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Hire dans une phrase (en anglais)

He was a recent hire.
Hire them at the bank.
I would hire a brass.
We hire on as guards.
The new hire can proffer.
He offered to hire us both.
Hire the men and a manager.

Who would hire me, Anna?
Hell! We could hire guards.
We hire our leaders in the.
Hire some old crock, safety.
These guys are guns for hire.
Granted I might have to hire.
Mercedes we’d managed to hire.
You can go in Harry's hire car.
Hire a burnt out, broken down.
I need to hire one, and quickly.
An experienced wheeler for hire.
They hire more consultants, but.
With the power to hire and fire.
Not as easy as hire a priest.
A job—a hit, a murder for hire.
Hire a tutor if you feel you must.
Try To Hire The Best, Regardless.
We’re going to have to hire.
Each artisan they enslave or hire.
Hire someone else to deal with it.
We could always hire a look-alike.
I’ll hire a good deal of help.
Maybe you could be a coach for hire.
You will have to hire them on wages.
Employers hire candidates they like.
It is important, of course, to hire.
He can hire another overseer to run.
I even had to hire two more employees.
That hotel and others did not hire me.
But the Labourer is worthy of his hire.
O, this is hire and salary, not revenge.
Instead of just hiring the.
When I approached a hiring.
As with Elance, your hiring.
There Are Mechanics To Hiring.
I paid him back by hiring his.
I'm sorry, but we aren't hiring.
Hiring a cab I set off for home.
I am in the process of hiring.
They are thrilled about hiring me.
If we are currently not hiring in.
Once a good hiring manager sees a.
Hiring you was a strange sustenance.
So she focused on hiring top-notch.
He keeps hiring for the meat grinder.
When comparing the cost of hiring vs.
The subject of hiring creeps up again.
Presume not to outbid a man in hiring.
Hiring man said son if it was up to me.
I don’t know why they are hiring you.
He started hiring new people, initially.
They also plan on hiring graduates with Ph.
There is nothing wrong in buying and hiring.
FONEMED concentrates hiring in the 24 Nurse.
Hiring a cleaning service every three weeks.
Before you think of hiring a consultant to do.
And I know the market isn’t hiring right now.
One source of anxiety is the fear that hiring a.
You’ll also want to consider hiring consultants.
Hiring you was the best thing I ever did in my life.
Luckily, this packing plant was notorious for hiring.
I went in, they said they would be hiring in January.
In the hiring process, they mostly deal with pieces.
OTHER INFO: Employee with Benefits, Not Hiring at the.
It also prevents any nagging of recruiters or hiring.
SYKES is now hiring True Virtual Home Based Agents to.
The man was protesting unfair hiring practices by the.
This includes calls into recruiters, networked hiring.
People are understandably nervous about hiring a lawyer.
At that moment John knew he’d struck gold hiring Bluey.
I had hired a Qualis.
He hired Jess as a.
I guess she hired you.
She was hired by the.
We hired her last week.
They hired me on the spot.
And he had hired Chambers.
Manager and hired his wife.
Someone not hired by Vick.
He hired Mark on the spot.
Hired for the job, he was.
He also hired a maid, and.
Or maybe cheap hired thugs.
The hired help are on duty.
She hired him to kill her.
I was hired as a programmer.
You are hired young ladies.
He was hired by the church.
Spartan had hired him, and.
I’m not just a hired hand.
A week later, they hired him.
They were hired but if they.
A new plant manager was hired.
Hired on at the IBM New York.
That's why they hired me, and.
I have hired myself out to him.
The company hired shrinks and.
They were just hired assassins.
So then he hired Keever?
Fox, he's hired on mercenaries.
On the hired bicycles he often.
You’re hired! he told me.
And they hired him in here over.
I’m just hired to help you—.
Thomas thought he was hired by.
You could have hired a carriage.
I’m guessing he even hired you.
Sci was hired right out of school.
They have opinions and are hired.
I've been hired by a woman I know.
He was one of my new hires.
Then, President Ford froze all new hires.
The auditorium was filled with new hires.
We require new hires to have at least three.
Put your new hires in the room and close the door.
So, I said, this Downes hires me to find you.
FONEMED hires throughout the year based on projected.
Our client buys new equipment and hires people to do the work.
It expects its hires to remain at the company for long periods of time.
We talked about it because the house usually hires one of about ten guys.
In a start-up business, you will have many people that I call must hires.
The ubiquitous Felix Frankfurter served as a source for some of these hires.
He’s the one that pardons the criminals and hires the guards for the city.
This depends on the size of the project and the company or person who hires you.
It is interesting that that is how he has ended: he hires himself out to read the.
The bank hires intelligent trainees to become disciplined traders on the forex desk.
As of this writing, fewer than 1 percent of new hires at Zappos accept The Offer.
Staff meeting had to wait until 4:30 when everyone had sent home the new hires for the day.
These new hires did not have pharmaceutical knowledge or experience with the customer base.
A company that hires more people might have a lower profit margin, but the goal is to optimize.
One way to learn if a business hires candid employees is to learn about the type of workplace it has.
When someone hires you to take pictures for his or her event, it is wise to get to know them better.
Here a small village hires a soldier for eight roubles for the winter, and he goes from house to house.
If a corporation hires lawyers and brings you to court even though your new idea is valid and original.
He wanted only career types and new hires straight from LS, not people contaminated by real world experience.
Carter hires a staff, which keeps on expanding because of the caseloads, and the income of the firm skyrockets.
Thus, for example, a village of twenty souls hires a transient man at two roubles a month to teach the children.
So Zappos decided to pay a measly $2,000 up front and let the bad hires weed themselves out before they took root.
If the company you’re representing on Twitter hires new staff or opens a new office, announce the news on Twitter.
After preparing the documents needed for application, the next thing that should follow is finding vacancies for new hires.
One problem with that is that large firms often have new hires, ones who may have bluffed their way thru the vetting process.
You want to determine if the manager hires employees who are candid or those who are not afraid to challenge the top management team.
She sorts through existing staff, gets rid of a couple of questionable gardeners, hires a better chef and overall, takes to the job with ease.
RATHER THAN SUBJECT NEW HIRES to any real training process, the Renard frères threw them in among the veterans and saw who had the will to survive.
If the Commune is not well-to-do and is small, it hires quarters from a peasant, or establishes a rotation, and the teacher passes from hut to hut.
The lowest labourer hires himself as a workman but he doesn't make a slave of himself altogether; besides, he knows that he will be free again presently.
The lowest labourer hires himself as a workman, but he doesn't make a slave of himself altogether; besides, he knows that he will be free again presently.
There a large village or a compact township levies fifteen kopeks from each of the twelve hundred souls and hires a teacher for 180 roubles for the winter.
It is interesting that that is how he has ended: he hires himself out to read the psalms over the dead, and at the same time he kills rats and makes blacking.
There are a few cases where outside managers tend to be good hires: For example, when a business needs to break from past strategies or needs to cut costs quickly.

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