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Heater dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He had a big heater.
  2. The car’s heater was on.
  3. Get closer to the heater.
  4. Even with the heater going.
  5. I hefted the heater and smiled.

  6. The heater had been on for a.
  7. And even let me keep my heater.
  8. We can switch off the heater now.
  9. Claire heard the whir of a heater.
  10. Even with the hydrogen cell heater.
  11. We immerse an electrical heater in a.
  12. He put the heater on for me and asked.
  13. I'm a bit worried about that gas heater.
  14. A little cube-style space heater came on.
  15. She had an old-style heater without vents.

  16. Minimize the use of your shower’s heater.
  17. It wasn't the water heater, it was the frig.
  18. Insure that the heater is in good condition.
  19. The automobile’s heater had done its work.
  20. She would need to have the heater turned down.
  21. They’re outside keeping that heater going.
  22. He put the heater on for me and asked me where.
  23. His ‘ice-cold’ golf game, needed a heater!.
  24. I can just turn off the heater and wear layers.
  25. We sat in the car with the heater on full blast.

  26. She hooked it on the wall behind the wood heater.
  27. It’s not a traditional hot water heater system.
  28. Liam was shivering in the car despite the heater.
  29. Zeke put the heater away, sat down and lit his pipe.
  30. Look, I’m carrying the heater and that’s final.
  31. The lights were low, the heater still casting warmth.
  32. She then looked at the room and noticed the heater on.
  33. The heater was a good idea, they were not cold at all.
  34. He had only an arctic sleeping bag and kerosene heater.
  35. Turning the heater on, I drove straight back to the Hab.
  36. A leak could develop, the heater could stick in the on.
  37. The first order of business was that damned water heater.
  38. I had no idea she had turned up the water heater that day.
  40. The damn heater will eat half my battery power every day.
  41. I can turn on the heater for short bursts when necessary.
  42. Joseph shut down his computer, turned off his heater, and.
  43. Craning his neck, he peeked through the heater vent grate.
  44. When his teeth started chattering, he turned the heater on.
  45. Don't worry, this fine machine has a Weather-Eye heater.
  46. We are now using a heater and have one each in our bedroom.
  47. Luckily, the heater works on gas, so we at least have that.
  48. The noise doesn’t bother me, it’s this goddamn heater.
  49. Peter went into the bedroom and turned on the bedroom heater.
  50. I slid off my bed and walked over to the heater by the window.
  51. With a modern car, you just jump inside and put the heater on.
  52. A few weeks later, our water heater in the small laundry area.
  53. Before Hiss shut his door, he turned the heater on full blast.
  54. And, with the heater off, I’ll wear three layers of clothes.
  55. He rolled over to face the heater in the hope that would help.
  56. When you haven’t disabled the heater, it warms up right away.
  57. But I feel not good when I get up in the morning with the heater.
  58. The rover has an electric heater that pushes air with a small fan.
  59. I built-in a battery supplied heater to be used only when needed.
  60. Couldn’t we thaw it out with the heater? suggested Melissa.
  61. Fletcher’s rucksack was almost filled by the spare fusion heater.
  62. Not remembering that she was still handcuffed to a heater radiator.
  63. Only the hum of the water heater and the surrounding pipes answered.
  64. It occurred to him that he had not lifted the fusion heater before.
  65. For small greenhouses, a heater may be powered by electrical energy.
  66. No, that’s a good idea, and I have a space heater in the closet.
  67. Boronov shivered even though the heater in the Land Rover was on full.
  68. Are you still all right with that heater, Fletcher? asked Chris.
  69. Humvee and crawled into the backseat as Kyle turned the heater up and.
  70. Often the gas heater would go out in the middle of the night, and some.
  71. The paramedics told her she had been sitting to close to a space heater.
  72. He opened the door to his blue Ford estate car and turned on the heater.
  73. See my conceptual design for the water heater system in the next figure.
  74. Switch off the heater as soon as you have taken the chill off the interior.
  75. The closet where the old heater used to be lies behind a panel in the wall.
  76. He busied himself, turning on the immersion heater and stoking up the fire.
  77. Hey, you think these would still be all right to eat? The heater melted.
  78. Paul and Jason sat next to the window near the heater and watched the crowd.
  79. I lugged the heater to my outdoor workbench, and hooked it to Hab power.
  80. You're right, I wouldn't, he said, then turned on the heater and pulled.
  81. So I brought it in with me, turned off the heater, then drove back to the Hab.
  82. A slight "whoosh" from the RV's water heater, though barely audible, bugged me.
  83. I told him I needed to fix the leak on the water heater, Melvin droned on.
  84. Don't use any appliance, heater, electric iron, cooler without proper earthing.
  85. Zeke timed one rotation of the wheel then got Adam to switch on the heater again.
  86. The Rover’s heater was on the blink, so the crew got back into the van to wait.
  87. Fletcher turned on the heater as soon as the sides were weighted down with stones.
  88. Don’t worry, Lieutenant, you get us the heater, and we’ll get it out there.
  89. Baker would travel in the cars of her coworkers even if the heater didn’t work.
  90. The car’s heater was still on and blasting hot air but her hands were still—.
  91. Yukino finished refilling the kerosene heater; lit it and placed the kettle on top.
  92. Also take a look at the hot water heater, and follow the water lines up from there.
  93. She’s got hypothermia, said her father, pushing the kerosene heater close to.
  94. As soon as it was ready, they lifted Lucy inside and Chris started the fusion heater.
  95. You will also need to purchase a heater capable of heating the aquarium size you have.
  96. He told me we should put a heater in the covered part of the corral for the chickens.
  97. He placed the panel on the floor and pressed the button to switch the heater back on.
  98. This type of heater is best for long term use as it consumes lesser amounts of energy.
  99. There are times when people make use of their showers’ heater even on summer times.
  100. You put the ration heater next to your sealed MRE and it makes it nice and toasty warm.

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