60. And as for the ideas he may be hatching, the Russian peasant, generally speaking, needs thrashing.
  61. Kennedy knows this but is hatching an audacious scheme to steal those delegates and make them his own.
  62. Excitement and anticipation was in the air; everyone could feel it, the dragons would be hatching very soon.
  63. It led me right to a hatching ground; and I can tell you that I have never been so scared in all my life.
  64. They looked at each other and grinned in excitement; made an excuse and then hurried to the hatching grounds.
  65. Look for evidence of a recent fly hatching that will provide a yummy treat for the trout that are in the water.
  66. They themselves never entered the filthy swill holes Adams sat in; hatching his plots, and declaiming his hate.
  67. Now is the time to implement, in physical kinds of ways, the plans that you’ve been hatching for many months.
  68. The Corporation saw him as a threat—he was hatching an escape plan—he was going to break out of the dome with you.
  69. He then took off over the mountain and joined Lady Jennie and they headed out west, towards the newfound hatching ground.
  70. Another method of using a brush is hatching, the drawing of rows of parallel lines in either equal or varying thicknesses.
  71. Consider the specifics of the venture as well - producing eggs is simpler than hatching chickens for selling poultry-meat.
  72. While they were kept busy with this battle, a very large monstrous grizzly started up the mountain to the hatching grounds.
  73. A large egg you say? Where is the egg right now? Where are the hatching grounds located? Please, I have to see this egg.
  74. But all that happened was someone found there was a special surprise inside the theirops, an egg, nearly ready for hatching.
  75. We have a plan that will be hatching sometime tomorrow, just as yon ship, the Calamity, arrives into your tiny port here.
  76. Baby budgies have their first full molt when they are about four months out of the nest (five to six months after hatching).
  77. Where else but here can we discover some contraceptive that allows us to couple without hatching another immediately? Of course.
  78. He knew where the hatching grounds were; it had cost the lives of many of the females, but they finally told him what he wanted to know.
  79. A fallow always has dark red eyes, whereas a cinnamon chick has red eyes for only about a week after hatching; then the iris turns dark.
  80. We had not thought about the moisture having that effect on locusts hatching, but I, like you, remember hearing something like that before.
  81. Were that not the case, I’m certain she should have thought of some Expedient to distract Whitehead from the Carnal Plans he was hatching.
  82. It was indeed an incubator, but the eggs were very small in comparison with those I had seen hatching in ours at the time of my arrival on Mars.
  83. And Emily’s falcon, Lancelot, was also enhanced at the hatching; he tripled his size and often enjoyed flying night patrol with the dragons.
  84. Stephen nodded and left, saddened by the man but satisfied that the plans he was already hatching were in the best interests of his new responsibility.
  85. Use the side of your white chalk when you want a mass, or work in parallel lines (hatching) on the principle described in the chapter on line drawing.
  86. She usually starts to incubate the first egg before she lays the second, so there may be more than a week's difference in the hatching times of the young in a nest.
  87. She turned and left the room and we burst out laughing at the obvious theatricals, it was a sure sign that mother was hatching a plot that someone was going to regret.
  88. Now either you start telling us where the weapons of mass destruction are, or what terrorist plots your friends are hatching, or you are going to be eating that shit.
  89. Betsy said all this, and, at the same time, from her good-humored, shrewd glance, Anna felt that she partly guessed her plight, and was hatching something for her benefit.
  90. Bittersteel and the sons of Daemon Blackfyre are hatching plots in Tyrosh, and Dagon Greyjoy’s krakens prowl the sunset sea like wolves, raiding as far south as the Arbor.
  91. Master Jeffery was asked to write down all that had happened, from the very beginning with Kate entering the hatching grounds and finding Jake, to the final battle with the black devils.
  92. Silas tried saying he wasn’t, but no one heard; he could have said he was planning on hatching humans from eggs and teaching them to fly, and they would have nodded and wished him luck.
