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Hollow dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We are the hollow men.
  2. We met at Gokie Hollow.
  3. Fear of the hollow core.
  4. And its heart is hollow.
  5. He felt hollow, used up.

  6. There was a hollow in her.
  7. In the hollow of my hand.
  8. It was too hollow at that.
  9. They were cold and hollow.
  10. All this country is hollow.
  11. It rang with a hollow sound.
  12. He chuckled, low and hollow.
  13. After, I felt tired, hollow.
  14. He felt very cold and hollow.
  15. Besides the Hollow and more.

  16. It was cold, rough and hollow.
  17. Cold wind howled in the hollow.
  18. Like death had made him hollow.
  19. And hopes all dashed and hollow.
  20. His heart felt hollow and empty.
  21. Sam looked up out of the hollow.
  22. A distant hollow howl droned on.
  23. There is hollow fiber membranes.
  24. It was filled with hollow points.
  25. Her eyes were hollow and staring.

  26. When we are nestled in the hollow.
  27. They were empty, detached, hollow.
  28. The shadow laughed, a hollow laugh.
  29. The boos echoed again in the Hollow.
  30. But I have only a hollow child’s.
  31. The Hollow widened at one certain.
  32. The coffin gave back a hollow sound.
  33. He smiled, but it was a hollow grin.
  34. I’m calling you out to the Hollow.
  35. It can only hollow out other beings.
  36. In the distance a hollow bell rings.
  37. Some eyes have a blank, hollow stare.
  38. When we have become hollow bones?
  39. Foster’s eyes were cold and hollow.
  40. A hollow terror bloomed in her chest.
  41. Celeste’s mouth was dry and hollow.
  42. Her carven heart, on the hollow wall.
  43. They were almost hollow deprived of.
  44. Skill without self-mastery is hollow.
  45. Tokugawa’s victory was a hollow one.
  46. Who cares about some form of hollow.
  47. It was set in a small wooded hollow.
  48. Equatorial! He gave a hollow laugh.
  49. Hollow out the centers of the tomatoes.
  50. Of the sea, caught in the hollow tube.
  51. There was that awesome hollow warning.
  52. There was a hollow thud under the dust.
  53. Then, her voice turned cold and hollow.
  54. We hear the hollow promises to better.
  55. He soon struck wood that sounded hollow.
  56. He felt hollow inside when she answered.
  57. I felt hollow, like I had been cored out.
  58. The thought makes me feel hollow, empty.
  59. Just then a hollow explosion was audible.
  60. They are both hollow towards the middle.
  61. The young ferns were spicy in the hollow.
  62. At thirty yards the width of the Hollow.
  63. Then using a mould, a half round hollow.
  64. Hungry Hollow and resurrect the tradition.
  65. The dirt entered through his hollow eyes.
  66. The hollow had been filled with wet sand.
  67. The space was predictably hollow and large.
  68. And then he heard a hollow crunch of bone.
  69. A trick of the sea in hollow coral!.
  70. A hollow roar was starting inside his head.
  71. He will find that the column sounds hollow.
  72. We are dancing in the hollow of nothingness.
  73. The series continues with Beyond the Hollow.
  74. The place feels hollow at this time of night.
  75. As they clambered over it, it sounded hollow.
  76. They are called hollow points in normal life.
  77. The story made me feel hollow, and guilty too.
  78. Fearful whisperings rippled across the hollow.
  79. A terrible hollow cough interrupted her words.
  80. The crow's ill-boding croak, the hollow moan.
  81. Nothing else to see in that hollow man anyway.
  82. They took off down the Hollow in a dead sprint.
  83. We were going up a road called Queen's Hollow.
  84. I heard him snoring in a corner of the hollow.
  85. The farmer sat in a hollow on the far side of.
  86. He found her in the hollow with Thethuthinnang.
  87. The deep hollow was enclosed by the same grey.
  88. His words though had this hollow sound to them.
  89. I need to talk to the cops in Stewart Hollow.
  90. Let the elves feel the hollow cold of his heart.
  91. It was a hollow, totally deep, and creepy voice.
  92. The thought opened up a hollow pit in my stomach.
  93. This was followed by a hollow sound of scraping.
  94. The noise rang out in a strange, hollow fashion.
  95. A dog barked, barked, barked down in the hollow.
  96. What’s the Hollow? He continued to eat.
  97. Alaric himself could hear how hollow that sounded.
  98. All of the promises we made, they seem hollow.
  99. But Peter’s brave words rang hollow in his ears.
  100. A smoke trail was coming out of the hollow barrel.
  1. The hollowing of that pitiless nail could be felt there.
  2. Suddenly Queequeg started to his feet, hollowing his hand to his ear.
  3. Some of us haven’t given up on life, said Johnny, returning to hollowing out the trough.
  4. Deshavi had nothing but concern in her eyes for me, but all I could notice was the hollowing of her cheeks caused by our forced rationing.
  5. Warm brown eye shadow and black eyeliner to make my eyes seem large and soulful; slight outlining of lips and subtle hollowing of the cheeks, highlighted cheekbones and thicker eyebrows transformed me into ‘Dionysius the sexy pagan’.
