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Imagine dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I imagine if I do.
  2. I imagine it would be.
  3. Imagine a hive of bees.
  4. It was hard to imagine.
  5. I tried to imagine that.

  6. Imagine that if you will.
  7. Just imagine an open box.
  8. I tried to imagine the.
  9. Or at least imagine her.
  10. Imagine XYZ is again 49.
  11. Q: Imagine a pot of ghee.
  12. It's so hard to imagine.
  13. He could not imagine how.
  14. I can just imagine it.
  15. I could imagine it: the.

  16. Imagine if that were an.
  17. Imagine that for a minute.
  18. Ennil tried to imagine it.
  19. Pure as one could imagine.
  20. I imagine that it was a.
  21. Amanda tried to imagine it.
  22. Imagine how I feel about.
  23. Imagine a story or theme.
  24. I imagine the light below.
  25. I don't imagine it would.

  26. I can’t even imagine it.
  27. Imagine being a group of.
  28. I couldn't imagine how Dr.
  29. But I couldn't imagine it.
  30. Imagine if we all shared.
  31. They did not imagine that.
  32. Still, I cannot imagine it.
  33. He could not imagine, for.
  34. I can't imagine doing that.
  35. He could imagine what had.
  36. Imagine the effect on the.
  37. I can’t imagine her life.
  38. You can imagine that each.
  39. Imagine and focus on that.
  40. You can imagine the result.
  41. She could imagine her father.
  42. He couldn't imagine how he.
  43. I couldn't imagine what it.
  44. Imagine you decide to invest.
  45. I don’t have to imagine.
  46. Okay, try to imagine this.
  47. You can’t imagine how we.
  48. You can imagine how we felt.
  49. Imagine the impact of that!.
  50. I could imagine such a life.
  51. I can't imagine where he is.
  52. And I couldn’t imagine a.
  53. Imagine with me for a moment.
  54. Imagine you walked over to.
  55. And all that we can imagine.
  56. Imagine, no more debt! None.
  57. You can imagine the stories.
  58. Which I would imagine made.
  59. You’ll be there, I imagine.
  60. Could you imagine having to.
  61. I imagine your professor can.
  62. Imagine my surprise when he.
  63. It is impossible to imagine.
  64. Just imagine you living the.
  65. My ole my, just imagine that.
  66. I couldn't imagine being you.
  67. We couldn't imagine using a.
  68. You can imagine our amazement.
  69. Imagine God washing your feet.
  70. Imagine a kid not knowing that.
  71. She can’t even imagine that.
  72. I imagine that I am as heavy.
  73. Yes, I would imagine he did.
  74. I can't imagine what they are.
  75. I told you I couldn't imagine.
  76. They could only imagine what.
  77. Imagine a place that iss ssafe.
  78. I can’t even imagine that.
  79. You can imagine what happened.
  80. And what I imagine is dreadful.
  81. I cannot even imagine the pain.
  82. I imagine it would be hard to.
  83. I can imagine, Ancor said.
  84. Only she couldn't imagine that.
  85. He allowed himself to imagine.
  86. Imagine trying to contain Beth.
  87. Imagine that, a 39 year old boy.
  88. Imagine that Paul's pain gets.
  89. Harry tried to imagine how he.
  90. Can you imagine what we could.
  91. Imagine your webpage as a wall.
  92. I could imagine what I looked.
  93. That should be easy to imagine.
  94. Imagine having a name like that.
  95. To this day I can only imagine.
  96. They imagine that having these.
  97. Just imagine that you are at a.
  98. I can‘t imagine what happened.
  99. I should imagine not, he replied.
  100. He tried to imagine being there.
  1. No, he must be imagining it.
  2. I had to be imagining things.
  3. Or perhaps he is imagining it.
  4. He suspected she was imagining it.
  5. But she was always imagining that.
  6. I have a hard time imagining that.
  7. Maria now, imagining that she had.
  8. By imagining that you are born as.
  9. No, he must be imagining things.
  10. Now, I know I’m not imagining things.
  11. You are imagining Samiya I added.
  12. Imagining your childhood frightens me.
  13. I began imagining all kind of scenarios.
  14. Have fun imagining things and you’ll.
  15. Cindy jumped in with what I was imagining.
  16. Imagining that you are the vehicle is as.
  17. He stretched and shut his eyes, imagining.
  18. He is done with imagining there are answers.
  19. I was imagining bashing in my wife’s skull.
  20. There he had sat all day, imagining his mama.
  21. I was imagining something outside in the park.
