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Heel dans une phrase (en anglais)

Wow! Beef to the heel.
Stamp on toes with heel.
She sure could be a heel.
Ingrid whirled on her heel.
Lift heel and pivot on toe.
High heel should be banned.
The girl turned on her heel.

He turns on his heel to leave.
The heel smashed into the wall.
A wound to the heel is not fatal.
She stomped on it with her heel.
Walk heel to toe along the wall.
My Achilles’ heel, if you will.
He kicked it loose with his heel.
But she had to be brought to heel.
He stood and spun on his heel to.
A bump rose in the sand by her heel.
Start with your heel on the ground.
When you stamp, do it with your heel.
Finish with your heel off the ground.
Forgive me! He spun on his heel.
He probably knew its Achilles’ heel.
Stamp on the toes with your shoe heel.
He turned on his heel and left the room.
To bruise His heel, is when Jesus was.
Clayton stumbled and turned on his heel.
Susan had a slight blister on one heel.
The lance swiveled on his heel and left.
His heel smashed me square in the nose.
The singer would cover it with his heel.
Jacob's hand held first the heel of Esau.
Turning on his heel, he leaves the room.
Belle turned on her heel saying not a word.
Then massage the instep and then the heel.
The All Heel party adopted Saint Vladimir.
He felt like a heel leaving her like this.
I drag the heel of my hand over my cheeks.
Apply pressure with the heel of each hand.
Once, even, it touched the heel of my boot.
Like the old eagle feathered to the heel;.
Archie settled into his course, the boat heeling with the.
I then moved out, heeling my horse on hard to catch up with my men….
Semén was sharpening his knives at one window, and Mikháyla was heeling a shoe at the other.
I gave him a long look before heeling hard into my horse’s sides and moving up the road and out of sight.
It’s heeling, but she is going through a lot of therapy trying to get the strength back into her feet and toes.
One of the mountains of the Realm is used as a place of heeling, it is where some titans go and learn about medicines.
He glanced at the Argus, wallowing in the crimson sea-wash, heeling far over, her decks awash, held up by the grappling-irons.
The steamer had struck the lighter obliquely, heeling her over till she was half swamped, starting some of her timbers, and swinging her head parallel to her own course with the force of the blow.
As the ship began to settle to starboard, heeling at an angle of nearly forty-five degrees, those who had believed it was all right to stick by the ship began to have doubts, and a few jumped into the sea.
He had even brought a horse for me, and for the first time in a long time I was up on horseback and heeling away, first a trot, then a group canter that had the people of the city turning to watch us leave, stopping in their tracks and some hailing us.
Screwed at its axis against the side, a swinging lamp slightly oscillates in Jonah's room; and the ship, heeling over towards the wharf with the weight of the last bales received, the lamp, flame and all, though in slight motion, still maintains a permanent obliquity with reference to the room; though, in truth, infallibly straight itself, it but made obvious the false, lying levels among which it hung.
Her shoes were high heeled and expensive.
There was another jolt, and the raft heeled over.
He heeled into his horse’s sides and I followed.
If not well heeled, they are more than middle-class.
On her feet she wore the heeled slippers of her wedding.
The carriage heeled over and back, their four trunks swaying.
After applied effort the muscles finally heeled under his command.
Apparently the Nautilus had gone aground, then heeled over sharply.
The inrush of water when the lighter heeled over unsealed his lips.
More than one thousand men were trapped when she heeled over so suddenly.
As we rode in through the open gates, Arthur heeled on his horse ahead of us.
I was heeled also, and I held up my gun to scare him off and let me get away.
Her boots, brown and calf length, heeled but slim and forgiving, were the only.
Aston Martin to put his Cuban heeled boot through the floor, and he duly obliged.
But it had heeled sideways, filling completely, and it was listing to port even yet.
We kept to our formations, all save Arthur who heeled his horse ahead of the rest of us.
They’re all well heeled and in business, so there’s probably something in it for him.
His laughter continued until she managed to get her high heeled shoe onto his booted left toes.
I wasn’t used to seeing girls our age wearing high heeled shoes, except at church on Sundays.
It did! The Saxon went under my horse’s legs and I heeled out of the fray, regrouped with Uki.
We heeled our horses forward and trotted down the road that would turn us north for Aquae Sulis.
Obviously, she says, the Nautilus had collided with something and then heeled over at a sharp angle.
She wore high- heeled red-leather hiking boots under the divided skirts which he had suggested for her.
She was made for speed in moderate and light weather, and she heeled sharply as she went scudding through the waves.
Ali observed the tall lady dressed casually in jeans and a black shirt, her high heeled boots made her look even taller.
It would have looked better on a taller girl, as did all dresses, but with heeled boots it looked quite good on me too.
Their hair was piled and curled, and their heeled riding boots were barely visible beneath the full black Anabel skirts.
The high heeled boots I had worn to work today had been more of a fashion statement and not a choice based on practicality.
Parts of her could still be seen—a brown flicker of her hair, her green and yellow heeled sandal, a sleeve of her white blouse.
Fern stumbled along in her high heeled sandals following as carefully as she could, trying not to lose her balance and topple over.
Captain Kahrltyn Haigyl, CO, HMS Dreadnought, sounded more than a bit impatient as his armored galleon heeled to the press of her canvas.
She had let her hair down, cascading around her shoulders and had opted for a simple black evening dress with sparkles and black heeled shoes.
Her high heeled shoes didn’t match the colour of the satin, but who was going to care about that? She couldn’t wear flatties not on stage.
I swallowed terror and heeled my horse forward, riding over to join the infantry where I would hurl my javelins into the enemy with only one working hand.
Henrietta was wearing her low heeled or rather flat shoes and a long skirt and a dark sweater and I was pumping along in my Brooks Brothers racing jacket.
Nicky was wearing a pair of long, black, very high heeled boots, black leggings and an expensive-looking leopard print long coat with matching hat and gloves.
The ribbon of wet sheen running towards the horizon begged the driver of the Aston Martin to put his Cuban heeled boot through the floor, and he duly obliged.
I heeled to ride over and join the Supreme Commander, and when I pulled in at his side, he said to me, See those hills over there? He pointed north-west.
The crowd washed back sudden, and then broke all apart, and went tearing off every which way, and Buck Harkness he heeled it after them, looking tolerable cheap.
Christina cried out nervously as the right dugout canoe boat dusted up off the waves and the platform heeled over to the left to coast on just one canoe pontoon.
At his heels a stone.
Pam was on his heels.
Conan was at his heels.
It closed on his heels.
He was at my very heels.
He sat back on his heels.
Feltus rocked on his heels.
And on the heels of that.
He had taken to his heels.
On his heels come two aides.
They toppled on their heels.
But because High Heels kept.
Boot heels clicked on asphalt.
Constance rocked on her heels.
She settled back on her heels.
She kicked off her high heels.
Mabel was close on their heels.
Garret rocked back on his heels.
He rocked back on to his heels.
The All Heels always demanding.
He had turned on his heels and.
Kennedy rolled back on his heels.
However, the All Heels, pointing.
He assumed they were on his heels.
All the beef to the heels were in.
Her heels were where heels go in.
She pulled on the pink heels and.
A set of high heels tapped closer.
He isn’t ‘cooling his heels.
I should have taken the heels off.
He went home to cool his heels.
Kept those bastards on their heels.
On the heels of the meeting with Dr.
The benefits of wearing high heels.
Smitz clicked his heels and saluted.
Right at his heels came the stokers.
She knew she should wear heels as.
Heels, if possible should stand on.
She walked in her high heels with.
Men’s boot heels and horse hooves.

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