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Invoke dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. What power to invoke the use.
  2. They invoke in His stead only females.
  3. God knows what they invoke besides Him.
  4. Nor was he afraid to invoke the Creator.
  5. And do not invoke with God any other god.

  6. In marital conflicts, a wife may invoke.
  7. Wood Smith who pretends to invoke spirits.
  8. You dare invoke my late husband’s memory.
  9. In fact, they invoke none but a rebellious devil.
  10. He’s not even sure what Nicky means by invoke.
  11. Principal Hartman said was supposed to invoke thought.
  12. These clouds of the streets invoke her coming presence.
  13. However, I’ve found a clause in his contract we can invoke.
  14. This is a special form we can invoke for emergency situations.
  15. The Buddhists use this as a tool to invoke the energy of love.

  16. Not for the bards of the past, not to invoke them have I launch'd.
  17. Devoid of scriptural sanction and powerless to invoke the Su-.
  18. I invoke you to protect her and her offspring from the cursed devil.
  19. I spotted the names of gods, enchantments to invoke Ma’at, and some.
  20. Now we can invoke the Cut Optimizer just by pressing the "Rough" button:.
  21. She could invoke its Mind Control Plugin and tell Kandhi to do just that.
  22. Those they invoke besides God create nothing, but are themselves created.
  23. Truth, words sung or spoken down here invoke higher power-- power out of.
  24. To invoke fascination fulfill another’s wishes which could not be granted.
  25. All these branches of the Church, too, invoke the Angelic Hosts to assist in.

  26. I did not invoke it in the old days; I guarded it lest it be used against me.
  27. These cultural frames invoke physical responses – ideas becoming sensations.
  28. The witch is the priestess of the devil to invoke the curse of hell against her.
  29. Convention may not invoke the application of that provision by any other Party;.
  30. For instance, Uncle Fred may invoke uplifting, inspirational feelings of support.
  31. Perform the important intentional requests three times in order to invoke a change.
  32. He knew well that I should never willingly invoke the aid of the police against him.
  33. Any blessings the dier has to invoke should have been invoked and done with long ago.
  34. All expressions of wisdom are nothing but tools to attract and invoke this power in us.
  35. How to do this? Invoke the query by selecting Data -> Get External Data -> New Database Query.
  36. God judges with justice, while those whom they invoke besides Him cannot judge with anything.
  37. Fear that he would invoke the law forced Sonia to confide in her sister’s best friend, Altera.
  38. The moral is, if you’re going to invoke spirits, be respectful and aware of what you’re about.
  39. She sought only to provoke interest and invoke thought, Maybe create, also, a bit of stylish mystery.
  40. Therefore I obey none of its regulations, and I insist that you never invoke them in front of me!.
  41. But to Invoke whatever they were Invoking, they had to move in certain ways, and that gave them away.
  42. Conan gazed over the billowing waves of spears and wondered what new horror the sorcerer would invoke.
  43. I could not resist anything and I closed my both eyes for a fraction of second to invoke my Lord’s name.
  44. In spite of al difficulties, the Prophet Moses never ceased to invoke the live, justice and faithfulness of.
  45. His soft clean skin sparkled As he assumed a momentary posture that might invoke A rapturous cry from his audience.
  46. He’d begged for his life, but his mind was too far gone to invoke Sithias, which would have been harder to explain.
  47. Those they invoke besides Him are incapable of intercession; only those who testify to the truth and have knowledge.
  48. However, assurance is given that what has been covered within, is indeed enough to invoke positive and lasting change.
  49. After she chanted to invoke the angels, putting Michael at the foot of her bed to guard her, she finally dropped off.
  50. However, because of the very tight price action that preceded it, one could invoke some discretion and buy it anyway.
  51. Those must’ve been quite some bad memories that he’d just been having to invoke such a haunted look of extreme angst.
  52. We do not propose to employ our technique of dematerialization; we merely wish to invoke the process of accelerated time.
  53. Exercise: To invoke the rights granted to the option holder, specifically, the ability to buy or sell the underlying stock.
  54. For Aura law dictated that upon the death of a spouse, the husband could invoke the next sister in line to take her place.
  55. That is because God is the Reality, and what they invoke besides Him is vanity, and because God is the Sublime, the Grand.
  56. She would invoke the past, recall old recollections; she would supplicate him by the remembrance of guilty, yet happy days.