  22. Listening to stories, imagining what could be.
  23. Or then again, maybe she was just imagining it.
  24. Imagining all the hobo bitches he’s fucking.
  25. You’re imagining things, he said to me.
  26. Perhaps she was imagining her entire homeland.
  27. That is if you are not imagining all this shit.
  28. She was having fun imagining what she could do.
  29. Constantly imagining she might be seeing someone.
  30. All those years wondering, imagining what it must.
  31. But thank you for imagining it possible that I was.
  32. I followed his lead, imagining the music in my mind.
  33. The biggest difficulty is imagining Adams re elected.
  34. I laughed, imagining Patricks reaction to that idea.
  35. I mean – I have a hard time imagining that anyone.
  36. We could have anything we wanted just by imagining it.
  37. My eyes closed as I was imagining the scene so vividly.
  38. I’m imagining things, he told himself, it can’t be.
  39. Or maybe she was imagining hints that weren’t there.
  40. Peter rubbed his eyes thinking he was imagining things.
  41. I just imagining the fear that is rising up within me?
  42. Or maybe the rumors were true, and I was imagining her.
  43. He played on the invisible piano before him, imagining.
  44. I have a very difficult time imagining that they are not.
  45. Maybe I was just imagining this and this hadn’t really.
  46. As he released me, I realized that I was not imagining it.
  47. To be yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that.
  48. Imagining his winning the election itself takes some doing.
  49. We sat there staring at nothing but air and imagining that.
  50. Is there any chance you’re imagining me? Jeff asked.
  51. Poor Fanny was morbidly sensitive, always imagining insults.
  52. Jezza practically went cross-eyed imagining whatever it was.
  53. I grinned, imagining the look of snooty disdain on her face.
  54. Imagining all sorts of noises and lights and men in my room.
  55. She wasn't imagining this, Shay Donovan was hitting on her!.
  56. Imagining her voice might find his ear as his had found hers.
  57. Samantha was now in a daze, imagining that Red Fox was alive.
  58. I hope I’m imagining it, but he sounds a little chilly too.
  59. Just by imagining it you can see how nuts that would look….
  60. That he’d gone that mad, that he was imagining her voice now.
  61. I laughed to myself, imagining Dad was here and laughing with me.
  62. I thought I was imagining things, but deep inside I always hoped.
  63. Either I was imagining things, or the air was hotting up a little.
  64. I thought he was imagining the history that had taken place here.
  65. She’d never allowed herself the hubris of imagining his approval.
  67. I spluttered, imagining how Guy Fawkes and Joan of Arc must of felt.
  68. But, crazy as it is, I’m imagining Mercer Goodman might come, too.
  69. Continue by imagining the head and outstretched arms as the branches.
  70. Or no; I’m imagining all of us here, in this third place, together.
  71. Heaven knows what you have accustomed yourself to imagining me to be.
  72. I still wasn’t quite sure if I wasn’t imagining all this somehow.
  73. He was just imagining it, wasn't he? It was her that was ill, not him.
  74. The act of imagining is another wonderful ability of your consciousness.
  75. He smiled and kissed her hand, I'm imagining they are there to keep.
  76. I could have been imagining it, but I swear she gave me a wink to boot.
  77. Jerry, the salesperson was imagining his day would just keep get better.
  78. Without imagining alternative realities there is no possibility of hope.
  79. Continue by imagining the head and outstretched arms as the branches and.
  80. He sculpted the scarred cheeks with a two-handed caress, imagining them.
  81. The size of the land title was so large she’d trouble even imagining it.
  82. I close my eyes, imagining his pain, and I can’t begin to comprehend it.
  83. And he missed her a lot - but he didnt call her, imagining she had many.
  84. We"d go on imagining they don"t mind, not knowing whether they do or not.
  85. You may be imagining that, through all, Anita had been dominating my mind.
  86. You’re imagining me in the hands of those pirates aren’t you?
  87. She looks straight and admits herself that she really is imagining someone.
  88. Well at least I’m not imagining flour is turning into something else.
