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Horrible dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. All of it was horrible.
  2. I was a horrible child.
  3. It was a horrible wound.
  4. It was a horrible sight.
  5. It was a horrible dream.

  6. It was a horrible scene.
  7. I feel horrible about it.
  8. But now this is horrible.
  9. It's this horrible pla ce.
  10. To her it looked horrible.
  11. Oh, it is too horrible!.
  12. It would be truly horrible.
  13. It was simply too horrible.
  14. Oh Ben, it’s so horrible.
  15. What a horrible way to live.

  16. You are a horrible father.
  17. This is horrible and sexist.
  18. A horrible sound tore from.
  19. Oh mum, it was horrible.
  20. She said it was horrible.
  21. Oh Alastair, it was horrible.
  22. Lucy was horrible at this job.
  23. They were all horrible to me.
  24. That’s how horrible it was.
  25. Oh, what a horrible thought!.

  26. The place itself is horrible.
  27. It must have been horrible.
  28. What horrible brutes they are.
  29. It was horrible, Rose! It.
  30. That was a horrible thing to.
  31. That is a horrible investment.
  32. Grandly horrible was the sight.
  33. That was horrible, she says.
  34. He told me about the horrible.
  35. It was a horrible scene indeed.
  36. It was an ugly, horrible scene.
  37. And the aftermath was horrible.
  38. She had a horrible premonition.
  39. This is a very horrible problem.
  40. But would that be so horrible?
  41. Just as if you have a horrible.
  42. She had seen something horrible.
  43. Anyway, this is a horrible story.
  44. It was so horrible it was funny.
  45. The horrible waves after waves.
  46. Why? He was a horrible guardian.
  47. I began to fear, horrible fears.
  48. It was the horrible secret that.
  49. I have made a horrible mistake.
  50. She might have a horrible temper.
  51. They thought they were horrible.
  52. We had a horrible fight about it.
  53. Natalie's having a horrible time.
  54. Those were horrible times indeed.
  55. Gruesome, horrible ends in those.
  56. It was horrible to think of it!.
  57. My girl wasn't a horrible thing.
  58. His physical health was horrible.
  59. It is horrible even to recall.
  60. Such a sinister, horrible figure.
  61. I am in bed with a horrible virus.
  62. The most horrible year in my life.
  63. A horrible truth, but there it is.
  64. In this guise it becomes horrible.
  65. It was a horrible sight and when.
  66. It was a horrible, grainy likeness.
  67. This was all a horrible nightmare.
  68. How horrible! the girl said.
  69. It’s too horrible to imagine.
  70. This is horrible, he mumbled.
  71. Was it horrible? Yeah, you wish.
  72. That was horrible, Zia gasped.
  73. That was a horrible thing to say.
  74. The new girls had horrible stories.
  75. What a silly, horrible thing to do.
  76. The truth was too horrible to face.
  77. She felt just as horrible within!.
  78. It was all very simple and horrible.
  79. They started to say horrible things.
  80. Paris is a horrible place in summer.
  81. Besides, that blood was so horrible.
  82. THE NOON RUSH was, frankly, horrible.
  83. That is the most horrible despotism.
  84. These people are terrible, horrible.
  85. That was a dirty, horrible trick.
  86. It was really horrible, I say.
  87. And it's horrible to say that to you.
  88. He was stuck at that horrible school.
  89. It is the horrible power of the Ring.
  90. What a horrible and sad thing this is.
  91. Let's start with that horrible kiss.
  92. The darkness was opaque and horrible.
  93. Well, love is a cruel, horrible thing.
  94. That would be a horrible nightmare!.
  95. A horrible realization settled over me.
  96. It had a horrible -- no, no! I can't.
  97. The horrible situation was beyond him.
  98. The horrible weather reports all week.
  99. I am a horrible mother and I am sorry.
  100. I warned you, it’s a horrible story.

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