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Haunt dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His blue eyes haunt me.
  2. That shit would haunt me.
  3. Sadly Haunt Me, Because Of.
  4. The fear that used to haunt.
  5. It returned to haunt Carl now.

  6. That Will Come Back To Haunt You.
  7. Otherwise it will haunt you forever.
  8. Ren’s house your only real haunt.
  9. White! He's starting to haunt us!'.
  10. Yes, our old haunt, he replied.
  11. It is a favourite haunt of stylish.
  12. And these are the ghosts that haunt.
  13. Is this a regular haunt of yours?
  14. It will never return to haunt me again.
  15. That look was one that would haunt you.

  16. Jean Valjean loved to haunt these fields.
  17. Oh, those eyes would haunt Ganesh forever.
  18. That way it can’t come back to haunt you.
  19. The old, old man let a smile haunt his face.
  20. You say you don't? But you do! You haunt me.
  21. Your actions shall come back to haunt you!.
  22. These words will haunt you, a simple refrain.
  23. They still haunt Dr®adan Forest, it is said.
  24. It always seems to haunt me, or chase me down.
  25. The whole area was the haunt of smugglers and.

  26. This will probably come back to haunt me later.
  27. He said that their souls would haunt him until.
  28. They haunt all the places where they once lived.
  29. And his eyes would haunt her nightmares forever.
  30. For all who are left behind, the memories haunt.
  31. He didn't pray for Catherine's soul to haunt him.
  32. At my usual haunt, there’s an extra set of fur.
  33. These terrifying thoughts haunt millions of men.
  34. A task not completed will return to haunt you later.
  35. And then she said words that would haunt me forever.
  36. Why, oh why, did this issue have to constantly haunt.
  37. He didn’t pray for Catherine’s soul to haunt him.
  38. It was something that would haunt him for a long time.
  39. Oh well, it’s obviously not going to be Jada I haunt.
  40. There are guests and guests, and some guests haunt one.
  41. No such frightful idea needs haunt the minds of parents.
  42. Really, he thought, that sweater is beginning to haunt me.
  43. What happened thereafter would haunt me for the rest of.
  44. And a curse that would haunt generations of our families.
  45. My voice slipped away as the images came back to haunt me.
  46. Though what has begun tonight will return to haunt us.
  47. I didn’t want the ghostly child I once was, to haunt me.
  48. The reality of the events was already beginning to haunt me.
  49. Every time I tried to sleep, the Fae came back to haunt me.
  50. I doze and yet the words in his letter continue to haunt me.
  51. What happened next would haunt him for the rest of his life.
  52. The song, the words, returned to haunt me at unexpected times.
  53. Land? The questions continued to haunt him until not even he.
  54. Lingering doubts and resurfacing fears can haunt our memories.
  55. Something that would haunt him forever if he didn’t solve it.
  56. You haunt my dreams… your eyes, your mouth, your… smell.
  57. I had a feeling that last comment was gonna come back to haunt me.
  58. Barnes and Dolly? Alone up here, and undug out? It will haunt me.
  59. We spirits that haunt this ship are the most real of our home here.
  60. How could I ever move on when his presence would forever haunt me?
  61. I haunt his dreams, I smile to myself and it seems he haunts mine to.
  62. I don’t ever say there are ghosts that can haunt us but I can’t.
  63. She didn’t count on a paper trail that would come back to haunt her.
  64. Two sides of the same coin of the human past coming back to haunt them.
  65. I don’t want to get things wrong in this place – it would haunt me.
  66. This is my kind of pub; it will be my haunt during my enforced vacation.
  67. The ghosts of old women who haunt the roads an hour before someone dies.
  68. Once given this responsibility the handing over has the ability to haunt.
  69. The newspaper headlines were damming and they still continue to haunt me.
  70. She had a dream, a dream that came back to haunt her since she dreamt it.
  71. She isn’t the only one that has things to haunt her every single day of.
  72. But it’s behind me! It’s not supposed to come and haunt me now!.
  73. What if it be I that haunt him, and not he me, after all? he thought.
  74. That didn't happen, though, so maybe this hesitance would back to haunt me.
  75. His words haunt me the next day, the next week, and the month that followed.