  93. And for a long time she was continually turning round, looking for me in every direction, probably regretting that our silly tussle was so soon over, and hatching some other trick to play on me.
  94. About an hour later, at a nearby diner, the three of us sat, drinking coffee and hatching our plan, speaking very quietly, since anyone nearby would certainly find our topic of conversation crazy.
  95. I had barely escaped with my life when they were shooting at me—not to mention that they’d kidnapped Jack and were probably hatching their offspring in the back of his neck at that very moment.
  96. If there is more than one egg in the nest, or if the mother bird lays her own eggs after the cuckoo bird has laid her egg in the nest: the baby cuckoo egg is the first one to hatch because its hatching time is less.
  97. Queenie called to Jake one day and told him that the egg on her hatching grounds was of such a size that they would have to make a new opening if the newly emerged dragon was to be able to leave the cave once it hatched.
  98. If this were the case the process of laying and hatching might be inconveniently long, more especially as she migrates at a very early period; and the first hatched young would probably have to be fed by the male alone.
  99. He explained that the eggs had just been placed there; but, like all green Martian eggs, they would grow during the five-year period of incubation until they obtained the size of those I had seen hatching on the day of my arrival on Barsoom.
  100. The biggest problem was the group of forced surrogates and this would take a long time to sort out but in the meantime they were offered the option of taking one of the newly hatching clones in replacement of the ones they had lost in the system.
  1. Hatched is for chickens and.
  2. And he slowly hatched a plan.
  3. So they hatched an awful plan.
  4. The man must have been hatched.
  5. Hatched from eggs, guardians of sailors.
  6. Steve hatched out the back, burning off.
  7. A duckling hatched out with the chickens.
  8. Kate noticed that they hatched in pairs.
  9. People are not hatched, they are born.
  10. There is where the germ of her hate was hatched.
  11. As the other dragons hatched, that love was spread.
  12. I can think of a woman who was hatched from an egg.
  13. Unless of course, he was hatched by parthenogenesis.
  14. Those hatched in captivity have never the same fire.
  15. The eggs have now hatched and the females are ready.
  16. After about 18 days, the grey birds’ eggs hatched.
  17. Vasy took to swimming like a sprat hatched in the sea.
  18. An alien laid some eggs in my ass and they hatched.
  19. Then it was that my "little joke" or scheme was hatched.
  20. Two were just juveniles, newly hatched by about a month.
  21. The big bull remembered how he hatched and bided his time.
  22. Post was quickly falling into debt, so he hatched a plan.
  23. Its offspring hatched before your eyes and bonded to you.
  24. So this was how the chief plot was hatched! cried Mr.
  25. All the conspiracy was master minded and hatched by Bhola.
  26. But whilst the egg was being hatched the duck herself was.
  27. Of a plot hatched by Antinous to assassinate the princeling.
  28. One at a time, the eggs hatched and called to their riders.
  29. She thought about this and secretly hatched a heinous plan.
  30. In one of these eggs hatched a small and thirsty fruit fly.
  31. Within minutes, two more lizards hatched, leaving four eggs.
  32. Maybe she was hatched for the solitary purpose of torturing me.
  33. A wonderful scheme was hatched in Count Kallash's fertile brain.
  34. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them.
