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Instruct dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I will do as you instruct.
  2. Instruct the patient to step forward.
  3. Instruct the patient to leap sideways.
  4. Instruct the patient to skip forwards.
  5. Instruct the patient to step sideways.

  6. Instruct the patient to flex their hip.
  7. Instruct the patient to walk backwards.
  8. Instruct the patient to flex their knee.
  9. Finally she says, Someone instruct Ms.
  10. Instruct the patient to extend their hip.
  11. Instruct the patient to abduct their leg.
  12. Instruct the patient to adduct their leg.
  13. Instruct the patient to abduct their hip.
  14. Instruct the patient to flex their elbow.
  15. Instruct the patient to flex their wrist.

  16. Instruct the patient to extend their knee.
  17. Instruct the patient to march on the spot.
  18. Instruct the patient to extend their elbow.
  19. Instruct the patient to walk up the stairs.
  20. Instruct the patient to extend their wrist.
  21. Instruct the patient to retract their neck.
  22. Instruct the patient to flex their shoulder.
  23. Your Honor, would you instruct the witness.
  24. Instruct the patient to protract their neck.
  25. My year at Yancy Academy, to instruct you.

  26. Instruct the patient to maintain the position.
  27. Instruct the patient to extend their fingers.
  28. Instruct the patient to walk down the stairs.
  29. Instruct the patient to stand up and sit down.
  30. Instruct the patient to step up onto the step.
  31. Instruct the patient to extend their shoulder.
  32. Anne, I would instruct you to simply be a.
  33. Instruct the patient to walk on the treadmill.
  34. Instruct the patient to extend their shoulders.
  35. Instruct the patient to adduct their shoulders.
  36. Instruct the patient to abduct their shoulders.
  37. Instruct the patient to retract their shoulder.
  38. Instruct the patient to plantarflex their ankle.
  39. Instruct the patient to turn around on the spot.
  40. Instruct the patient to depress their shoulders.
  41. Instruct the patient to plantarflex their ankles.
  42. Lamad(3925) - to teach, teacher, or to instruct.
  43. Instruct the patient to walk up and down the kerb.
  44. Instruct the patient to bounce a ball on the spot.
  45. Instruct the patient to laterally flex their neck.
  46. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their hip.
  47. In these situations I instruct my dogs to "sit" -.
  48. Instruct the patient to walk up and down the slope.
  49. Instruct the patient to squeeze the peg to open it.
  50. Instruct the patient to look up and then look down.
  51. Instruct the patient to walk from object to object.
  52. Instruct the patient to run forwards over the lines.
  53. Instruct the patient to raise and lower their toes.
  54. Instruct the patient to flex their knee 30 degrees.
  55. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their elbow.