  76. Do you have enemies that haunt you conscience? People you can’t stand to.
  77. I try to control my breathing when the flashing images come back to haunt me.
  78. Maybe it was because she had said those words that continued to haunt Daphne.
  79. That thought that he had banished to the back of his mind began to haunt him.
  80. These thoughts, and more, continue to haunt her as she progresses up the road.
  81. Their ghosts still haunt us, clinking on chains woven from steam-pressed skin.
  82. He was gone and the memory of his stricken face would haunt her till she died.
  83. The realization that the memory of her would haunt me forever was bewildering.
  84. Would Melissa always haunt me? That thought was just something I had to live with.
  85. Francine Crump walked in with a legal matter that would haunt Samantha for months.
  86. A sense of ridicule seemed to haunt Wadhwa in spite of his tough image at the Tihar.
  87. Then came the memory that will haunt me forever, the worst feeling I’ll ever know.
  88. And she needs to be normal dead, where she won’t come back to haunt me as a ghost.
  89. Forty years ago that point break was not surfed and was only the haunt of fishermen.
  90. Many seasons of disruption would come to haunt their quest to rebuild their settlement.
  91. The marketing myth of HFs as absolute return products came back to haunt the industry.
  92. I don’t want it to come back to haunt me, he paused, then added, just in case.
  93. From the outside he could tell at once that it was a favourite haunt of York City fans.
  94. The foul smell of death that I remembered from the two compost men came back to haunt me.
  95. The questions in my mind never faded, though, and they continued to haunt me for answers.
  96. This way you can treat it as more of a joke than something that will haunt you for life.
  97. The look on Juliana’s face as Kin Slayer cut her jugular vein would haunt him forever.
  98. And at last it was time for Martínez to let the suit float him out to haunt the darkness.
  99. Your past will haunt you as it did her once she discovered the truth about her existence.
  100. You may have uttered some false or foul words and those words are coming back to haunt you.
  1. The Haunting of the New.
  2. I can hear the haunting call.
  3. Power creates a haunting fear.
  4. It was haunting them like any ghost.
  5. That haunting sense kind of drew you.
  6. A haunting melody woven with healing.
  7. They certainly weren’t haunting Shah.
  8. I think a spirit is haunting our home.
  9. I rather fancy haunting the old witch.
  10. Haunting, with elements of raw passion.
  11. It gave its friends a haunting last look.
  12. It is what makes his singing so haunting.
  13. It’s like a ghost is haunting your toilet.
  14. Tori Amos’s haunting voice hung in the air.
  15. The absence of Martha was still haunting him.
  16. And you think the Obeah woman is haunting you.
  17. Could it be the pastor’s ghost haunting me?
  18. I hadn't told him about Jacob's haunting of Mr.
  19. Jai nodded dumbly in time to the haunting drums.
  20. But the guilt in Jack’s eyes kept haunting me.
  21. That day is haunting me and makes me call and cry.
  22. It was more haunting than being in Listowel again.
  23. When they weren’t haunting Missoula bars (now.
  24. This was a slow, gentle but haunting tower melody.
  25. Some people call such experiences pseudo haunting.
  26. I would pick up given the haunting problem facing me.
  27. The haunting caw of a crow was calling in the breeze.
  28. I gasped, the fog of the nightmare still haunting me.
  29. The flute music continued its elusive, haunting melody.
  30. His claim, two decades later, proved true in haunting.
  31. Reilly might be haunting the other rooms of the house.
  32. We investigated a haunting at the Richmond farmhouse.
  33. It was as if the church was a house Jesus was haunting.
  34. It came from deep within the Maze, a low, haunting sound.
  35. Will had the same awful suspicion which was haunting him.
  36. She looked back at her father and his eyes were haunting.
  37. Back out in the grand concourse, the haunting harpsichord.
  38. The same dream that had been haunting him for fifty years.
  39. That memory kept on haunting me ever since, I started.
  40. The melody was quiet, haunting in a sweet and beautiful way.
  41. No one mentioned it and yet it was there haunting everyone.
  42. The investigator then burst into a roaring, haunting laughter.