  35. On top was an iron pan warming those red eggs that never hatched.
  36. A Hen hatched some Chicks, but did not know how to take care of them.
  37. That sort of bird is hatched in great numbers in such times as these.
  38. Her other two kids were Castor and Pollux, who also hatched from eggs.
  39. Thus, God protected him from any plot that might be hatched against him.
  40. Do they cut off the other two limbs as soon as they are hatched?
  41. Roberto though and duly kept to the plan they had hatched by keeping his.
  42. She filled him in on the wedding furor and the plan the others had hatched.
  43. Together they hatched a scheme to show the bigots the error of their ways.
  44. When Lady Jennie hatched, she was accepted right along into our extended family.
  45. His ankle festered, maggots hatched in it, and Garrett began to run a high fever.
  46. Though hatched from eggs, the demigods Castor and Pollux both were very manly in.
  47. Everyone thought that they would have to wait six months before the eggs hatched.
  48. Magdi came to my house a few times and his fertile mind hatched scheme after scheme.
  49. The park was home to at least forty crocodiles, from giants to newly hatched babies.
  50. Eggs hatched along the shoreline and the insects came back tenfold to feed upon him.
  51. This was how the basic unspoken basis of the American Revolution was finally hatched.
  52. Nevertheless, Master Skeentip had hatched a plan, and you had reluctantly agreed to play.
  53. My father always reminds us, don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched.
  54. Ten days had passed since Kurt had hatched his plan to disrupt Pointy Foods’ supply chain.
  55. Within this environment, an imperialistic larva hatched and grew into a full-fledged monster.
  56. And the conclusion will be as final for them as for the young birds hatched out of the eggs.
  57. Lanigan spoke as if the Unspeller had appeared yesterday and Laeron had hatched that morning.
  58. They are hatched completely naked, with closed eyes and disproportionately large, blunt beaks.
  59. She knew that once their eggs hatched, they would be moving to their own caves with their mates.
  60. The arrow hit the sill so hard that it went trough the wall and hatched itself on the other side.
  61. Michael met me on the pathway and told me that thru his dragon he was aware that Jake had hatched.
  62. He sat down musing, and strange thoughts flitted across his mind and became hatched in his brain.
  63. If he was lucky, he might be able to raise one after it had been hatched in the nest by its mother.
  64. Maggots hatched and were consuming him, compelling him to attack others, to cannibalize and infect them.
  65. Siskin was no fool; he knew what that red egg meant, so he carefully took it with him and hatched the bird.
  66. No one but the Queen knew that she and Altera had hatched a plan to keep Sonia out of Lord Boras’ clutches.
  67. The rooster was not required for sterile egg production but only so that chicks could be hatched and raised.
  68. According to this version, that is how the impressive image of that marvelous icon of Singapore was hatched.
  69. Was he birthed, invented in a lab, or hatched? Tough as it was, I zipped my lip and let Scratch run the show.
  70. The insects were feasting on his personification, some eggs must have hatched because things wriggled in his skin.
  71. Can it be, therefore, that an intrigue has been hatched through THIS channel? But Thedora may be entirely mistaken.
  72. What must it have been like to capture the critter in the first place, even when recently hatched and much smaller?
  73. While he patiently took note of the healing force, Jason hatched a plan that would capture the services of the brute.
  74. Instead of resting in the promises of God, the very promises he just recounted to the Lord Himself, Jacob hatched a plan.
  75. She was small, and had snuck around a lot of the lower levels, including the birthing chambers, where eggs were hatched.
  76. They often lay so many eggs—from fifteen to twenty—in the same foster-nest, that few or none can possibly be hatched.
  77. The dark and secret labs where I was HATCHED! She jumped up and cackled, then paced off a few steps and turned around.
  78. The next morning, I looked at the eggs, and saw that some of the worms had hatched out, while other eggs were quite swollen.
  79. He screamed and prayed that God would kill him before the creatures inside hatched and set about their work of eating him alive.
  80. A dozen of the prisoners had hatched it before they came aboard, Prendergast was the leader, and his money was the motive power.
  81. Thus was hatched a plan to lure their rivals into palaver with the pretense that Upaya had been snared via Kama’s love-mantra.
  82. The insect lays its eggs in the commencement of autumn, at the roots of trees and near the ground: they are hatched early in May.
  83. In this family several hen birds unite and lay first a few eggs in one nest and then in another; and these are hatched by the males.
  84. Cruzel found out from King Bordath's secretary that the King of Illeander had not attended, nor sent an envoy and a plot was hatched.
  85. He wanted She Who Gathers Stones Together to know that he took no pleasure in speaking thus to one who was hatched long before he was.
