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Idle dans une phrase (en anglais)

As I stood idle by Mr.
It seems idle, said Mr.
So, we stood idle for.
About the idle warm lagoon.
The idle gossip on corners.
To idle musing was a prey;.
He was a great, idle force.

These are not idle questions.
He had no idle words to say.
But it was an idle curiosity.
I shall teach the idle crowd.
Its aspirated idle grew louder.
The engine died back to an idle.
However neither was idle, Peter.
The fully erect robot stands idle.
And that is not an idle boast.
Sam and Peregrin had not been idle.
As the remembrance of an idle gaud.
The Devil finds work for idle hands.
Its words are idle and a deal maker.
And meanwhile the men were not idle!.
Idle tales, you'll say, and so say I.
Cleo was idle, did not move a finger.
The water remained idle in the bucket.
Also, the rooms available or idle in.
No more idle conversation with anyone.
The idle workers overflowed the towns.
But I cannot lie in sloth, idle, caged.
Idle tales, you’ll say, and so say I.
If you have used IDLE, you have seen a.
The idle word is so often a mischievous.
The other cells that have been idle all.
That cut you stroking them with idle hand.
IDLE does syntax highlighting and a lot.
He might be getting slices at idle level.
IDLE is short for Integrated DeveLopment.
Now that he was idle, his body started to.
Mitchell then spoke over the cars soft idle.
That’s for the idle with nothing better.
Sticks and stones and idle threats Terry.
Davie can hear the Transit idling.
For two hours, it sat idling as the.
He forgot the sea and his idling ships.
Amelia saw Devin parked, engine idling.
He bounded over, taking in the line of idling cars.
I remained Managing Director of the now quietly idling.
A train engine was idling just a few feet off the crossing.
The past two days they just visited his tomb, idling there.
Only the cabin heaters drew energy from the idling reactors.
What? Idling the plant for eight hours a day? asked Gary.
The surreptitious idling around the Chester railway station or.
She approached the idling car, anxious and unexpectedly excited.
Well, what do you think? he bellowed over the idling engine.
He did not succeed in catching anyone idling or smoking or talking.
Yes it is, said Maguire, still in the car with the motor idling.
When we reached the boat Evette had already started it and had it idling.
He should have stayed back, idling, erasing, his eyes gently half closed.
There were a number of smaller aircraft idling either to take off or land.
If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it.
The police van prowled past on the road, idling along in first, sand and stone.
I looked back to see the back of a hovercraft idling in the front of the mansion.
CARL Ferris looked at the White House through the windows of his idling limousine.
Then one afternoon they were idling near the nexus of two avenues and an expressway.
Her headlights hung on the man as she parked the car in front of him, engine idling.
They arrived at the small airstrip where a large helicopter waited with rotors idling.
He has been idling all this term, and he must look forward with dread to the examination.
So after idling away an hour, they drove home again, and having paid his respects to Mrs.
The idling of their engines was the only sound I could hear above the chattering of my teeth.
Greg sat calmly, his brain in neutral and waited like a powerful machine with its engine idling.
One reactor was idling producing enough power for the small drain that the life support produced.
He washed his face at the mirrorless kitchen sink, strolled to his idling car, and drove westward.
I CRUISED BY THE idling patrol car at the end of Sea View Avenue, lifting my hand in greeting as I passed.
Just as I was about to head for the restaurant, I spotted Sammy Tolla idling along the dock checking faces.
He snaps his fingers authoritatively at two workers from the Subcontinent idling about nearby trying not to.
One of them was idling, with a puff of water vapour and black smoke coming out of the back end intermittently.
The ship made a turn, and with motors idling dropped quietly towards the little splash of wake in the distance.
It had repeated and would repeat forever, until the universe was a smoothly idling engine of sterile perfection.
Over in New Jersey, two fully-armed Apache gunships sat on the dock, engines idling, awaiting any hint of trouble.
TO THE QUESTION of what he was doing in an idling van on the west side of Manhattan, the Prophet Charlie had no answer.
In the coaching launches idling in the water behind the shells, Al Ulbrickson and Ky Ebright were decidedly nervous.
The engine idled.
Camilla idled as they argued.
The helicopter idled in front of him.
The van idled as the gate slowly rolled.
Then the engines started and idled in the darkness.
A black humanoid shape, maybe nine feet in height, idled.
A jet engine? The Gambling City buses idled without a sound.
The boat idled in place so as not to leave the swimmer behind.
It idled in the parking lot, hadn’t seen her through the snow.
The two sat quietly for a moment as the truck idled while Khevasiah.
But mostly they just idled and watched him with their yellowing eyes.
A blue sedan idled outside the gate while it slowly began to swing open.
They smiled and waved, admiring the Batmobile as Bruce idled by, ignoring them.
Ursula braked as the farmhouse came into view and idled in the road, indecisive.
The negroes idled about, clearing the animated and groups here and there fell silent.
Scolded and for the most part ignored, Wade Hampton idled miserably about the dining room.
