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Interruption dans une phrase (en anglais)

After a short interruption Mr.
He grinned at her interruption.
Then there came an interruption.
They scowled at the interruption.
Donna frowned at the interruption.
I’m sorry for the interruption.
Eugene blinks at the interruption.

The interruption took him off guard.
Helga was glad for the interruption.
Their sins know of no interruption.
Sorry for the interruption, miss.
Alexander frowned at the interruption.
Another interruption happened in 1968.
He didn't appreciate the interruption.
Sorry for the interruption, Reverend.
Sorry for the interruption but Britney.
Barnett was startled by the interruption.
Tracy was glad enough for the interruption.
But that doesn’t excuse the interruption.
Please keep it coming without interruption.
Prentice is not happy with the interruption.
There was no fear of such interruption here.
He now realizes the interruption he’s made.
The interruption in receiving letters from V.
There was an interruption in our conversation.
The vehemence of the interruption startled him.
Joe Elegant scowled faintly at the interruption.
Ignoring the interruption, Lysander ploughed on.
Physical death is the ultimate interruption in.
The interruption was doubly frustrating because.
After Desiree’s interruption, Adrian continued.
She rounded on them, furious at the interruption.
I let my brief annoyance at the interruption pass.
Waterhouse listened patiently without interruption.
A continual interruption in the flow of lines, and.
The CEO was stopped by Frank’s sudden interruption.
Therefore, there will be no interruption of the 85.
The interruption of the soldier Neal did not give me.
Come, Guo Ming said, happy for the interruption.
He continued as if there were no interruption at all.

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