  56. Instruct the patient to hop up and down on the spot.
  57. Instruct the patient to internally rotate their hip.
  58. Instruct the patient to hop forwards over the lines.
  59. Instruct the patient to externally rotate their hip.
  60. Instruct the patient to step sideways onto the step.
  61. Instruct the patient to walk forward along the wall.
  62. Instruct the patient to lean forwards at their hips.
  63. Instruct the patient to sit forward and up straight.
  64. Instruct the patient to jump forwards over the line.
  65. Instruct the patient to walk over the uneven ground.
  66. Instruct the patient to walk forwards over the lines.
  67. Instruct the patient to walk forwards along the beam.
  68. Instruct the patient to walk forwards along the line.
  69. I will you instruct how you should yourselves conduct.
  70. This man will instruct you in the functioning of.
  71. Instruct the patient to jump up and down on the spot.
  72. Instruct the patient to jump forwards over the lines.
  73. Instruct the patient to walk sideways along the line.
  74. You did not instruct me to throw them, Garcia said.
  75. Instruct the patient to walk forwards on the cylinders.
  76. Instruct the patient to lift their bottom off the bed.
  77. Instruct the patient to lift the object off the table.
  78. Instruct the patient to flex and extend their shoulder.
  79. Instruct the patient to lift the cup up to their mouth.
  80. Instruct the patient to abduct and then adduct the leg.
  81. Instruct the patient to walk the seat across the floor.
  82. Instruct the patient to cut out the shape with scissors.
  83. Instruct the patient to walk while carrying the objects.
  84. George again used several languages to instruct his crew.
  85. Instruct the patient to step to the targets alternately.
  86. Instruct the patient to stand up and then sit down again.
  87. I knew when I first saw it that I must instruct this one.
  88. I instruct the volunteer to keep his eyes closed and his.
  89. His words were more to convince himself than to instruct.
  90. Instruct the patient to externally rotate their shoulder.
  91. Instruct the patient to turn the handle of the eggbeater.
  92. I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.
  93. Instruct the patient to walk in a figure-of-eight pattern.
  94. Instruct the patient to stand up and then kneel down again.
  95. But god then told Moses to instruct the israelites not to.
  96. Instruct the patient to turn and look over their shoulders.
  97. Instruct the patient to step forwards and pick up the object.
  98. Instruct the patient to pick up the objects with their toes.
  99. Instruct the patient to protract and retract their shoulders.
  100. Instruct the patient to open the leash clip with their thumb.
  1. Goes back to instructing her.
  2. When He was instructing them.
  3. I have been instructing her on the care of her egg.
  4. Douglas started instructing the pilot after adding him.
  5. We are instructing them also in agriculture and trades.
  6. Silas glanced at Theron, instructing him to handle things.
  7. Amit after instructing and signing on the back of the document.
  8. David is instructing Solomon to see that justice was done to Joab.
  9. The Pilgrim had a finger to his mouth, instructing Molo to remain silent.
  10. Stop! he yelled instructing the driver to move forward, being mindful.
  11. He began instructing me on the procedures of the drop, explaining that I.
  12. Countless hours had been spent there, instructing the young in the noble art.
  13. These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, Do not go in the.
  14. These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, ‘Do not go in the.
  15. I am going to focus on instructing you all individually on the running of this vessel.
  16. Captain Rian strode up and down the lines, encouraging and instructing the men to fight.
  17. This qualification refers to one who is capable of instructing, publicly and privately.
  18. The most diversified methods of instructing in reading and arithmetic have been proposed.
  19. This is a reverse Turing Test: a chine instructing us in how to be, act, and appear human.
  20. When instructing Timothy in faith and gifts, Paul used the words ‘live it’ (1 Tim 4:15).
  21. He told me to continue working on the spear and instructing the recruits for a few more days.
  22. This means he is actually spending two days instructing the students, on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  23. The truth is that you are directly instructing yourself that you need to fill or feed your fear.
  24. He grabbed two of the men, instructing the others to wait for him and took them back to his lair.
  25. Roger sent that poem to Mary Crespo Márquez, mayor of Fuentesnuevas, instructing her to do with it.
  26. YouTube is used mainly for promoting author stories, instructing on how to interact with Wattpad, and.
  27. Fritz was committing fraud, and he was instructing ZJ as to how he would become complicit in the crime.
  28. Instinct pushed him on, instructing him to leave the apartment and look elsewhere for what he required.
  29. This and this and this, said Mink, instructing the others with their assorted spoons and wrenches.
  30. Karyl had spent the midmorning break, and half this lunch period, instructing the young painter privately.
  31. Actually she did a great job instructing others while challenging them to come up with answers themselves.
  32. The receptionist unlocked the door then pushed it open, waving his arm as if instructing Jane to go in first.
  33. Rather than challenge him, Rachel elected to cajole him into instructing her on the finer points of the game.
  34. Their duties include security and pollution watches and monitoring and instructing civilians about safe boating.
  35. Whatever the reasons for instructing him to do this, it had to better than the giant-bottom-on-his face ordeal.
  36. Those who know anything about the mind, know that to make such a statement is literal y instructing the Creative.
  37. He told us the rules of order, and when the jury came in, he spent a long time instructing them on trial procedure.
  38. I’d sent notifications to all the stops I’d missed when I’d bypassed, instructing that my mail be forwarded here.
  39. I’m instructing the computer to tell us how much money goes in and out of this box over the time frame you gave me.
  40. Besides is not the Spirit of the Creator able to continue instructing the people without your presence being needed?
  41. Jesus allotted four weeks to this tour, instructing his followers to return to Magadan not later than Friday, September 16.
