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Identify dans une phrase (en anglais)

And he can so identify.
What if they identify you?
He could identify with them.
You could identify a global.
We identify him as the Knave.
Lately, I identify with any.
Maybe Dave can identify them.

No one can identify who he is.
Identify the causes of stress.
No one could identify the ship.
That should help identify him.
They didn’t identify the dead.
We can’t identify any of them.
The man did not identify himself.
I cannot identify the species.
We will need you to identify her.
Once we can positively identify.
You have to identify what works.
You are to intercept and identify.
How shall we identify principle?
You must identify him to kill him.
Identify the item to be validated.
It took a few hours to identify him.
Identify accounts that need to be.
Most of them were easy to identify.
It was easy to identify slaves by.
His identify has not been released.
They then identify those potential.
Once again, I couldnt identify them.
Identify the high bar in the uptrend.
My wife was called in to identify it.
They needed to identify some ways of.
He could identify none of it; it was.
Identify common themes and must haves.
Did he identify himself to you?
It took a second to identify the voice.
Our child will identify you as her aunt.
Leave witnesses that can identify you.
Identifying the BRP target series.
I had no trouble identifying them.
Below is my identifying information.
Soros has great skill identifying U.
Identifying the antecedents of an.
This helps in identifying the exact.
A final thought on identifying trends.
Identifying Scriptures About the Rapture.
Identifying the main uses of natural gas.
Identifying The Voice Of The Holy Spirit.
They speak of identifying with Christ's death.
This goes back to the point of identifying with.
The same holds true for identifying market highs.
If you have trouble identifying emotional cues (e.
Identifying the best ways to invest in commodities.
Identifying the outreach resources near the church.
The next chapter will be dedicated to identifying.
Identifying "cheap" means comparing price with value.
Identifying himself, he stated that he was on the way.
Slowly, his eyes became accustomed to identifying the.
In the middle of each was a standard identifying that.
We need the public’s help in identifying this woman.
When our daily tasks seem dull or tedious, identifying.
One is a car key with a sticker identifying its location.
The Key to Identification is about identifying the parts.
Identifying the fund’s strategy right away is critical.
Coaching is about identifying goals and finding ways to.
Let’s start by identifying the different types of moats.
This is a common method for identifying futures contracts.
This book sets out both a model for identifying strategic.
You would simply be identifying one case as a hundred cases.
Koza, it seems, has a knack for identifying turnaround stocks.
That should leave a scar, might help in identifying him later.
Identifying and Releasing (see Trapped Emotions, Procedure to.
I told them, too, that before they moved from identifying need.
One key to my style is to just be quick in identifying trends.
But strangely, she had a hard time identifying Lydia as a whole.
The more we can make a habit of identifying ourselves with the.
This is where the last step of identifying your website comes in.
He found himself identifying pretty strongly with street people.
We are identified by the.
He was identified as the.
Have we identified our true.
Once you have identified what.
He identified himself as Matt.
I identified myself and told Dr.
Bond Form Identified with Safety.
There are six identified ships.
The last beast is not identified.
There are 264 identified, living.
This man identified himself as a.
It was by the car I identified you.
I later identified them as zombies.
Those who are identified with the.
So far nothing had been identified.
As they neared, Jesse identified Dr.
Jesus identified Himself with us by.
Steinhauser could not be identified!.
They may not have identified him yet.
Tina quickly identified the hissing.
Mowing was identified as the constraint.
Yes, the victim’s been identified.
When we are identified with the egoic.
They are all identified by their shape.
A secondary target had been identified.
Once the Trapped Emotion is Identified.
He was identified from dental records.
Before long you will have identified a.
He was identified by his dental records.
Carla had correctly identified the sound.
It's the rat-race which was identified.
I identified with losing that dexterity.
Tolerances are identified by the upper.
Police have identified the remains of a.
Are even half of them identified in our.
How could they be identified and fixed?
We have become identified with this mind.
The photo caption identified him by name.
Laws sent letters and identified himself.
All of the pieces had been identified as.
He identifies him as God.
A horse identifies the dragon.
Note that the FCI also identifies a.
The following list identifies items and.
This identifies a good buying opportunity.
Burns identifies several common patterns.
He identifies these witnesses painstakingly.
This identifies religion with every act and.
The direction of its slope identifies the trend.
The Dow Theory identifies three types of trends:.
Doubt identifies the six symbol painted with hell.
It identifies the possible alternatives for the Project.
A domain name is simply a name that identifies a website.
The Lord still identifies us, as believers, in exactly.
M: Who identifies them? Somebody with a memory to register.
The CONVERT statement identifies the variable(s) to convert.
But the paper nowhere identifies this Fernand with your father.
The slope of MACD-Histogram identifies the dominant market group.
The Monad on this occasion identifies himself for the time with.
It identifies which the most important problems and its relations.
The value name identifies the entry for which a value is specified.
Absorbing it particle will identifies itself with this information.
Toils and tears identifies with the flag of mafia flying to the end.
It identifies the principles of accepting only one god and living in.
The upper line identifies resistance, where sellers overpower buyers.
The bottom of a congestion area identifies the bottom line of support.
The relationship between Positive and Negative lines identifies trends.
The search strategy also identifies industries undergoing consolidation.
When a criminal identifies himself to police as another individual it is.
The Bible identifies the elders as royalty (as we are) in the eyes of God.
Identifies guests who wil have wine, before proceeding with pouring of wine.
Falling volume identifies an area in which a downtrend is likely to reverse.
I is sacred but the I that identifies itself with mind becomes ego.
Chapter 31 The Lord identifies certain men who he has gifted with certain sorts of.
However, if one identifies him ahead of time, and then his performance p value is.
This is how communication can be made effective when the audience identifies with you.
He identifies himself with the Supreme Being who is the Lord of the Prakriti (matter).
Affiliate Link: A URL tracking link that identifies the affiliate and sends traffic to.
It identifies them when they agree to Bank3Sector that foresees an minimum aggregate of.
However, the general principles by which one identifies information cascades are timeless.

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