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Insert dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. You can insert bullets too.
2. I want to insert 10 records.
3. Insert the name of the event.
4. Insert a text widget into the.
5. The select Insert and then Table.
6. I had to carefully insert an 8-.
7. Then insert this section of tube.

8. Insert the two wires in breadboard.
9. Insert the new cable in the same hole.
10. Where and How Often to Insert Your URL?
11. Simply insert the reseater tool and wind.
12. Insert between the grip and the handlebar.
13. Insert themselves into the investigation.
14. This is when you should insert the CD that.
15. Key renewed his motion to insert Washington.
16. Levergood as an insert that came with her book.
17. Click the OK button to insert this link.
18. She would then insert the piece into the puzzle.
19. And where to insert the instructions in the files.
20. I could insert these clips into classroom materials.
21. All you do is insert the paper and it does the rest.
22. I’m now going to insert two audio tapes A and B.
23. Insert appropriate stop features wherever possible!.
24. We need to first insert the two important statistics.
25. To insert the file, click the Action button (Fig 26).
26. System fulfills the social obligation of to insert the.
27. Insert a table with three (3) rows and two (2) columns.
28. Insert the appropriate starting price for each service.
29. With each one, he would insert the detonator, and timer.
30. The motion to insert "Washington" was carried—54 to 42.
31. Insert a tracking feature in your ebook that tracks the.
32. She found the instruction insert from the box and read it.
33. Almost there, Proud said, now insert the magazine.
34. And we are going to insert the image where the red arrow is.
35. Insert photo of Uhuru Gardens monuments and the following:.
36. You simply insert a bit of code (it's all point and click).
37. Insert wooden stick into each apple; place on prepared tray.
38. The model will then insert one row into the table ch6_users:.
39. Insert rollers in the same way all around the top of the hair.
40. With women, they would insert the wire in the vagina and then.
41. Bible has it as an insert in the text: Hell (Gehenna) of fire.
42. If the database insert was unsuccessful, it would return false.
43. I sped up my pace so that I could insert myself into its graces.
44. Charts and graphs are key to many presentations (Insert: Chart).
45. I've always voted (you insert the political party of your choice).
46. Insert your name near the top of the page and before the body of.
47. So I decided to insert a 'w' in the Tenex name and call it Twenex.
48. We assume that one theory is the real/true theory of (insert label.
49. We kill you and then insert a more compliant copy, Mithras said.
50. Amplified Bible has it as an insert in the text: Hell (Gehenna) of fire.
51. Any time the software sees a word surrounded by qqq it knows to insert a.
52. Also you’ll want a word processor that allows you to insert a constant.
53. Don't insert wire directly into the plug socket without a matching plug.
54. When you insert the PCI card into the slot, do it as carefully as you can.
55. Studies have shown the best place to insert your URL is in three places: 1.
56. This means that we have to insert these values manually into the template.
57. Macon to strike out "one year" and insert "five," as the term of enlistment.
58. Sadly, the best answer was for her to insert a brutal pro-American dictator.
59. Anchor text is the word or phrase you highlight when you insert a hyperlink.
60. This insert is too literal and uses die to obscure the meaning of death.
61. The Amplified Bible has it as an insert in the text: Hell (Gehenna) of fire.
62. Caution: While it won’t harm your conversions to insert your URL more than.
63. Macon moved to strike out one, and insert five years as the term of enlistment.
64. CMS (wordpress in that case) and how to style articles, how to insert links and.
65. Bibb's amendment, to insert, in lieu of those stricken out, several new sections.
66. Raskolnikoff was able to insert the key in the lock without the least difficulty.
67. The election: with (you insert the number) of days left before we vote for a new.
68. When we go out to insert or extract, every seat is filled, either going or coming.
69. Insert a meat thermometer into roast without touching the bone and place in the oven.
70. Did you notice the major stock market crash in 1987? I've magnified it in the insert.
71. Tap SPACE to accept a highlighted corrected word or tap a suggested word to insert it.
72. I suggested that he insert a few grammatical errors just to show them that I was human.
73. The medical team wants to insert electrodes into his brain to prevent further seizures.
74. As he watched her hurriedly, insert the key in the lock, he screamed with all his might.
75. A fire was already burning in the tiled insert fireplace; his suite was very comfortable.
76. But before you choose to test the system, you have to insert the tracking code into your.
77. Smilie moved to insert, in the place of that part which was stricken out, the following:.
78. Firm compost around the cutting's base, water from above, insert short split-canes in the.