  42. Instructing the master robot to search the memory banks Grailem learnt of the history of the noble race called the Buidshee.
  43. The month of September Jesus spent here alone with his apostles, teaching and instructing them in the truths of the kingdom.
  44. This was the last week of Jesus' sojourn there, and he was very active in teaching the multitude and instructing the apostles.
  45. She was a teacher who had simply been doing her job; instructing her more sensitive charges about the joys and mechanics of sex.
  46. He used God’s Word and pointed to Christ’s character when correcting, rebuking, and instructing for justice (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  47. The big boy in matric had missed two classes, the Head teacher had missed instructing two classes, about seventy-five pupils in all.
  48. Donovan carried the file to his receptionist’s desk and left her a note instructing her to have a copy of it ready for the courier.
  49. The next morning Frank left me at a convenience store on the highway after instructing me to catch a ride to a town called Ridgecrest.
  50. Still the Dali instructing me though my OFF switch should have kept me turned ON and solely dedicated to Job's Equals Only closed Z-net.
  51. After instructing them to simply touch their wrists three times rapidly, instead of once, he and his entourage will set the example and go.
  52. For several months his father had been instructing him in the use of the equipment and the method of working and moving about on an asteroid.
  53. Preeti worked on the letter, instructing the building company to hand over a copy of the blueprint from the date the CM took residency there.
  54. This input is the only way that it can do the job of interpreting the surrounding environment and instructing the body on how to react to it.
  55. A mysterious man that always appears in long white garment keeps visiting me at nights instructing me to go and reveal this information to you.
  56. During a Christmas dinner at my home later that year, Lady Sedlow began instructing my servants to change the seating arrangement at the table.
  57. For if we have commands and engage in withdrawing from idols and instructing others how much more ought a soul already knowing God not to perish.
  58. Instead of hiding herself in the room as she always did, she sat in the living room, instructing the maid to let her know when her husband arrived.
  59. Tarak shouted orders instructing them to make a run for the shelter on the far side of the mountain; even the Hausa seemed to understand the urgency.
  60. Evelyn was fussing about her dress, picking up the flowers and instructing Sian to take the bags we each had with our change of clothes in, to the car.
  61. Instructing the computer to give him a readout of all habitable planets within five parsecs of his position he stares impassively at the robot navigator.
  62. When I returned home I mentioned it to mother, she just nodded and carried on with her preparations instructing the kitchen matron about the weeks cooking.
  63. Instructing the navigator to plot a course for the distant sun Grailem feeds all the known information into the computer as the flagship enters hyperspace.
  64. Thunderer’s orphans were packed belowdecks like sardines to clear Sojourn’s deck, and he considered instructing Cupyr to engage with his broadside guns.
  65. Her fever was gone, and Colling stopped the penicillin injections and started her on tablets, instructing her to hold them in her mouth until they dissolved.
  66. The comic book reader expects more in the way of graphics than words, but as you are instructing the artist, you can define what the graphic should roughly be.
  67. She was in the middle of instructing the Health And Fitness class when we called her and spoke to her about the fight so she had to stop teaching the class.
  68. The director took him to one side and took him thorough the scene briefly before instructing him where to position himself and then calling for silence on the set.
  69. He kept a watchful eye on everyone and helped people who weren’t too familiar with the guns, but he was so casual about it that no one knew he was instructing them.
  70. He gave these letters to Chavigny, instructing him to give the letters to Father De Neve of the Chapel of our Lady of the White Penitents of Salon as soon as possible.
  71. The first one was when they came out of Egypt and settled in Palestine leaded by our Noble Master Moses (pth), where they became instructing guided for the whole mankind.