  57. Plaints made in common are almost prayers, and prayers where two or three are gathered together invoke the mercy of heaven.
  58. If not he had said that he would invoke a closure order and the plant would have to stop production until it was made safe.
  59. However, the New York Stock Exchange required an undertaking not to invoke this clause, as a condition of listing the issue.
  60. He told us to invoke Him, He didn't say: I'll think about your needs, or I'll achieve them later, but He answered at once, i.
  61. Creative visualization is essentially the same thing as prayer, and has the same result, except that you don’t invoke a deity.
  62. Nixon had said in a major speech in May that all his aides were free to testify and that he would not invoke executive privilege.
  63. So, God afflicts this man with sorts of troubles, calamities, anguishes, and distresses that make him invoke and resort to his Creator.
  64. I should not have been prompted, by stress of need, by desperation of mind—I scarce know what to call it—to invoke such further aid to.
  65. And really, after a day or two of confusion worse confounded, it was delightful by degrees to invoke order from the chaos ourselves had made.
  66. What makes them special is that I place them on the altar when I do rituals to invoke my patron spirits, and then these spirits bless the charms.
  67. Their Commander may have been slain but with their numerical advantage their mere sight could still invoke a knee-wobble in even the sternest of men.
  68. In the heart of the slumbering hills I have watched Xaltotun commune with the souls of the damned, and invoke the ancient demons of forgotten Acheron.
  69. A Priest might invoke enough to Heal two or three, but after such a conflict as had just occurred, the power of the Serrenites would be spread too thin.
  70. Next, we will create a credential object, which will be used to invoke remote PowerShell sessions in the virtual machines to get the Integration Service version.
  71. These objects can be useful in imbuing the moment you cast a spell or ritually invoke a spirit with a sense of importance, and help to put you in the right mood.
  72. Is it possible for it to invoke some kind of condition that could render it capable of a separate existence beyond the brain, as has been postulated for the soul?
  73. Then Allah will answer us before we ask,, grant us before we invoke and achieve not only what we hope but more because this is His promise and He never breaks His promise.
  74. Being unfamiliar then implies that something is not a familiar sub-category of something that is familiar, where the familiar in question must automatically invoke sub-cat-.
  75. Drive a nail home and clinch it so faithfully that you can wake up in the night and think of your work with satisfaction—a work at which you would not be ashamed to invoke the Muse.
  76. We do not need to invoke some mystical force to create the patterns we see in the markets; they are simply the result of buyers and sellers finding prices in a competitive environment.
  77. Personal requests from the divine may be relatively frivolous, or more serious, or used to worship, to give thanks, or to invoke individual, communal and/or international peace and harmony.
  78. To then, ultimately savor the glowing and warm consciousness of emotions and sensations that our personal mastery over these spiritual and psychological accomplishments and achievements will invoke within us.
  79. This was something that caused damage to the one who was being envied, and so he (cpth) got angry and blamed the looker for causing harm to his brother, saying to him: Will you invoke the blessing of God!?
  80. Scientists thus invoke external limits of simplicity, mathematical elegance, severe tests, and other things in an attempt to further reduce degeneracy, but these attempts are ad hoc and send us back to metaphysics.
  81. I am only bound to invoke Memory where I know her responses will possess some degree of interest; therefore I now pass a space of eight years almost in silence: a few lines only are necessary to keep up the links of connection.
  82. Why not I invoke her pity by declaring my love to her? But what if she cuts me short and shows the door? Then, what about writing to her? Well, that could be the right move as love letter could be the best bet for a tentative lover.
  83. I’m sure you can understand how a beautiful woman such as yourself would invoke my emotions, especially since, he glanced towards the area where Lord Ashburn and Faye were sitting and chatting, especially since my wife hates me.
  84. We all share in common, through these gifts of consciousness, feelings, thoughts and speech, the ability to develop constructive relationships and thus the potential to invoke personal well-being and the sense of peace for others and Self.
  85. I want your resignation on my desk in one hour or I will invoke my Presidential powers, and use the FBI and CIA, to place you under arrest for violation of our government’s human rights laws on giving over an American Citizen to a foreign country.
  86. It's the only means by which the computer can be reprogrammed, and the only means by which the computer can be made to accept him as the new Galaef of the Galactic Federation, which will give him the power to invoke war whenever he deems it appropriate.
  87. This in turn will invoke personal choices, because of evolutionary circumstances, less driven by surmounted base instincts, which in the past have influenced environmental conditions and human cultures, and more by voluntary choices and needs of complexity.
