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Infatuated dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Yes, I am infatuated with his.
  2. She was so infatuated with him.
  3. But you’re infatuated with him.
  4. But Jim was so hopelessly infatuated.
  5. He seems infatuated with the mountain.

  6. She had become infatuated with the undead.
  7. Burman seemed infatuated with the monster.
  8. I shuddered to hear the infatuated assertion.
  9. Besides, she was infatuated with the deceit.
  10. All I know is that he seems infatuated with you.
  11. You can't be that seriously infatuated with me?
  12. He was especially infatuated with the female Borg.
  13. I became so infatuated with 'my food' I had minor-.
  14. Could she only be infatuated with him, she pondered.
  15. They hit it off, and she quickly became infatuated.

  16. He was becoming infatuated with her rather quickly.
  17. We had a great time and I became infatuated with him.
  18. But, of course, I was in lust and love and infatuated.
  19. To me he seemed polite and caring and even infatuated.
  20. He earlybecame infatuated with María de Padilla, but was.
  21. He seems infatuated with her!' There was another long pause.
  22. I was so infatuated with the thought of someday having another.
  23. Third question: Why was I infatuated with her? What did she pro-.
  24. He was still infatuated with her however and would hear none of it.
  25. You want to hear what the infatuated little girl thinks of him?

  26. I couldn't believe that not long ago I was just so infatuated with him.
  27. The third company clown (Jason) was too infatuated with getting in his.
  28. She was the girl of my dreams, and I was completely infatuated with her.
  29. He knew he had become infatuated with her, and did not want it to change.
  30. The princess is also obviously infatuated with her as a sort of heroine.
  31. Her large round breasts in full view of the vampire she was infatuated with.
  32. Nevertheless, the propaganda machine was infatuated by this young SS officer.
  33. I think my best friend and roommate are a little infatuated with each other.
  34. His name was Royce Pens and he was completely infatuated with a woman named Elizabeth.
  35. He was still very much infatuated with her, but he was now in control of his impulses.
  36. Their visually appealing bodies yielded oil-ridden symmetrical lines that infatuated him.
  37. The proposal was a newfound interest in Nithya—not that she was madly in love or infatuated.
  38. And for some reason little Miss Rhonda Dailey was so infatuated with this man of twenty-five.
  39. If I made Ali my successor and married him to your sister, but he continues to be infatuated by that singer.
  40. Many averred that the lady was some well-known beauty infatuated by Lord Farquhart, playing merely for time.
  41. From a distance the daughter had become infatuated with our officer, with his green eyes and handsome profile.
  42. He was so infatuated with the continuation of his bloodline that he has donated sperm to every sperm bank known.
  43. What! Pleased with all that nonsense! Why, cannot you see that they are all infatuated with pride and vanity?
  44. The fresh-faced Mary Jo was infatuated with Kennedy, and he knew this as he led her to a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88.
  45. Although deVeau knew that Hinckley was still infatuated with the actress, her unlikely relationship with him blossomed.
  46. Why was she so infatuated with Alex? Was he merely a change in pace? Was it his money? No, the idea turned her stomach.
  47. I was infatuated with him and I thought I was in love with him, and I convinced myself that we were made for each other.
  48. Nuke had been infatuated with her from the moment he channeled in her presence due to the beauty of her spiritual Light.
  49. One of my jobs as a cashier in an American snack bar brought me into contact with a lovely lady and I was infatuated again.
  50. I didn’t miss the slightly disappointed look she had as Jesse told her who I was, or the infatuated look she gave Jesse.
  51. With this realization Can started paying court to the dark haired nurse and if not in love with her was blindly infatuated.
  52. Oh, what a marvel of a woman! And imagine she’s infatuated with me! Nevertheless, how painfully sweet love is in anxiety.
  53. The more she is around the more I become infatuated with her, and the thought of her deliberately tricking me might crush me.
  54. Ever since that Sunday, when the infatuated and desperate Ramirez had waited for her on the wharf, she had no doubts whatever.
  55. She was one of those people who are infatuated with patent medicines and all new-fangled methods of producing health or mending it.