  72. This true teacher, teaches with their arm around us, instructing in an encouraging way, that helps us to have an importance, and allows us to want to learn with enthusiasm.
  73. In 1 Kings 2:6-9 David is telling Solomon not to let Joab die peacefully because of the evil he had done; David is instructing Solomon to see that justice was done to Joab.
  74. As his overall consciousness knows that he is not instructing his energy to go only the way of fear/desire, his overall consciousness can bring to him that which he prefers.
  75. On a third estate the priest, bearing a cross, came to meet him surrounded by children whom, by the count’s generosity, he was instructing in reading, writing, and religion.
  76. Presently des Grassins gave a start of astonishment; probably Grandet was then instructing him to invest the sum which was to give him a hundred thousand francs a year in the Funds.
  77. That evening Rick said goodbye to her at the door of her suite, after instructing her to be packed and ready early the next morning, as they were leaving for his estate in Scotland.
  78. Making sure that we were not being observed, I took the sheets out – ten of them with a photo or drawing of a church – and the one with the note instructing us to listen carefully.
  79. They coming to Paul instructing the people desired him to pray for them that they might believe; who told them that shortly after they should believe and be baptised at His grave site.
  80. His brain was just about to send a message to his body instructing it to duck, but just as quickly as he heard the firing of the rifle, he felt the burning of flesh in his right shoulder.
  81. Today there would be no irate resident charging down the driveway instructing him to move as had happened times before; no three hundred pounds of ox threatening to tear the doors off his car.
  82. These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, Do not go in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans; but rather to the lost sheep of the house 114 of 168.
  83. According to the guide, who lacked the humor to entertain instructing and the words to instruct entertaining, that imposing structure is used eight months for opera and three months for ballet dancing.
  84. At this point Somerville, aboard his flagship HMS Hood, received an Admiralty message instructing him to settle matters quickly or he would have French reinforcements from Toulon and Algiers to deal with.
  85. That is why Al'lah, the Almighty, sends a messenger from among themselves informing them about His revelations and statutes and instructing them to obey Al'lah and His messenger through applying those laws.
  86. Although they have been in contact (in a certain sense) with the white race for a considerable period, yet no systematic or general effort has been made for instructing their minds or educating them in morals.
  87. Harry did tell me that Jim was one of the best persons capable of instructing others in the field of data processing, and he had helped me very much to learn a lot of the principles one doesn't necessarily learn in school.
  88. Masters, however, had been found, it seems, for instructing the better sort of people among those nations, in every art and science in which the circumstances of their society rendered it necessary or convenient for them to be instructed.
  89. After instructing the ailing man to take three pills three times daily on an empty stomach he went to the sink and filled a cup with lukewarm tap water, opened a bottle of the medicine, and handed Mister Wu three pills along with the water.
  90. When the management team follows an opportunistic strategy, management waits for the right location, such as a corner on a busy intersection, instead of instructing its real estate department to find a certain number of locations in a city.
  91. The collection and examination of minerals, a pursuit not then at all attended to in this country, was his particular relief from other studies; for even during his recreation, he was ever on the look-out for something new or instructing in mineralogy.
  92. Articles of faith, as well as all other spiritual matters, it is evident enough, are not within the proper department of a temporal sovereign, who, though he may be very well qualified for protecting, is seldom supposed to be so for instructing the people.
  93. Instructing his robot legion to seek out any remaining Arct and with the figures confused by the addition of the other mammals they searched for a week and only found a few who were half-starved and near to death before Grailem was satisfied no more remained.
  94. Pon thanked them and told them he would be honoured to be their teacher, and looked forward to instructing them on the way of the new Tinju, and they should look forward to the day when they achieved the honour of wearing the red sash and title ‘Warrior’.
  95. Rather than instructing, encouraging, and necessitating that people create their own eternal employment, the endless job simply for the sake of monetary income, we could be mentoring them on how to design systems that decrease work and eliminate unnecessary labor.
