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Honor dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Jews in honor of it.
2. I had the honor to.
3. It would be my honor.
4. To serve is an honor.
6. Not one, on my honor.
7. I have not that honor.

8. This is such an honor.
9. This is a great honor.
10. It is a badge of honor.
11. It was a great honor.
12. I consider it an honor.
13. God the glory and honor.
14. God will honor what you.
15. May I have the honor?
16. God trust and honor His.
17. What an honor to be here.
18. It is an honor to help.
19. An honor to meet you both.
20. I have the honor to be, &c.
21. You should have the honor.
22. I could not, on my honor.
23. Duty, Honor, and Country, n.
24. We have not had that honor.
26. The honor that the people.
27. It is my honor to meet you.
28. He was defending her honor.
29. It is a great honor, sir.
30. I give you my word of honor.
31. Honor kills in the name of x.
32. I will rescue and honor them.
33. Of course not, Your Honor.
34. It was a matter of honor.
35. An honor? Well, thank you.
36. Love, honor and protect her.
37. Pierre gave his word of honor.
38. With all respect, Your Honor.
39. He said it had been an honor.
40. Yuki said, Yes, Your Honor.
41. Honor your father and mother.
42. I move to strike, Your Honor.
43. In Honor, Love, and Devotion.
44. I vouch for this on my honor.
45. Your Honor, move to strike.
46. She sat beside me with honor.
47. Your Honor, I object to Mr.
48. ROBERT: Thank you, your Honor.
49. I fight in the cause of honor.
50. Honor is interested in justice.
51. The gods won’t honor this.
52. He was buried with much honor.
53. You are a man of honor and I.
54. I want to live and have honor.
55. Of course we do, Your Honor.
56. It was an honor to have known.
57. And for that too, we honor you.
58. It really is a very high honor.
59. To honor Master’s act of Love.
60. He would honor Rondon’s wish.
61. Upon my honor I've no time now.
62. Honor both groups with honesty.
63. It is a big honor, I said.
64. Wright) redounded to his honor.
65. They muttered about troll honor.
66. That’s all I have, Your Honor.
67. You fill us with pride and honor.
68. He and his ship have no honor.
69. Morse was flattered by the honor.
70. Honor to meet you, sir, ma’am.
71. But you do not honor the orphan.
72. He said that he would be honor to.
73. She wanted to do it to honor God.
74. I consider that a badge of honor.
75. Lazarev sat in the place of honor.
76. Where is the honor in such action.
77. These jousts were in their honor.
78. It is an honor to speak with you.
79. I thank you all for this honor.
80. Your child is destined for honor.
81. Will was given the highest honor.
82. Honor and dignity kept him alive.
83. You’re honor, if I may call.
84. With all due respect Your Honor.
85. I am honor bound by the Prime.
86. But these victories have no honor.
87. They were greeted with honor and.
88. How very convenient, Your Honor.
89. There’s no great honor in it.
90. It is such an honor to meet you.
91. Ghosteater cared nothing for honor.
92. Lázarev sat in the place of honor.
93. It’s really the greatest honor!.
94. He will honor and supply provision.
95. She wishes to honor and thank him.
96. Now there was only honor and duty.
97. You will honor what you have said.
98. I know ye honor is strong, though.
99. There was neither peace nor honor.
100. To love God and others is an honor.
1. It is honoring the presence of.
2. I felt unworthy of the honoring.
3. It’s an honoring, a reconnection.
4. This was their way of honoring the dead.
5. Everyone honors themselves by honoring Bokassa.
6. But when it comes to who you are honoring your.
7. Honoring saints is an ancient practice of our Church.
8. Embracing differences is honoring the truths of life.
9. Honoring fathers and mothers, including spiritual fathers and.
10. Cass dismisses his curiosity by honoring her outstretched hand.
11. Whether it is honoring our parents or being courteous to the rude.
12. The public response honoring him was overwhelming and awe inspiring.
13. The hate gripping it has given way to the love honoring his momma’s memory.
14. Between the county, the city, the state and the federal government honoring all of.
15. Robes of black are honor; the veil of Kaba is black honoring the color of the stone.
16. An Orang Utan standing straight greedy and wildly honoring his victims of human right.
17. I am not only protecting her legacy and image, I am honoring my husband’s wishes.
18. A country of dictators, everyone has been a servant to the devil honoring him in death.
19. In that time, the postal service issued a run of commemorative stamps honoring his memory.