79. Discard the outer bark and insert the soft and pliable inner layer under the outer clothing.
80. Then they proceeded to insert what I afterwards knew to be a police truncheon into my vagina.
81. Byrd’s attitude is typical of congressmen that insert line items for such projects as a $6.
82. The assumption is that I’m Asian, I don’t deserve a beautiful (insert type here) woman.
83. What should we do? Turn your LIFE to FILE and in that file insert some useful aspects of life.
84. He then placed his forefinger close to her soft wet opening and slowly attempted to insert it.
85. One of the biggest lies was to insert the literal names John and Jesus, which never would have.
86. It only took a moment for Scully to insert the device, activate it, and close the wound back up.
87. Insert the Referral ID found at the end of this Product along with your Clickbank Affilate ID.
88. Use the technique you learned earlier to insert the AddThis Follow widget into the Left Sidebar.
89. While you still in the widgets section, you can also insert AddThis Follow into the Right Sidebar.
90. After ten minutes' labor the wall gave way, and a hole large enough to insert the arm was opened.
91. In the next step, you will use the same principle to insert some inventory to the Surfboards page.
92. Besides, you still have to drive me back to my car, he added, trying to insert a little levity.
93. The left and right wall sections were really easy to insert because I have a rim around the top of.
94. The finality is to classify and to insert diverse agreed organizations that are part of the XUSING.
95. He uses a power drill to insert greased coils of metal where, frankly, they aren’t supposed to go.
96. When you are at the spot where you want to insert the photo, tap RETURN twice to leave a blank line.
97. Insert additional comments and local pricing information to complete cost estimating of the project.
98. When people insert an image in a web page – they simply insert it without even thinking of its size.
99. Insert the cable inside the cable housing (if it’s still good, if not you have to replace it as well.
100. Christian fathers and scribes in order to insert the following letter to seven churches and to confuse.
1. Inserting and Testing your Tracks.
2. I was useless for inserting the probe.
3. Step6: Instead of inserting the probes directly.
4. Inserting the ignition keys he stepped on the starter.
5. As I was inserting the key in the lock I realized what was.
6. Silas sailed for the tissue box, inserting the tooth in the slot.
7. Go ahead, he said, inserting a Bluetooth headset into his ear.
8. The young therapist stood up, inserting himself between Patty and Mrs.
9. You're inserting a quarter page display ad in your local Yellow Pages.
10. Well put, he said, inserting as much sincerity as he could into.
11. Consider adding in a new Table of Contents, inserting your name as the.
12. It is a technique of inserting and manipulating the fine needles into.
13. Linton, I said gently inserting it in one hand that rested on her knee.
14. Williams moved to strike out May for the purpose of inserting September.
15. His loader was inserting a fresh belt when two more BEARCATs strafed the Vietminh.
16. Both of you, stop it! Hajar said, finally inserting herself between the two of.
17. Note The Input Tag Accessibility Window may appear prior to inserting your form object.
18. The procedure involves inserting a balloon under the scalp that is gradually inflated.
19. You can turn this to advantage by inserting a twig into the nests and gently withdrawing it.
20. The slingers moved briskly, inserting stones into their weapons’ leather-reinforced pouches.
21. You talked about keeping an eye out for men inserting themselves into the investigation—.
22. Check for doneness by inserting the tip of a paring knife into the center of one of the patties.
23. Jesus and then inserting them throughout the New Testament and elsewhere to support this blatantly.
24. Carefully inserting the handle, he levered and pulled to find that slowly, the stone moved forward.
25. Floppy moustache lent forward, gently inserting the barrel of his gun into one of pig-dad's nostrils.
26. I said the words I wished to say, then poured water upon the ground and dug deep, inserting the stones.
27. They caught him at the top of the stairs, just as he was inserting his key into the door to his office.
28. But after a few seconds of inserting the sniffer, the scanner beeped with the discovery of four cells.
29. Acupuncture – This is the art of inserting tiny needles underneath the skin that stimulate targeted body spots.
30. The prevailing component in the way our minds work is inserting some changes from past experiences and processes.
31. Sheila was just inserting the key into the front door of her hotel room, and could hear the phone ringing inside.
32. He, therefore, moved to amend it, by inserting, after the word "persons," the words "other than British subjects.
33. This procedure is supposed to be surgically sterile as I am inserting a foreign object sixteen inches into my body.
34. Wickland removed a stub of a pencil from his pocket and, inserting it under the flap, broke the seal on the envelope.