  89. But most of all he was imagining how Farid would beg crawling on his knees.
  90. The lookout had to be imagining things! There couldn’t possibly be a—.
  91. What you were then imagining was not the case, and could never be the case.
  92. The only way I could focus was by imagining that Prof Chatterjee was in our.
  93. True—he could be imagining things, but he didn’t think that was the case.
  94. Was she imagining it, because of what Buonaventura had said? She thought not.
  95. Time comes from the impossibility of imagining two, many objects beyond space.
  96. If your child does, have your child practice imagining waking up in the dream.
  97. He began to make deep throated sobbing sounds, a man in pain beyond imagining.
  98. She kept imagining a ticking sound, but couldn’t find where Nicky had hid it.
  99. He spoke with her about love and truth and timeless bliss, imagining her voice.
  100. Lets Lance run wild, probably imagining Nikelseer has taken him under his wing.
  1. He had imagined that M.
  2. Yes, he imagined it did.
  3. As she imagined the day.
  4. I must have imagined it.
  5. Perhaps I had imagined it.
  6. Id imagined a clean sweep.
  7. The body is just imagined.
  8. It may be imagined that Mr.
  9. I imagined a hush falling.
  10. The effect may be imagined.
  11. He even imagined the bell.
  12. You could have imagined it.
  13. I imagined them touching me.
  14. Who knows what he imagined.
  15. He imagined the tree roots.
  16. I always imagined the busy.
  17. IMagined that he could feel.
  18. Of course, I’d imagined it.
  19. I could not have imagined it.
  20. He imagined chunks of flesh.
  21. Were they imagined all along?
  22. Had she imagined the figure?
  23. It was just as I had imagined.
  24. Ross was not what Max imagined.
  25. Daniel from his imagined thrall.
  26. What could that be, I imagined.
  27. He imagined, I supposed, that.
  28. She had always imagined this:.
  29. I’m more that I had imagined.
  30. God knows what she had imagined.
  31. I never imagined it would be me.
  32. He imagined she would probably.
  33. They weren't, but he imagined it.
  34. Guilty and dirty as he imagined.
  35. He probably imagined how he’d.
  36. What he saw can only be imagined.
  37. I imagined a stopwatch in my head.
  38. I had imagined a modest dwelling.
  39. It is nothing like I had imagined.
  40. Even space and time are imagined.
  41. Unfortunately it can be imagined.
  42. It is the imagined that is unreal.
  43. You imagined her first, after all.
  44. I imagined that this was for the.
  45. Id imagined I was indestructible.
  46. Blake imagined the puppets call-.
  47. It was just as he had imagined it.
  48. You are more that You had imagined.
  49. William Cecil Clayton had imagined.
  50. She imagined letting them spill out.
  51. I imagined Apophis laughing in the.
  52. The bank is not what I had imagined.
  53. That was not how he had imagined it.
  54. Nothing he ever imagined could exist.
  55. Real or imagined, he felt something.
  56. She imagined holding him in her arms.
  57. You are lot prettier than I imagined.
  58. What is imagined and willed becomes.
  59. Maybe I had imagined the conversation.
  61. He’d never imagined one his own age.
  62. He had always imagined that he would.
  63. They imagined it to be a call to arms.
  64. She imagined he would if he were here.
  65. It wasn’t how Irena had imagined it.
  66. IMagined what it was like to be alive.
  67. In his childish way, he had imagined.
  68. Heather imagined she could watch him.
  69. It was a limp grip, just as I imagined.
  70. With his every movement I imagined he.
  71. They imagined they had gone to Algeria.
  72. He imagined there was more to the story.
  73. It was even better than I had imagined.
  74. Just like I'd imagined a million times.
  75. Imagined Sam standing in this very spot.
  76. I imagined that I had a religious book.
  77. He would have fought hard, she imagined.
  78. The nipples are bigger than he imagined.
  79. His mind recoiled from imagined agonies.
  80. So his premonition had not been imagined.
  81. A few years ago she imagined she would.
  82. Everything exactly as I had imagined it.
  83. He fondly imagined he might have been a.
  84. I imagined that all that belonged to me.
  85. She imagined Allan in the same situation.
  86. The hotel was closer than he had imagined.
