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Hole dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He put a hole in.
  2. A hole in the wall.
  3. Then he hit the Hole.
  4. The Hole In The Wall.
  5. A hole in the center.

  6. He was making a hole.
  7. He put it to the hole.
  8. Place it in the hole.
  10. C, this is the hole.
  11. Wel , this hole needs.
  12. The hole in the ground.
  13. Five years in the hole.
  14. He then corked the hole.
  15. The hole was very narrow.

  16. I average a hole every 3.
  17. Soon the hole was filled.
  18. The hole in the ceiling.
  19. The hole was still there.
  20. Kubo looked into the hole.
  21. Behind it the hole closes.
  22. The black worm hole hole.
  23. He will be found in a hole.
  24. Like a hole in the head.
  25. But what is a black hole?

  26. We call it 'The Deep Hole.
  27. And there’s a hole in it.
  28. A small hole in the floor.
  29. In a hole in the ground.
  30. Down the rabbit hole I fell.
  31. Ashley climbed out the hole.
  32. It left a huge hole in my.
  33. We are parking in the hole.
  34. There's a hole on the hill.
  35. The Steeps of Jackson Hole.
  36. So it is as good as a hole.
  37. I’d like to see this hole.
  38. Each hole is fitted with a.
  39. There was a tiny hole in it.
  40. He fills the hole with dirt.
  41. Ash shoved her down the hole.
  42. However, the hole was made.
  43. There is a hole in the plan.
  44. I remember the hole was so.
  45. The tiniest hole saves them.
  46. She put her hand on the hole.
  47. Then drill another hole the.
  48. It is tiny, like an ant hole.
  49. His ace in the hole was Marie.
  50. Ralph looked at his hole card.
  51. There was a hole in her soul.
  52. If you try and drill a hole.
  53. There was a hole in the stem.
  54. That’s what my hole is for.
  55. They crawled through the hole.
  56. The actual black hole would.
  57. Down through the rabbit hole.
  58. Fear of the black hole within.
  59. Chase, water's up to the hole.
  60. Fiver was not long in the hole.
  61. Particularly down in the hole.
  62. I fell into a deep black hole.
  63. He tossed it back in the hole.
  64. Nothing survives a black hole.
  65. K stepped up to the hole and.
  66. The hole was filled with water.
  67. Maybe even an ace in the hole.
  68. The sun is a black (worm) hole.
  69. The black hole at the church.
  70. The children stared at the hole.
  71. Ski Shores of Old Jackson Hole.
  72. Not a bad shit hole actually.
  73. She was standing on the hole!.
  74. He stared at the hole, appalled.
  75. Plug that hole in your hand.
  76. The now is a hole in the.
  77. He peered through a hole in it.
  78. There must be a hole up there.
  79. I want that hole stuffed up.
  80. Syd filled the hole as directed.
  81. A hole dug by humans to hide in.
  82. A cave with a hole in the roof.
  83. In the end Jeremiah dug the hole.
  84. The crab scuttled into the hole.
  85. The hole had closed behind them.
  86. Have they dug a hole for you?'.
  87. Trapped like a rat in its hole.
  88. Beckoned to the hole in the sky.
  89. Silas reached in the feeder hole.
  90. I ended up in that hole myself.
  91. The rat bolted down a small hole.
  92. Danny had a red hole in his thigh.
  93. He pointed at the hole that was.
  94. He ran the wire through the hole.
  95. The well was a long hole in the.
  96. It can carry you all to the hole.
  97. Next door to the hole was a sign.
  98. He hit a deep hole and went under.
  99. Only this hole and the statue.
  100. L then disappeared into the hole.
  1. That’s gotta be where he’s holing up, Randy said, pointing toward.
  2. While he was holing this position, the options moved from far OTM to almost ATM and increased in value from $0.
  3. Holing up at the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth Avenue we began preparations for the weekend event as well as the next day’s full slate of appointments we had scheduled with several O’Neil institutional clients with offices in the city.
  4. Now, when I take my poets up with into the forest, and sit on one of those dusky pine-grown slopes where the light is subdued to a mysterious gray-green and the world is quieted into a listening silence, and far away below the roofs of Jena glisten in the sun, and the white butterflies, like white flowers come to life, flutter after each other across the blue curtain of heat that hangs beyond the trees, now when I open them and begin to read the noble, familiar words, will not those other words, those anecdotes, those personal descriptions, those suggestions, those button holing, leer at me between the lines? Shall I, straining my ears after the music, not be shown now for ever only the instrument, and how pitifully the ivory has come off the keys? Shall I, hungering after my spiritual food, not have pushed upon my notice, so that I am forced to look, the saucepan, tarnished and not quite clean, in which it was cooked? Please don't tell me you can't understand.