35. Gary started setting up for the next step; replicating Donna’s modified HIV1 and inserting it into bacterial plasmids.
36. He leans across me, inserting the ear buds gently into my ears, and puts the iPod down somewhere on the bed above my head.
37. I went to the stack of comic books and tore some pages out of several of them, inserting my copies into the missing space.
38. Before he could mention it, Rheus had already pulled out a spare key out of his pocket, and was inserting it into the wall.
39. Although, being mindful of inserting approximately half in each bag, before placing both back, into each respective suitcase.
40. When it comes to the sheer mechanics of inserting a link into your report, here are the basics of completing this procedure:.
41. He planted without plowing the entire land but rather by inserting the seed within the soil as he tilled a small strip of land.
42. The question was then taken upon inserting the proposed amendment, and determined in the affirmative—yeas 20, nays 12, as follows:.
43. Ross, to amend the said resolution by striking out the words, delivering a lecture on, for the purpose of inserting the word explaining.
44. Then, inserting it into the gun, he pointed the gun at Perez, and shot him four more times, making sure he would cause no further problems.
45. He was quickly stirring to life again as she gripped him firmly in her hand, gently inserting the end of his penis between her full red lips.
46. So he votes his choice privately in the booth by inserting his letter code ticket and making his choices, all against his unique letter code.
47. After removing the ace of spades from one and inserting it into the other, she had replaced the tampered version in its package and resealed it.
48. With no conscious thought, he reached into his pocket and withdrew the tape cassette, partially inserting it into the car’s stereo tape machine.
49. Inserting his modified circuit boards into the main computer's Grailem takes control of all the Starship‘s in their distant orbit around the planet.
50. With the muzzle of her pistol still pressed under his chin, Jennifer then kissed the man, opening her mouth full and inserting her tongue inside his mouth.
51. Smilie said he should vote for the motion with a view to inserting a substitute going to place the Navy now on the footing of the Peace Establishment of 1806.
52. In effect, you are creating a source page that you will be able to use in the next phase, which will involve inserting the links into the text of your free report.
53. The drilling and inserting took around 8 hours they all expected the sniffer to be rooting around finding cells amongst the decaying 2500 year old teeth for hours.
54. Dana wished to ascertain the precise amount of the principal of the debt reimbursable during the year 1810, with a view to inserting the sum in the body of the bill.
55. Don't be worried about harmful effects of inserting yogurt inside the vagina; it is a natural remedy that won't cause any damage to the vagina or reproductive system.
56. Therefore, I will leave it to the reader to explore how standard indicators can be improved simply by inserting the roofing filter before the indicator computations are begun.
57. Suddenly he came to a halt by the bulwarks, and inserting his bone leg into the auger-hole there, and with one hand grasping a shroud, he ordered Starbuck to send everybody aft.
58. Each of these reactions removes you from being fully present with what is happening right now by inserting a story or concept between your heart and your direct experience of now.
59. If, for example, you have a LAN that is experiencing diminished performance because of high levels of traffic, you can split it into two segments by inserting a bridge at the midpoint.
60. An anonymous scheduler keeps track of the president’s calls, inserting a P next to this moment in the president’s daily worksheet, indicating that it was Carter who placed the call to Powell.
61. Williams the said rules were amended by striking out the word "five," in the paragraph prescribing the manner in which the previous question shall be taken, and inserting the words "one-fifth of the.
62. Instead, he pulled out of his polo shirt pocket a small telescopic periscope and extended it before cracking open the emergency door by a couple of inches and inserting the periscope head in the interval.
63. These two nisms, The inchoate plasmension in the doorway inserted into Urit's interior perception the scene of Urit inserting the  into the black energy nexus that was splintering in and out of existence.
64. In the tumult of the past year it seemed as if writing had left me forever, but as I hiked, I could feel that novel coming back to me, inserting its voice among the song fragments and advertising jingles in my mind.
65. With his free hand, Karan traced patterns on Tarana’s chest before putting his mouth on her raised breast and sucking at it like a baby, while inserting the finger of his other hand inside Tarana with a strong force.