  87. A whole lot better than she had imagined.
  88. She could never have imagined the trust.
  89. He imagined what her friends were saying.
  90. Had she imagined what Shelagh had said?
  91. Humans value the imagined over the actual.
  92. Then again, he imagined that might have.
  93. And he imagined it rang in Nora’s hand.
  94. She imagined she was flying, not falling.
  95. He imagined his mother smiling knowingly.
  96. Hank obediently imagined his heart slowing.
  97. He had probably just imagined hearing her.
  98. At least the way I imagined it would smell.
  99. It worked better than he had ever imagined.
  100. He never imagined she would be this heavy.
  1. One imagines that one is.
  2. Colorful images that a child imagines.
  3. As Below so Above and Beyond, he imagines.
  4. But man imagines that he works for an incen-.
  5. He imagines that he can see her tower in the dark.
  6. He imagines that person’s reaction: disoriented.
  7. Dying is much more difficult than one imagines.
  8. It could only, she imagines, harbor ill intentions.
  9. But not the kind of man she imagines she cares for.
  10. Is this what it used to look like? He imagines it is.
  11. He imagines crimson and black, colours to induce terror.
  12. Its destiny is the duty of him who imagines himself to be.
  13. His fists are clenched tight in the bath as he imagines he is.
  14. Sammy is also aware that it depends on what he visually imagines.
  15. Moments when his eyes glaze as he imagines the nearly, the what ifs.
  16. The stereotype imagines a Wall Street populated by bulls and bears.
  17. The “bliss” which my limited “I” imagines is the real Bliss.
  18. She imagines a group of people in a laboratory, tweaking an SIM card.
  19. Is that Catherine Linton! He imagines me in a pet---in play, perhaps.
  20. Rico has become the kind of young man Cass imagines his son would become.
  21. He imagines the worst is over for him, when in fact they’ve only begun.
  22. Our citizens are not so uninformed as the gentleman from Tennessee imagines.
  23. He imagines that Bex is six years old, and that she is holding his free hand.
  24. One never imagines such pitfalls are as much for oneself as for everyone else.
  25. Evan imagines her as the head cheerleader and valedictorian of her high school.
  26. He never once imagines that such discovery might be not by an enemy but by a friend.
  27. He attended some lectures somewhere and imagines that the devil is no match for him.
  28. She imagines the walled city behind her, its soaring ramparts, its puzzle of streets.
  29. Then let them delete also the words that he or she imagines might offend someone else.
  30. She draws in a breath, imagines the color of her jacket fading to gray, and pushes out.
  31. She imagines there are much greater things in this world than the one with many colors.
  32. She imagines trying to tell Kit about this, and a hysterical laugh bubbles up her throat.
  33. Suzy stares deeply into Lewis's eyes as she imagines her life living with someone disabled.
  34. I’m not sure what she imagines I’m going to say, but she has a tendency to expect the worst.
  35. Evans imagines the possibility of his empire stretching across the land he has already conquered.
  36. Simon imagines in his mind unscrewing and unbolting the door as the postman arrives for his parcel.
  37. Another shell goes overhead and Werner imagines he hears the wood in the huge beams above him splinter.
  38. Despite Sisyphus’s tragic existence, Camus imagines he is happy, though he does not fully explain why.
  39. As the wolf snarls once more, baring its teeth and crouching for the kill, he imagines he will die here.
  40. She imagines mother and son as they move toward the door, small hand folded in big hand, and her throat wells.
  41. With vigor, he imagines the point whereby he flips into real fear and at that very point, we ask him to STOP!.
  42. The only way is to wake up and realise that Reality is not the problem; it is you who imagines it is a problem.
  43. But whoever imagines, upon this account, that masters rarely combine, is as ignorant of the world as of the subject.
  44. Everywhere he looks he sees The Lord Yhwh (what he imagines to be the name of that which cannot be named—your name).
  45. This, he imagines, upon the true principles of the mercantile system, is a clear proof that this forced corn trade is.