  86. When the other worms hatched out, I again put a piece of paper with a leaf on them, and all crawled through the holes and began to eat.
  87. The good bishop of Cloyne took the veil of the temple out of his shovel hat: veil of space with coloured emblems hatched on its field.
  88. The idea hatched itself one sunny, Sunday afternoon in the pleasant environs of the Newport Arms Hotel over a steady stream of middies.
  89. The race strategy for Poughkeepsie, hatched on the train trip east and reported by George Varnell in Varnell Says: New Tactics for U.
  90. Every visiting team would generate the wildest stories of who had the Stanley Cup, and whether a plan to steal it back was being hatched.
  91. He was so obsessed, that he hatched a plan to deceive his father, and once Esau found out, he set out to kill Jacob after their father died.
  92. But the American cuckoo is in this predicament, for she makes her own nest and has eggs and young successively hatched, all at the same time.
  93. And one of the staff in his outer office had also said, under questioning, that he had heard talk in the office of such a plot being hatched.
  94. Some of you have got God dreams waiting to be hatched inside you, to be vocalised, birthed in prayer and then begin to be activated in your life.
  95. But, it probably wasn’t alone; probably more snakes hatched over the years, my son said, remembering his reptile studies in science class.
  96. Later that night at dinner, I called them to attention and told them what I had done, and how long it had been going on, and that Jake had hatched.
  97. The first four Puffin Picture Books were hatched in 1940 and the first Puffin story book featured a man with broomstick arms called Worzel Gummidge.
  98. Plans were hatched to go to this club or that party, but they always seemed to get derailed by another round of drinks and various other diversions.
  99. Meanwhile, two POW physicians, Richard Whitfield and Alfred Weinstein, hatched a plan to poison the Bird with massive doses of atropine and morphine.
  100. You see, Longleaf, the problem began when Sheriff Bilge and I hatched a plan a few months ago, one for the big coup that would have set us up for life.
