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Have dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I have to be free.
  2. I did not have any.
  3. All we have is now.
  4. Have a sip of mine.
  5. You have to wake up.

  6. You have to be first.
  7. I have no later ones.
  8. He would have done it.
  9. I think he must have.
  10. I have one arrow left.
  11. But you have to smile.
  12. You have done well John.
  14. I have to laugh at that.
  15. We have plenty of fuel.

  16. It means we have some.
  17. We you have to have it.
  18. We have to go in there.
  19. Da, you have to listen.
  20. They would have a hose.
  21. You must have liked him.
  22. Why don’t you have a.
  23. Some of those may have.
  24. CINDY: He didn't have to.
  25. He need not have worried.

  26. We don’t have to wait.
  27. Have you looked at him?
  28. They all just have the.
  29. Can’t say that I have.
  30. He did have to stop there.
  31. I have borrowed his time.
  32. We have a sitting tenant.
  33. It should have been fine.
  34. Because i have made the.
  35. It could have been worse.
  36. You'd have to drive them.
  37. I may have been too good.
  38. It would have been good.
  39. But we have grace – to.
  40. So you have heard the news.
  41. He would have to allow it.
  42. I have waited these hours.
  43. In South Africa, we have.
  44. I have a date with Rosita.
  45. Thanks! Have a nice day.
  46. I just didn't have the DNA.
  47. We have three hours to go.
  48. Yes, he have bery good eye.
  49. You have some blood on you.
  50. He’d never have the guts.
  51. What else have you to say?
  52. Every night you could have.
  53. Have you got a garden?’.
  54. Herndon; you have a signal.
  55. Ye have no part in the LORD.
  56. We have over 200 exercise.
  57. I would have come for you.
  58. You begin to glow or have.
  59. You will have to guide.
  60. We have been expecting you.
  61. ERICK: I would have stopped.
  62. I know you have been lied.
  63. He should have known better.
  64. Let her have some real fun.
  65. You don’t have a choice.
  66. I have to just get over it.
  67. I shouldn't have led him on.
  68. I have been waiting for you.
  69. Oh what have I got to lose?
  70. It might have been anywhere.
  71. We don’t have to wait long.
  72. Man, you have been in a coma.
  73. But I don’t have a choice.
  74. I’ll have to overpower you.
  75. He should have come before.
  76. He hated to have to do this.
  77. We have a spectral analysis.
  78. I have to go to Texas this.
  79. I have absolute faith that.
  80. But I have closed this book.
  81. She may have whatever's left.
  82. Come on my boy, have courage.
  83. Leaders are needed who have.
  84. As you might have guessed, a.
  85. We just have to cross those.
  86. We have the same power within.
  87. She should have known better.
  88. This means God have all power.
  89. I have eyes in Sammy's house.
  90. You must have heard of it?
  91. I could not have imagined it.
  92. That could have been awkward.
  93. In fact, as I have mentioned.
  94. What individual goals have I?
  95. They had to have some privacy.
  96. Finally, have someone with you.
  97. I have quite a few probes out.
  98. They have sent too many at us.
  99. We both have secrets, Solomon.
  100. Jesus is and have faith in Him.
  1. But I was having fun.
  2. So near to having it.
  3. It was as if, having.
  4. Having got hold of the.
  5. After having a bad day.
  6. Having eyes as wide as.
  7. Life is about having joy.
  8. Anyway, I was having fun.
  9. Having been abused as a.
  10. But she wasn’t having it.
  11. Having sex with a partner.
  12. But having clear look still.
  13. The Mansi team was having.
  14. Jack was having a field day.
  15. I was having a couple beers.
  16. It is like having a shadow.
  17. Having missed out on that.
  18. They were really having a.
  19. I hate having to touch him.
  20. Having more than one face.
  21. Having a lack of motivation.
  22. On the other hand, having.
  23. So, in spite of having two.
  24. Having all Things in Common.
  25. You’re having a bad dream.
  26. Is having a rest on a planet.
  27. Coke with having a good time.
  28. Yes, having fun and games.
  29. Having set her in the midst.
  30. By having these meetings at.
  31. We were having kids, moving.
  32. What’s the point in having.
  33. The Lord had been having us.
  34. She was excited about having.
  35. She was used to having a lot.
  36. They were having a great time.
  37. Despite it having been weeks.