  5. Holing up with local strippers,.
  1. Holed up in a safe house.
  2. Rocky holed up with a chick.
  3. The hull was holed in dozens.
  4. It’s where Gino’s holed up.
  5. The bank, and one armed guard holed.
  6. While I’d been holed up in my bedroom.
  7. He holed up in his room, listening to music.
  8. Do you know where these guys are holed up?
  9. The streets were pot holed and splattered with.
  10. He must have holed up for the night, someplace.
  11. Willis and I are holed up in the top of a house.
  12. Until, when they had boarded the boat, he holed it.
  13. I have millions holed up in numbered Swiss accounts.
  14. The once lush velvet curtains were broken and holed by moths.
  15. Now that we’re all holed up in this place we need to think.
  16. Maybe I had wasted my time holed up in that neighborhood so long.
  17. There the turf was smooth as velveteen, padded and holed by the rabbits.
  18. Hopefully, Obrecht’s other civilian employees were similarly holed up.
  19. Find out where they’re all holed up, and you’ll have a small fortune.
  20. I don't think he'd been out in public for awhile as he had on a holed tee.
  21. Another forty minutes later she was holed up in the bathroom, nauseous and.
  22. However, it appears doubtful that they will succeed before the Wards are holed.
  23. Being holed up in here does wonders for making the brain do what it was made for.
  24. Here, signs say, Germans holed up in underground tunnels to fight to the last man.
  25. A friend of mine says that he and some other bad people are holed up north of town on.
  26. It was 8:30, and normally Mattie would be holed up in her office chatting with Donovan.
  27. Socially, tattoos were the unique badges of honour which pigeon holed the youth of this.
  28. With Jan holed away in his ‘pimped out’ room, my evenings before the television are.
  29. Many of the insurgents who’d been run out of Fallujah were said to have holed up there.
  30. Legend has it that he holed up in a watchtower to get an unobstructed view of the sea.
  31. The Fire of the Forest has its benefits, but the people of Tarden cannot stay holed up.
  32. There once was a sailing ship that had holed herself upon a reef and thus was sinking fast.
  33. Holed up behind its walls, they started raining AK fire at a squad of soldiers on the ground.
  34. In the meantime while waiting for the Iona to berth, I spent the next three days holed up at.
  35. Garcia felt immediate relief when he saw through Brittany’s eyes the people who had holed.
  36. Many of the insurgents who’d been run out of Fallujah were said to have holed up there.
  37. Holed up behind its walls, they started raining AK fire at a squad of soldiers on the ground.
  38. The best thing for us to do was to stay holed up in this cozy shelter, while the storm raged outside.
  39. Shouldn’t we be moving on the Clevedon property? Someone may have her holed up there, or about?
  40. I knew that Bob was holed up near Needless and I was going to have to find a way into there or die trying.
  41. Evelyn is holed up in Erudite headquarters with her factionless supporters, leaning over a map of the city.
  42. As the sun disappeared over the mountain, Rachel snuck into a roadside motel and holed up in one of the rooms.
  43. The last of the scientists and their families are holed up in some kind of vaults buried in the lowest levels.
  44. After the season’s work he tramped to the nearest settlement and holed up for the winter drinking to his last coin.
  45. That most likely all the women who wanted to be hobos were holed up in some house with a gaggle of children to raise.
  46. Ordered to stay in camp, he holed up in his office for eleven days, so afraid of retribution that he never once came out.
  47. Each crew chief let them know he was mightily pissed that his airplane was holed without causing any hurt on the bad guys.
  48. It echoed down the maze of passageways and she guessed Footsie was holed up somewhere in the dark recesses of the complex.
  49. He’s split up with Ava, Ava’s been holed up since she made me that time, except when she went over to Kulai’s?
  50. This time, the bridge itself was holed to vacuum, while fragments flew all around, cutting and ripping through spacesuits and flesh.
  51. The Arctic had been constructed with a single hold that ran from bow to stern and thus was guaranteed to sink once she had been holed.
  52. Those humans that survived have gone to ground, holed up in barricaded homes or gathered in tightly guarded apartment buildings and hotels.
  53. The abductors were holed up in a shack near the edge of town, but had spies skulking around, all to learn when the ransom would be paid.
  54. Jack sped off and into the city; the intelligence he got Max indicated that William was holed at an old abandoned Shack at Santa Maria Beach.