  1. The hollowed out space of.
  2. Life has been hollowed out.
  3. A hot rise of air hollowed his cuffs.
  4. We had a house that was hollowed out.
  5. An empty feeling hollowed out my chest.
  6. An empty feeling hollowed out my bones.
  7. A secret movement had hollowed out Maba.
  8. The space station is a hollowed out asteroid.
  9. Jackie was being hollowed out from the inside.
  10. I felt hollowed out and empty and incredibly sad.
  11. Some parts have had to be hollowed and reinforced.
  12. The death of our sister has hollowed his heart and.
  13. Obviously the place had been hollowed out in a hurry.
  14. The rock was hollowed at the bottom, forming a small.
  15. He looked…I suppose the phrase would be hollowed out.
  16. His face a skull – all angles and hollowed out cheeks.
  17. Roughly pyramidal in shape and hollowed out, I perceive.
  18. Doors were painted gloss red and the hollowed doorsteps.
  19. These four words, hollowed out in the rough stone with a.
  20. She had no eyes – only hollowed out craters in her face.
  21. It was as if he hollowed me out and filled me with feathers.
  22. It was just a hollowed out block of cement with glass doors.
  23. Mix ingredients and put into a hollowed out sourdough bread round.
  24. Akiva observed a stone that had been hollowed out by dripping water.
  25. The drums were made in the traditional way from hollowed out cedar logs.
  26. Cassa dumped his hollowed out surfboard in a waste bin next to the hotel.
  27. The room was not much more than a cave, hollowed out of t much more tha.
  28. Without looking he saw the hollowed remains of men and women surround him.
  29. Mei Yinxue hollowed in sorrow, her heart was painful to see him like that.
  30. The parasite may have gone, but it had left him hollowed out, a man apart.
  31. It was not an ordinary pit, but hollowed out under the ground like a vault.
  32. The train was hollowed of passengers as Junya sat near the rear car of the.
  33. Come on! called the prettiest of the three, through her hollowed hands.
  34. This hollowed portion, called the ―womb,‖ in turn housed several movable plates.
  35. It is like a pea that has been cut in half, slightly hollowed out, and then rejoined.
  36. The breeze hollowed out undulations in the magnificent enormity of the chestnut-trees.
  37. He was inside a tree! It was completely hollowed out and actually fitted for habitation.
  38. His face was still hollowed from his time with Arkenians, and his clothes hung on his body.
  39. Originally Gnomes hollowed parts of it out secretly, but they would be killed in the collapses.
  40. The beginnings of the new warren had been hollowed out among the roots of one of the beech trees.
  41. Her eyes were nothing more than hollowed out black craters that were oozing a thick, dark liquid.
  42. His cheekbones, now exposed, were hollowed, like soft clay that someone had carved out with a thumb.
  43. Pontiac? Vivid creases appeared within Tim’s forehead as an empty pit hollowed out his stomach.
  44. I looked back to the hollowed husk, still wearing a curious printing of my father’s stilled face.
  45. Mercer’s eyes were now like a cat’s, able to see into the hole that had been hollowed out beneath.
  46. She felt a little better, not quite so hollowed out and empty, but the feeling didn’t last very long.
  47. A hollowed out ballista missile could be filled with flammable oil and ignited just before it was launched.
  48. Ford thinks he looks hollowed out, and Bush is telling friends that he is deeply worried about Reagan.