  56. Is it not also true that these three things can exist separately? Lust for one person, infatuated by the other or be in love with another?
  57. Her mind wandered briefly to a particularly fond memory involving Amonas, and she giggled in spite herself like an adolescent, infatuated girl.
  58. When she by chance mentioned that Ailia had become infatuated with him and that it made her feel uncomfortable, he had immediately agreed to leave.
  59. For I was seeing now all that I had been hiding from myself since I became infatuated with Anita, and made marrying her my only real business in life.
  60. From a young age he had been infatuated with Melissa Cadbury and hardly a night passed where he did not dream of spending the rest of his life with her.
  61. The infatuated but guileless Ramirez was the object of his profound aversion, as resuming the sins of the country whose people were blind, vile esclavos.
  62. I think it’s also because she has apparently become completely besotted and infatuated with you, and they’re worried that she’ll make another scene.
  63. The passions are then, also, in their most ungoverned sway; and the judgment, not yet ripe, can easily be infatuated and corrupted by the vain dreams of military glory.
  64. My father was a very proud man, seeking honor and respect at any cost and he had become infatuated with the idea of being revered and in appearing upright in society.
  65. The song changed to a Runner Runner song, a band that Massie was hopelessly infatuated with and Alicia like to tease her about them, claiming they hadn't made it big yet.
  66. However, he is clearly infatuated with Mandy, he has even confessed his love for her to me, although she has a relationship with another man and she doesn't like Dimitri.
  67. They will witness His light and the existence of the Almighty, and then they will become infatuated with Him because of the graces He offers to them and to all the worlds.
  68. He instantly became infatuated with her beauty and besotted by her wonderful charm though her face was stained with blood and she was bruised due to the hard slap on her cheek.
  69. Truly, I did offer myself to him but he refused, even though all the officers were completely infatuated with my beauty and desired me, that is, all of them except this honest man.
  70. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new.
  71. Altschul, for instance, that she’d become infatuated with a man who wasn’t her husband, or ex-, or whatever Keith was to her now—it would be just one more reason to punish herself.
  72. I’m one of those people who is infatuated with her parents, so it was thrilling to talk about my mother with him and see him listen intently while I described their journey to this country.
  73. He had been so infatuated with it all he hadn't noticed someone walking up behind him until he felt the butt of a revolver penetrate his unmovable movie star do as it hit the back of his skull.
  74. Seeing, however, that his forbearance had not the slightest effect, by an awful and unspeakable intimation with his twisted hand he warned off the foolish and infatuated man; but it was to no purpose.
  75. This is opposed to the Godly presence, into which one enters by becoming infatuated with God, the epitome of Majesty, Bounty, and Honour, with His merciful messenger (cpth), and with His Supreme Attributes.
  76. We had vaunted of paying off the national debt, of retrenching useless establishments; and yet had now become as infatuated with standing armies, loans, taxes, navies, and war, as ever were the Essex Junto.
  77. The question was, why did she need to bring them up? Why would she even have noticed had she not been looking to criticize? But he'd been deeply infatuated with the striking girl, readily overlooking her attitude.
  78. But Tussie could not bring himself to bother bodies if they included her own; on the contrary, the infatuated young man thought it would be difficult sufficiently to cherish a thing so supremely precious and sweet.
  79. Edgar Linton, as multitudes have been before and will be after him, was infatuated; and believed himself the happiest man alive on the day he led her to Gimmerton Chapel, three years subsequent to his father's death.
  80. How could I, without striking my own daughter, who was infatuated about him, prevent him from carrying out any plan which he might have formed? My device was a clumsy one, and yet I could think of nothing more effective.
  81. How can happiness be achieved in society living a life loaded with spite and hypocrisy? The happiness hoped for under the wing of science-god is merely an illusion pictured in the vision of those who are infatuated by it.
  82. On the contrary, she liked it, and would at any time have been happy to meet a few; but women were never rich through their own efforts, and always owed their wealth, as in this instance, to some infatuated, soft-as-butter man.
