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Indicate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This may indicate that a.
  2. It should indicate who the.
  3. What do these 30 &35 indicate.
  4. Used to indicate an activity:.
  5. Pedal marks indicate the use.

  6. Indicate the user is required.
  7. It doesn’t indicate a no-show.
  8. Use capital letters to indicate.
  9. This does not indicate either a.
  10. These findings indicate that DAT.
  11. Used to indicate a period of time:.
  12. Used to indicate time or duration:.
  13. Used to indicate a mean or method:.
  14. This would indicate that 59% of 18.
  15. Studies indicate that taurine may.

  16. And what does that indicate?
  17. His lips wil indicate a smile; the.
  18. That would indicate he was tripping.
  19. Its colors indicate a very high rank.
  20. Used to indicate a part of the body:.
  21. The plans now indicate that because.
  22. And she made sure to indicate as much.
  23. All of these things indicate a problem.
  24. Used to indicate a location or place:.
  25. Used to indicate an amount or number:.

  26. It was once used to indicate the hour.
  27. Used to indicate the use of something:.
  28. Used to indicate a noun that is unique:.
  29. He spreads his arms to indicate her lawn.
  30. Some preliminary studies indicate that.
  31. His bad season couldn’t indicate any.
  32. In the third category indicate all the.
  33. They would indicate after they’d moved.
  34. If you indicate it will be within a day.
  35. Used to indicate the state of something:.
  36. The words passive obedience indicate this.
  37. The pattern of the swell may indicate land.
  38. To copywriters, all these words indicate.
  39. Wounds on Rebecca indicate something else.
  40. Donation: (please indicate bank and type).
  41. These letters a, ka and ma would indicate.
  42. These results indicate that even after an.
  43. The note said nothing to indicate as much.
  44. The display would thus indicate 0 and 1 only.
  45. The referee will indicate the winner (Kachi).
  46. Labs indicate that she has a hemoglobin of 8.
  47. Used to indicate a limit or an ending point:.
  48. These actions indicate that you don’t know.
  49. Blue signs indicate Capener Ward and Surgical.
  50. No sound he heard to indicate either of these.
  51. Used to indicate all the members of a family:.
  52. The pictures indicate that Kim Il Sung is god.
  53. Two numbers in the per year column indicate U.
  54. A value of 9 will indicate the end of the file.
  55. She elegantly waved her hands to indicate the.
  56. Please remember to indicate that the Identity.
  57. This might indicate that the traders who were.
  58. The temperature and the pulse clearly indicate.
  59. So, what they indicate is not necessarily true.
  60. Instead, she merely nodded to indicate she was.
  61. Elandria shook her head to indicate the negative.
  62. Melanie indicate that she was inwardly seething.
  63. Undue movement of the board will indicate a bite.
  64. She spread out her hands to indicate the stones.
  65. And all reports indicate you two are very tight.
  66. Please indicate direction and I will precede you.
  67. These findings indicate a downregulation in the.
  68. The past and the present indicate that it is good.
  69. This can indicate a change or move to a new home.
  70. These latter indicate that the dragon is speaking.
  71. Some commentaries indicate that all these events.
  72. Nothing had been left behind to indicate what had.
  73. Indicate whether the width (X) of the wall, shall.
  74. This appears to indicate that those who heard the.
  75. Action: Indicate whether you’re buying or selling.
  76. There was nothing on the radar to indicate traffic.
  77. Used to indicate being together or being involved:.
  78. Jane lifted a hand to indicate her mouth was full.
  79. Blemishes in the wood do not indicate it is damaged.
  80. Does this indicate a divine change from Judaism to.
  81. That would seem to indicate they are indestructible.
  82. Gaps of that kind indicate on the direction of next.
  83. This will indicate that you're listening attentively.
  84. Used to indicate movement from one place to another:.
  85. Used to indicate an action with a particular purpose:.
  86. Hap pounded the gavel on the podium to indicate there.
  87. Hugh glanced up to see the clock on the wall indicate.
  88. The Name of your Provider, the Most High indicate?
  89. If death does not indicate unconsciousness, then the.
  90. The accompanying sketches will indicate what is meant.
  91. No drugs were found in her system that would indicate.
  92. If that were so, that would indicate that Shannon was.
  93. This person doesn’t indicate whether the fly survived.
  94. A single direction would indicate they reached a corner.
  95. If Y2K stands for year 2000, then indicate which of the.
  96. A value of 0 will indicate that the read was error free.
  97. We have tòrelateànything that we want to indicate out.
  98. The paint would indicate who was killed in action.
  99. The chuckles that followed seemed to indicate acceptance.
  100. Used to indicate more than an expected number or amount:.