  43. Their monotonous voices are haunting in the warm afternoon day.
  44. This was also the same question that was haunting Nangong Ping.
  45. Thoughts of what they had known as boys had been haunting him.
  46. He’s haunting Dextro and making it feel feeble and worthless.
  47. Within minutes Jubal was under the spell of this haunting music.
  48. Ken first became aware of the haunting but strangely comforting.
  49. No haunting memories to escape, no pressing worries to speak of.
  50. A haunting sound none of us hear, but all of us pay attention to.
  51. This time, without the haunting feeling that followed its memory.
  52. She was sick of haunting thoughts and never-ending question marks.
  53. The haunting music was now clearly just the other side of the door.
  54. Indian reservation was now haunted, and the source of that haunting.
  55. The pup yelps, a haunting cry that captures the misery of existence.
  56. Trust me, there’s nothing haunting this place but dust and spiders.
  57. But I was not myself; in my heart there was a sort of haunting terror.
  58. The entire valley echoed with the Death Chant, it was a haunting sound.
  59. She had a haunting expression and her eyes were empty - cold and empty.
  60. Something is haunting my house and my life has completely broken apart.
  61. Therefore, the negative thoughts will continue haunting your every move.
  62. I can sense the haunting presence of the thousands of souls buried here.
  63. He tried to imagine Moses or Abraham haunting the temple, but couldn’t.
  64. But always at the back of my mind, haunting me, there was a single thought.
  65. It was still full of a sweet, faint, haunting perfume, like lingering love.
  66. So how does one go out in the open without the paranoia of cancer haunting.
  67. But his haunting eyes made her feel there was something sinister about him.
  68. The haunting shrills that had pierced his heart were gone, disbelieving it.
  69. It would remain forever a bittersweet memory and would not stop haunting me.
  70. For three years this dream had pursued him, haunting him in different forms.
  71. Credit was overwhelmed by the feeling of déjà vu and the haunting sense of.
  72. Sinclair, I said, looking into the eyes that had been haunting my dreams.
  73. It was beautiful, haunting, sending shivers up my spine, but not in a bad way.
  74. That haunting episode of bygone days was to her mother but a passing accident.
  75. She sent me a note, pleading our help, blaming us for her husband haunting her.
  76. There is a nagging question that is haunting my brain: The you in the book.
  77. I haven't gone to the girls dormitory, I haven't! Not since that first haunting.
  78. Robert Johnson’s haunting voice was singing about making a deal with the devil.
  79. He drew his sword, but then heard Kiera’s haunting words only moments before:.
  80. The song went on for quite a bit, a haunting melody, unstructured but still music.
  81. Their bodies were made of finer substance, without shape, so haunting and terrible.
  82. It didn’t move, made no sound—even the haunting groans had stopped completely.
  83. Sad October and her sadder self seemed the only two existences haunting that lane.
  84. A haunting, slow rendition of You've lost that loving feeling filled Holly's ears.
  85. She thought about his answer, So if you could stop the haunting, would you?
  86. His friend’s words of warning kept haunting him every day and troubled him deeply.
  87. Oh thank god, no more haunting dreams of that witch! I heaved a sight of relief.
  88. It’s what got me here alone with the face that has been haunting my mind for years.
  89. If any were haunting the grounds, there’d be no time like the present to say hello.
  90. It was filled with beautiful, haunting paintings of the area, deserts, and the river.
  91. Their brief moment together in the limo builds up in his head, haunting him every day.
  92. There is still the haunting look, the diminished vitality and the difficulty to sleep.
  93. She was already having troubles befriending the ghosts that were already haunting her.
  94. The Haunting of Hill House (Roman) 157f, 337, 344,346, 350,362,365ff, 370, 373,375,460.
  95. Don’t forget, he warned his readers, about the haunting specter of that last mile.
  96. Paranoid foolishness, he told himself; but still, the thoughts persisted in haunting him.
  97. He found that there were now reported to be two electric ghosts haunting Narrulla's tear.
  98. Off to the side came sounds of lutes, flutes and harps, playing a strange haunting melody.
