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Impudent dans une phrase (en anglais)

His impudent grin was in place again.
But it was all impudent and careless.
Impudent fellows! said the prince.
In this impudent act of underscoring, Mr.
Carrie laughed at the impudent look on his face.
An impudent grin curved the corners of his lips.
Belle carriage driven by an impudent yellow negro.

Yeah, got you! You impudent phantom, look at me!.
An odious, little, pert, unnatural, impudent girl.
He is stupid and impudent like all practical people.
That is a fiction—an impudent invention to vex me.
Don t you what ME, you impudent thing—hand out them.
He was impudent, Alyosha, Ivan said, with a shudder of offense.
I admit that it is an impudent idea (and for that reason a sweet one).
They followed their chief into the salon, however, with a kind of impudent curiosity.
I don’t know why, for I always thought that town a mighty pushy, impudent sort of place.
Captain Mitchell thought that he had never heard anything so brazenly impudent in his life.
What a skunk! Impudent and bother-some, I thought, trying once again to concentrate on meditation.
The very fact that she never made an impudent answer seemed to Miss Minchin a kind of impudence in itself.
In spite of the pain at his heart Velchaninoff could not help being interested in this impudent youngling.
And then, if they were impudent, he said quietly: "Do you mind going on with your work," and stood and watched.
And the impudent young man had the effrontery to put his arm round my shoulder, which was the height of familiarity.
A bell rang, some young men, ugly and impudent, and at the same time careful of the impression they were making, hurried by.
As to the evidence of eye-witnesses, in these days people prefer impudent lies to the stories of men of worth and long service.
Petrovitch began to be more cheerful, partly, perhaps, because this shabby and impudent person had introduced himself as a student.
The impudent servitors, and even the seneschal who came with them, took the duchess to be speaking in earnest, so they removed the.
Standing in the doorway, he scanned the company, and laughing his prolonged, impudent, malicious chuckle, looked them all boldly in the face.
You have accomplished these different crimes with impudent address, but which could only deceive those whose affections for you blinded them.
As to the ‘former word’ which he declares ‘lighted up the night of his life,’ he is simply an impudent liar; I merely pitied him once.
The lassie was conscious of the ill turn she had played, and would have submitted in modesty; but one of the writers’ clerks, an impudent whipper-.
Furious at the impudent, shameless cynicism of these last words, a cynicism of which only a woman would have been capable, 1 ran away, deeply insulted.
With a foolish smile Pyotr raised his hat, with its colored band, at the window, in token of farewell; an impudent conductor slammed the door and the latch.
As long as she had Archie beside her, Scarlett had not given Shantytown a thought, because not even the most impudent negro woman dared laugh in her presence.
His having lied and been impudent are, I confess, less engaging specimens than I had hoped to have from you of the outbreak in him of the little natural man.
Eighteen thousand roubles, for me? Why, you declare yourself a fool at once, she said, with impudent familiarity, as she rose from the sofa and prepared to go.
Nadia was the prettiest of all the girls—a little brunette, with an impudent audacious expression; she might have been a Nihilist from the independence of her look.
When a man sends you an impudent letter, sit right down and give it back to him with interest ten times compounded, and then throw the letters in the waste basket.
She hated the impudent free negroes as much as anyone and her flesh crawled with fury every time she heard their insulting remarks and high-pitched laughter as she went by.

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fresh impertinent impudent sassy saucy smart wise flip insolent

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