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Horrifying dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was a horrifying thought.
It was a horrifying moment.
I told you that it was horrifying.
A horrifying image formed in my mind.
Staying would’ve been a horrifying.
Quickly turn to horrifying and twisted.
It wasn't that the troll was horrifying.

It was too important and too horrifying.
It was at once horrifying and intriguing.
A horrifying theory also occurred to him.
We pushed the horrifying scenes behind us.
Then the horrifying sound of liquid being.
The scene was horrifying; black water was.
But the horrifying, death-rendering crunch.
He whispered some very horrifying words to me.
Across town, Harold was also having horrifying.
It was exhilarating and horrifying all at once.
I waited patiently for numerous horrifying hours.
These last few turns have been… horrifying.
It is that loud, that deafening, that horrifying.
Each of the goons brandished a horrifying machete.
The rate at which the virus spreads is horrifying.
It was the most horrifying picture I’d ever seen.
It was horrifying and devastating at the same time.
The effect of his words on the other was horrifying.
It was horrifying to see my poor baby being jolted.
It was a rather horrifying affair, by any standards.
By the summer of 1945, the horrifying atrocities of.
Now the enormity of it set in with a horrifying bang.
We were all still stunned about the horrifying ordeal.
For one horrifying moment, Hal wondered where Darcy was.
It was horrifying, obscene; it was the essence of evil.
He had horrifying memories of being tossed in the pit.
It would be his discovery that started the horrifying.
But then, another horrifying thought ran through my mind.
And all the time the horrifying bellows filled his ears.
Her senses were overwhelmed with horrifying impressions.
He started to call out but a horrifying thought hit him.
Hillary could not look at the horrifying scene unfolding.
I stared at him, horrified.
The image had horrified her.
She looked at him, horrified.
That's how horrified we were.
He did, and she was horrified.
A horrified look came over Mrs.
Nyla was stunned, and horrified.
We were horrified, of course.
That’s how horrified we were.
Saffyre took one horrified look.
She shot a horrified look at him.
Cherish felt horrified by what.
She was horrified when he laughed.
Balthus muttered a horrified oath.
His true advisors were horrified.
This astonished and horrified him.
Seff look horrified at the thought.
He came back to Kravena, horrified.
But Ma! Jed looked horrified.
I just gave her a horrified stare.
When he opened up he was horrified.
Horrified to await what was coming.
I was horrified at what I had read.
She felt trapped, hunted, horrified.
The miniature trolls looked horrified.
Other horrified faces crowded around.
He shuddered, horrified at this omen.
Several horrified gasps filled the air.
Michael was horrified but kept his head.
God save us! Alice was horrified.
His face twisted into a horrified mask.
But Debbie looked absolutely horrified.
The idea of being a nun horrified Caris.
Morgan had a horrified look on her face.
Margaret stared in horrified disbelief.
Harvey-Browne would have been horrified.
Caris was shocked, though not horrified.
Horrified, she quickly withdrew her hand.
Mother would be horrified, Tony thought.
Such Beliefs horrified me; I had read Mr.
The only thing that still horrifies me is the ending of.
He first visits Hell, and the scene he discovers there horrifies him.
When the word slave horrifies us like the word nigger, then we will have begun to grasp poverty.
China horrifies through its dictatorship over anything, spending time in destructive lies to clear their way.
The thought horrifies me, because now, even though I don't want to, I think there's a chance it could actually be true.

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This might horrify family members or a parent figure, but it works.
He whispered, Anne, what I’m about to ask will horrify you, repulse you.
What ought to horrify us is that we are so accustomed to it, and not this or that isolated crime.
Nor did wild rumors of all sorts fail to exaggerate, and still the more horrify the true histories of these deadly encounters.
Unfortunately, though this vagueness helped unite the delegates, it has been abused by our government in a way that would horrify the founders.
The death of these children would horrify everyone who heard about it; for the victims’ parents, the very idea of a driverless car would become repugnant.
But what is there to wonder at, what is there so peculiarly horrifying in it for us? We are so accustomed to such crimes! That's what's so horrible, that such dark deeds have ceased to horrify us.

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