  99. Interestingly enough, in the middle of it all, the sad tears of Samantha kept haunting me.
  100. Off to the side were sounds of lutes, flutes and harps, playing a strange haunting melody.
  1. But now it haunted me.
  2. But yet the idea haunted ma.
  3. Your face haunted my heart.
  4. A sudden terror haunted me.
  5. Every "haunted" house in St.
  6. My dreams are haunted by you.
  7. And haunted as a robber-path.
  8. Do you think it's haunted?
  9. And like a shadow haunted her.
  10. For William, too, was haunted.
  11. The bird be haunted, mon!.
  12. I was haunted by the file too.
  13. Travis gave him a haunted look.
  15. At this moment it haunted him.
  16. It was the voice that haunted.
  17. He's haunted by his former life.
  18. Lots of the haunted houses are.
  19. It haunted her memories against.
  20. I swear, this place is haunted!.
  21. Some haunted the Cistern as usual.
  22. The house isn’t really haunted.
  23. And all mankind that haunted nigh.
  24. How did they know it was haunted?
  25. I am haunted; possessed, plagued.
  26. No barrow, but haunted nonetheless.
  27. A haunted look was now on his face.
  28. It is haunted by the ghost of a cat.
  29. Isn’t it the Haunted Mansion?
  30. Those six sets of silver haunted him.
  31. Gabriel and Junior, haunted, watched.
  32. Villages became haunted places, fit.
  33. Good weather for a haunted house, Dr.
  34. He too was haunted by heavy thoughts.
  35. A thousand Miss Havishams haunted me.
  36. If he is haunted by thoughts of past.
  37. That French maid haunted me for years.
  38. He was still haunted by his memories.
  39. All night Johan’s words haunted Simon.
  40. I should feel haunted here without you.
  41. For the rest of that term he haunted us.
  42. Phantoms of the night haunted my dreams.
  43. The words that still haunted him today.
  44. I am still haunted by the memory of this.
  45. The Haunted Highway (the Ghost Files#1).
  46. Malengin haunted her every waking moment.
  47. Some say it’s haunted, Dave said.
  48. A man haunted by a fixed idea is insane.
  49. How that one-legged man haunted my dreams.
  50. Castle Coldfrock has always been haunted.
  51. It was almost like the place was haunted.
  52. He is haunted by a great, unsolved doubt.
  53. This house is haunted! said the man.
  54. His face haunted my once pleasant dreams.
  55. The last sentence in his letter haunted me.
  56. This is not the haunted side of the island.
  57. As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted.
  58. You will think you’re Haunted or cursed.
  59. There were other questions that haunted him.
  60. His sleep was haunted by visions of terror.
  61. When sleep came, it was fitful and haunted.
  62. Didn’t you hear? This house is haunted.
  63. He had remained haunted by their unseeing.
  64. The town of Woodville is haunted and cursed.
  65. This decision haunted me for most of my life.
  66. The name is for the haunted attraction only.
  67. Shivering, he hurried from the haunted place.
  68. It was kind of like entering a haunted house.
  69. He had a haunted look, as if he slept poorly.
  70. Tales of Restless Spirits and Haunted Places.
  71. The look on Trini’s face still haunted him.
  72. The Haunted Wood is full of them this summer.
  73. For hours he was haunted by what he had read.
  74. Whatever they were, they clearly haunted him.
  75. My mind is haunted, my thoughts are haunted.
  76. Yasmela rode with them; her eyes were haunted.
  77. They say that back in the day, it was haunted.
  78. What night-rule now about this haunted grove?
  79. I swear I didn’t know she was being haunted.
  80. It was Melanie's face that haunted his dreams.
  81. The house is haunted by a number of spirits.
  82. It plagued him, haunted his life at every turn.
  83. One night in particular still haunted his memory.
  84. The purple fingernails still haunted his dreams.
  85. The image of Brian haunted me throughout my walk.
  86. Colin’s eyes were haunted and filled with pain.
  87. Ha! It is…something of a haunted land though.
  88. Thomas also haunted the mall, several club wear.
  89. It had haunted us in Melton and it had followed.
  90. These dreams of late be haunted by a fallen angel.
  91. We are being haunted by ghosts of our past, son.
  92. But during isolation, bad dreams and haunted 219.
  93. I felt like we were about to enter a haunted house.
  94. I was no longer haunted by the dreams of Rick or G.
  95. The frozen fear on the dead countenance haunted him.