  88. If we say, ‘they are absolutely murderers’ then it will not invoke any sense of hate but it will be worse if we say, ‘they are like the self- proclaimed purgersof Rome who toppled the throne of Caesar but consequently their real face were unveiled’.
  89. But if, invoking now the God of peace, we should later have occasion to invoke the God of war, we are firmly convinced that the Joriguiberi will go forth side by side with the mighty boats whose crews have this day entered into such a close fraternal union with our own.
  90. I wonder if John had a similar problem understanding at what group or age he was directed to invoke this particular warning? After all he did seem to understand that the vision had directed him to issue an advisory, For the time is near as introduction to the whole message.
  91. Those who keep distances, search for a consensus through politically correct attitude and invoke respect for "good manners" as an ultimate weapon to disarm and destroy a colleague or adversary often experience excitement through the reassuring construction of standardized situations.
  92. In the sphere of government it is maintained that the greater the power of the government, which, according to this theory, ought to intervene in every department of private life in which it has not yet intervened, the better it will be, and that therefore we ought to invoke the interference of government in private life.
  93. Inside of them, their spirits began to supplicate furiously and with their tongues the men began to invoke God: Oh Al’lah! We are repenting to you! … Oh Al’lah! Save us! … Oh Succorer! … Oh Most Kind! … Would you have mercy upon us? … Oh Al’lah! Then the pleading turned into screams of horror and dismay as the car continued on its way.
  94. But because November was the dead time, a month and more of darkness before Yule arrived and the world began to tilt once again toward the light, we always had the strongest witches and warlocks come together in one place to invoke the spirits of our ancestors, to ask for their guidance and their strength in helping to protect us against the forces of the dark.
  95. Mustafa Mahmood is one of those who gives his opinion, telling us: I don’t believe in the truth of such news (of conjuring up the spirits of dead people), and I think that the one they invoke in such sessions is not the spirit of the dead person, but that of the jinn who accompanied him throughout his life, and consequently, he can imitate his voice and unveil his secrets.
  96. He fully realized that he could cast himself off the ledge and out into space, and that nothing could happen to harm him provided he would rescind his first great decision not to invoke the interposition of his celestial intelligences in the prosecution of his lifework on Urantia, and provided he would abrogate his second decision concerning his attitude toward self-preservation.
  97. That species have a capacity for change will be admitted by all evolutionists; but there is no need, as it seems to me, to invoke any internal force beyond the tendency to ordinary variability, which through the aid of selection, by man has given rise to many well-adapted domestic races, and which, through the aid of natural selection, would equally well give rise by graduated steps to natural races or species.
  98. And this is spreading around the world! Those are the Princes and Princesses over there with Alilia, and they tell me that millions of elves from all over the world have asked for permission to come here! Just for a visit, of course! Alilia had to invoke the charters of war to insure that none spoke of any of this to any but elves! She had to actually declare a state of war in order to ensure compliance from the plains elves, just a moment ago!.
  99. God said, So they shall invoke my name on the sons of Israel,.
  1. When invoking them.
  2. Invoking help from others.
  3. We are invoking elgad-shaderrou.
  4. In the mornings when I am invoking.
  5. As I said, we are invoking elgad-shaderrou.
  6. How? By invoking the principle of Nationalism.
  7. There will be no invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.
  8. This is what I said, invoking them with sweet words:.
  9. One Who Collects Water, I am invoking elgad-shaderrou.
  10. Its mouth spoke to him in Greek invoking God’s explanation.
  11. What President Obama was doing was heavily invoking God unawares.
  12. What animal possessed the ability of invoking such horror as this?
  13. Perhaps it is time this fancy platitude was turned on those invoking it.
  14. You can produce the most out of search engines by invoking a suitable SEO strategy.
  15. It gives an account of his own reign and terminates by invoking the protection of the gods.
  16. It's quite likely that the tattoos were part of invoking Gods to bring healing on his life.
  17. But to Invoke whatever they were Invoking, they had to move in certain ways, and that gave them away.
  18. Alas, the bank’s method will surely be supported by their highly paid lawyers invoking court procedures.
  19. Meanwhile, I couldn’t even be near Anubis without invoking the wrath of his chaperone—Shu, the god of hot air.
  20. You can always override this during development by passing the desired target on the command line when invoking Ant.
  21. It does matter! Sithias said you are safe here for now, and I’m invoking the debt to keep you here another five months.
