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Indemnification dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Misunderstandings between these master planters and the natives, whom they considered almost as slaves, were unavoidable, and it was some of these quarrels which served as a pretext for the American indemnification.
  2. This money, forty-five thousand dollars, was wanted as compensation or indemnification demanded of them by the United States of America for violence said to have been done by Fijis to some citizens of the American Republic.
  3. The term, therefore, allowed, for the indemnification of the landlord, ought not to he a great deal longer than what was necessary for that purpose, lest the remoteness of the interest should discourage too much this attention.
  4. To collect this, the Americans sent a squadron, which unexpectedly seized some of the best islands under the pretext of guaranty, and threatened to bombard and ruin the towns if the indemnification were not paid over on a certain date to the representatives of America.
  5. I am sure, sir, that we shall not find them among those who daily violate your laws, relieve your enemy of his surplus manufactures, or supply him with your provisions, and then come here and receive indemnification, remission for the crimes which they have committed.

  6. Amongst these we may reckon an additional shilling in the pound land tax, for three years; the two millions received from the East-India company, as indemnification for their territorial acquisitions ; and the one hundred and ten thousand pounds received from the bank for the renewal of their charter.
  7. From these premises, it appeared to your committee that the petitioners have an undoubted right to the above-mentioned slaves and their increase, and that they have been deprived of all remedy for their recovery by the acts of the Government of the United States; that the voluntary renunciation of their rights by the Government gives to the petitioners a fair claim on the Government for indemnification.

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