  49. And yet every movement took her further beyond the envelope of warmth her body had hollowed out in the night.
  50. Whether there were natural caves there, or whether they had been hollowed out by man the children could not tell.
  51. THE MASTER BEDROOM FELT not just cold, but hollowed out, as if the room itself were suffering from the terrible loss.
  52. I had stumbled into a giant hollowed out space of a cavern and at the far end of it sat the relic on an upraised dais.
  53. Bit-Yakin was dead, shriveled to a hulk of wrinkled leather and bound in his hollowed crypt to greet the rising sun for ever.
  54. She sat down in one of the immense chairs, and had the disagreeable sensation that she was sitting down in Wemyss hollowed out.
  55. THE FIRST TO arrive are Macklin and Marie, Marie so hollowed out by days of constant worry that she leans on poor Mack for support.
  56. It’s a hollowed out shower curtain rod that you stick one end into the toilet while blowing in the other end to break up the derby.
  57. I kept the third for myself, and I had it hollowed out, which reduced its value, but rendered it more commodious for the purpose I intended.
  58. First, Lezura went into the rest of the camp, walking from hollowed out rubble to rubble in search of pots to prepare a meal for her and Joey.
  59. A log is laid upon the ground and then it is cut into and hollowed out with ax and adze along its top length so that a trench is made into it.
  60. Gary and his co-conspirators had a surf board already hollowed out, ready to stash five hundred million dong in denominations of two hundred thousand.
  61. They proceeded on impulse into a nebula cloud, where they had hidden their secret base, a hollowed out asteroid which had been moved to this location.
  62. The cave, a cavern hollowed in the rock of a hill not a minute’s flight from the stream, emanated sobs and roars like a giant conch shell possessed.
  63. He looks hollowed out, like the first time I saw him up close, in the police station—as though someone has scraped away his insides, leaving a shell.
  64. He was so close to me I could have touched him—he was beautiful in the flesh, hollowed out and coiled like a spring, nervous energy radiating off him.
  65. Along the bottom row (never taken out because, with the layers above lifted, there was sufficient air circulation), he hollowed out a secret refrigerated chamber.
  66. As the air inside evacuated the hollowed out asteroid, the nebula gasses were blown away, diffused to where they could see the Losira agent getting ready to strike.
  67. But the way souls could be plucked from hollowed out rib cages of those yet living, was something that had always inspired great shudders in his broad Nordic frame.
  68. Three days of intensive work by Jake Stennis’ digging crews had hollowed a basin in the methane ice with a diameter of nearly 500 meters and a depth of 550 meters.
  69. Flickers of light danced about the entrance, as a large torch cast its light to the otherwise dark hollowed out space that seemed to connect many corridors and passages.
  70. The cave seemed to be hollowed out artificially, swaths of incandescent light pouring out from the large orifice he was instructed the Patriarch was awaiting his presence.
  71. It wasn’t long after that they started to sing and play small buckskin drums that were just deer hide stretched over a piece of wood that had been hollowed out in the middle.
  72. It was a narrow, natural basin, hollowed out by the water in a clayey soil, about two feet deep, surrounded with moss and with those tall, crimped grasses which are called Henry IV.
