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Hazardous dans une phrase (en anglais)

Mining is a hazardous job.
Getting out to sea could be hazardous.
And the reefs are already pretty hazardous.
Because wealth is hazardous to their health.
This honesty, and conceivably the hazardous times they.
Guards are placed at all hazardous points on the machine.
The added rain made the trek a bit slower and more hazardous.

Complicated devices and hazardous materials are to be handled.
That would be more of a diversion than I’d need, too hazardous.
Driving through that rain was extremely difficult and hazardous.
To say that the first couple of weeks were hazardous would be an.
Chief of Police would result in a failure could be hazardous to my.
Don't connect earthing wire with water taps, this may be hazardous.
Until the Hazardous Material Team arrived, no one was coming close.
It is very hazardous to call that which we do without excitement life.
I have another project for you, far less hazardous than the last one.
Exploring the capsized ship was a hazardous enterprise for the divers.
Occupations which expose to high amount of hazardous chemicals, such as.
We used the owners’ testimony to argue that if the hazardous condition.
Ralph’s rule was personal and arbitrary: appealing to him was hazardous.
The course lay up the ascent, and still continued hazardous and laborious.
That was just one of many hazardous experiences Daveda and her friends went.
Also, the product itself must not be hazardous to the health of the consumer.
Replacing the slab was hazardous as it wanted to follow the body into the pit.
However, they postulated that time travel was possible but extremely hazardous.
Things are getting desperate, and it is at least a chance, though a hazardous one.
Many of them found that this endeavor was hazardous to the health of the employees.
No notice was taken as the two recounted the hazardous end to their scouting foray.
Wherever he had elected to crouch and tremble, it was too hazardous to go near him.
Your friend, Bjorn, is stuck with magic users of a hazardous, reckless persuasion.
That seems to me as hazardous as uncertain, and convinces me that my scheme is far.
This, ‘highlights the growing concern,’ about disposal of hazardous nuclear waste.
Setting the initial colony in what would seem a hazardous location was standard practice.
Bunkers, also known as sand traps, are one of the hazardous areas on the golf course.
Greg gently but firmly explained to the officer exactly how hazardous an idea that might be.
Participants have to cover about 1000 hazardous miles, through the most hostile country imaginable.
One moment they were being pulled into the blackness and the next, pushed into the hazardous metal.
At first she thought little of the problem since her house was not that close to the hazardous waste.
The slithering, black limbs snaked around the thirteen posts and hoisted her over the hazardous path.
These water hazards, like the bunkers, are also considered one of the hazardous areas in the golf course.

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