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Innovation dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It is called tool innovation.
  2. Innovation will remain in the.
  3. What is lacking here is innovation.
  4. It said, Marketing and innovation.
  5. The Acceleration of Tool Innovation.

  6. The pace of innovation is very slow.
  7. This story is called tool innovation.
  8. For this next innovation I can claim.
  9. Innovation can provide great benefits.
  10. But this innovation does give people work.
  11. Innovation is the only sure way to do that.
  12. Combining insights with innovation, we not.
  13. A historic innovation, and genius mechanics.
  14. However, innovation was the key to our success.
  15. Every great innovation we enjoy today were a.

  16. Isn’t that the way with much of innovation?
  17. One innovation that would not be around except.
  18. Innovation is the fuel of the high growth enterprise.
  19. There's a real premium in this business on innovation.
  20. I got the idea why and thought it a great innovation.
  21. The hssswwx have shown no inclination for innovation.
  22. Superior service combined with technology innovation.
  23. He continued, It has led to some really great innovation.
  24. Once again, the market stagnates and innovation declines.
  25. This will encourage innovation and access to information.

  26. To our desires, our expectations, our idea of innovation.
  27. Innovation wasn’t limited to internal development either.
  28. It’s often said that requirement is the mom of innovation.
  29. This notion of collective innovation and communal software.
  30. Who introduced this innovation? and by what authority?
  31. Innovation and further improvements and experiences in the.
  32. PROCESSES: To further the Innovation Initiative goals, the.
  33. Be cautious of those businesses that only imitate innovation.
  34. The innovation itself needs to be difficult to match over a.
  35. Still, I politely congratulated the emperor on his innovation.
  36. His days of innovation and of surprising the public with his.
  37. There is no end to innovation, new products are tested and sold.
  38. Two years after the explosion, the rate of innovation began to.
  39. The customer needs to be the center of the innovation equation.
  40. This innovation further complicates the picture of the Universe.
  41. This results in lack of initiative, innovation, and self-reliance.
  42. Size alone rarely guarantees innovation, growth, or profitability.
  43. I think their inhibition comes by the means of the late innovation.
  44. Artie had trouble concentrating on this innovation of Churchill’s.
  45. It is difficult to know what the future holds in wireless innovation.
  46. This new innovation keeps enemy observation planes from seeing flares.
  47. When it comes to the telephone, the cell phone is the worst innovation.
  48. Step up to the front lines and mobilize us all with vanguard innovation.
  49. For his part, he had always determined to oppose all innovation, and the.
  50. The French innovation was to include equality among the essential.
  51. The development and innovation of inventing better Tools used to kill with.
  52. Innovation is the thing that takes us out of the old life into the new life.
  53. The innovation, if not wrong as an innovation, will be wrong as an expense.
  54. A new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to help create new payment.
  55. Another innovation considered being progressive and ahead of its time was the.
  56. Of course, the past 30 years have also seen wondrous technological innovation.
  57. These larger populations became breeding grounds for even more tool innovation.
  58. An enthusiastic partner who was willing to try any sexual innovation I suggested.
  59. It is the substitute of influence and corruption for innovation and competition.
  60. Gain has to continue all the way in profits through innovation and taking risks.
  61. Consider the challenge of measuring the potential benefit of increased innovation.
  62. Moreover, tool innovation is the only justification and reason for our existence.
  63. We will call this innovation by the Law of Identification “I” with “Not-I”.
  64. Revaluation is usually created by the introduction of new knowledge or innovation.
  65. That's all pedantry and innovation, no use listening to it, the monks decided.
  66. It reduces productivity growth rates by inhibiting innovation and capital formation.
  67. Candor does not provide us with protection, sustenance, or technological innovation.
  68. We have two additional topics to consider, that of innovation, and that of corruption.
  69. Obviously, such an innovation could not pass withoutopposition from clear-sighted men.
  70. We can, in short, see why nature is prodigal in variety, though niggard in innovation.
  71. How do you do that? By applying new knowledge and creating innovation with this thing.
  72. The innovation was that the gallows incorporated a swivel, so that the arm could swing.
  73. In hindsight one can note that mail subsidies actually retarded progress and innovation.
  74. Art is obviously one of the vehicles which convey intelligence that leads to innovation.
  75. What with all the expenses of my education, not much money was left for its innovation.
  76. As compared to these companies, innovation needs to be constant for technology companies.
  77. Even the best lovers of innovation should eagerly desire Charleston to retain its serenity.
  78. I was quite impressed with their setup and amazed at the resiliency and innovation of many.
  79. He also walked away with tools to help him promote innovation and research and development.
  80. You must also know if the business invests in innovation to develop new products or services.
  81. In principle, it seemed like a bold innovation, designed to ‘open up’ the political system.
  82. Low gas prices and technological innovation have changed the conventional drilling world forever.
  83. But PMV as an investment strategy has three additional features that make it a genuine innovation.
  84. In the coming years, such innovation will remain critical to business in a technology savvy world.
  85. A global premium is placed on innovation, creativity, improvisation and the entrepreneurial spirit.
  86. We would add a seventh takeaway here, which is the important role of building an innovation portfolio.
  87. To achieve the 20 percent goal there must be an increase in technology and innovation in the industry.
  88. Before long, The Simpsons – not the Juice and his family – opened our eyes with their innovation.
  89. Bureaucrats have nothing to do with innovation or development of entrepreneurial creation in business.
  90. If Intel lagged behind any new product innovation, its earnings would have been affected very quickly.
  91. Paradoxically, all await our solution, but they don’t yet know about the existence of this innovation.
  92. A rebuilding would be needed, but perhaps that could spur some innovation, a much needed air of change.
  93. The alluring, long-shot chance of a huge gain is the grease that lubricates the machinery of innovation.
  94. Create peering environments that foster self-organizing human connections for collaboration and innovation.
  95. David is renowned for his commitment to innovation, progressive action, charity, his employees and integrity.
  96. Thus there will be a point when the business will reach maturity and begin the require innovation for growth.
  97. We try to understand the phenomenon well: innovation on the one hand suggests a new, updated navigation chart.
  98. Ganook was rather puzzled by the windows, but after examining them decided they were an interesting innovation.
  99. In this new model of Human existence called Civilization: tool innovation was fostered by two opposite dynamics.
  100. Only when we settled down in one place could we do this… Only then did tool innovation really start accelerating.

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