  73. Her frame grew even thinner than it's normal sinewy condition, her hair began to grey, (although she was still a comparatively young woman), and her features became gaunt and hollowed.
  74. The basal part of the labellum stands over the bucket, and is itself hollowed out into a sort of chamber with two lateral entrances; within this chamber there are curious fleshy ridges.
  75. They were all on the one stratum, hollowed out of some soft rock which lay between the volcanic basalt forming the ruddy cliffs above them, and the hard granite which formed their base.
  76. Under his guidance, the hideaway, his brainchild, was meticulously hollowed out of the mountain, intricately built with places to live and offices out of which the Silver Triad could operate.
  77. It was a labyrinth of an old house, with corridors, passages, narrow winding staircases, and little low doors, the thresholds of which were hollowed out by the generations who had crossed them.
  78. There are ransoms to be had as well, for those who win their matches, Ser Uthor said as he hollowed out his trencher, and I have heard it rumored that some men place wagers on the tilts.
  79. The walls were hollowed out in sepulchres, one above the other, and which seemed in contrast with the white stones to open their large dark eyes, like those which we see on the faces of the dead.
  80. This house was completely grown out of trained trees, not the straight kind with horizontal branches, but a supple, arching kind that could be trained to grow enormously fat and then hollowed out.
  81. It was not so much a room as it was a crevice, a hollowed out cavity of rock somewhere underneath the city, just another small cave forming part of a complex network whose size she could only guess.
  82. Deep ruts and "cradle-holes" were worn in the ice, as on terra firma, by the passage of the sleds over the same track, and the horses invariably ate their oats out of cakes of ice hollowed out like buckets.
  83. Men buried their brothers, mothers buried their children and all wept until they were hollowed out and numb to the sorrow, as flesh rotted on the bone and the putrid stench of decay bittered mind and body alike.
  84. The news of his arrival must have spread, because there was a pile of wood ready for the fire, a hollowed out tree stump container of fresh water, and a small bunch of wild flowers in the middle of the sandy floor.
  85. Even so, I think I still get around okay without help, so when the wheelchair is actually brought into the living room and becomes a reality, it makes me feel like someone has taken a giant scoop and hollowed out my insides.
  86. The old woman, choking with indignation, now rose completely upright, and the red gleam of the lantern fully lighted up her livid face, all hollowed into angles and wrinkles, with crow's-feet meeting the corners of her mouth.
  87. It was the human subconscious screaming at them that the first human who hollowed out a gourd so they could accumulate something in it: was being negative, accumulating out of fear, out of avarice, out of hunger, out of emptiness.
  88. The lay brothers bustled about, whipping off the covers to reveal two more loaves of bread which had been hollowed out to contain generous servings of clam chowder, rich with fresh cream, potatoes, and corn and dusted with grated cheese.
  89. The democratic principles are institutions are being consistently hollowed out and rendered mock by election fraud, exclusionary policies, cronyism, corruption, intimidation, and collusion with Western interests, both commercial and political.
  90. Having disposed of the ‘plates’ by tossing them onto a heap at the edge of the forest, the men returned to the fire, added more fuel, then took a handful of translucent greenish paste from a hollowed out stone and smeared it over their bodies.
  91. I remember from history books that a thousand years ago they put charcoals in a hollowed out cow horn, blew on them during the day, so they carried their fire on marches from place to place, to start a fire every night with the sparks left over from morning.
  92. This orchid has part of its labellum or lower lip hollowed out into a great bucket, into which drops of almost pure water continually fall from two secreting horns which stand above it; and when the bucket is half-full, the water overflows by a spout on one side.
  93. Anything, from booms, to mast, to engine parts and decking could be hollowed out and, if done well, made into a cache undetectable even to trained dogs: the only way to find the drug, if one was certain it was aboard, would be a gradual disassembly of the entire craft.