  55. I had been briefed in hurriedly on what the current tactical situation was: Eileen was holed up around the gateway on the after-world’s end.
  56. Alex didn't suspect anything, glad for the help in the kitchen, where Zac and Liz were currently holed up under the pretence of opening the wine.
  57. Birds flew about, intoxicated, and moles and all things holed up in earth and stone ventured forth, forgetting that life itself might be forfeit.
  58. She is outside Camp David where certain members of Congress, the President’s Cabinet, and the President himself, have been holed up since 9:00 a.
  59. For a man like him, holed up in written reality, those stormy sessions that began in the bookstore and ended at dawn in the brothels were a revelation.
  60. He told Correlli about how Shawn's untrained eye mistook the holed hull of the M113 command vehicle for a bus and the VC in the open as the passengers.
  61. I’d probably covered about six miles of carpet in the past fourteen hours, all in the same Second District station conference room where we were holed up.
  62. I repeat the vigilante is dead when the building he was holed up in blew up not too long ago and we have received a message from the monitor and we will cut to that now.
  63. I have been holed up in Dharavi for weeks in that filthy slum and it is only these last ten days that I have ventured out and am enjoying the sun and the sea and your pleasant company.
  64. Ignar’s Den, oddly, seemed to repel the fire, and it was there that Jeslin was holed up with Ayrim during the battle, and it was there that she now cared for the child and his father.
  65. After stowing the last of his equipment and washing at least some of the dirt off in the bathroom sink, Cam holed up in his office to update the inventory and log his hours and those of his crew.
  66. As this had been provisional, this long layover in a city he detested, holed up in his wretched airport hotel, waiting for the knock that would mean federal agents, and meanwhile working the phone.
  67. Following the February revolution (see the preceding section), Lenin and his pals were holed up in Zurich and had to do a secret deal with the Germans to let them cross German territory to get back to Russia.
  68. She would be holed up in her room pouring over her anatomy and histology textbooks or else dissecting a giant cockroach, a rat or a weasel supplied by the enterprising doorkeeper of their building for a very reasonable fee.
  69. There is nothing more heroic in being drowned very much against your will, off a holed, helpless, big tank in which you bought your passage, than in dying of colic caused by the imperfect salmon in the tin you bought from your grocer.
  70. There was now a police lock on the front door, and two padlocks on the little garage out back; one on the inside, for when Solomon Grungy was holed up in there—which was most of the time—and one on the outside, for when he was out.
  71. Closing my eyes, I heard him say, The other letter is from Blandon, remember? He confirms what Uthyr said about Aurelius being holed up with the Caw Clan, though he adds there’s no report, as he writes, of Cynan still being there.
  72. The unfortunate crewmembers present in the holed compartments were brutally sucked towards the holes in the hulls, where they were either shred to pieces while their bodies squeezed through the breaches or they were themselves vaporized by the continuous laser beams.
  73. These two youngsters at my request kept her stationary for ten minutes, with a touch of engine and helm now and then, within three feet of a big, ugly mooring buoy over which the water broke and the spray flew in sheets, and which would have holed her if she had bumped against it.
  74. If the worst happens, and the ship fills with water because she has foundered or been holed, the ballast stones will automatically be dumped by Translocation, and if necessary much of the cargo as well, until it has been freed of enough weight that the wood of her material is sufficient to keep her afloat.
  75. But Old Lady, skittering quick as a gingham lizard, cornered him in a dead end, and Charlie holed up in this old hermit’s cabin and wouldn’t come out, no matter how she whammed door, window, or knothole with amber-colored fist or trounced her ritual fires, explaining to him that he was certainly her son now, all right.
  76. All these detailed information have surfed since the instructions of the prescribed pattern had been followed out correctly, as otherwise the objective would been changed into studying the ingredients of a clock or on the other hand looking at the stars out from a holed spot relating out whatever had been staged out before.
  77. After several seconds of complete silence with absolutely no indication of movement from within, Feltus knocked again only more forcefully as if to give Underwood an impression of urgency, but still there was no response from the young man, the murderer, who was apparently holed up inside and very unwilling to admit his visitor.
  78. Brother and sister might have shared a conspiratorial look from their respective tables on the lawn, except that brother refused to come down to eat; he would spend much of that weekend holed up in his room, or out God only knew where, on the principle that the greatest punishment he could render against his oppressors was to deprive them of the glory that was William.