  46. Hartstongue simply nods, as if he imagines it could be him she was addressing, and gazes beyond her to the land around them.
  47. Were she to do that, she imagines she would become small—much, much too small—and would eventually be reduced to tears.
  48. I know exactly what just went through his mind – for a moment there, he experienced what he imagines I must have been felt.
  49. I don't mean to compare myself with Columbus, and if anyone imagines that I do he ought to be ashamed of himself, that's all.
  50. I’m naïve about such things, but one imagines pornography of the most unpleasant sort, or mail-order cocaine, and so forth.
  51. She imagines him extending his thick neck to look into the house, the coat on the rack, the crumbs of bread on the kitchen table.
  52. He will not concede that his new belief is not based on facts, cold reason, historical necessity, or reality as he imagines it to be.
  53. My daughter imagines he drives around in her Barbie Bus, while my son envisions him logging on to Wikipedia or reading the newspaper.
  54. The man’s high-heeled boots come down on the ground with a crunch that Mary imagines will be her bones should he come anywhere near her.
  55. Davie hears the buzzard's high pitched squeal of annoyance and imagines the bodies in the pit, in their death throes, pleading for light.
  56. As her mind begins to slip into the dark places—where, she imagines, not even the monsters can be seen—Mary begins to realize something.
  57. Although Richard doesn’t get to first base with The Girl, he imagines making love to her, leaving him with an overwhelming sense of guilt.
  58. He can give no explanation of the young man's last words, 'The Professor—it was she,' but imagines that they were the outcome of delirium.
  59. He can give no explanation of the young man's last words, 'The professor—it was she,' but imagines that they were the outcome of delirium.
  60. His religion consists in propitiating his deity and in worshiping his gods, whom he imagines as persons living only for their personal aims.
  61. What do they hope to find? She imagines the radio equipment high above her: microphone, transceiver, all those dials and switches and cables.
  62. If one imagines the relationship between the uncertainty and the option expensiveness as a line, its shape will characterize one single investor.
  63. Garcia’s brain and implant function as one unit and the images he imagines could be transferred to a media storage device in use by the Iotians.
  64. It is with grief and sadness, of youth and inexperience that Mary begins to walk forward—toward, what she imagines, is the great nothing before her.
  65. Geffard pronounces this almost gleefully and pours wine into his glass, and she imagines his head as a cabinet filled with ten thousand little drawers.
  66. Had it a will, she imagines, and a purpose capable of action, it would have flown out of her chest and toward the place that it would likely call home.
  67. And having once assimilated the state to the individual, he imagines that he will find the succession of states paralleled in the lives of individuals.
  68. He imagines two observers in a field pacing out the distance between them, then leveling their eyes on a far-off landmark: a sailing ship or a smokestack.
  69. The two brothers are said to adore each other; but the count is curiously mistaken if he imagines that brotherly love will triumph over love pure and simple.
  70. She imagines her brain cracking a hole in her head and sliding out until it is nothing more than sludge before her, a clump of pudding of the mortal variety.
  71. When Ralph enters, pushing aside the torn curtain that hangs down in what he imagines is a vain attempt to keep out the wind, he expects the room to be empty.
  72. Gervais looks at Daniel with wide eyes, staring at him the way Daniel imagines sailors used to look for stars in the sky—fixed points in a constantly moving world.
  73. The ring, though small compared to the field, extends a fair distance away from where she stands—where, she imagines, a small car could park if one so truly desired.
  74. Which means we will no longer need to contend with a President who doesn’t think the way we do … someone who imagines his power is independent of what we bestow.
  75. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin.
  76. He often imagines firing rockets from his torso or shooting bullets or small gas bombs from his arms and watching through infrared eyes as his enemies are torn to bloody shreds.
  77. Wisely, for one so young and inexperienced, he sensed that a relationship in which one partner imagines he is more desirable, or has more to offer than the other, is doomed to failure.
  78. And therefore, in the first place, religion is not, as science imagines, a manifestation which at one time corresponded with the development of humanity, but is afterward outgrown by it.