  96. The social nature of our empathy means we can imagine, detect and present a vast spectrum of emotions: joy, fear, surprise, disgust, pride, guilt, curiosity, hesitation, which are all appraisal responses for instructing us to move towards, away or acquire more information.
  97. He spoke of many things, he seemed anxious before the moment of death to say everything he had not said in his life, and not simply for the sake of instructing them, but as though thirsting to share with all men and all creation his joy and ecstasy, and once more in his life to open his whole heart.
  98. He had hardly expected that the instructing but humiliating lesson was so soon to be forgotten which was taught us in the murder of Pierce; the attack on the Chesapeake; and the insult offered in the harbor of Charleston, which the brave old fellow that commanded the fort in vain endeavored to chastise.
  99. When the messengers departed with the word that Jesus had been buried, David dismissed his corps of local runners for the Passover celebration and for the coming Sabbath of rest, instructing them to report to him quietly on Sunday morning at the home of Nicodemus, where he proposed to go in hiding for a few days with Andrew and Simon Peter.
  100. Hunter presented the resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, instructing their Senators and Representatives in Congress, to use their endeavors to avert the evils of war, to put our maritime frontier in a state of defence, and for the repeal of the embargo and restrictive system; and the resolutions were read.
  1. I did as he instructed.
  2. Knox did as he instructed.
  3. She instructed Son to do.
  4. He was instructed to col-.
  5. He did as he was instructed.
  6. He instructed them to make.
  7. This lady was instructed to.
  8. Petr did as he was instructed.
  9. As instructed, I followed Mr.
  10. Come on up, he instructed.
  11. We left the room as instructed.
  12. On earth they were instructed.
  13. As you all have instructed it.
  14. She instructed Peg to mind her.
  15. I did as they instructed me to.
  16. He instructed Scott to open it.
  17. I was instructed to leave the.
  18. She then instructed Sharon to.
  19. Tammas did as she instructed him.
  20. The group lined up as instructed.
  21. He instructed me to look inside.
  22. One by one we did as instructed.
  23. Withers, he instructed as he.
  24. Shap was instructed to lie on a.
  25. I instructed him in the lack of.
  26. He then instructed them to follow.
  27. Mark it, Niko instructed her.
  28. Carolyn did as she was instructed.
  29. Stackton instructed his first mate.
  30. He instructed Scott to open it--.
  31. Tie his hands, he instructed.
  32. Rachel did as instructed and waited.
  33. Keep moving, I instructed her.
  34. So a woman instructed him before.
  35. Those instructed by the ancient gods.
  36. Aaron and his sons were instructed.
  37. Here, try these! he instructed.
  38. Novaks instructed me to retrieve it.
  39. You should go home, he instructed.
  40. Sam instructed the staff to seat the.
  41. I have instructed him to keep for you.
  42. Gregory instructed the monks yet?
  43. Okay, he was further instructed.
  44. I instructed the staff to let her go.
  45. So you have instructed a detective?
  46. Lead on, Garcia instructed his.
  47. Dionus stood in the room as instructed.
  48. Jesus instructed Paul and two of his.
  49. Then he made Adam and instructed him.
  50. He instructed it not to harass Divinity.
  51. Just step back, Simone instructed.
  52. He was instructed to go to the desert.
  53. Eject the core, Shelby instructed.
  54. Make a note of it, David instructed.
  55. Hold his arm down, Chu instructed.
  56. All employees should be instructed on.
  57. Despite being instructed not to eat of.
  58. Carla did as he had instructed and she.
  59. Father stopped, and waited as instructed.
  60. Leighton gave you, he instructed Max.
  61. Turn around, Tammas instructed her.
  62. Be kind to her, KING had instructed him.
  63. Well, come on, then, he instructed.
  64. Lady Proudness did as she was instructed.
  66. We were instructed to push and drive him.
  67. Evasive, Garcia instructed the helm.
  68. Then walked towards Alex and instructed.
  69. Rajani acted as she instructed by Shipra.
  70. On leaving school, he was instructed by.
  71. I was watching the subject as instructed.
  72. I was only instructed to bring it to you.