  96. Dreams and worries about Vampires haunted his night.
  97. A book titled, The Haunted Houses of Reindeer Manor.
  98. Her mother's words left Holly with a haunted feeling.
  99. No one’s ever seen the haunted asylum’s remains.
  100. Now it haunted my mind: I could have, I should have.
  1. Whaley House and its haunts.
  3. Her face still haunts me through.
  4. For all the haunts and homes of men.
  5. An unnatural silence haunts the park.
  6. In haunts of fashion where each day.
  7. So exactly who haunts the house?
  8. Sharp who haunts this house, but his son.
  9. That’s probably what haunts me the most.
  10. Haunts the same spot as every tourist loud.
  11. Music haunts my dreams, and in the morning.
  12. The color green still haunts me to this day.
  13. The cheerful haunts of man, to wield the axe.
  14. As they moan a melody that constantly haunts.
  15. And all that haunts me is a fear lest in some.
  16. What leaf-fring'd legend haunts about thy shape.
  17. So I began looking for him at other local haunts.
  18. That damn drug haunts me everywhere… he thought.
  19. Rachel’s spirit still lives and haunts this house.
  20. How did you stray so far from your ideal haunts?
  21. What brings you down to these flea-infested haunts?
  22. But the orc was in its own haunts, nimble and well-fed.
  23. I thought you would not dream of the man who haunts you.
  24. The guilt still haunts me, so I swore never to inflict this.
  25. The memory of your blue, prune-ridged body still haunts me.
  26. But that thou walk'dst thy years in barter, 'mid the haunts of.
  27. But America? There’s no true history of haunts and great hounds.
  28. It haunts, it pains and it gives me millions of sorrowful crying.
  29. Even in retirement, though, the incident haunts Officer Delahanty.
  30. But the gory death tableau in the Escalade haunts me night and day.
  31. There is a truism that haunts us and says there is no perfect life.
  32. He sat a moment before answering, In a way that still haunts me.
  33. As the wood-spirits came from their haunts of a thousand years to.
  34. She’s a living, breathing, hellish creature who haunts Hilliard.
  35. This started a financial calamity that still haunts me till today.
  36. Lighthouse Adventures: Heroes, Haunts, and Havoc on the Great Lakes.
  37. I haunt his dreams, I smile to myself and it seems he haunts mine to.
  38. Legend has it that the spirit of the princess haunts the statuette.
  39. MRS BREEN: Mr Bloom! You down here in the haunts of sin! I caught you.
  40. He felt excited at the prospect of returning to one of his boyhood haunts.
  41. Through this, whistling a tune, we took our way to the haunts of men again.
  42. Climbing above the latter haunts, he decided to follow the original impulse.
  43. The president is convinced that the ghost of Abraham Lincoln haunts the residence.
  44. The picture of her standing on the lawn, dipped in silvery moonlight haunts me still.
  45. So the mere thought of revisiting her adolescent haunts consoled her in her unhappiness.
  46. It's no longer the big C, it's the big Z that haunts our immune deficient minds and souls.
  47. Nevertheless, avoiding the locked-in loss (for the moment) is the mindset that haunts him.
  48. The island was familiar to the crew of The Young Amelia,—it was one of her regular haunts.
  49. The idea that I might not see him again haunts me, unwelcome and too painful to contemplate.
  50. It haunts me, the only place I’m safe is in my sleep, buried deep in my unconscious brain.
  51. The first day I came here I visited various haunts, after seven years I simply rushed at them.
  52. Doctors diagnosed depression that had been hidden for years, emerging now in these old haunts.
  53. He had also considered out of the way motels, dingy guest houses and other less obvious haunts.
  54. What is it that haunts this place? Hallen’s question surprised the two boys, expecting.
  55. I would have wanted to spend several sessions with Gary, prowling around his old Princeton haunts.
  56. The guilt still haunts me, so I swore never to inflict this particular brand of parenting onto my children.
  57. How can I live when all the others are dead? That question, asked by every Holocaust survivor, haunts me.
  58. I shall be delighted to show you my favorite haunts, and I wish to hear everything about your own homes in America.
  59. It has been many weeks now since the discovery of the skeleton and no matter what I do to forget it, it still haunts me.