20. I wondered what dire threat hung over anyone insufficiently honoring a bearer of a gerege.
21. It was touching; they were honoring a fellow countryman even though they didn’t know him.
22. The church is a newly born baby in the womb for honoring life commitment in significant way.
23. I stood up retrieving the Cartier box from my drawer In the spirit of honoring your beauty.
24. You see, these peddlers are the hypocrites that accuse Label Christianity of honoring Christmas.
25. It was touching; they were honoring a fellow countryman even though they didn’t know him.
26. The third was the Founding Festival in midsummer honoring the founding of the Khanate of Anahuac.
27. Honoring your word is honoring the truth and when many people do so, it creates the power of trust.
28. But staying in your marriage – honoring the commitment you had made to your son (and wife) –.
29. Thank you for honoring us with your presence, La Patron, Theron said as he shook Silas’ hand.
30. Of course, officially the locals would insist that they are merely honoring the ‘first’ kuriltai.
31. Mark gave a thoughtful and reverential sermon about honoring one’s adversaries and respecting them in death.
32. Torn between honoring her wishes and leaving the cats at home to be dealt with later, I followed my conscious.
33. This somewhat newer tradition, is followed to avoid misleading the faithful into honoring as saints those who are not.
34. The second was the Khakhanate Festival in mid spring honoring the proclaiming to the Khanate of the Blue Sky by Kaidu.
35. Keeping the dead alive in our memories would be more than sufficient as a way of preserving their legacy and honoring them.
36. I think his story (told in this book) of getting Marilyn ready for her appearance at a party honoring JFK is classic Ebbins.
37. The New York Yankees hosted a pregame ceremony at the stadium honoring Phil Rizzuto‘s recent induction into the Hall of Fame.
38. Once he finished honoring the Major, another shot fired from the main gun, followed by four volleys of six from the smaller guns.
39. In the ritual sacrifices and dances honoring their dead ancestors whom they were supposed to unquestioningly love, honor, and obey.
40. Liem finally found refuge in the small temple of the village, actually only a small hut containing the niche honoring the ancestors.
41. This exchange will remind us of our great victory, and the goodwill generated by the exchange will be our way of honoring the moon, who.
42. However, I hope you don’t do that because that’s doing what? That’s not honoring your commitments and that’s not living with integrity.
43. And thank you for honoring me by naming me Prince of The Sylvan Nation, though that does put the position up for grabs in The Game Of Status.
44. He was following in his brother William’s footsteps, honoring his fallen brother’s inspired dream, and at the same time he was avenging William.
45. Historic allocations of capital, timeliness in the business cycle, and honoring contractual demands can all stymie the best intentions of management.
46. In keeping with the goal of honoring the will of the people, the Constitution states that the president’s salary cannot be changed during his term.
47. Give me time to collect my wits, Father, said he, with a smile that showed that his father’s foibles did not prevent his son from loving and honoring him.
48. He continually pictured himself being the best cop in LA, envisioning a ceremony of fellow officers in his future, honoring him for his bravery and accomplishments.
49. Between the county, the city, the state and the federal government honoring all of the complaints of the environmentalists the cost of the Shoreham rose to over $6.
50. There were some people who just wanted one name on the bill—those most interested in honoring Pete wanted his, those most concerned about memorializing Paul wanted his.
51. Modern philosophers may tend toward multiple viewpoints and honoring the wishes of the other in the form of doing to the neighbor what the neighbor would like done to himself.
52. As part of his introduction to the ceremony, Dean Robert Swieringa quoted an ancient Chinese proverb before honoring me with a kind tribute: If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain.
53. It liberates the countries of the monetary prison in national and international level and it puts an end to the dependence of loans in international currency to honoring external financial commitment.
54. Anxiety throws off our mental game and increases the likelihood that we will do the wrong things, such as not honoring our stops or chasing again and entering at increasingly unfavorable and riskier spots.