  1. When the tadpole hatches, it.
  2. Then I heard the hatches close.
  3. Off with the hatches, my lads!.
  4. As he arrived the six hatches of.
  5. Maybe it will be my egg that hatches.
  6. They are battening down their hatches.
  7. I've given orders to open the hatches.
  8. When the chick hatches, the father provides one.
  9. By jumping down the hatches you're about to open.
  10. The skiff is in place and the hatches are closed.
  11. Next he sealed the hatches and called the Control.
  12. Well, sir, closing the hatches should do the trick.
  13. When the tadpole hatches, it lives for a time of the.
  14. Hatches that had been closed the day before were now open.
  15. Shouting to the others to recheck all the hatches, I ran up.
  16. We tightened our family ties and battened down the hatches.
  17. The hatches closed once more, and our course was set due west.
  18. The hatches were opened—or torn off, if you prefer—and waves.
  19. Alberto led the men out of the room then checked the other hatches.
  20. Tomorrow at about this time, we'll need to reopen the hatches to.
  21. There were other rabbit hatches but there was only one live rabbit.
  22. I'm afraid we have no other choice but to use the old escape hatches.
  23. There were only two such hatches hidden underfoot on this part of the ship.
  24. The reactor was cold and the access hatches for the ship’s computer were opened.
  25. This done, the hatches are replaced, and hermetically closed, like a closet walled up.
  26. Seeing the turret hatches of that tank open in a hurry, Angie grabbed her M2A2 carbine.
  27. For several days after leaving Nantucket, nothing above hatches was seen of Captain Ahab.
  28. The shots were inaccurate, but it was enough to push the soldiers away from the hatches.
  29. This is near the place where the great river hatches from water that comes from the ground.
  30. Near four o'clock Captain Nemo informed me that the platform hatches were about to be closed.
  31. Both hatches must be able to be opened and locked from the inside as well as from the outside.
  32. Miraculously, most of the crew was on deck, battening down the hatches in advance of the storm.
  33. This is near the place where the great River Beaucoup hatches from water that comes from the ground.
  34. When it rose briefly to the surface to renew our air, the hatches opened and closed as if automated.
  35. My Lady, she hatches! They could all hear the throaty roar as Jake signaled the emergence of his Queen.
  36. Equally, as soon as it hatches from its egg, the chick immediately begins to search in the soil for food.
  37. Three days later we limped back to base with injured men, hatches stove in, winch pipes and boats torn away.
  38. Compressed air hoses were next through the hatches, helping to inflate the rubber boats in less than one minute.
  39. As she said that, Saul popped open one of the hatches near the aft of the ship, and a model of a P I ship fell out.
  40. All hatches should be open and all halyards let go, so that the sails may hang loosely and the yards counter braced.
  41. For instance, when the young duck hatches it soon rushes to the water where it swims with amazing skill and finesse.
  42. Six minutes later, the FINDER’S FEE was firmly on the ground, with its passenger and cargo hatches and ramps opened.
  43. Succeed and the egg hatches into a special item awarded to the host player –with a few side items awarded to everyone.
  44. The turret hatches opened like Champagne cork plugs under the internal pressure from the explosion and jet of hot plasma.
  45. The small hatches in the tops of these shafts allowed the mate and petroleum officer to stick the tanks and take samples.
  46. Trapped down here, with the hatches battened, it was impossible to see the sky or evaluate the weather, after all, and—.
  47. With both hatches of the airlock now closed, Murrow heard the hissing of air being pumped out and felt cold nearly at once.
  48. In addition, the preventer, which controls the mainsail, and both hatches, were all badly damaged, although still functioning.
  49. They were there in case the prisoners chained in the transport’s hold had managed to break loose somehow and storm the hatches.
  50. Waves and rain constantly entered hatches and portholes, our hasty silicon repairs back in port proving almost completely useless.
  51. When they heard the hatches of the cargo bay slam shut, they slowly clambered out of the storage rooms and looked out the windows.
  52. For instance, as soon as the young duck hatches, it soon rushes to the water where it is able to swim with amazing skill and finesse.
  53. There, very puzzled, Ned Land and Conseil watched the crewmen opening the hatches, while a frightful clamor and furious shouts resounded outside.
  54. The constant vigil was boring, nothing was happening on the Ocean Raider, his cramped cabin was sweltering even with the windows and hatches open.
  55. When all the hatches were battened down, I returned to bed, where my dear husband was alive and well, and maybe dreaming about his ten-star megaday.
  56. One of the B vitamins, this is required by the chickens to ensure that the embryo in the egg reaches it’s full stage and hatches as a small chicken.
  57. Dave's sweater, vomit-soaked, floated toward me as a venomous wave breached our hatches and sloshed toward my bunk, but I had no strength to pull it on.
  58. The first egg hatches after eighteen days of incubation, whereas the fifth egg may hatch ten days later, assuming the eggs are laid at two-day intervals.
  59. Once the 32 Marines were on the wet deck, four inflatable rubber boats, still not inflated, were lifted through the hatches, along with their small outboard engines.
  60. As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid, so is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly; in the midst of his days it will forsake him, and in the end he will be a fool.
  61. While everything was still dark on that level, a number of steel hatches with opening hand wheels lined the outer wall of the rotunda, something that raised Tina’s hopes at once.
  62. No doubt the Papuans had been frightened off by the mere sight of this monster aground in the bay, because our hatches stayed open, offering easy access to the Nautilus's interior.
  63. And the Germans either raised their godlike blond heads through open tank hatches to watch broken cities scroll past, or else were psychopathic, sex-crazed torturers of beautiful Jewesses.
  64. The emotional units blended with evil developed a constructive and destructive ego along the lines of soul and spirit, when hope is off criminism hatches long into hate as a quality impulse.
  65. Eyton, who raised two hybrids from the same parents, but from different hatches; and from these two birds he raised no less than eight hybrids (grandchildren of the pure geese) from one nest.