  83. Conderley, a strict observer of the rites of his Church, even at his most infatuated moments suspected her of being, really, a pagan, and Perry Lanks was convinced, and told her so, that she was nothing but an irresponsible hedonist.
  84. That afternoon she pawned an emerald bracelet she had been given a week earlier by an infatuated insurance executive with a wife and three children, and bought some new summer outfits at Lord & Taylor and a round-trip ticket to Nassau.
  85. The most talented were summoned inside the temples structure to sleep with her, they would have years of youth returned to them and would return infused with new found power, but when they returned they would also be totally infatuated with her.
  86. They rely upon your integrity and wisdom, and say that Congress cannot be so infatuated, destitute as they are of the means of aggression or defence, to draw upon themselves a war with one of the most powerful and formidable nations on the globe.
  87. He had heard it said, that the embargo was a sufficient notice of the design of the Government to resort to hostilities upon its expiration, and that the people must be infatuated, who, after such warning, were not apprised of the approaching crisis.
  88. The Queen chatted, gaily at first, then her tone lowering as she told about how the King had become infatuated with the predictions of a seer from the south, a writer of beauty potions and jam recipes who had also written verses pertaining to the future.
  89. Judging from her quick mental calculations, he would probably only have been two or three at the time of the wedding, but she found it somewhat flattering and interesting that this young man would become infatuated with a lady significantly older than he.
  90. He was in Radney the chief mate's watch; and as if the infatuated man sought to run more than half way to meet his doom, after the scene at the rigging, he insisted, against the express counsel of the captain, upon resuming the head of his watch at night.
  91. Moreover, his affection itself was less fire than radiance, and, with regard to the other sex, when he ceased to believe he ceased to follow: contrasting in this with many impressionable natures, who remain sensuously infatuated with what they intellectually despise.
  92. Though their mutual liking during the sojourn might enthuse the hearts of the infatuated co-travelers, once they separate, unsupported by the habit that sustains a relationship, their enthusiasm for each other insensibly wanes, pushing the nascent ardor on to the back burner.
  93. Now more than ever that effect, taking a deep breath and inhaling the sweet scent; the distinctiveness of that always to be etched in his memory; the perfume she wore in those early days, six years ago, when they first met – remembering so vividly why he had been so infatuated.
  94. In the first place he had been made a deputy; then he became infatuated (father of a family as he was, though horribly bored by the provincial life of Saumur) with a pretty actress at the Theatre de Madame, known as Florine, and he presently relapsed into the old habits of his army.
  95. So deep did they go; and so ancient, and corroded, and weedy the aspect of the lowermost puncheons, that you almost looked next for some mouldy corner-stone cask containing coins of Captain Noah, with copies of the posted placards, vainly warning the infatuated old world from the flood.
  96. The two women, rooted to the ground, watched her as if fascinated, saw her speak to Robin on his ladder, saw how he started and dropped his nails, saw how nimbly he clambered down, and how after the shortest parley the infatuated youth rushed away at once in the direction of the Cock and Hens.
  97. Every time he paid his increasingly agonizing calls, she had seen him more abject and more infatuated, a slave craving to give proofs of his abasement, an eager dog panting for a kind word; and with bitter shame he acknowledged that, from her point of view, there was some small justification for her present blindness.
  98. Was he ever deceived by false shapes or seduced by beauty, even though he strived to keep his heart pure and avoid being infatuated with superficial beauty? On the contrary, he was far removed from that, for he always bore witness to the realities and depth of the Godly Presence, His sublime Paradises, and luminous Revelations.
  99. Similar doctrines were disseminated by peddlers from New England and elsewhere, throughout the southern country—and masters have been found so infatuated, as by their lives and conversation, by a general contempt of order, morality, and religion, unthinkingly to cherish these seeds of self-destruction to them and their families.
  100. JOSEPHUS, the Jewish first century historian, recorded concerning the year 70, Thus were the miserable people persuaded by these deceivers, and such as belied God himself; while they did not attend, nor give credit to the signs that were so evident and did so plainly foretell their future desolation; but, like men infatuated, without either eyes to see, or minds to consider, did not regard the denunciations that God made to them.

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