In a concrete plaza between two housing-project towers, emergency vehicles idled, screamers off.
Later, once a few glasses had idled their way down our throats, I brought up the subject of Phil.
During tests it idled on without even registering the extra heat from a triple landmine explosion underneath it.
Where elite rich once idled the time away for hours without a care in the world, drinking only one cup of coffee.
An old pick-up truck idled in the driveway and the smell of exhaust choked him as he made his way through the trees.
That holding cell was where he now sat, with one other inmate, a young African-American male who idled on the bunk across from him.
Things are being single sourced, workers are just-in-time, only needed when production demands labor and idled when the demand decreases.
The motorcycles of the police idled along so slowly that the riders had to put out their feet and touch the ground occasionally to keep upright.
The chief building inspector and I sat in the restaurant and drank margaritas, looked on, and idled away the time until the paperwork was finished.
There also the family idled while Ellen’s her tall secretary each morning, keeping the accounts of the plantation and listening to quill scratched across her ledgers.
The idled 33 drilling rigs have been operating for years without safety problems and the new rules are just another opportunity for the government to reduce our oil output.
He was nice in his eating, uncertain in his hours; fond of his child, though affecting to slight it; and idled away the mornings at billiards, which ought to have been devoted to business.
There it would be, the yellow sun, just the size of the Earth sun, and it was warm and continuous, and the rain world of Venus would be forgotten as long as they stayed in that house and idled their time.
Stoically, he suppressed grief as his trained eyes accommodated the darkness and he sidled up to the sulfurous pen, squinting as the satiated boar mouthed the grunts of curiosity and idled towards this newcomer.
It scooped up a bit of the flesh of God, the blood of the universe, the Hazing thought, the blinding philosophy that set out and mothered a galaxy, that idled and swept planets in their fields and summoned or laid to rest lives and livelihoods.
It was a sweet long time in the deep grass of the garden where they idled most deliciously, sipped huge cupfuls of apple cider with their elbows on crimson silk cushions, their shoes kicked off, their toes bedded in sour dandelions, sweet clover.
It scooped up a bit of the flesh of God, the blood of the universe, the blazing thought, the blinding philosophy that set out and mothered a galaxy, that idled and swept planets in their fields and summoned or laid to rest lives and livelihoods.
As the freshman boats approached the stake boats at the starting line, the coaches’ launches fell in behind their respective crews, their inboard engines sputtering and gurgling as they idled, with white exhaust fumes burbling from the water behind them.
When Tommy accepted her estimate and gave her the order, Scarlett had not taken her departure speedily and meekly but had idled about, talking to Johnnie Gallegher, the foreman of the Irish workers, a hard-bitten little gnome of a man who had a very bad reputation.
The cage inside is, per usual, tied open with a chain, which you can see only by dint of the headlamp of the Harley somebody’s driven straight through the entryway and idled at the foot of the stairs, facing out, as if, when the moment is right, the Leader will descend like the Last Mahdi to claim it.
It was a sweet long time in the deep grass of the garden where they idled most deliciously, sipped huge cupfuls of apple cider with their elbows on crimson silk cushions, their shoes kicked off, their toes bedded in sour dandelions, sweet clover, Mother jumped twice when she heard Monsters roar beyond the forest.
A boat carrying an announcer and a shortwave-radio transmitter idled behind the line, ready to trail the shells down the course, broadcasting a stroke-by-stroke account of each heat directly to loudspeakers at the finish line, so spectators and reporters could be apprised of the progress of each boat before any of them came into view.
The thought of being alone, even for the most private of functions, frightened her almost as much as the dreams themselves, and on more than one occasion Ingrid found herself cursing Nancy from a squatting position in the bushes while Scott idled nearby, telling her not to be too hard on herself, that this newfound weakness would be short-lived.
Romanticism, which has helped to fill some dull blanks with love and knowledge, had not yet penetrated the times with its leaven and entered into everybody's food; it was fermenting still as a distinguishable vigorous enthusiasm in certain long-haired German artists at Rome, and the youth of other nations who worked or idled near them were sometimes caught in the spreading movement.
Sadie idles the engine while Azalea gets out.
Your opinions would be based on hard evidence, not just tips whispered over your fence while the lawn mower idles.
He idles about here the whole day long, one can’t get rid of him; and then when he is wanted he does not come.
I believe, sir, that more of the Thomas Idles than of any other will enlist under this law, and I sincerely hope they will; for I very much fear that even William Goodchild, after he has gone through the discipline of a camp for five years, will be utterly unfit for any other species of employment.

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