  94. At the far end the rock-wall was sheer, but at the bottom it had been hollowed back into a shallow bay with an arched roof: the only roof of the hall, save the branches of the trees, which at the inner end overshadowed all the ground leaving only a broad open path in the middle.
  95. He was alone in his garret, busy imitating in wood one of those indescribable bits of ivory, composed of crescents, of spheres hollowed out one within the other, the whole as straight as an obelisk, and of no use whatever; and he was beginning on the last piece—he was nearing his goal.
  96. The patterns were incrusted with coloured glazes, and birds and fishes were painted on whole pieces and let into the blocks; hieroglyphs were elaborately carved in hard stones and fixed in the hollowed forms, black granite, obsidian, and quartzite in white limestone, and alabaster in red granite.
  97. All that old quarter of the Halles, which is like a city within a city, through which run the Rues Saint-Denis and SaintMartin, where a thousand lanes cross, and of which the insurgents had made their redoubt and their stronghold, would have appeared to him like a dark and enormous cavity hollowed out in the centre of Paris.
  98. The landlady, a frail woman whose picture I had seen in every newsphoto of Dust Bowl country, eroded down to the bones but with a fragile sort of candlelight hollowed in her eyes, came to sit and chat with us about the eighteen million unemployed and what might happen next and where we were going and what would next year bring.
  99. The ‘halachic’ difference is the HOLOGRAPHIC difference: the difference which hollow undead ghouls can see and we the living can’t… HOLLOW, HALA, HOLOGRAM, HALLOWED, HOLLOWED; undead filth auras which surround and corrupt living Zionists; these Hebrews have been chosen by the undead for over 3,000 years to be their MAIN INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL.
  1. Where do these undead filth hide? In hollows.
  2. Wednesday, in a Holiness church deep in the hollows.
  3. The hollows in her neck were enough to make one weep.
  4. He regretted it now, seeing the hollows in her cheeks.
  5. You paths worn in the irregular hollows by the roadsides!.
  6. Gunfire came in bursts separated by long hollows of silence.
  7. Always California's golden hills and hollows, and the silver.
  8. The Cyri’s eyes died to dark hollows, and it stumbled aside.
  9. They make their home in hollows of trees or holes in the ground.
  10. Note how the hollows marked A are opposed by fullnesses marked B.
  11. These hollows are uneffaceable; these formations are indestructible.
  12. Note how the hollows marked A are opposed by the fullnesses marked B.
  13. Smokes and steams drifted in sullen clouds and lurked in the hollows.
  14. Etienne sees soldiers with hollows in their cheeks like inverted cups.
  15. The blue light casts shadows into the faint hollows beneath Edward’s cheekbones.
  16. In the damper hollows the Mauritia palms threw out their graceful drooping fronds.
  17. The skin pressed back into the hollows of my cheeks and it became hard to breathe.
  18. Between the hollows the villages of Bezubova and Zakharino showed in the distance.
  19. Between the hollows the villages of Bezúbova and Zakhárino showed in the distance.
  20. If they had been hollows in the wood, Missy would have been able to use one as a house.
  21. And cut her thin black eyebrows round and high, so, and make her cheeks in small hollows.
  22. There were neat hollows in the wall that were once the storage for equipment and machinery.
  23. No, no, a wistful young ascetic, with hollows under his eyes—wan and worn with fasting and vigils.
  24. The daily appearance of a brougham and pair could hardly have been overlooked in such Sleepy Hollows.
  25. There smokes trailed on the ground and lurked in hollows, and fumes leaked from fissures in the earth.
  26. Her landline was on the wall, down here in the hollows and mountain corpses, cell phones did not work.
  27. White mists were hovering in the silent hollows and violet stars were shining bluely on the brooklands.
  28. The wooden roof is beginning to rot from the top, and here and there has black hollows in its blue colour.
  29. But it is easiest, as they who work on the highways know, to find the hollows by the puddles after a shower.
  30. It looked as though the canyon had flowed with water once: the slate was smooth, warn into waves and hollows.
  31. The air funneling up from the snow-covered hollows was frigid and the little doeling was dying of hypothermia.
  32. In the fall of 1946, two bodies were found amid the hollows and spines of the mountain, a pistol lying with them.
  33. Presently the night wind died out, and the quivering little pools in the cup-like hollows of the stones lay still.
  34. The angular hollows and lines of his aged ancestors had succeeded to their reign in his face twenty years before their time.