  79. We’re wasting valuable time! We know that all the conspirators and criminals are holed up in Venak, and that King Renem’s a murderous bastard who’s in it up to his neck! We should blast that barrier down and arrest or kill every damn one of them! They know we’ll be coming for them sooner or later, and with every second that passes before we do, they’ll be that much more prepared for us! We have the power of this great military alliance, but Kevim and the rulers refuse to use it now, while it’s still likely to be effective! Our soldiers will end up paying for this indecision with their blood!.
  1. Dig holes in the snow.
  2. Two holes were in his.
  4. It is more full of holes.
  5. Not fil ed with the holes.
  6. It had bullet holes in it.
  7. All those holes and pebbles.
  8. C stitched up the slug holes.
  9. It was full of bullet holes.
  10. For all the holes to place.
  11. Not to mention the pot holes.
  12. He looked down at the holes.
  13. Yes, I said a mini-black holes.
  14. The thing's filled with holes.
  15. I love your tight holes, baby.
  16. Socks that were full of holes.
  17. His eyes were two black holes.
  18. Bullet holes riddled the tenth.
  19. Punch holes in top with a fork.
  20. In the white holes of the mind.
  21. He's got holes in the intestine.
  22. Again, holes in the metal door.
  23. There were holes in the deck too.
  24. My shirt had smoking holes in it.
  25. The holes act like reverse nails.
  26. But alas, now he's full of holes.
  27. Would they find any holes in it?
  28. You burnt those holes in my hands.
  29. Coffee is over, and holes are full.
  30. Darwin theory, too many holes in it.
  31. Every moment, the holes multiplied.
  32. Dig holes and canals to drain water.
  33. Three holes were neatly placed in.
  34. Their eyes stared holes into Holly.
  35. The one with the holes in it?
  36. It had two bloody holes in its back.
  37. Huge holes have been burned into it.
  38. The old ones are riddled with holes.
  39. They screw into holes and seal them.
  40. Can you come with us to our holes?
  41. In the ground, two rectangular holes.
  42. The Fritzies were all in their holes.
  43. Then we have stopped all the holes.
  44. They are lightless, like black holes.
  45. There were gaping holes in the floor.
  46. Thus black holes function in the mind.
  47. Why would there be holes unless…….
  48. The years crawled back in their holes.
  49. I read somewhere that black holes are.
  50. I see they got holes into the barn.
  51. And on the subject of black holes, a.
  52. The first black holes began to appear.
  53. He started pointing out the holes in.
  54. There seems to be holes and doors and.
  55. All the holes are to be double-guarded.
  56. He wasn’t poked full of holes either.
  57. I hope there's no holes in those socks.
  58. Lots of potential holes in that theory.
  59. Damn! I don't see any holes an' blood.
  60. They then punched some holes in.
  61. Great holes had been cut from the iron.
  62. Let’s shoot some holes into this story.
  63. I'll knock holes in all the boats first.
  64. It hid its awareness in holes, in caves.
  65. Here is how you are to dig the holes.
  66. I watched them eat holes in my clothing.
  67. We fill the holes in, good and thorough.
  68. Police said it was full of bullet holes.
  69. I'm so full of holes I'd be sure to sink.
  70. Would you rather be full of holes?
  71. I'd made a slit for the head, and holes.
  72. I couldn’t see any holes, or any blood.
  73. The bridge looked like cheese with holes.
  74. See that there are no holes or low spots.
  75. I have holes in the soles of my shoes.
  76. He wore a black T-shirt with holes in it.
  77. The same thing can be said of black holes.
  78. There were two huge holes in his forehead.
  79. It’s bleeding from several bullet holes.
  80. But the fact remains that there are holes.
  81. The physics of black holes – immensely.
  82. Draw two lines joining the holes and cut.
  83. Brooke, busily punching holes in the turf.
  84. Carl’s form on the house in bullet holes.
  85. The holes I drilled won’t let my air out.
  86. Finally as the black holes finally go out.
  87. To stop him, Peter opened some large holes.
  88. It’ll put some holes in the foundation.
  89. The holes were small, probably caused by 7.
  90. It was like those holes had a welcome mat!.
  91. Boxes, trays, bags, with holes for draining.
  92. Black holes are more import5ant than babies.
  93. Two brick size holes open on all four walls.
  94. In particular, patching up of holes in.
  95. I looked through the holes of my safe haven.
  96. Many holes that Peter made never got closed.
  97. Usually, golf courses have a chain of holes.
  98. Book publication about celestial black holes.
  99. Its white facade was marred by bullet holes.
  100. Holes had been cut through them for windows.

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