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Imbalanced dans une phrase (en anglais)

The 1st Major Imbalanced Split.
The 5th Major Imbalanced Split.
The 4th Major Imbalanced Split.
All one-sided ownership is imbalanced.
But even imbalanced splits are balanced.
To begin with: all Science is imbalanced.
But we are still human: still imbalanced.

Only that advantage was an imbalanced one.
imbalanced separation, imbalanced Splitness.
Which produced yet another imbalanced split.
They are both symptoms of imbalanced energies.
One is the product of an imbalanced awareness.
Too often the church has been imbalanced, with.
It has been imbalanced ever since it was invented.
Without imbalanced power, you cannot harm anything.
understood that if the Chi is imbalanced within an.
or imbalanced in some way, the emotions related to.
But its awareness was already genetically imbalanced.
The point is: our awareness is genetically imbalanced.
sorrow was so strong that it imbalanced her body, and.
It is not only an imbalanced one: it is an unholy one.
All imbalanced humor that has a negative intent is sick.
Our overdeveloped inner awareness itself became imbalanced.
Both are distorted corruptions of imbalanced human awareness.
The second major imbalanced split: splitting things with tools.
Civilization creates both of these one-sided, imbalanced evils.
But our use of this concept is mostly one-sided and imbalanced.
And that this imbalanced split became more and more pronounced.
That imbalanced effect is invisible to us because we live in it.
The more imbalanced society becomes, the more these terms apply.

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