  79. But if he is puffed up by the respect thus shown to him and imagines himself to belong to a high class, he directly ceases to be a Brahmin (because this reflects his arrogance and ignorance).
  80. And she slips the tip of his finger seamlessly into her mouth and sucks, and for a moment he imagines that it's not her lips squeezing him, that it's not his finger she's circling with her tongue.
  81. Any one who imagines ten days too short a time—not for falling into leanness, lightness, or other measurable effects of passion, but—for the whole spiritual circuit of alarmed conjecture and.
  82. I had procured it while still a boy, at that droll age when the stories of duels and highwaymen begin to delight one, and when one imagines oneself nobly standing fire at some future day, in a duel.
  83. A couple of brief encounters with her is enough to set Sherman off on a Walter Mittyish, wild-goose chase in which he imagines himself romantically involved with The Girl in a series of improbable situations.
  84. For an aboriginal who imagines his future dwelling, this will not be flaks VVU-Information, but dolls one which has been rezonationally attracted by karmo-klofts of mixing Fields to the resopasons of 2.
  85. Tennyson imagines with regard to an 'Evangelist;’ but there is everything in this narrative to suggest, if it be but true, all that follows in succeeding revelations as to the abnormal cause of man's mortality.
  86. And suddenly now, when he's going to be married for the third time, he imagines that this is a breach of some sort of parental duty to me, and entreats me a thousand miles away not to be angry and to allow him to.
  87. Maybe he has a crummy old car, and maybe he’s really ugly and scrawny, but when he’s dreaming he’s this big, strong man with a really expensive car, because that’s how he imagines things should be for him.
  88. The German’s self-assurance is worst of all, stronger and more repulsive than any other, because he imagines that he knows the truth—science—which he himself has invented but which is for him the absolute truth.
  89. While the sea of history remains calm the ruler-administrator in his frail bark, holding on with a boat hook to the ship of the people and himself moving, naturally imagines that his efforts move the ship he is holding on to.
  90. Each time he imagines she’ll have held steady thanks to the doctors (who now come to check on her every ten minutes, you could set your watch, because apparently there’s been some trouble earlier with her breathing apparatus).
  91. Of himself he does nothing; it only seems to him that he is acting independently, whereas in reality all that he imagines he is doing by himself is done through him by a superior force; he is not the creator of life, but its slave.
  92. But, as Sherwood Anderson wrote in Discovery of a Father, a son’s wish for what he imagines to be a perfect father does not always come true: One of the strangest relationships in the world is that between father and son.
  93. If her mind has its own way, she imagines they are nothing like little girls—that beneath it all, the skin and clothes and hair and eyes, they are really ugly creatures who look like blobs of jelly that eat everything in their path.
  94. Because of this, Mary imagines that, were this world normal, and were she several hundreds of thousands of years back in time, there would have been men here—wielding, of course, clubs and canes—and they would have tried to start fires.
  95. In her imagination she hears the bakers sliding about on the flour-slick floor, moving in the way she imagines ice skaters must move, baking loaves in the same four-hundred-year-old oven that Monsieur Ruelle’s great-great-grandfather used.
  96. In addition, we endow such characters with our own psychisms, because when the child imagines that it communicates with a dwarf, it can picture only the dwarf it wishes to see, — with the same character traits, which the child wants to have.
  97. Marie-Laure imagines the electromagnetic waves traveling into and out of Michel’s machine, bending around them, just as Etienne used to describe, except now a thousand times more crisscross the air than when he lived—maybe a million times more.
  98. I should say that those New England rocks on the sea-coast, which Agassiz imagines to bear the marks of violent scraping contact with vast floating icebergs—I should say, that those rocks must not a little resemble the Sperm Whale in this particular.
  99. He sees the magic between the water and himself and he pulls on it, tugs at it, imagines the magic stilling the water, calming it, deep at the molecular level — so the water’s spinning hydrogen atoms lock together and crystals form on the ground and in the sky.
  100. Nobody imagines, I beileve, that even the greater part of the annual coinage, amounting, for ten years together, before the late reformation of the gold coin, to upwards of £800,000 a-year in gold, was an annual addition to the money before current in the kingdom.

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