55. For we have not received the gifts of God for ourselves only, or for to hide them; but for to bestow them unto the honoring of God and Christ and the edifying of the congregation, which is the body of Christ.
56. His religion consists in honoring the chiefs of his race, his progenitors, his ancestors, his sovereigns, and in the worship of those gods who are the exclusive patrons of his family, his tribe, his race, and his State.
57. Years later, I found out that he had signed post-dated cheques for a number of his father's debts and as the time for payment approached with no possibility of honoring the debt, he simply had to skip the country in order to avoid jail.
58. For making an ‘offhand’ but offensive racist statement at the 100th birthday dinner honoring Senator Strom Thurmond, Senator Lott was made to apologize multiple times and then make reassuring statements to show that he was not racist.
59. He revealed the reality of Paradise, which is looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of Honouring, Beauty and Majesty, demonstrating that all the pleasures, honoring, and bliss that man obtains are below that lofty Paradise.
60. One of the keys to financial success is honoring what God called you to be, by seeking it out, discovering it, being introspective, going thru a process where you guess just what your talents and personalities are, and then in finding something in the centre of that to make your living.
61. Candace had been with us for a week or so when I said to Nuke, She told me she would bring enough money to see her through the first three months, which was one of the main reasons why I gave her the loan, but she hasn’t said one word to me about honoring her commitments and hasn’t offered to pay for anything.
62. But it was everywhere: in the haul trucks that owned the roads, in the fading billboards urging union strength, in the occasional glimpse of a strip mine and a mountaintop being removed, in the battle of bumper stickers, with “Like Electricity? Love Coal” on one side and “Save the Mountains” on the other, and in the tiny museums honoring the heritage of mining.
63. With regard to the fifth commandment, "Honor thy father and thy mother," the catechism prescribes honor to the sovereign, the country, spiritual fathers, all persons in authority, and of these last gives an enumeration in three pages, including college authorities, civil, judicial, and military authorities, and owners of serfs, with instructions as to the manner of honoring each of these classes (pp.
64. Fidel Castro is coming to town! This poorly stylized villain, who for years has fed off the (romanticized) illusions conjured up by left-leaning individuals, will undoubtedly receive a warm reception in some quarters by disaffected groups whose alienated affections for this great nation have grown naturally disposed toward honoring every ideological enemy of America as some visionary liberator in their incorrectly perceived fight for ―freedom.
65. If the meaning of life is seen in the well-being of one's nation, or in honoring one's ancestors and continuing the mode of life led by them, as was the case among the Romans and the Chinese respectively, then art transmitting feelings of joy at sacrificing one's personal well-being for the common weal, or at exalting one's ancestors and maintaining their traditions, would be considered good art, but art expressing feelings contrary to this would be regarded as bad.