66. Dialog separation is the process of inserting a reference marker called a checkpoint into the data stream passing between the two systems so that the status of the two machines can be assessed at the same point in time.
67. Bayard, it was agreed to amend the fourth section of the bill, by inserting, after the word "enacted," the words, "That in case possession of the territory aforesaid shall be obtained by the United States, as aforesaid.
68. Their checklist contained five items: washing their hands, using-full barrier precautions when inserting the catheter, cleaning the skin with chlorhexidine, avoiding certain areas for insertion, and removing unnecessary catheters.
69. Inserting this pole into the bucket, Tashtego downward guides the bucket into the Tun, till it entirely disappears; then giving the word to the seamen at the whip, up comes the bucket again, all bubbling like a dairy-maid's pail of new milk.
70. Making a sign to the two Mexican girls and to the three children to stay quiet, she went to the dead bald man and, retrieving his pistol, took his spare ammunition clips out of his pockets, inserting a fresh clip in the weapon and chambering a round.
71. Pitkin's motion to strike out the first section of the bill, for the purpose of inserting a proposed amendment, being still under consideration, considerable discussion took place on it, but it was eventually withdrawn to give way to the following motion.
72. Hence it appears, that by inserting eight new sounds between those of the common octave, the harshness of the music executed, at a medium of all the keys, may be diminished by more than one third of the whole, while the transition from a better to a worse harmony will never be perceived.
73. We are hypo-critical, under-discerning, of what we are reading, hearing, seeing without inserting an empathetic pause: why is it this way, why are they that way, what way can we go? Then we are hyper-critical of the others and the actions they may have done from this hypo-analyzed material.
74. Archer moved to strike out the whole of the resolution, for the purpose of inserting an instruction to the Committee of Ways and Means to report a bill or bills, pursuant to the report of the Committee of Ways and Means on this subject, which passed the House on the 4th day of March, 1812.
75. He was also offered a promotion to the position of Head of Light Entertainment with the BBC, which would have been fabulous had someone on the board of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract forcing him to keep a whole twenty percent of the schedule for factual content.
76. Straining me then close to his bosom, as he stood up foreright against me, and applying to the obvious niche its peculiar idol, he aimed at inserting it, which, as I forwardly favoured, he effected at once, by canting up my thighs over his naked hips, and made me receive every inch, and close home;.
77. This is where the work begins; take a look at the highlighted text in the preceding model script, check out the lines, $this->db->escape($data['firstname']) and $this->db->escape ($data['lastname']), the CodeIgniter function is escaping the input passed to it, and inserting it safely into the database.
78. When they had returned to the conference room, Rupert explained that it had seemed to them self-evident that if it was possible to directly access a bank’s mainframe computer simply by inserting a card into a remotely sited ‘hole in the wall’, then it should equally be possible to access the computer via the Internet from a remotely sited computer.
79. After watching the car for half an hour or more, he decided that the coast was clear and he crept forward, unlocked the door and got behind the wheel, and as he was inserting his key in the ignition, nearly jumped out of his skin when a cold object was jammed into the back of his neck and the constable, who had woken up from his slumber on the back seat, said sternly:.
80. Some years ago the different banking companies of Scotland were in the practice of inserting into their bank notes, what they called an optional clause; by which they promised payment to the bearer, either as soon as the note should be presented, or, in the option of the directors, six months after such presentment, together with the legal interest for the said six months.
81. And this demonstration is just the thing for me for that other book I am writing, the 'Supplement to Polydore Vergil on the Invention of Antiquities;' for I believe he never thought of inserting that of cards in his book, as I mean to do in mine, and it will be a matter of great importance, particularly when I can cite so grave and veracious an authority as Senor Durandarte.
82. Macon moved to amend the said bill by striking out the following words: "five years' full pay for the services of her said deceased husband as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Revolutionary war, which five years' full pay is the commutation of his half-pay for life;" for the purpose of inserting, "whatever may be due to her for his services as an officer during the Revolutionary war.
83. For not to speak of his readiness in ordinary duties:—repairing stove boats, sprung spars, reforming the shape of clumsy-bladed oars, inserting bull's eyes in the deck, or new tree-nails in the side planks, and other miscellaneous matters more directly pertaining to his special business; he was moreover unhesitatingly expert in all manner of conflicting aptitudes, both useful and capricious.