  60. Captain Mike McCarthy and First Mate Sally Polk taught me a bit of sailing and showed me some pirate haunts of the Caribbean.
  61. We went to the club where she had taken me dancing, and to a couple more that Sam said were notorious haunts for under-age drinkers.
  62. But that will mean that, for the time being at least, you must avoid your present haunts – your digs, your laboratories, everything.
  63. Titania, Hipolyta and Jameson made Kaitlyn their instant intimate and set about giving her the grand tour of all their favorite haunts.
  64. The audacious Hernandez, leaving his usual haunts, had crossed the Campo of Sulaco, and was known to be lurking in the ravines of the coast range.
  65. They had spent the day visiting their old haunts, restaurants and bars, not to get drunk, but for old times sake, to say goodbye to their old life.
  66. Tarzan let him up, and in a few minutes all were back at their vocations, as though naught had occurred to mar the tranquility of their primeval forest haunts.
  67. I checked his car’s route on my screen and saw that Tommy’s car had stopped in Inglewood, a very rough part of town and far from my brother’s usual haunts.
  68. Seven years earlier, at the world’s end of the ’60s, I’d gone with my Dad to a few of the more enduring clothing haunts of Chelsea on a rare outing together.
  69. Yes them too! I read somewhere that they quit going to see Live performances or Live shows because the memories of what happened on that stage still haunts them!.
  70. I could never be sure whether this was because she couldn’t leave her usual haunts, so to speak, or whether she simply preferred to stay someplace she was familiar with.
  71. As a matter of fact, he was an idle boulevardier, in touch with some smart journalists, made free of a few newspaper offices, and welcomed in the pleasure haunts of pressmen.
  72. A storm had blown his frail fishing craft far from his accustomed haunts, and wrecked it in a night of flaring lightning and roaring waters on the towering cliffs of the isle.
  73. The horror of Halloween is the legion of the really fucking dying that haunts every bloodshop costume mask your child wears pretending to be queen of the dead or champion of the good.
  74. But since it was no longer possible for him to parade the streets of the town, and be hailed with respect in the usual haunts of his leisure, this sailor felt himself destitute indeed.
  75. Now all is dashed wrong; by the fool's craving to hear evil of self, that haunts some people like a demon! Had Edgar never gathered our conversation, he would never have been the worse for it.
  76. It was an unwritten law of street life that condemned the miserable to wander aimlessly around Soho’s darker haunts for hours before inevitably ending up back where they had started out from.
  77. Now all is dashed wrong; by the fool’s craving to hear evil of self, that haunts some people like a demon! Had Edgar never gathered our conversation, he would never have been the worse for it.
  78. It may be that it is the doubt which haunts him, that when the doubt is removed, no matter which, waking or dreaming, may prove the truth, he will be more satisfied and better able to bear the shock.
  79. Every minute that I waste staring at Peter, thinking about how he haunts my nightmares and the damage he did to me, another dozen Abnegation members die at the hands of the brain-dead Dauntless army.
  80. It seemed glorious sport to be feasting in that wild, free way in the virgin forest of an unexplored and uninhabited island, far from the haunts of men, and they said they never would return to civilization.
  81. Their old haunts greeted them again in other raiment, as if they had slipped away and put on this pure new apparel and come quietly back, smiling as they shyly waited to see if they would be recognised again under it.
  82. I looked with a feeling akin to awe at the famous character who, in common with many others of his type, had migrated uptown from the proverbial haunts of the gunmen on the East Side in search of pastures new and untroubled.
  83. At one side of the coin a guilty conscious had been shed upon us that still haunts our kind whilst on the other hand we were pleased with ourselves that we had flaunted out an existing conduct to be regulated out by us in the future.
  84. Their only weapons are the sumpitan, or blow-pipe, and a club, which is not unlike the "waddie" of the Australian aboriginal; but with these they can do quite enough damage to deter all but the reckless from visiting their chosen haunts.
  85. Although weakened, the young man's brain instantly responded to the idea that haunts all prisoners—liberty! It seemed to him that heaven had at length taken pity on him, and had sent this noise to warn him on the very brink of the abyss.
