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Inmate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Which to the Inmate Judi-.
  2. The only way that an inmate.
  4. Inmate population 3,172 and climbing.
  5. Bad cop, bad guy, real bad inmate.

  6. The cells were meant to hold one inmate.
  7. One inmate broke away in the direction of.
  8. The inmate must be placed in a suicide proof.
  9. Cheap ass mother fuckers, the inmate said.
  10. Corrections said that I had been a model inmate.
  11. Well, it helps that I'm not an inmate anymore.
  12. Richard turned his gaze towards the other inmate.
  13. Three months ago another inmate had wailed him.
  14. Hardly a woman inmate will dare complain while.
  15. Retaliation against the inmate can come in many.

  16. Since I myself have been an inmate of a lunatic.
  17. Apparently an inmate, in desperation and fear of.
  18. Each inmate in this prison has found a new language.
  19. The inmate sitting in the swivel chair was a newbie.
  20. One inmate returned the belts to the bed of the truck.
  21. An inmate who ratted out another inmate was sure to.
  22. A system like this was designed to give the inmate or.
  23. The crowd tapered off as she allowed one inmate to enter.
  24. The average prison inmate costs us £60-80,000 per annum.
  25. Supposedly it was designed to give the patient or inmate.

  26. It took but a few minutes to prime another enraged inmate.
  27. It was soon discovered that you were once an inmate at the.
  28. Now, I'm nothing but a has-been; a tall inmate with several.
  29. As one inmate put it, You have to keep busy or you’ll.
  30. I mean actual BOP employees, not inmate librarians or tutors.
  31. Its average daily inmate population peaked in 2003 at 14,533.
  32. The inmate to the left of Kent had his cuffs disconnected from.
  33. God I love a good ripe ten year old asshole, the inmate said.
  34. She hasn‘t sent the money to my inmate account that was sent by C.
  35. You think I’m kidding? the inmate said with a firm straight.
  36. Can you describe the type of comments the inmate was making towards.
  37. Bill- Deposited $500 to Michael‘s inmate account and finally met him.
  38. Former political inmate at the island, Ahmed Kathrada, had this to say:.
  39. She sent me $100 cash to transfer by Western Union to his inmate account.
  40. One notorious inmate had cut off other prisoners head and eaten his brains.
  41. An inmate in the local jail is appealing his conviction and sentence to death.
  42. An inmate in the local jail was appealing his conviction and sentence to death.
  43. What type of gift can you give an inmate? Paul asked, shifting in his seat.
  44. I could gather from her that he continued in weak health, and was a tiresome inmate.
  45. One might even give the benefit of the doubt that maybe the inmate has two children.
  46. Since Sutikshna had been the inmate of the Ashram for long, he knew well the system of.
  47. Of course, she was not the only inmate in this place to claim contact with a loved one.
  48. Ignoring the inmate next to Rex, Richard asked, So what them crackers got you fo?
  49. Loco was already involved in a brawl with another inmate and didn't see El Fuego coming.
  50. There was no room for another inmate but since he was here now, he had to be accommodated.
  51. One inmate broke away in the direction of the water storage, while another challenged Moshe.
  52. What are you doing here? They were supposed to bring a death row inmate or a slave for me.
  53. I awoke on the first morning to the animal howls of the inmate in the cell directly beneath me.
  54. Viktor Frankl talks about how one knew an inmate had given up when he smoked his last cigarette.
  55. I heard this human oddity tell an inmate: ―I don't care if Jesus Christ himself put you in jail.
  56. What had become of the inmate of this simple maiden's cell? A terrible apprehension crossed my mind.
  57. The saying in Sing Sing is The only difference between an inmate and a CO is the color of the uniform.
  58. An inmate at the jail named Will Vaughan had shown him how to tie it the time he’d worn it in court.
  59. But the recording said she was an inmate in jail, so I told her, ‘The recording said you were in jail.
  60. I saw Mary's bones, an inmate had written, a long time ago, as the words were faded to near invisibility.
  61. A truck passed me with the name, Halliburton, on the side, but it didn’t say on the bumper, future inmate.
  62. He had cuffed the inmate and put him in his cell because the inmate was out of control, and now he was dead.
  63. Kathy chimed in, You do realize why Bohdan is an inmate here don’t you? He used to kill women for sport.
  64. Adam‘s inmate account on September 8, 2003 and sent M an email telling her that I had wired the money to Mr.
  65. An inmate at Polunsky had a subscription to RC‘s newspaper and ―anonymously‖ forwarded a copy to the warden.
  66. If a prison inmate had his prosthetic leg confiscated after he used it in a prison brawl, would he be hopping mad?
  67. No sleep was there: the inmate was walking restlessly from wall to wall; and again and again he sighed while I listened.
  68. The inmate population just went from forty seven to forty six and the rest of the skinheads weren’t too happy about it.