  22. Pass a law that will limit the law - suits placed invoking the various environmental laws to existing and operating facilities.
  23. Sage has historically been used in smudging rituals as a means of invoking purification, protection, longevity, and immortality.
  24. Invoking the anticipated trading rule using the two-pole Stochastic indicator of Chapter 7, we obtain the equity curve of Figure 17.
  25. He turns and turns him to it,—how slowly, but how steadfastly, his homage-rendering and invoking brow, with his last dying motions.
  26. By invoking the names of her famous in-laws, she reminded the others that the balance of power had shifted when she entered the room.
  27. Now, she and Ethan did the chants over and over, invoking their protection for her and for all of them as they worked at the trailer.
  28. They all concentrated and, invoking Satan (one of the names of the Great Beast), began to wish very strongly that the girls immediately die.
  29. WE FINISHED UP our field hearings and finalized our bill, which we decided to name boldly by invoking the name of the late Senator Paul Wellstone.
  30. Great-Aunt Ruby had varied it from year to year, sometimes focusing on the harvest, sometimes concentrating on invoking the spirits of our ancestors.
  31. Yes, she was carried off in the Prison Act, at the moment when she was invoking the aid of the angels; but I doubt if she was carried off by an angel.
  32. That is why messenger Mohammad (cpth) said invoking God: "O, God of all! May you not let a disbeliever be an obligor to me, lest my heart will love him".
  33. Having been raised in these cultures of marshal music, protest marches employ the same cadence, thus invoking a sense of battle even when demonstrating for peace.
  34. But I doubt not, that leathern tally, meant for man, was taken off in Heaven, when the white fowl flew to join the wing-folding, the invoking, and adoring cherubim!.
  35. After facing the four quarters and once again invoking the deities of each direction, I went to the altar Tobias and a few others had erected in the center of the circle.
  36. Mommy, I said aloud, and I thought of her suddenly stopping what she was doing, often in the center of the kitchen, and invoking her own mother whom she lost when she was eleven years old.
  37. There are battles at sea and on the land, both in the West Indies and in the Netherlands, where Philip's rival tries to effect his death and ruin, finally invoking the aid of the Inquisition.
  38. The moral effect of the movement is strengthened by the fact that each pledge is made whilst invoking the assisting grace of God, and is accompanied by reading the Scriptures, and Christian song.
  39. Confused quietness and sad silence prevailed in the country, they raised their hands supplicating God, invoking Him from the depth of their hearts and begging Him to drive away this carnage from them:.
  40. Like invoking my Miranda rights? The bound one replied, repressing a bit of a smile, as a security bot tore off the T-word Shirt she was wearing which read, How come $ never goes to jail for the things it says and does?
  41. Another revolutionist, a materialist, becoming convinced of the stupidity of existence and the hopelessness of the struggle against reaction, commits suicide in his cell, while an old sectarian prisoner dies happily, invoking the Lamb of God.
  42. But if, invoking now the God of peace, we should later have occasion to invoke the God of war, we are firmly convinced that the Joriguiberi will go forth side by side with the mighty boats whose crews have this day entered into such a close fraternal union with our own.
  43. I did not address the problems created for me by the eight-week hold rule since I believed that had I paid attention to the initial factors, such as the improperly short base, I would not have been placed in the situation of invoking the eight-week hold rule to begin with.
  44. After the gap-up day, which was buyable based on our gap-up buying rules discussed in the previous section, CROX held its 10-day moving average for more than seven weeks, invoking the Seven-Week Rule whereby the 10-day line would be used as your guide for selling the stock.
  45. During that year just before Nixon was to give his famous Checkers speech invoking the family dog and Pat’s cloth coat to stay on the ticket as Ike’s vice presidential running mate, Burger, then the Minnesota Republican leader, and his wife, Vera, sent Nixon a word of encouragement.
  46. By invoking him and binding myself to him I could make myself feel as though skewers of metal were piercing my flesh or fiery currents were spreading inside my body, and in this way I could perform these miracles – which are in reality only tricks – without the firebrands, the glass or the skewers affecting me at all.
  47. No, it couldn't be possible really that Miles, already at that time in Holy Orders, and without his sister knowing anything about it, and after saying family prayers before breakfast, and after taking the Morning Service in his vicar's church, and after eating his midday meal and invoking God's blessing on it, should have sallied out and sinned.