  38. They might be having trouble.
  39. It’s nice having her company.
  40. It is something like having a.
  41. Gretchen having tidied up the.
  42. You are accusing me of having.
  43. Elena: Just having a cup of tea.
  44. Having caught the gist of her.
  45. Are you thinking of having.
  46. Was she having a heart attack?
  47. Having your body's immune sytem.
  48. He wondered if stopping having.
  49. Having filled every pocket the.
  50. Having got his signal, Rishabh.
  51. Having perfected the mirror so.
  52. We’re having a working dinner.
  53. Having to acknowledge that the.
  54. Having your picture flashed on.
  55. Having been reassured that the.
  56. Having nothing to do with women.
  57. I was having withdrawal symptoms.
  58. Really, without having to face me.
  59. We like having a glass of water.
  60. When others are having hard times.
  61. Having their foundations in the.
  62. Having spent the previous three.
  63. Having done so public-ally with.
  64. EASIER having him here next to me.
  65. I felt awful for having left her.
  66. I am having trouble making this.
  67. Tony Reilly: Thanks for having me.
  68. We are having a baby, I said.
  69. I would walk would stop me having.
  70. If you are interested in having Dr.
  71. Navy, having been founded in 1830.
  72. I know, I was having too much fun.
  73. The nicotine was having an effect.
  74. Having no sense of direction and.
  75. Having formed a mental ASSOCIATION.
  76. She liked having her in the house.
  77. Not having a moon would also help.
  78. However, Joe and Fred were having.
  79. Well, Heinz was having none of that.
  80. Are you frustrated? With having too.
  81. Having spent twenty years in the U.
  82. Having a team or partner that can.
  83. Reilly wasn’t having any of that.
  84. He's having a real crisis of faith.
  85. Rick was having problems with anger.
  86. The fossil was having friends over.
  87. They were drifting, having pushed.
  88. We are thankful for having another.
  89. Having finally gained the heights.
  90. JOYCE: Having sex is not irrelevant.
  91. Having the same interests doesnt.
  92. How? By having conversations with.
  93. Mistake Two was having no strategy.
  94. They were having such a good time.
  95. Imagine not having the use of your.
  96. Having faith to the uttermost degree.
  97. The Middle Class focuses on having.
  98. Having tasted of it while in waiting.
  99. Having children is a spiritual thing.
  100. Having never used a wood burner as.
  1. I had to get out.
  2. And it had a kick.
  3. I had time to kill.
  4. But I had to wait.
  5. We all had to clap.
  6. We had a good life.
  7. He had a gold tooth.
  8. Now we had two outs.
  9. I had to fight back.
  10. He had seen a flash.
  11. She had to let it go.
  12. I wish it had been me.
  13. The mug had no handle.
  14. The four of them had.
  15. And I had to trust her.
  16. He had, and he replied.
  17. Some of them had fused.
  18. He had no reply to that.
  19. He had a ton of money.
  20. If it had come to that.
  21. I did the math in my had.
  22. There mole had given a.
  23. He had no time for this.
  24. Daithi had a strong face.
  25. He had to make a decision.
  26. She had seen them before.
  27. Fred had his camera ready.
  28. She had a name: Antiphone.
  29. She had loved him dearly.
  30. It had appeared that the.
  31. We had a career together.
  32. Melinda had done it again.
  33. He had to tread carefully.
  34. Some had lost their roots.
  35. By Gopi protocol, we had.
  36. The world had given me up.
  37. Ali Ben Ali has had enough.
  38. No!!! wait, she had grown.
  39. We had to hide somewhere.
  40. He had to keep it a secret.
  41. My legs had turned to wood.
  42. And you had better be good.
  43. Sis had a temper sometimes.
  44. He had chosen a simple life.
  45. Her father had always said.
  46. He had a period of severe.
  47. He had, but he couldn't now.
  48. He had thousands brought in.
  49. And when he had said these.
  50. The couplefolk who had not.
  51. When you said you had to go.
  52. He had no control over the.
  53. The show it seemed had begun.
  54. We had no clocks or watches.
  55. The previous night she had.
  56. He had to stoop over inside.
  57. The teachers had signed in.
  58. God had never intended that.
  59. Hope you had a good journey.
  60. And I had less than 24 hours.
  61. But they had agreed that 6.
  62. Her body had a putrid color.
  63. They had very pleasant union.
  64. It was the river Elden had.