  35. Though still pale, his skin had a healthier cast to it, and the thinness in his cheeks and the hollows under his eyes were gone.
  36. The fluorescent light bouncing off all the toothpasty green furnishings seemed to pool and deepen in the hollows of Sam’s skin.
  37. When Justin gave a sigh of excitement it fled into the rocky hollows and swelled out and echoed around as if it were a live thing.
  38. There are also some hollows in his belly where water is kept there in for many days, and that is why camels bear hunger and thirst.
  39. The sunlight shone down on their corpse into their vast hollows that were once business offices, entertainment lounges and schools.
  40. Firmly but gently I pressed the clay into the hollows of her eye sockets and across the bridge of her nose and back toward her ears.
  41. Her face looked different; hollows carved out beneath her cheekbones, darkened shadows around her eyes, and her lips looked thinner.
  42. She was silent, and the horse ambled along for a considerable distance, till a faint luminous fog, which had hung in the hollows all.
  43. The man then walked outside, and into the quiet, dark, Halloween night, where he would retreat to his shack in the hills of Hollows End.
  44. The approach to this was through a succession of descending grassy hollows, full of young pitch pines, into a larger wood about the swamp.
  45. There are also some hollows in its belly where water can be stored for many days, which is why camels can tolerate a lack of food and water.
  46. Mist hugged the bottoms and most times of the year, a chill settled in these low hollows and the older she got, the worse she felt the cold.
  47. An easy imitation of this was by painting the hollows and ridges, and the crossing lines of the setting soon look like a net over the capital.
  48. It was a gaunt, aquiline face which was turned towards us, with piercing dark eyes, which lurked in deep hollows under overhung and tufted brows.
  49. She had the look of a hard life earned somewhere deep in the hollows, and she became irritated when Mattie said she could not smoke in the office.
  50. Dart looked at each book, each with a different title: ‘Return of the Blood Coven’, ‘The Tortured Souls’, and ‘The Crafters of Hollows End’.
  51. The wind freshened, and soon myriads of dry beech leaves were filling the ditches and hollows and blowing in gusts across the dark miles of open grass.
  52. Those were our roots in the waste hollows of Castle Hill, in the brier and nettle; among the tombs in the old church and the chantry where no clerk sings.
  53. Then suddenly with a deep-throated call a great horn blew, and the blasts of it smote the hills and echoed in the hollows, rising in a mighty shout above.
  54. In an earlier time, boulders on the mountains had been flung about, bouncing, finally settling, leaving caves and hollows for man and animals in bad weather.
  55. So the hollows about this pond will, sometimes, in the winter, be filled with a greenish water somewhat like its own, but the next day will have frozen blue.
  56. In the lowest hollows: like the sleepy hollow of Ichabod Crane, the lowest marshland, where the headless horseman haunted all those who went through that marsh.
  57. When I awoke, I recalled fragments of dreams: flashes of twilit woods… ancient, weather-worn tombstones… blazing red eyes… shadowy hollows in the ground….
  58. In moonlight, two acres of coarse bent grass, undulant and ankle deep, tumbled and rough as a horse's mane, appear like a bay of waves, all shadowy troughs and hollows.
  59. Pahom’s eyes glistened: it was all virgin soil, as flat as the palm of your hand, as black as the seed of a poppy, and in the hollows different kinds of grasses grew breast high.
