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Impenetrable dans une phrase (en anglais)

He was transparent but impenetrable.
The darkness was impenetrable, but.
He is so impenetrable, like solid armor.
They think of this place as impenetrable.
The enigma was more impenetrable than ever.
All the doors and windows were impenetrable.
It was so complete, so impenetrable, so total.

The Imps were heading for the Impenetrable Cavern.
The fences looked hastily erected, but impenetrable.
They were very busy heading for the Impenetrable Cavern.
It wasn’t because he had an Impenetrable Mind like me.
This safe is 100% impenetrable without that combination.
Suzie opened the back entrance to the Impenetrable Cavern.
Because of the near-absolute silence and the impenetrable.
Honey was confused but her snotty nose was an impenetrable.
It seemed impenetrable except that the main asset was gone.
He could not see the sky, as the fog-steam was impenetrable.
When they reached the mailbox, the trees seemed impenetrable.
The mass of hssswwx was impenetrable, but it was slow-moving.
I expect she was smiling in the thick, impenetrable darkness.
There was stillness: a deathly, deadly, impenetrable stillness.
We worship the perfection of impenetrable unknowable mysteries.
But for me, in my impenetrable mantle, the safely was complete.
Behind them the forest was a black impenetrable ocean of shadows.
After it silence, complete and impenetrable, settled down on Frau Dremmel.
Generally, within one mile from the river, there is an impenetrable morass.
Truly there can; nowhere be found the equal of Lord Smaug the Impenetrable.
The Impenetrable Cavern has a back-entrance? That’s stupid! Matt said.
They made camp on the first night on the outskirts of the Impenetrable Forest.
They desired that a gigantic, impenetrable reflective plate be formed over them.
Although the trees at this point were impenetrable, it would not be long before.
In this view, the body’s complexities are vast, and to some degree impenetrable.
All his mind was bent on getting through or over this impenetrable wall and guard.
He rushed through into the Impenetrable Cavern, barely taking notice of his friends.
She opened her mouth but he muttered and shuffled off, a click and an impenetrable.
The once vibrant plant had now plugged the Gateway, with an impenetrable stone seal.
The solid bare rock towered above them by hundreds of metres, and seemed impenetrable.
Gelahn’s eyes were as impenetrable as the sea that had almost been the end of Simon.
The trail led down to the San Juan River, walled in on either side by impenetrable bush.
It was the first warm food or drink they had taken since leaving the Impenetrable Forest.

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