  1. Indicating that I come with her.
  2. It was soggy and white indicating.
  3. I nodded my head indicating that I.
  4. Indicating he’d been to town again.
  5. He had many battle scars, indicating.
  6. Shay patted his belly indicating where.
  7. Indicating a small island of some sort.
  8. Torie, he said indicating my coat.
  9. I glance across to where he is indicating.
  10. STS, she said, indicating site to site.
  11. Stanley nodded his head indicating approval.
  12. These vessels will be indicating the hours.
  13. She slapped out, indicating she was through.
  14. Red lines, indicating climbing routes, are.
  15. Griffiths’ testimony indicating that the.
  16. His hand darted out indicating the prisoners.
  17. My mistake was indicating they had a mistake.
  18. Somehow I doubted the spot he was indicating.
  19. This is my son,’ she added, indicating Boris.
  20. There are no conclusive studies indicating a.
  21. He twitched his head, indicating for them to.
  22. The house was dark, indicating no one was home.
  23. Note: This circuit is capable of indicating up.
  24. Hades was understood as indicating a place, or.
  25. Indicating to Emma, he was ready to let it drop.
  26. Go ahead, he said, indicating the flashlight.
  27. Nincotte stood, indicating that the meeting was.
  28. The cross-hairs are indicating that the homing.
  29. Is this real? he asked, indicating the snow.
  30. Rocky winked at me indicating that it was Carmen.
  31. What is this? I said, indicating the packing.
  32. Indicating Hanor, the lad was coming to his senses.
  33. The dot indicating the point investigated in 420 B.
  34. Rand stood up indicating that he was ready to leave.
  35. Each youth blew a red light indicating intoxication.
  36. Escorts? Shria asked, indicating the last two.
  37. I in turn nodded my head indicating that I knew and.
  38. Sighing, I stepped back indicating for him to enter.
  39. He leaned over Hunter’s car, indicating the paper.
  40. Melanie and I grinned at Woody indicating a thumbs-up.
  41. Shal we? Ryan asked indicating the theatre door.
  42. So what’s with the camera? Indicating Charlie.
  43. Lord closed the door, indicating His seal of approval.
  44. The buzzer sounded, indicating the start of the match.
  45. He ended by indicating the stone in the yard off the.
  46. Cami made a humming noise indicating she was listening.
  47. Howard sat back in his chair indicating that he had.
  48. I held up a hand, indicating that I was about to leave.
  49. Corey and I exchanged quick smiles, indicating that we.
  50. Jeff flashed his palms at us, indicating that he'd had.
  51. Punk stood aside, flicked his bat, indicating for the.
  52. I nodded my head indicating approval then followed Link.
  53. She smiled ironically indicating she did not believe me.
  54. There was a loud click, indicating the door was unlocked.
  55. He left a note to that effect indicating his despondency.
  56. Do you see? Kifter said, indicating their behaviour.
  57. Sure, Tammas said, indicating the chair next to him.
  58. Carmen grinned at me and then nodded his head indicating.
  59. I stopped and tried to calm my breathing, indicating for.
  60. Corey grinned at me indicating his pleasure and agreement.
  61. So we see its use in the Gospels indicating exactly this.
  62. We responded to the defense indicating that we would be.
  63. Care to join us? Tom interjected, indicating a seat.
  64. The small Beagle nodded his head indicating approval and.
  65. I shrugged my shoulders indicating that I was in the dark.
  66. Robby nodded his head indicating an affirmative response.
  67. I smiled and then nodded my head indicating that I agreed.
  68. Sterling raised a hand, indicating that Nicky should stop.
  69. The once static red dots indicating the infected area are.
  70. Do you see him? asked the mayor, indicating the crowd.
  71. I nodded my head indicating approval and then waited until.
  72. It was pitch black, indicating no power or security camera.
  73. That’s our course for home, indicating the blackboard.
  74. Connie relented, and characteristically sighed, indicating.
  75. The sun was cast almost above head, indicating that it was.
  76. Except for the limited purpose of indicating to the public.
  77. My mother tilted her head to the side, indicating that she.
  78. Link turned his gaze away from me indicating that he felt a.
  79. Anna noticed this sigh, indicating dissent, and she went on.
  80. Buster responded with a smile and a nod, indicating that he.
  81. Is this not an evidence that is indicating a Great Creator?
  82. I nodded my head indicating approval, and then I thanked my.
  83. I nodded my head indicating a ‘no’ response, and then I.
  84. He pointed to the gull and then nodded his head, indicating.
  85. Lardyme looked concerned and she was indicating to the lane.
  86. My mother licked Cynthia's hand; indicating that she wanted.
  87. E nodded, indicating that she was wondering about that, too.
  88. Please sit, the Chief Inspector said indicating a bent-.
  89. Indicating windows 1 are provided against the tanks 4, 6….
  90. What could I have done? I said indicating my injured arm.