  60. All this was vivid, majestic, and unexpected; but what impressed Pierre most of all was the view of the battlefield itself, of Borodino and the hollows on both sides of the Kolocha.
  61. All this was vivid, majestic, and unexpected; but what impressed Pierre most of all was the view of the battlefield itself, of Borodinó and the hollows on both sides of the Kolochá.
  62. For tomorrow and the day after the day after that he would walk down and go swimming there in all the green and white fires and the dark caverns in the hollows under the strange waves.
  63. The busy and sagacious bees fixed their republic in the clefts of the rocks and hollows of the trees, offering without usance the plenteous produce of their fragrant toil to every hand.
  64. Diondra’s face looked like a mask, all hollows and hills, and when she thrust her chin up toward the moon, between her open mouth and the pile of metal Ben got a hard-on and didn’t care.
  65. The denser nocturnal vapours, attacked by the warm beams, were dividing and shrinking into isolated fleeces within hollows and coverts, where they waited till they should be dried away to nothing.
  66. Hail is of the size of a very small grain yet when it falls on a man's head how much annoyance it gives him! Or again take the drop which falls from a pitcher to the ground and yet it hollows a stone.
  67. Here too, in the deeper, darker waters, monstrous fishes, feeding quietly in caves and hollows would suddenly spring up, alarmed at our approach, and flash away into the gloom with the speed of an arrow.
  68. As Merthin counted the steps to the great hall, placing his feet carefully in the smooth hollows worn by thousands of boots, he reflected that his ancestors had probably trodden on just these old stones.
  69. They were a species of those "rabbit kangaroos" that usually dwell in the hollows of trees and are tremendously fast; but although of moderate dimensions, they at least furnish a meat that's highly prized.
  70. Ancient primeval forests pocketed the dips and hollows of the mountains and valleys, while vast stretches of open grassland stretched out like a patchwork quilt over the rolling terrain of the valley bottoms.
  71. You can see where the old house stood near the village church; they call the field "Castle Hill", Horlick's field where the ground's uneven and half of it is waste, nettle, and brier in hollows too deep for ploughing.
  72. The horrible sounds of Smaug's anger were echoing in the stony hollows far above; at any moment he might come blazing down or fly whirling round and find them there, near the perilous cliff's edge hauling madly on the ropes.
  73. In the central blinds of bone, as they stand in their natural order, there are certain curious marks, curves, hollows, and ridges, whereby some whalemen calculate the creature's age, as the age of an oak by its circular rings.
  74. When he came out of the forest, in the immense plain before him, his grass fields stretched in an unbroken carpet of green, without one bare place or swamp, only spotted here and there in the hollows with patches of melting snow.
  75. His eye lighted up; his uneven brow, with hollows in some places and bumps in others, hideously wrinkled at the top, was laid bare, his nose had become as sharp as a beak; the fierce and sagacious profile of the man of prey reappeared.
  76. At first Galinda simply lived wild in the forest bordering the village, foraging nuts and berries and grubs and sheltering in caves or hollows, but eventually she built a large hovel of tree trunks and slabs of peat torn from the nearby bog.
  77. From the left, over fields and bushes, those large balls of smoke were continually appearing followed by their solemn reports, while nearer still, in the hollows and woods, there burst from the muskets small cloudlets that had no time to become balls, but had.
  78. A relay of horses had been sent up the highroad to meet the German doctor from Moscow who was expected every moment, and men on horseback with lanterns were sent to the crossroads to guide him over the country road with its hollows and snow-covered pools of water.
  79. While the soldiers were struggling forward against the icy hurricane, the snow, whirled up by the wind, drifted over the hollows and concealed their depth; the soldiers fell into them and were buried in the drifts, and many who were already enfeebled lay where they fell.
  80. It had rained all night, the earth had been cut up by the downpour, the water had accumulated here and there in the hollows of the plain as if in casks; at some points the gear of the artillery carriages was buried up to the axles, the circingles of the horses were dripping with liquid mud.