  48. While the media noted that I appeared to be invoking my own family’s experience on the House floor, the truth was I was angered almost as much for my girlfriend, Kate Lowenstein, who had lost her father—well-known New York civil rights and antiwar activist Allard Lowenstein—to gun violence almost exactly sixteen years before, in March of 1980, when she was just nine years old.
  49. I cannot close this communication without expressing my deep sense of the crisis in which you are assembled, my confidence in a wise and honorable result to your deliberations, and assurances of the faithful zeal with which my co-operating duties will be discharged; invoking, at the same time, the blessing of Heaven on our beloved country, and on all the means that may be employed in vindicating its rights and advancing its welfare.
  50. Lothario, terrified and breathless, ran in haste to pluck out the dagger; but when he saw how slight the wound was he was relieved of his fears and once more admired the subtlety, coolness, and ready wit of the fair Camilla; and the better to support the part he had to play he began to utter profuse and doleful lamentations over her body as if she were dead, invoking maledictions not only on himself but also on him who had been the means of placing him in such a position: and knowing that his friend Anselmo heard him he spoke in such a way as to make a listener feel much more pity for him than for Camilla, even though he supposed her dead.
  1. Still, he is less invoked.
  2. And not lightly to be invoked.
  3. I invoked almighty for your care.
  4. Nobody could be invoked in the case.
  5. She invoked Hugh Griswold’s assistance.
  6. It invoked Directive Eight at our request.
  7. They had Invoked the Absence, Barrin knew.
  8. I would swear that they invoked the Absence.
  9. The Lord Aj, the maize plant, is then invoked.
  10. She invoked Love and His aid, and she was free.
  11. You will always be invoked as a reason for hope.
  12. A third time Fallon invoked the Maker: God in heaven.
  13. But they never swore to practice what the words invoked.
  14. They concentrated on the beauty of Love and invoked His aid.
  15. The above inline function can be invoked by statements like.
  16. Rev Schwartz testified to the punishment he had already invoked.
  17. Machine, despite all the furor it invoked and all the labor that.
  18. To them, it means that you invoked the evil spirits against them.
  19. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from.
  20. Two Safewords will be invoked depending on the severity of the demands.
  21. Yet another dualism is invoked: you either have a disorder or you don't.
  22. For example, both Selene and Helios are invoked as dogs (Jung, MC 146-7).
  23. Laws had been invoked, wrongs had been weighed, a compromise had been sought.
  24. Lance was incensed that you invoked not only the Agency, but the president.
  25. The powerful suggestion invoked by hypnosis was also used as a tool for military.
  26. Today we are not looking to expand our territory, so the clause is rarely invoked.
  27. And indeed Noah invoked Us, and We are the Best of those who answer (the request).
  28. I steeled myself against the softening that Ash invoked in me and refused to give in.
  29. Any blessings the dier has to invoke should have been invoked and done with long ago.
  30. As his gaze swept across the wild stampede in front of him, it invoked the dream where he.
  31. It is used to define the actions these are all performed which are invoked at the call of an event.
  32. She invoked y’all several times and made quite an impression on the 13 year old she lectured.
  33. More behavioral considerations need to be invoked to explain the reward for assets’ standalone skewness.
  34. Mary, the Mother of God, was invoked over and over again but in a scream rather than a hymn or soft prayer.
  35. Hence, a ray of the spirits of those who have invoked the devils flows into the spirits of those who are listening.
  36. I had a couple of valiums as I was very nervous, invoked protection from my guides, and then popped a Red Dragon tab.
  37. Thus, a goal frequently invoked is to match the market when it is going up but to decline less when it is going down.
  38. If others are present though, they may profit from it if memory recall is able to be invoked in an appropriate venue.
  39. We women have something of the mother in us that makes us rise above smaller matters when the mother spirit is invoked.
  40. But something stopped him– an unusual feel about the badger's scent invoked his curiosity and he decided to track it.
  41. He had learned to suppress fear through countless life and death battles, but now it was invoked by her stunning ferocity.
  42. Whenever greater than average performance became the normal requirement, a regime of diminishing returns would be invoked.
  43. When they reached the deity for darshan, the pujari too invoked the blessings of the Lord as he would for a married couple.
  44. This notion was invoked both in delimiting verse from prose and in establishing distinctions between various types of poetry.
  45. Certain mathematical techniques of a rather sophisticated sort have perforce been invoked to support the valuations arrived at.