  73. Go with him, the trolless instructed.
  74. Come with me, the captain instructed.
  75. SBS was instructed to say that to.
  76. Janeway instructed from Tuvok’s terminal.
  77. I did as instructed, but nothing happened.
  78. Fred Ford had been instructed to negotiate.
  79. Joseph performed the actions as instructed.
  80. Get out, the lead abductor instructed.
  81. Robert had likely been instructed to drop.
  82. He did as instructed and then left the room.
  83. They are then instructed to look into the.
  84. Okay, push the button, he instructed.
  85. The man instructed me to find my father now.
  86. From behind her his voice instructed gently.
  87. Now he understood, and did as she instructed.
  88. Here, stick these on,' he instructed them.
  89. Clothes off, she instructed me huskily.
  90. Ras will do everything exactly as instructed.
  91. I have to go now,’ he instructed the nurse.
  92. Stu nodded eagerly and instructed the driver.
  93. She scribbled down these things as instructed.
  94. His father had only instructed him to get it.
  95. Kareem looked puzzled, but, did as instructed.
  96. I was instructed to tell you that positively.
  97. She was instructed that she must go on alone.
  98. He had simply instructed and they had obeyed.
  99. He shaved and dressed casually as instructed.
  100. He found sites which instructed in hypnotic.
  1. While he instructs you in each aspect.
  2. That is what He instructs you to do so that.
  3. The song instructs the soul, and charms the ear.
  4. Nature instructs – all share, willingly or not.
  5. The Bible instructs us: earnestly desire the gifts.
  6. He wasborn for good; society instructs him in evil.
  7. Lay her on the couch, she instructs the Darkálfars.
  8. But what instructs the brain on how best to do this?
  9. God instructs Israel to turn from their sin and seek God once again.
  10. A call to action is a web copy which instructs a reader on what you.
  11. It instructs your broker to buy a security at the current ask price.
  12. No, no, said Philemon, in the tone of one who instructs a child.
  13. It instructs all of us without any discrimination in what is propitious.
  14. Apostle Paul: Embrace Him, Embrace the Word and do all that He instructs.
  15. Krishn further instructs Arjun that God, the ultimate reality, abides in.
  16. Now move! Jay instructs as he guides us to a hut that is barely standing.
  17. Mother also instructs Marjie, loves her and shows much interest in me as well.
  18. Jesus instructs that Satan isn’t so stupid as to pull the rug out from under his.
  19. Unks unlocks the front door and instructs the crew to enter by pointing his arm inside.
  20. Okay, now close your eyes and get into that same Coherence state, Eugene instructs.
  21. Desire instructs energy to go this way or that way, but preferences leave the routes open.
  22. Breaking orbit Grailem instructs his robot navigator to land him in the capital of the planet.
  23. In this vein Father Isaias instructs us: When you arise in the morning, before you begin your.
  24. John of the Ladder instructs that if the mind wants to pray united with the heart and is unable to.
  25. Rancor instructs in small pieces, so we can’t have all of the puzzle pieces and come to a conclusion.
  26. He instructs the twins not to worry about us and to focus on reprogramming the timer at the base of the Cave.
  27. Melbourne University instructs and educates over thirty thousand students from Australia and from all of Asia.
  28. She instructs me to pull my arms out of the straps and then she easily slides the "hanker jock-strap" around.
  29. But the brain instructs the body on how it will react with the surrounding environment for the purposes of survival.
  30. Circe is the first to speak of the fig tree when she instructs Ulysses on how to face the perils that still await him.
  31. Watching Thyne approach the robots he straps the cylinder to the nearest one and instructs it to hold the tubing at its end.
  32. Activating all of the robots on board the Starship‘s he wirelessly instructs them to dispose of the bodies into outer space.
  33. The controller instructs the view to update and display the output appropriately, following the instructions given by the model.
  34. Apostle Paul: The letters are records of what took place according to how the Spirit instructs but based on the capacity of the writer.