66. Honoring the sacredness within yourself,.
1. I was honored with it.
2. I will be honored to.
3. I felt honored to be a.
4. Thank you, I am honored.
5. I who have honored nothing.
6. We would be honored, Mr.
7. I would be honored, miss.
8. We honored all her wishes.
9. You will be honored by them.
10. And we are honored by you.
11. Please be our honored guest.
12. Of course not, Honored Keys.
13. I purchased this time honored.
14. War is more honored than ever.
15. I will be honored to, Mother.
16. Fruits; and they will be honored.
17. These will be honored in Gardens.
18. And, I feel honored that I have.
19. She respects you, Honored Keys.
20. I have respected and honored that.
21. I am honored to have witnessed it.
22. We're honored to join your battle.
23. Ashi felt honored to be part of it.
24. We are honored to Speak with you.
25. I would be honored to work with you.
26. I felt honored to be involved in it.
27. Such is the time honored method by.
28. When treaties were not honored, the.
29. I heard him repeat the honored title.
30. They were honored he sought them out.
31. We would be honored to dance with you.
32. I am honored to be your one true wife.
33. They honored everything, and suddenly.
34. We have not honored the Spirit of God.
35. He would be honored to dance with the.
36. You would be honored wherever you went.
37. Remember these honored words that the.
38. I am honored that you carry this sword.
39. So I would be honored to pieces if you.
40. I am honored to know this sacred man.
41. She was honored by gods in her death.
42. And we are honored to sit here with you.
43. But Honored Keys can ask your mother.
44. He was being honored in life by the.
45. I feel so honored and so lucky, sweetie.
46. Oh I’d be powerful honored to help.
47. Again he honored him by touching his ear.
48. We have not duly studied and honored the.
49. Though she honored traditional practices.
50. I would be honored to, Mister Ben Barak.
51. Well, we’re honored to have you--.
52. We will be honored to have you for supper.
53. I was humbled and honored by his invitation.
54. I am honored by that, the Pope told him.
55. I’m honored that you’ve heard of us.
56. Greetings Gran, comrades, honored guests.
57. Each single one was honored for his bravery.
58. I’m already honored because we communicate.
59. I would be honored to welcome you as a guest.
60. I would be more than honored and thrilled to.
61. We are indeed honored by your gracious welcome.
62. Please, I’d be honored to watch you perform.
63. We are honored to have you join our family.
64. But today you violated that basic honored rule.
65. She said to the widow, Welcome, honored one.
66. LINC WEBER SAID he was honored to meet us.
67. The military calling is the most highly honored.
68. He was honored that he had been asked to attend.
69. Would you be so honored as to lead the group?
70. My dear, I would be honored to show her to you.
71. In that case, we would be honored to have you.
72. I'm honored for the trust that you have given me.
73. Hank was again applauded and honored by everyone.
74. Tracy felt honored that she was asked her opinion.
75. In Anahuac, I suspect, he is honored above all.
76. I want you to know I feel honored that you’ve.
77. And we are both honored members, McCoy said.
78. He cleared his throat, She was honored by gods.
79. Her request would be honored immediately and with.
80. We honored Nichtin and loved and grieved together.
81. I’ve won a surprisingly honored place on Scheria.
82. I didn’t know whether to feel honored or defiled.
83. Speaker, Senators, Congresspersons, honored guests.
84. The event honored First Responders in conjunction.
85. I’m honored to have the chance to do these things.
86. They recognized and honored the Light in each other.
87. He relied on her gifts and she was honored to serve.
88. The postal service honored him with a stamp in 1984.
89. What happened to them, Honored Keys? she asked.
90. Such was the man we loved and honored in our hearts.
91. The Emperor noticed her and honored her with a dance.
92. So they were honored for losing with a statue?
93. I am honored she has chosen to walk her walk with me.
94. A world honored by harmful brain and dedicated teeth.
95. We are honored this evening to have a special guest.
96. We are honored to have you join us this evening Mrs.
97. We honored Sharon’s request she had made to Chris at.
98. The king’s men sat near him, the honored at his table.
99. And I am honored to have you as a friend, I added.
100. Rudolph Urar, I would be honored to go out with you.
1. This I did with honors.
2. This is for Honors Band.
3. The honors of Your Name.
4. It honors God and serve man.
5. He had those honors in his day.
6. Such honors don’t come cheap.
7. White and offered her the honors.
8. Anne took High Honors in English.
9. He'll be buried, Em, with honors.
10. He honors her and respects her too.
11. She would be graduating with honors.
12. But what do I care for honors?
13. Among the recent prizes and honors Mr.
14. And a household staff that honors you.
15. Limpy loves you and honors you greatly.
16. He has won awards and honors, studying.
17. Highest Honors at All World's Exhibitions.
18. Like most members of the Science Honors.
19. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi always honors his.