  65. Things had changed there too.
  66. He was stronger than he had.
  67. Jake had told them that much.
  68. No, Ackers had to admit.
  69. She, it turns out, had done.
  70. The silence had to be broken.
  71. Now he just had to locate Mr.
  72. You had better be busy then.
  73. He had recently helped out a.
  74. And they had the money to pay.
  75. When Poopsie and Lardyme had.
  76. Son had gone to bury the sword.
  77. No one had found out anything.
  78. They had to clear everything.
  79. They had to have some privacy.
  80. Everyone in the world had died.
  81. They had stomach for anything.
  82. We had a boot camp, I say.
  83. Daniel had already walked away.
  84. I had a phone call from Ditton.
  85. I had got up with a jolt as he.
  86. He even had a slight Southern.
  87. I’ve had a long life already.
  88. After everyone had said their.
  89. They had plans for their lives.
  90. So he had also been with Venna.
  91. He had 11 wives and 43 children.
  92. Joe and Fred had discussed the.
  93. There had never being a circus.
  94. Now all they had to do was wait.
  95. The whole thing had felt unreal.
  96. Eleven of those had disappeared.
  97. Maybe we had a chance after all.
  98. We had met at a party in London.
  99. She had a year head start on us.
  100. Truly they had never seen such.
  1. Ted has a thirst on.
  2. He has all his skill.
  3. If a product has a.
  4. The song has to come.
  5. He has all the power.
  6. He has made each of.
  7. My past has found me.
  8. He has called us to do.
  9. It has to be bad for.
  10. God has so much more.
  11. I dare say she has.
  12. And has set us within.
  13. One of us has got to.
  14. The Lord has given me.
  15. I’ve heard he has a.
  16. He, She or It has by.
  17. The boy has no stamina.
  18. Now, there has been a.
  19. The CIA has reason to.
  20. But my brother has no.
  21. It has been said many.
  22. One has to agree with.
  23. Make sure it has a lid.
  24. In our society it has.
  25. Has when they are little.
  26. She has worked too hard.
  27. He has an errand to run.
  28. The hunger has no limit.
  29. Anyone who has been to.
  30. She has found the tooth.
  31. But Apollo has no answers.
  32. He has a destiny for you.
  33. He has to find an answer.
  34. Even Alec has his limits.
  35. There has to be a reason.
  36. She has never gone more.
  37. It has never been done.
  38. He has tied me to a line.
  39. There is no one who has.
  40. It has a ledge where we.
  41. Yes of course it has my b.
  42. How the world has changed.
  43. Now, that has all changed.
  44. Pity it has taken so long.
  45. The practice has paid off.
  46. He has gained their trust.
  47. Praying has to be regular.
  48. The ship has lots of them.
  49. Billy has found a new low.
  50. It has a chandelier, even.
  51. Mary has chosen that good.
  52. Everyone has a doting aunt.
  53. Tam, he has a glow about.
  54. Ah, at last it has arrived.
  55. Ali Ben Ali has had enough.
  56. The loan has to be repaid.
  57. That has never come up.
  58. Jesus has it out with them.
  59. But he has to be removed.
  60. God has made the earth by.
  61. The tub has tilted too far.
  62. He has no need for a torch.
  63. One of the alleys, has two.
  64. The Boss has an unlimited.
  65. Has Anna has told him yet?
  66. He has to think about this.
  67. Khalid has his parachute on.
  68. He is the One Who has the.
  69. In this quality, he has a.
  70. Has God spoken on woman's.
  71. History proves it has not.
  72. Has no care for me… there.
  73. His brother has cholera too.
  74. The Aunt Sally bit has stuck.
  75. And this misery has a price.
  76. Well, he has got lovely hair.
  78. But he has the ability to.
  79. He has been inside the Rift.
  80. He has very little to go on.
  81. How long has he been ill?
  82. Yes, yes, the new mayor has.
  83. He has never failed anyone.
  84. Billy has had time to think.
  85. Skin that has been tattooed.
  86. She has reached a compromise.
  87. The divine has promised you.
  88. What about the kid? He has.
  89. I suppose it has to be done.
  90. The council has voted to.
  91. Nowhere has this been more.
  92. Jesus has already paid the.
  93. Talking to Rob has shaken me.
  94. No one has bothered to fix it.
  95. It has been nice to meet you.
  96. Stenarch only has four votes.
  97. Some poor kid has a bad trip.
  98. So, Al Snafu, you say he has.
  99. But today everybody has them.
  100. It has to be hypo-al ergenic.

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