  91. But he had thin grey lips, indicating he was a Uola orderran.
  92. He pointed towards the squad, indicating to join the platoon.
  93. There are also two signs indicating that the winds are abid-.
  94. He sat down, indicating that his official ruling was complete.
  95. Someone in the helicopter was indicating ‘head to shore’.
  96. Ask them, replied Prince Andrew, indicating the officers.
  97. Yes, the racoon gave me a nod indicating that we could now.
  98. Indicating to the exciting architectures on both sides of the.
  99. My phone vibrated indicating me that I had a text from someone.
  100. I’ll finish this, he said, indicating to the casserole.
  1. The man indicated a chair.
  2. He indicated the cosy room.
  3. He indicated a closed door.
  4. I looked where he indicated.
  5. It has been indicated that.
  6. He indicated the coffee pot.
  7. Sarek indicated that he had.
  8. He indicated a chair and left.
  9. This indicated the work of a.
  10. He indicated for her to come on.
  11. Gwenda took the route indicated.
  12. The traffic sign indicated walk.
  13. The same study indicated that.
  14. Williams indicated with his chin.
  15. He indicated the other landowner.
  16. She sat in the chair indicated.
  17. It will be indicated by a green.
  18. The latter indicated that he had.
  19. She indicated the pitcher and mugs.
  20. We have more than once indicated.
  21. The letter clearly indicated his.
  22. She indicated with one bony finger.
  23. Business travel is also indicated.
  24. The article indicated that Park Sr.
  25. Syndot indicated that only a few.
  26. He must have indicated, Got it.
  27. Holmes turned to the page indicated.
  28. We can turn now, he indicated.
  29. Nicole's face that indicated unease.
  30. This practice is indicated in the.
  31. The cost of debt is indicated with.
  32. He indicated the room with his hand.
  33. Doc indicated the bedroom with a nod.
  34. She indicated for her driver to wait.
  35. They indicated the ‘road’ ahead.
  36. He indicated that we should sit down.
  37. As indicated in the illustration in.
  38. Time as indicated by a sundial - 2 Kgs.
  39. I crawled into the spot she indicated.
  40. The clock indicated that it was 6:30 A.
  41. A steady low pitch hum indicated the.
  42. The expression on her face indicated.
  43. He also indicated the characteristic.
  44. Her voice indicated that she was hurt.
  45. The pregnancy test result indicated a.
  46. Cleve and the others indicated approval.
  47. Pointing westward, he indicated a bench.
  48. The results indicated that the energy.
  49. They all indicated a willingness to go.
  51. Homes near water are indicated for them.
  52. Nemo indicated the place I was to occupy.
  53. Softness indicated by shading, 102, 123.
  54. She indicated ones she wanted copies of.
  56. A green light indicated a break in the.
  57. They indicated Credit's emerging powers.
  58. However, as indicated by asterisks, the.
  59. She indicated that I should be quiet too.
  60. Smelling indicated a foul smell around me.
  61. He indicated it was the president’s wish.
  62. Padraig nodded and indicated the back door.
  63. In the end she indicated Rosemary's plate.
  64. Sam indicated and swung out onto the road.
  65. The window indicated was the office window.
  66. This indicated she was on the third floor.
  67. Yes, I suppose that is what he indicated.
  68. He indicated the police car with his thumb.
  69. This finding was replicated and indicated.
  70. A step back indicated clearly how she felt.
  71. Once the homing transmitter indicated the.
  72. He knew the noncommittal answer indicated.
  73. He nodded and indicated she could release.
  74. That one! He indicated the blond leader.
  75. He indicated that he could do this for me.
  76. Click Play selected button where indicated.
  77. Every eye looked toward the point indicated.
  78. Captain Munoz indicated a chair nearer hers.
  79. A thimbleful of dandelion wine is indicated.
  80. Nolan indicated the digital lock on the door.
  81. There are career changes indicated then too.
  82. They indicated they understood what I meant.
  83. It was brief, but indicated everything was.
  84. Samual indicated to the three to take a seat.
  85. Lisa had then indicated to her mother that.
  86. Martha stared in the direction he indicated.
  87. As was indicated before, the General did not.
  88. I groaned at the spot indicated on the globe.
  89. Corrente indicated for the man to take a seat.
  90. The original dream indicated what he was to.
  91. The prince glanced in the direction indicated.
  92. Ivan had not indicated whether Faustine was.
  93. The clock on the wall indicated four-thirty a.
  94. An example is r"Newlines are indicated by \n".
  95. Severa} studies have indicated that teachers.
  96. A small additional distribution was indicated.
  97. Often his gestures indicated Aanya that he is.
  98. She indicated that they should all have a seat.
  99. The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.
  100. A dark hole in her breast indicated a bullet.
  1. The clock on the wall indicates.
  2. The higher alpha indicates that.