  81. From the left, over fields and bushes, those large balls of smoke were continually appearing followed by their solemn reports, while nearer still, in the hollows and woods, there burst from the muskets small cloudlets that had no time to become balls, but had their little echoes in just the same way.
  82. Difficult to say in what way hers were different from Fanny's, but different they were--as different as their faces, thought Audrey, who had also immediately recognized that underneath her guest's make-up, and in spite of hollows, there still were the lovely lines of something she herself had never had.
  83. The heat of My face shall burn against the inhabitants, and by the hotness of My anger shall I scorch the earth! Behold, the dry and cracked ground shall speak in the hollows of the waste places, as a testament against them! The heat shall be very oppressive, and desolations shall overtake them at noonday!.
  84. At intervals, away in the distance, nestling in the hollows or amid sheltering trees, groups of farm buildings and stacks of hay; and further on, the square ivy-clad tower of an ancient church, or perhaps a solitary windmill with its revolving sails alternately flashing and darkening in the rays of the sun.
  85. The whole French army, and even Napoleon himself with his staff, were not on the far side of the streams and hollows of Sokolnitz and Schlappanitz beyond which we intended to take up our position and begin the action, but were on this side, so close to our own forces that Napoleon with the naked eye could distinguish a mounted man from one on foot.
  86. It falls by no rule at all; sometimes it leaps, sometimes it tumbles; there it skips; here it shoots; in one place 'tis white as snow, and in another 'tis green as grass; hereabouts, it pitches into deep hollows, that rumble and crush the 'arth; and thereaways, it ripples and sings like a brook, fashioning whirlpools and gullies in the old stone, as if 'twas no harder than trodden clay.
  87. But old age is a great injury to good looks, as these sweet young ladies have yet to l'arn! The place is sadly changed! These rocks are full of cracks, and in some places they are softer than at othersome, and the water has worked out deep hollows for itself, until it has fallen back, ay, some hundred feet, breaking here and wearing there, until the falls have neither shape nor consistency.
  88. And now vegetation matured with vigour; Lowood shook loose its tresses; it became all green, all flowery; its great elm, ash, and oak skeletons were restored to majestic life; woodland plants sprang up profusely in its recesses; unnumbered varieties of moss filled its hollows, and it made a strange ground-sunshine out of the wealth of its wild primrose plants: I have seen their pale gold gleam in overshadowed spots like scatterings of the sweetest lustre.
  89. Evan joined them on the road; and as they drove along up hill and down hill (for Greece is in a state of effervescence, yet astonishingly clean-cut, a treeless land, where you see the ground between the blades, each hill cut and shaped and outlined as often as not against sparkling deep blue waters, islands white as sand floating on the horizon, occasional groves of palm trees standing in the valleys, which are scattered with black goats, spotted with little olive trees and sometimes have white hollows, rayed and criss-crossed, in their flanks), as they drove up hill and down he scowled in the corner of the carriage, with his paw so tightly closed that the skin was stretched between the knuckles and the little hairs stood upright.
  90. It was a sight full of quick wonder and awe! The vast swells of the omnipotent sea; the surging, hollow roar they made, as they rolled along the eight gunwales, like gigantic bowls in a boundless bowling-green; the brief suspended agony of the boat, as it would tip for an instant on the knife-like edge of the sharper waves, that almost seemed threatening to cut it in two; the sudden profound dip into the watery glens and hollows; the keen spurrings and goadings to gain the top of the opposite hill; the headlong, sled-like slide down its other side;—all these, with the cries of the headsmen and harpooneers, and the shuddering gasps of the oarsmen, with the wondrous sight of the ivory Pequod bearing down upon her boats with outstretched sails, like a wild hen after her screaming brood;—all this was thrilling.
  91. In vain the ocean settling in hollows and the great monsters lying low, In vain the buzzard houses herself with the sky,.

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