84. The amendments to the bill, entitled "An act for the admission of the State of Louisiana into the Union, and to extend the laws of the United States to the said State," having been reported by the committee correctly engrossed, the bill was read a third time as amended, and, by unanimous consent, was further amended, by striking out, in the ninth section and second line, the word "next," and inserting the words "one thousand eight hundred and twelve.
85. Jodas approached the priest, slow and deliberately, the priest was rooted to the spot, mesmerised by shock, snapping out of his trance he turned to run but his two guards pushed him to the ground and held him fast, Jodas straddled his chest, forced open his mouth and one of the guards kept the mouth open by inserting the haft of his spear into Yaotl’s mouth, Jodas sawed away at the tongue, then stood and held the severed tongue above his head for all the people to see, applause, cheers, whistles and laughter rippled like thunder through the crowd, they began to chant.
86. I was frightened at the novelty, and drew back my hand; yet, pressed and spurred on by sensations of a strange pleasure, I could not help asking him what that was for? He told me he would shew me if I would let him; and without waiting for my answer, which he prevented by stopping my mouth with kisses I was far from disrelishing, he got upon me, and inserting one of his thighs between mine, opened them so as to make way for himself, and fixed me to his purpose; whilst I was so much out of my usual sense, so subdued by the present power of a new one, that, between far and desire, I lay utter passive, till the piercing pain rouzed and made me cry out.
87. Is it, then, of no consequence to have those settlements so connected with others, composed of whites, as that they may, at all times, be able, within the limits of their jurisdiction, to suppress insurrections of that sort? Is not this a consideration that ought to be taken into account? I, therefore, move you, sir, to strike out the whole of the bill, from the words "a bill," for the purpose of inserting a section by way of amendment, the effect of which will be to consolidate both the Territories into a single State, which will include the whole of the country belonging to the United States, east of the Mississippi, and south of the State of Tennessee.
