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Honour dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was an honour for a.
2. He had no honour at all.
3. Let us honour our elders.
4. It's a matter of honour.
5. It is my honour to fight.
6. Honour and virtue have no.
7. I cannot tell, your Honour.

8. Honour where honour is due.
9. It was too great an honour.
10. My honour is at stake here.
11. You have honour and respect.
12. I am unworthy of the honour.
13. I give you my word of honour.
14. Honour thy father and mother.
15. Honour is not ignoring wrongs.
16. My word of honour given have I.
17. Honour was everything to Terese.
18. In which is there more honour?
19. I honour him beyond expression.
20. The Guest of Honour was Kandras.
21. I think you should honour that.
22. Madam, it would be an honour.
23. That brings great honour to God.
24. The Honour and Glory of Whaling.
25. And to the field of honour led;.
26. To love, honour, and to cherish.
27. It’s kind of an honour system.
28. Your honour told me to call you.
29. To him honour and dishonour are.
30. There is no honour in that trade.
31. The honour of a Princess of Old.
32. Vestige of honour for the mother.
33. Honour is not ignoring the wrong.
34. Shiva had decided to honour the.
35. Did they have no honour at all?
36. This is an example of an honour.
37. It is an honour to work with you.
38. To what do I owe this honour?
39. Honour thy father and thy mother:.
40. Shap, if he’ll do me the honour.
41. He hadn’t earned that honour yet.
42. I have nothing further your honour.
43. Honour is not creating a new normal.
44. Turning to the honour guard, he said.
45. What is more important than honour?
46. It’ s such an honour to serve him.
47. I’m maid of honour, Cat said.
48. Give them the honour they have earned.
49. Father, we just honour You, thank You.
50. You are crowned with glory and honour.
51. Lorry had hired in honour of the day.
52. It was only his honour at stake, then.
53. I had the honour of knowing him there.
54. You will be receiving too much honour.
55. His services with honour and with gold.
56. She was cooking a chicken in his honour.
57. I hope this is acceptable, Your Honour.
58. Blood agates were like badges of honour.
59. It's an honour; I consider it an honour.
60. It was my honour to be your mother’s.
61. God will always keep and honour His word.
62. What honour is there in being bankrupt?
63. Obsessive about the honour and respect.
64. There’s an honour board in the other.
65. Honour is a word that’s out of fashion.
66. In truth, Princess, the honour is mine.
67. To my revenge: but in my terms of honour.
68. I am sure the scruple does you honour, Mr.
69. That does not prevent honour or generosity.
70. That they honour pledges given and received.
71. I shall finish it, on my word of honour!.
72. It indicates elevation, honour and respect.
73. To say: I honour you dad - that's one thing.
74. At what hour am I to expect your honour?
75. I was hoping you would be my maid of honour.
76. What honour can there be in this barbarism?
77. I shall have the honour of visiting you and.
78. Caballeros, I have the honour to salute you.
79. But what is the good of such honour? Indeed.
80. I had the honour of being passed on the road.
81. Gosh, it’s a great honour to be so trusted.
82. Thank you and the gods for this great honour.
83. Well yes, you finally have the honour!.
84. He was uneasy for the integrity of his honour.
85. Alice had the honour of the only armchair in.
86. So the Bible says: husbands, honour your wife.
87. Sees the woman bringing honour to her husband.
88. It would be a great honour, would it not?
89. Expect the chief consumes the parts of honour.
90. Let me give you a definition of what honour is.
91. She could only count on him and on his honour.
92. It was his wish, and I would honour that wish.
93. I did, of course, honour my side of the bargain.
94. How dare you besmirch my honour as a gentleman.
95. Cats honour you’re telling the truth?!.
96. Be there Honour amongst Thieves? it cried.
97. The celebration that night in his honour was a.
98. No poor person was ever allowed such an honour.
99. I think it’s an honour for you to be chosen.
100. Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days.

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