  66. He dove into the hatches of his checkerboards and rummaged around, but he didn’t find nothin’ but holes, I jedge, because he looked dreadful put out, and begged our pardons five or six times.
  67. Ingrid Dows had however taught her aviatrix and ground specialists that a lone tank, without infantry escort and with its hatches closed, was not much more than a big, myopic beast in close combat.
  68. Their personalised hunting rifles with gold and silver inlays sparkle in the sunlight as they are handed up through the open hatches, and they prepare to fire upon the resting family group of lions.
  69. With the Marines then loading up in their four boats, sailors closed back the access hatches, allowing the submarine to sink back under the surface and leaving the rubber boats to float on the water.
  70. From my forenoon watch below, I ascended to the overclouded deck; and there, dashed upon the main hatches, I saw a regal, feathery thing of unspotted whiteness, and with a hooked, Roman bill sublime.
  71. Moments later, Stick had located the hatches to the storage compartments below the cockpit floor, and after lowering the carrier bags into the small rooms, both Stick and Midge climbed in and pulled the hatches shut over their heads.
  72. Surprisingly, as the vehicles closed in Old Chippy like gufders on a greshku, the thing that knotted up Joey’s guts wasn’t the faces of the nycarmans that suddenly appeared in the open hatches from the sixteenth and fourteenth segments.
  73. Still invisible to the four Russians, Nancy simply walked to the hallway junction midway between the two hatches and positioned herself there behind a corner, then emerged from phase shift, her submachine gun pointed and on full automatic.
  74. And now how gladly would I come down from this mast-head and sit on the hatches there where you sit, and listen as you listen, while some one of you reads ME that other and more awful lesson which Jonah teaches to ME, as a pilot of the living God.
  75. And in this way the two went once slowly round the windlass; when, resolved at last no longer to retreat, bethinking him that he had now forborne as much as comported with his humor, the Lakeman paused on the hatches and thus spoke to the officer:.
  76. It was a Nantucket ship, the Bachelor, which had just wedged in her last cask of oil, and bolted down her bursting hatches; and now, in glad holiday apparel, was joyously, though somewhat vain-gloriously, sailing round among the widely-separated ships on the ground, previous to pointing her prow for home.
  77. He intended to spray the rooms with bullets from the Bullpups and pistols and then while the noise, smoke and confusion would disorientate his foe, he and his unit would make their way over to the main control entrance a few hundred yards, closing all doors and hatches and blow up the centre killing all inside.
  78. The hunters are thrown about by the madly cavorting vehicles and have abandoned their valuable rifles in panic as they descend back through the hatches; however, the leading prince’s robes have become entangled with his rifle, making it difficult for him to return into the relative safety of his vehicle and he is hit by a single shot.
  79. Millions of people who once spent time outdoors: are huddling inside their artificial houses and barring the doors and battening down the hatches and fighting off all awareness that the whole world and the nature they once knew a few short decades ago; is getting sicker and dying so fast: they cannot stand to go outside and see how horrible the trees look.
  80. It was very pleasant, when I stayed late in town, to launch myself into the night, especially if it was dark and tempestuous, and set sail from some bright village parlor or lecture room, with a bag of rye or Indian meal upon my shoulder, for my snug harbor in the woods, having made all tight without and withdrawn under hatches with a merry crew of thoughts, leaving only my outer man at the helm, or even tying up the helm when it was plain sailing.
  81. There are those this day among them, who, though intelligent and courageous enough in offering battle to the Greenland or Right whale, would perhaps—either from professional inexperience, or incompetency, or timidity, decline a contest with the Sperm Whale; at any rate, there are plenty of whalemen, especially among those whaling nations not sailing under the American flag, who have never hostilely encountered the Sperm Whale, but whose sole knowledge of the leviathan is restricted to the ignoble monster primitively pursued in the North; seated on their hatches, these men will hearken with a childish fireside interest and awe, to the wild, strange tales of Southern whaling.

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