  3. One statistic indicates that 85%.
  4. It indicates several things to me.
  5. This indicates good family support.
  6. The following verse indicates the.
  7. Current inventory indicates 340 pcs.
  8. Imminence indicates that Jesus can.
  9. Researches indicates that delays in.
  10. His invoice indicates that he was.
  11. This usually indicates that someone.
  12. A filing in the court indicates the.
  13. Energetically it indicates the mov-.
  14. A healthy sex drive indicates a good.
  15. Its tone indicates how advanced it is.
  16. The DECADE study indicates that among.
  17. The E notation indicates powers of 10.
  18. This clearly indicates that our I is.
  20. This indicates a nice payday happening.
  21. The symbol indicates utter destruction.
  22. A value of 0 indicates no error at all.
  23. However, some evidence indicates that.
  24. This indicates a testing of friendships.
  25. It indicates that it is inanimate matter.
  26. The red lED1 indicates that the circuit.
  27. This indicates that we should begin the.
  28. This indicates a nearly perfect 4:1 ratio.
  29. Everything indicates that it is correct.
  30. Here the cah indicates its Chinese origins.
  31. Current stock inventory indicates 200 pcs.
  32. The J indicates that a coordinate system.
  33. This indicates that through relying upon.
  34. The thoughtful woman indicates your answer.
  35. This figure, however, indicates the total.
  36. It indicates elevation, honour and respect.
  37. The picking of food indicates two things: 1.
  38. Thou art the one who indicates fulfillment.
  39. Today, it indicates that the site uses TLS.
  40. Indicates a microbial imbalance of the body.
  41. He indicates a serious kind of relationship.
  42. It rather indicates their dissoluble nature.
  43. The myth of heaven indicates peace and night.
  44. This indicates that they can translate the.
  45. The gray background indicates someone split.
  46. This indicates that the price trend is weak.
  47. That is what the word perhaps indicates.
  48. Which indicates that blood flow is increasing.
  49. This indicates personal success and elevation.
  50. Whenever you "don't get it" that indicates a.
  51. To dream of a Pandora’s box indicates hope.
  52. Current stock inventory (Table 5) indicates 30.
  53. She indicates the monitor as she shakes her head.
  54. It is a minor 'bump' in the chart and indicates.
  55. The VX indicates this is a VIX futures contract.
  56. Current stock inventory (Table 5) indicates 80.
  57. The red arrow indicates the direction of the jet.
  58. This indicates that they are still revolutionary.
  59. This indicates that both string and numbers are.
  60. The word disbelievers indicates the category.
  61. Again, his silence indicates that his statements.
  62. Its name indicates that it foresees higher prices.
  63. Lynch indicates mockingly the couple at the piano.
  64. The May in italics indicates that Jeff adopted her.
  65. This indicates the value of a powerful affirmation.
  66. And the implanting of a desire indicates that its.
  67. The initial study indicates that the body had been.
  68. This indicates movement and that is what gravity is.
  69. A 10 indicates near certainty of it happening.
  70. Green thought indicates a restful state and healing.
  71. A Shooting Star indicates the end of an upward move.
  72. This indicates that if water represents peoples and.
  73. Current stock inventory (Table 5) indicates 1000 pcs.
  74. Just the part in Zechariah 14 indicates that it may.
  75. As the name indicates we are in to financial services.
  76. Evidence indicates that when speeding fragments of.
  77. This often indicates moves or renovations of the home.
  78. It further indicates a strong spirit and healthy mind.
  79. The story of Jesus’ birth indicates to us something.
  80. This indicates business partnerships or joint ventures.
  81. This is one of the good guys but he clearly indicates.
  82. Nay is a word indicates prevention and inhibition.
  83. As for the word ((rulers)), it indicates two meanings:.
  84. This indicates that adding the publication title into.
  85. This also indicates that a tuple is a sequence as well.
  86. This is one of the good guys, but he clearly indicates.
  87. The word "someone" indicates that a person with a dead.
  88. Universe is expanding at the rate the Big Bang indicates.
  89. With his open palm Babsie indicates that I must not move.
  90. As you can see, this number indicates quite a few people.
  91. On the contrary, the word ‘when’ indicates certainty.
  92. Yellow thought indicates a moment of joy and contentment.
  93. As for the word ruling, it indicates two meanings:.
  94. Finishing everything indicates that you are still hungry.
  95. It also indicates socializing with people of high status.
  96. To dream that you are yoking an ox indicates acceptance.
  97. This aspect indicates that you are working more from home.
  98. That indicates that more work was necessary at this point.
  99. This indicates family dramas, perhaps repairs in the home.
  100. The following table indicates tendencies and not absolutes.

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