20. They may give him the honors of the sack.
21. Full honors were given him by the police.
22. A good magician honors this spirit as he.
23. Highest Honors at All World’s Exhibitions.
24. He had graduated from Stanford with honors.
25. Scout Leadership honors including those in.
26. It is a prayer which profoundly honors the.
27. Among the recent poetry prizes and honors Mr.
28. White honors the direction of the South and.
29. Everyone honors themselves by honoring Bokassa.
30. Joshi did the introductory honors for everyone.
31. Like other members of the Science Honors Pro-.
32. You can have it, all the honors, everything!.
33. Luna said to Katie, If you would do the honors.
34. Thank you for asking again: it honors me greatly.
35. All which I humbly leave to your honors judgement.
36. In the movie, WITH HONORS, Monty (Brendan Fraser).
37. I hope in some small way this honors Beverly’s.
38. First honors were gold, second honors were silver.
39. All the honors you have enjoyed will turn to ashes.
40. The speed and magnitude of your response honors us.
41. Black honors the West, provides healing and honors.
42. It was there, while the rest of the Science Honors.
43. Jackson, he graduated with honors in 2020 receiving.
44. It was both a miracle and the most humbling of honors.
45. You can do the honors, since it's really yours anyway.
46. I remember every patron who honors us with his custom.
47. The religion also honors great events, rulers and heroes.
48. In 1987 he was the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors.
49. But before he could receive all of the honors and proper.
50. Pierre graduates in May 2054 with Academic Honors, with a.
51. Priscilla took Honors in Classics, and Phil in Mathematics.
52. Write a letter that honors the memory of your lost loved one.
53. A (thoughtful) society mourns its Dead and honors the Living.
54. A life that honors our Creator and that serves His purposes.
55. Beth introduced herself before I had a chance to do the honors.
56. You know he took High Honors in Classics and the Cooper Prize.
57. Among the recent poetry prizes and honors I have received are:.
58. Among the recent poetry prizes and honors he has received are:.
59. The little town of Arrowhead buried its Sheriff with full honors.
60. Tunkashila (grandfather and grandmother) round honors the stone.
61. I’m an AP scholar and top student in my honors English course.
62. Over the years, he received an absurd number of awards and honors.
63. And encourages us that what we do in private, God sees and honors.
64. He gave the doctor his proper honors, and continued down the list.
65. Mademoiselle Bourienne would do the honors of Bogucharovo for him.
66. Mademoiselle Bourienne would do the honors of Boguchárovo for him.
67. Honestly, I'm disappointed it wasn't me who got to do the honors.
68. Winners of Highest Honors at all World’s Exhibitions for Ten Years.
69. White did the honors of pulling the toilet chain for the first time.
70. The titles are honors without meaning, sire, I told the Khakhan.
71. He was not garbed with honors, educational pursuits and other trimmings.
72. Such honors are reserved for those who have been designated by my Father.
73. Yellow honors the direction of the East, provides clarity and honors the.
74. Kiddush ha-Shem: An act that honors God (literally blessing the Name).
75. I graduated with honors and got another scholarship for graduate studies.
76. Write your story; a story that honors God and the mission of His church and.
77. But all of those honors came with certain expectations… He had to deliver.
78. Akihiko attended the Naval War College, graduating with high honors in 1956.
79. He had numerous honors including a Lifetime Grammy Achievement Award in 2001.
80. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
81. I walked up to get my honors from Sister Alice at the end of the fourth grade.
82. You sit, he said, not ordering, but as though he wished to do the honors.
83. Within the class, members of the Science Honors Program formed a durable unit.
84. I, who was a lowly honors major in political science, keeping up with a lawyer.
85. Garcia said, dismissing their honors and their faces of uncertainty with a wave.
86. This class has more Jewish students with honors than any in Federation history.
87. Nicolo and Rizzo shuffled their feet like schoolboys at an honors presentation.
88. Yours honors! You can judge well as to who among two are enemies of the humanity.
89. Even the honors classes that she's had haven't been much of a challenge for her.
90. I’ll let you do the honors, Vince says, stepping aside so Emerson can knock.
91. Why don’t you do the honors, interrupted O’Darby, turning towards Shannon.
92. Man: What of these would you prefer, that I may do You the highest of honors?
93. He was buried with military honors, for he had not had time to receive his discharge.
94. Love betrays money because it honors no contracts that claim ownership of allegiance.
95. The crew fearfully honors her gracious offer, but keeps one eye on the reluctant Cap.
96. The firing squad, drawn up opposite the door, paid him the honors of a head of state.
97. As humans, we compete for food, for jobs, for honors, for love, for everything in fact.
98. I’ve been instructed to inform you that the honors don’t end with just a plaque.
99. Cristo; he despises all honors, and contents himself with those written on his passport.
100. Painting the inscriptions was one of the highest honors a witch could bestow on another.

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