  35. Maya instructs Devon to park near one of the train cars, and Ciere is willing to admit that she’s glad the bumpy, hair-raising ride is over.
  36. Leaving orbit Grailem instructs all the navigators of the fleet to set a course for the Arct's destination; a planet they called Dangilhooley.
  37. However, in preceding four verses, Paul instructs Christians to pray for each other, meaning it cannot interfere with Christ’s mediator ship.
  38. Then, His Holiness instructs, we are able to prove by logic that each of their gods had a beginning, since they were created by some other god.
  39. Grailem locates the science headquarters through the ship's computer network and instructs the navigator to land the starship at a nearby park.
  40. In this context Krishna instructs Arjuna on duty, the nature of Arjuna as an eternal being, and how to find liberation through the practice of yoga.
  41. Evans instructs Bennett to split the armies into two again, one going south into Spain, and the other east through the rest of France, towards Italy.
  42. Looking back instructs with positive and negative lessons, but we must imaginatively continue to adapt education to the emergent concepts of each generation.
  43. They are only able to move what Reg instructs them to, otherwise they would have just tossed a grenade or two in my general direction and retired to the afterlife.
  44. Also, he instructs a graduate-level options course at the University of Illinois–Chicago and an undergraduate-level derivatives class at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.
  45. Catholicism instructs people based on the present life, "pray and come to realize the truth frequently," and commit themselves to real life with an active and optimistic attitude.
  46. The first consists in the belief that Christ's teaching instructs men, like all previous religions, by rules, which they are bound to follow, and that these rules cannot be fulfilled.
  47. Assigning each starship a sector of the Arct planet below, with each central point a city, he instructs the Starship‘s to land and the robots disembark and kill every living thing in their sector.
  48. The Bible instructs us that ―the fathers should not be held accountable for the sins of the sons,‖ unless, of course, such sins are the result of parental neglect or failure to set proper examples.
  49. Coast Guard instructs foreign crews in law enforcement, boarding, ship handling, weapons, firefighting, damage control, and drug interdiction (Burns, Building International Friendships, Coast Guard, July 2002, pp.
  50. Smith instructs General Armstrong to let the Emperor know that the third section of the law of March, 1809, at which he took so much offence, was not intended to operate against his subjects, but against our own citizens.
  51. Matthew 18:17, If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be as a gentile and a tax collector, Christ instructs the church or assembly to have the final say.
  52. A wise educational system realizes that education never ceases and continually supports, enables, and instructs the individual in their search to make life more spirit and less labor, more gift and less pain, more love and less survival of the privileged.
  53. This small difference in DNA between humans and chimpanzees begins to ask and answer questions regarding the nature of evolution, and the probable pre-existence of DNA programming, which ultimately directs and instructs complex significant changes in a species.
  54. Humans have believed that matter is mass, but science instructs us that matter is in reality atom-energy, and can be better explained when we describe atom-energy structures changing as in ice atoms that can transform into water and into steam, with heat-energy.
  55. Nevertheless, at the present time, that magnificent example of fortification with details of construction and renovation from the 16th to the 20th centuries, instructs visitors of the attractive and inspiring evolution of Spanish military engineering in the Caribbean.
  56. Ought To avatard instructs its client about tough luving their child, spouse, or parent – why not your nation, ideology, or god? – they are not talking about a kind or type of love, but an incognito bullying that equates control with truth and conflates truth with desire.
  57. A neighbor sits in a car across the street of a person they find strange, and since the State instructs law abiding citizens to be suspicious of difference, a I am right er directs a red, white and blue micro-dish at the offending house, recording every conversation this person, whom they have judged to be a potential threat, has.
  58. Whereupon, I went back to the head of the table, and said aloud, that the cold collection had been provided by some secret friends, and although it was not just what the directors could have wished, yet it would be as well to bring to mind the old proverb, which instructs us no to be particular about the mouth of a gi’en horse.
  59. After Joe instructs the students on what they’re to do in his absence,.
  60. However, that executive order includes a proviso that instructs the agencies making those reviews to consider,.

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