  86. Osip, the sleigh-tender, ran from sleigh to sleigh, knee-deep in snow, telling of the elks that were roaming in the deep snow, nibbling the bark of aspen trees, and of the bears emitting their warm breath through the airholes of their wild haunts.
  87. He had no one but his mother, and what can a mother do alone, and in such circumstances? Do you know, Pyotr Stepanovitch, it's perfectly comprehensible to me now that a being like Nicolas could be found even in such filthy haunts as you have described.
  88. The soldier lived well in the city, going out for expensive dinners at the finest restaurants, attending the theatre regularly, spending pleasant evenings in the brightest of celebrity haunts and even doing a little work for charity when time permitted.
  89. Tudor's uncle had married an English lady who was third cousin to a living lord, and Amy regarded the whole family with great respect, for in spite of her American birth and breeding, she possessed that reverence for titles which haunts the best of us--.
  90. They are indeed, as he has said, our ancestors, but they are, if I may use the expression, our contemporary ancestors, who can still be found with all their hideous and formidable characteristics if one has but the energy and hardihood to seek their haunts.
  91. Although I have not devoted a particular study to this department of the science of nature, yet I have been amused and instructed by casually observing many of the subjects of it, when I have been rambling in their native haunts, pursuing objects more particularly interesting to me.
  92. They tell me that if the fox would remain in the bosom of the frozen earth he would be safe, or if he would run in a straight line away no foxhound could overtake him; but, having left his pursuers far behind, he stops to rest and listen till they come up, and when he runs he circles round to his old haunts, where the hunters await him.
  93. Because Marcus can’t put up and deal with the memories he have of what he went through with Diane D in the school hallway! He‘s too frightened to ever come back to this school! The memories he have of the incident he went through with Diane D still haunts him! He still gets nightmares about it! He‘s really suffering from this!.
  94. As I was told, Yulia Mihailovna said afterwards it was from this ill-omened morning that she first noticed in her husband that strange depression which persisted in him until he left our province on account of illness two months ago, and, I believe, haunts him still in Switzerland, where he has gone for a rest after his brief career amongst us.
  95. Birds of this order wander more than those of any other; and are occasionally found on the most remote and barren islands of the open ocean; they would not be likely to alight on the surface of the sea, so that any dirt on their feet would not be washed off; and when gaining the land, they would be sure to fly to their natural fresh-water haunts.
  96. So far as relates to the present argument, without any objection from me, you may take what temptations you please, and apply them to the ordinary haunts for enlistment—clear the jails—exhaust the brothel—make a desert of the tippling shop—lay what snares you please for overgrown vice, for lunacy, which is of full age, and idiocy out of its time.
  97. When Joe resumed visiting his father at the bakery, sitting in the Franklin and sharing his lunch, Harry mentioned that he and Thula had spent much of the summer making long excursions—picnics, they called them—to various places around the state, mostly to their old haunts in eastern Washington, and planned on making similar jaunts that autumn.
  98. The legacy of the unexperienced-undigested past can be seen all around the globe: whether it is the legacy of second-class citizenship and lack of self-esteem due to the history of slavery that still haunts African-Americans, or the legacy of racism which still permeates white American society, or the legacy of a stratified caste society that still grips India, or the legacy of elder worship in countless cultures that makes any kind of cultural change painfully slow and difficult.
  99. The "Lay of Chrysostom" met with the approbation of the listeners, though the reader said it did not seem to him to agree with what he had heard of Marcela's reserve and propriety, for Chrysostom complained in it of jealousy, suspicion, and absence, all to the prejudice of the good name and fame of Marcela; to which Ambrosio replied as one who knew well his friend's most secret thoughts, "Senor, to remove that doubt I should tell you that when the unhappy man wrote this lay he was away from Marcela, from whom he had voluntarily separated himself, to try if absence would act with him as it is wont; and as everything distresses and every fear haunts the banished lover, so imaginary jealousies and suspicions, dreaded as if they were true, tormented Chrysostom; and thus the truth of what report declares of the virtue of Marcela remains unshaken, and with her envy itself should not and cannot find any fault save that of being cruel, somewhat haughty, and very scornful.
  100. Having abjured the haunts of men,.

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