  46. When Suresh took his turn to serve his father, the swamiji invoked that his hands be forever blessed to serve humanity at large.
  47. Madeleine’s name is even invoked here, saying that her abduction could have been avoided if she’d had the chip implanted!.
  48. We’ve already read how the Messiah was invoked as an engraved stone in the last dream, dealing with the priesthood of the Lord Jesus.
  49. In all probability a receivership invoked for this reason would have been considered as highly injurious to the bondholders’ interests.
  50. They rumbled like thunder, Drums were anointed, invoked and received offerings and were used in initiations to provide the rhythm of rites.
  51. There now; was ever young man more thoroughly fitted out with invoked blessings? And each one wished from the inmost sincerity of my heart.
  52. No doubt he had invoked the help of the Holy Spirit to subdue the anger I had roused in him, and now believed he had forgiven me once more.
  53. Furthermore, when our master Solomon (pth) invoked his Provider, he said, …and bestow upon me such power as shall belong to none after me.
  54. Because he hadn’t called his wolf, the words he normally invoked to insure his clothing reappeared when he reverted back to human were missing.
  55. God says: You are forbidden the meat of carrion, blood, the flesh of swine and that over which has been invoked the name of other than Al’lah.
  56. Byron invoked the distance of time to dull the anguish he felt back then, they were after all memories of the past, of the ten months he never had.
  57. So the chivalric Hunt need not fear being invoked from the silence of the grave to take part in a lively tournament for belle et douce Marguerite.
  58. Yeshua supposes he shouldn’t have invoked the prophesy of Isaiah, claiming to be the chosen one—but he is! And they must know it! Now they will.
  59. Everything was assumed to be possible for Napoleon, they expected him from every side, and invoked his terrible name to shatter each other’s proposals.
  60. She shivered at the raw passion in his voice and the pain that lingered in his eyes and felt a stab of envy for the woman who’d invoked such a reaction.
  61. From there I invoked the spirits of our ancestors, all the McAllisters who had gone before us, asking them to bless us with their strength and their love.
  62. Nixon could have invoked executive privilege for you, I said, as he eventually did with the Secret Service technical agents who installed the taping system.
  63. In a way, I guess I had to first conquer my own fears and bring them into subjection before I could face a monster that invoked fear just by the sight of it.
  64. The fare was, indeed, coarse, such as the peasants of the country ate, but I will not doubt that it was set there by the spirits that I had invoked to aid me.
  65. After all twenty of the naguals have been invoked, the priest thanks them for bringing the great-grandchildren together on this occasion, and to bless everyone.
  66. Argentines really did weep in the streets at the news and ‘Evita’ instantly became a sort of saint, whose memory was always invoked whenever times got hard.
  67. She left, they later parleyed further, the law was invoked to perform its functions, he'd packed his things—less efficiently than she, perhaps—and left in turn.
  68. He is invoked at ceremonies which take place several times yearly, at the times of the planting (April), cultivating (July), and harvesting (October) of the maize crop.
  69. This is important to keep in mind since you will never sell a stock for which the Seven Week Rule is invoked on the first day it closes below the 10-day moving average.
  70. Glory to His Splendor also says: You are forbidden the meat of carrion, blood, the flesh of swine and that over which has been invoked the name of other than Al’lah.
  71. Neither could you tell just by looking that we’d invoked the spirits of the dead and cast yet another spell of protection around Cleopatra Hill and the town built on it.
  72. When Zacharias (cpth) saw that and heard from her what he heard, he invoked God to grant him a pious son so as to take his place and become a guide after him as he (cpth) was childless.
  73. I understand now why those that are great in the sight of men are an abomination to God, who has declared woe upon the rich and mighty and invoked blessedness upon the poor and humble.
  74. As his gaze swept across the wild stampede in front of him, it invoked the dream where he drove many animals, as he screeched, Faster! Faster! It had then turned into people he drove.
  75. While his tumultuous friends, captivated by the absolute, adored and invoked splendid revolutionary adventures, Combeferre was inclined to let progress, good progress, take its own course; he.
  76. Olmec spoke further, of dark and mysterious matters, of black magic and wizardry conjured out of the black night of the catacombs, of weird creatures invoked out of darkness for horrible allies.
  77. This is merely a move of commercial law, and even the whole majesty of the British Empire (so finely invoked by the Sheriff) cannot squeeze more than a very moderate quantity of blood out of a stone.