  69. At one point he almost fell into this pit of these despairing and pitiful creatures, when the inmate he had one leg on, moved.
  70. A vindictive brown-nosing inmate at Polunsky received a copy of the newspaper and ―anonymously‖ forwarded it to the warden.
  71. That holding cell was where he now sat, with one other inmate, a young African-American male who idled on the bunk across from him.
  72. I pray that this two-year moratorium is approved so that every inmate on Death Row gets the opportunity to have his or her case reviewed.
  73. Conqueror I might be of the house; but the inmate would escape to heaven before I could call myself possessor of its clay dwelling-place.
  74. Bill: From this point on, Madame CD regularly sent Michael‘s pocket money to me which I transferred by Western Union to his inmate account.
  75. For your Vampire, though in all afterwards he can come when and how he will, must at the first make entry only when asked thereto by an inmate.
  76. As an inmate in solitary confinement, however, Robert Puller could not lift weights or play basketball or softball or work in any of those shops.
  77. These individuals were obviously from penal institutions, so it wasn’t necessary to see on their uniforms the word, inmate – but it was there.
  78. Terry gave his clothes to an inmate who worked on Reception and watched as the inmate wrote Terry’s number on the box and put it high on a shelf.
  79. After I received the wire transfer from Madame D I would go downtown and personally deposit the cash in Michael's Tarrant County Jail inmate account.
  80. It was built in the area to ensure that if a prison breakout occurred, it would be difficult for an inmate to make his way over the difficult terrain.
  81. The other inmate was a huge black woman with a ghastly pale scar on the left side of her face, appearing capable of crushing skulls with her bare hands.
  82. When Michael was transferred to the Tarrant County Jail Madame D had to wire Michael's inmate stipend to me--the Tarrant County screws only dealt with cash.
  83. With a pull of the shower curtain, Sheriff George Langley gazed upon inmate Melvin Skankmeyer fucking Wanda in the shower in a modified doggy style position.
  84. Dear Madame D lost a lot of cash donations in the mail before she learned to use Western Union to transfer money directly to Michael's Polunsky inmate account.
  85. What that also meant was that every inmate could see every other inmate, that no cell was separated from any other cell by anything but steel bars and open air.
  86. The fourth time I nearly died or at least thought I was going to die of a heart attack happened when an inmate walked up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.
  87. He fumbled around the room again after being struck by the terrible paranoia that maybe a previous inmate had died in here and they hadn’t cleaned the body away.
  88. The helpful inmate had departed, without one backward glance to gather up the meed of gratitude, if any were in the hearts of those whom she had served so zealously.
  89. Last weekend another inmate called me over to the bars while I was walking in the day room and threw boiling water mixed with baby oil and some sort of hair remover.
  90. The inspector of the prison recognised him as an old inmate, and a very turbulent one; and, hearing that he had now become a real criminal, accosted him very harshly.
  91. A cleanly dressed little man greeted me in slightly accented German, proudly introduced himself as an escaped concentration camp inmate and offered me a cigar from a full box.
  92. It costs about twelve shillings a week for each inmate, so it seems to me that it would be more sensible and economical for the community to employ them on some productive work.
  93. He was informing the sheriff that Ben Carver, a death-row inmate, had mentioned to one of the prison guards that he might have some information pertaining to your disappearance.
  94. The written account tells starkly of the insane babblings of poisoned victims; one inmate running out into the middle of the fort stark naked, screaming that there was no God….
  95. I remained an inmate of its walls, after its regeneration, for eight years: six as pupil, and two as teacher; and in both capacities I bear my testimony to its value and importance.
  96. I had been in for two months still waiting to be sentenced and was just sitting in the yard with the lads having a game of cards in the afternoon when a new inmate came through the gate.
  97. Now he kicked the inmate he’d lashed, driving the young woman who looked three times her age thanks to starvation and casual brutality back to her feet, and punched her as she staggered erect.
  98. The inmate said, ‘By God sir, I’m telling you the absolute truth, and the proof of my honesty is that I know that you were sick at that time, and that you were unconscious because of a high fever.
  99. She recalled how Bertha, who visited her in prison, told her that the student, whom she loved while she was an inmate at Kitaeva's, inquired about her and expressed his regrets when told of her condition.
  100. She came, not as a guest, but as a rightful inmate, into the household that was darkened by trouble; as if its gloomy twilight were a medium in which she was entitled to hold intercourse with her fellow-creatures.

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