88. Roman got out his key, but before inserting it,.
1. Mr Bloom inserted his nose.
2. Sachie inserted the key and.
3. Here is Table is inserted into a.
4. An image is inserted in the text.
5. And Malia inserted the gas nozzle.
6. Then she inserted it under the scope.
7. He inserted a dagger point and pried.
8. He then inserted another, pumping hard.
9. He inserted the disc into the key slot.
10. K:=1; // job one is inserted into J //.
11. A larger tube was inserted into his throat.
12. She slowly inserted the rod into the barrel.
13. Into this is inserted a trumpet-shaped tube.
14. David inserted his telephone card and dialed.
15. Now they inserted the grenades into the cups.
16. He found one, inserted it, and pressed 'play'.
17. It would have been inserted through your nose.
18. And a well loved one at that, Rod inserted.
19. Slowly he inserted it into the hole he had bored.
20. Very interesting once it’s edited and inserted.
22. Holding her breath she inserted them between the.
23. Kandras manipulated the computer and inserted the.
24. Inching his way up to the door, he inserted the key.
25. George inserted the plastic card and the gate opened.
26. Sharon slowly inserted the sucker into Toby’s mouth.
27. Toothpick inserted into loaves should come out clean.
28. Rogers inserted in places that made them quite funny.
29. What they've done is inserted a graphic of a cabbage.
30. Ralph Inventor, of the team which inserted the deadly.
31. That's why I needed to talk with you, I inserted.
32. Step1: Ensure all the pins of IC are properly inserted.
34. First one finger then two and then three were inserted.
35. A catheter is inserted into the bear's abdomen (without.
36. I found these inserted in the front grill, he said.
37. Somewhere along this line a track marker can be inserted.
38. Below I have inserted a common paint specification sheet.
39. The instant Articus stepped aside she inserted the handle.
40. Holy was inserted in the place of the word just (justice).
41. He found the remaining arrows and inserted them in the bag.
42. Immediately he’d opened his mouth and inserted both feet.
43. Consilla went to Madden and inserted the needle in his arm.
44. Chapter 3 of this Code, which relates to rape, was inserted.
45. I ran to the bedroom, grabbed hold of my keys then inserted.
46. Urgently, cautiously, the skipper inserted a pair of pliers.
47. Captain Nemo inserted his cranium into its spherical headgear.
48. When the intubating tube was inserted she watched the monitor.
49. He took out his penis spat on it and inserted it in my behind.
50. Then, a large hook was inserted behind the whale’s front fin.
51. Bake till knife inserted in centre comes out clean, 50 to 55.
52. No Hebrew author would have inserted this in a Hebrew document.
53. Jim inserted the starter key into the card slot on the control.
54. Claire inserted one of the disks into her computer’s DVD drive.
55. He shouldered his way forward and inserted himself between them.
56. She inserted a sword into a victim, which penetrated his shield.
57. A clause commonly inserted in mortgages and deeds of trust that.
58. Also, notice how verse 1:11 just happens to be inserted between.
59. Carefully she inserted the point of the file into the fissure to.
60. It was even nicer when the young boy inserted his prick into you.
61. The shape of snake inserted in our creation to confirm our errors.
62. During intercourse, the penis is inserted into the vagina, which.
63. He inserted his hand into a cuplike contraption with a lever inside.
64. Almost like it has been used before and they just inserted your.
65. Robin followed immediately, and inserted his specially adapted card.
66. Sometimes all the vowels in turn are inserted into these cacophonous.
67. She inserted the DVD and sat on her bed while waiting for it to play.
68. On her feet now she inserted one of the keys but the lock would not.
69. This sentence is out of place also and is inserted here to break up.
70. I inserted the battery and hid the camera on a shelf behind the glass.
71. He stopped his frantic movement until she inserted his cock for him.
72. Note that the details of your image will be automatically inserted in.
73. He had professional aphorisms, which he inserted into his wife's mind.
74. John Duffield produced a second key and inserted it in the other lock.
75. Rosen inserted a telescope into Soraya's uterus and took a look around.
76. No, it’s a very small machine, inserted into the subject’s ear.
77. Then they inserted a new gene code, and it became a different species.
78. I have had new programming inserted, mistress, the android droned.
79. That and a certain little Command memo inserted into their Com logs.
80. From the ring of keys he selected a Yale and inserted it into the lock.
81. This veil can be compared to a thin sheet of glass inserted in a window.
82. No, the doctor said, and when Chevalier nodded, he inserted the I.
83. Depending on our selection and the money we inserted, the machine can:.
84. The first can openers were gadgets which were inserted in the top of a.
85. Once the syringe was full, he withdrew it and inserted it in his own arm.
86. His photograph was inserted into the lower left-hand corner of the frame.
87. He held it by the trigger-guard, and inserted a clip into the empty slot.
88. Bake the cake until a wooden skewer inserted in the center comes out with.
89. Don't switch On, the socket switch unless the plug is completely inserted.
90. To a degree, his complaint was about a forced romance is inserted in every.
91. The surgeon inserted a balloon expander beneath the skin and breast muscle.
92. Suddenly I heard a key being inserted in the cabin door - it slowly turned.
93. Neither would they have ever inserted a Greek term in this document since.
94. Urit saw that as soon as he inserted , it instantaneously generated 633.
95. A small electronic unit, with Perez's SIM card inserted, was attached by an.
96. Navy had inserted Lieutenant Vic Krulak of the marine corps as its coxswain.
97. Deliver the product and give no change because we inserted the exact amount.
98. Hadaen inserted a finger inside her, her body arcing off the bed as he did so.
99. No, just inserted some sort of tracking device into my brain when I got here.
100. When he finally inserted the key, his eyes focused on the picture on his door.
1. He inserts the key in the lock.
2. And Jeanine inserts the needle.
3. This casting had 12 Mild steel inserts.
4. She also inserts images into the video.
5. Inserts in furnace oil, torched with Oxygen.
6. Most are metal although some have wood or plastic inserts.
7. I smile as he inserts them into my ears, one after the other.
8. Or, in my case, my Jimmy Choo size 39s with orthotic inserts.
9. The software inserts your special hyperlinks throughout the book.
10. Smiling, he inserts the thing into my turret and screws it in.
11. Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a.
12. Add some inserts in his boots and shoulder pads, it could be her.
13. There is a print cost to colour inserts as the following table shows.
14. The doctor inserts the needle into his skin just below the left armpit.
15. Create a program that inserts itself directly into the Bitcoin network.
16. The Creator inserts a human soul at that point on the evolutionary line.
17. The clinician inserts the mirror with its wider end inwards to capture.
18. It has three small polyester inserts which harden and support the throat palate.
19. Here Paul inserts a warning, which seems to reflect back to the words of Jesus to.
20. Inserts the screw into the centre of the cork and twists it in a clockwise direction.
21. Coupons can also be found in magazines, newspaper inserts and advertisements in the mail.
22. Jeanine holds my head steady with one hand and inserts the needle into my neck with the other.
23. I choose this version because I don’t like the ear inserts on the standard ear equipment.
24. Between the curtains Professor Maginni inserts a leg on the toepoint of which spins a silk hat.
25. He withdraws his finger and very slowly inserts the objects, one slow, delicious ball at a time.
26. Satisfied he can do no more he re-seals the device in its casing and inserts it back into his head.
27. The story is depicted in the leaded glass window inserts designed as a prominent feature of the room.
28. It was interesting though that Wilson realised that the killer was using makeup and inserts to disguise herself.
29. He inserts his key into the elevator which rises quietly to the third floor, the location of Rosa’s private quarters.
30. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you can buy shoe inserts for a few dollars that will make your shoes feel like new again.
31. A deep copy constructs a new compound object and then, recursively, inserts copies into it of the objects found in the original.
32. Taking a memory card from his pocket he inserts it into the machine; the memory card contains all the data of his new identity.
33. He was all made up with dark eye shadow, eye inserts, and black, theatrical face paint framed his face in the outline of the pullover hood.
34. Filling a large syringe with the mixture from the bottle the specialist slowly inserts the needle into some of the plastic tubing that remains.
35. Along the canal were many great houses, most with façades of marmol carved with floral designs and having inserts of purple-red or green stones.
36. A shallow copy constructs a new compound object and then (to the extent possible) inserts references into it to the objects found in the original.
37. Opening the top box, she found inside a number of body armor parts carefully sealed in plastic bags and insulated from shocks by plastic foam inserts.
38. Getting in he inserts the key in the ignition and turns it to start, the little cars engine starts immediately and Stef takes his foot off the throttle.
39. This unit was part-powered by Solar inserts built into the top of the tanker and cab and assisted by the wind-gullies encompassed within the body design.
40. They park the gurney inside the curtain and Doctor One inserts an IV as a second nurse appears with a clear glass of O-negative blood from a universal donor.
41. He starts to shout for help, and as he does so he reaches out for the metal bar and inserts one end into the lip where the plastic cover fits snugly into its hole.
42. Keep still, he orders, his voice soft but urgent, and slowly he inserts his thumb inside me, rotating it round and round, stroking the front wall of my vagina.
43. The chips have a multitude of uses; improving and expanding the repelling shield even further, and as extra memory and functional microchips which he inserts deeply into his skull.
44. With its beige sidewalls, Cream headliner and Beige carpet he immediately pulled out one of those dual fold-down executive tables with its leather inserts covered in high gloss veneer.
45. Turning around Grailem approaches one of the inactive robots; removing the tight fitting helmet he inserts his finger into the base of the skull and withdraws a long piece of alloyed copper wire.
46. I was doing a presentation with an out-of-state manufacturer who was thinking of opening a factory in my district, to manufacture a type of shock-absorbing gel, used in vests and saddles and shoe inserts.
47. And here Cide Hamete inserts a parenthesis in which he says that to have seen the pair marching from the door to the bed, linked hand in hand in this way, he would have given the best of the two tunics he had.
48. Behind Blok there were several walls lined with deep sinks, all of which were full to the brim with piping hot pans scalded with blackened over-fried teriyaki sauce and metal inserts horribly caked with burnt-on, chunky tomato soup.
49. Apart from her watch and of her FPH 500 fighter aircraft helmet, her other flying equipment from the future included a PSP V79 ballistic air survival vest, which, apart from having a floatation collar and multiple equipment pockets, had ballistic panel inserts proof against 7.
50. The medic finds a vein and despite the distraction of rapid motion caused by hanging drip lines he is deft and assured as he inserts a catheter into her forearm, hooks up a bag of saline and begins to administer four hundred micrograms of naloxone through the intravenous connection that is keeping Bex in touch with the physical world around her.
51. Using the Uncertain Reward Model of Game Motivated Learning, varies the dopamine reward randomly and inserts another step between answer and reward: the gameshow step of winning the chance to win, the equivalent to equal opportunity, when equal is the chance to get a heavy-debted bachelors degree for the chance to win a low-paying entry level McAssistant position.

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