  78. Bohr’s complementarity principle is not mathematically derived from quantum theory — it was invoked on an intuitive basis to explain the conflicting theories which arose from experimental results.
  79. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from the machine and let its digital DNA drift away on the ether that connects electronic super highways to Acacia Avenues the world over.
  80. When it came to naysayers and backbiters, O’Neil simply invoked what we have labeled O’Neil’s Third Commandment, and that is that You learn more from your enemies than you do from your friends.
  81. I don't think they saw her fling down the shovel into the gravel or understood the curses she invoked, but certainly they felt the sting of the grit that flew from her hands and showered them like nettles.
  82. The elder stood firm putting up resistance and with an authoritarian voice, which I had not heard of till then, invoked the powers of the Brotherhood and demanded that he returned to the caves of his world.
  83. In managing the trade a Third Third Third Rule is invoked: first adjustment at one-third of maximum loss, second adjustment at two-thirds of maximum loss, and exit upon hitting the final third of maximum loss.
  84. It has been invoked many times, throughout the Cold War and after, as an argument for why the US should always be a superpower and involved whenever the amorphous idea of national security is brought up.
  85. He complained vehemently about being imprisoned in defiance of his civil rights, asked by virtue of which law he was hereby detained, invoked writs of habeas corpus, threatened to press charges against anyone holding him in illegal.
  86. When Niels Bohr invoked the complementarity principle, which basically states that the reality of electrons or photons cannot be reduced to a (1d) particle concept or a (1d) wave concept, he edged Science out of a purely linear approach.
  87. Whatever technicalities might be invoked to prevent the note holders from asserting their contractual rights promptly and completely, it was difficult to imagine conditions under which the 7s would not be intrinsically worth considerably more than the 5s.
  88. The lawyer, who had taken up the matter purely out of friendship to the young man, and almost against his will, invoked every consideration of justice, delicacy, honour, and even plain figures; in vain, the ex-patient of the Swiss lunatic asylum was inflexible.
  89. He invoked the memory of the way American veterans returning from Vietnam and the wars in the middle east were so shabbily treated by an ungrateful government more intent on giving tax breaks for its wealthiest supporters than it was in properly funding programs for veterans.
  90. This reverend, in his tranquil country setting, was free of those pains and trials; he would have difficulty in relating to those conditions and the endurance such an experience invoked in a man of the cloth, for if ever he doubted the ways of the Lord, his experiences had reiterated his faith in His guidance.
  91. Speaker, the goddess of justice has been described as being blind, with sword in one hand, and the scale and balance in the other, but if she is invoked in this measure, she comes blind indeed, with a sword in one hand, but no balance in the other; in one hand is the emblem of war, in the other the badge of slavery.
  92. The acquisition of a useless part can hardly be said to raise an organism in the natural scale; and in the case of the imperfect, closed flowers, above described, if any new principle has to be invoked, it must be one of retrogression rather than of progression; and so it must be with many parasitic and degraded animals.
  93. So is it with the flesh of donkeys and mules, and any meat that degrades man’s spirit …and that over which has been invoked the name of other than Al’lah …: the food presented for mean and object purposes, that is any banquet prepared for any purpose other than God’s sake, you should not attend it or eat from it.
  94. But neither great Washington, nor Napoleon, nor Nelson, will answer a single hail from below, however madly invoked to befriend by their counsels the distracted decks upon which they gaze; however it may be surmised, that their spirits penetrate through the thick haze of the future, and descry what shoals and what rocks must be shunned.
  95. Menant sees at the beginning the genealogy and titles of a prince, some other of whose inscriptions have already been found; then an invocation to the patron divinities of his kingdom; then the main body of the inscription, which will doubtless be the most difficult to decipher; and at the close a re-enumeration of the divinities already invoked.
  96. She invoked to the dark forces of Zoroastro, the Enchantress Zarnia and the Magician Abramelim, summoned to their marvelous and perverse powers so that the potion lull the senses of the young woman and preventing her to locate the counter-conjuration, maintaining her in a dreaming state, at least until the five days had passed and the demons arrive.
  97. I called my waiting-maid to me, that there might be a witness on earth besides those in Heaven, and again Don Fernando renewed and repeated his oaths, invoked as witnesses fresh saints in addition to the former ones, called down upon himself a thousand curses hereafter should he fail to keep his promise, shed more tears, redoubled his sighs and pressed me closer in his arms, from which he had never allowed me to escape; and so I was left by my maid, and ceased to be one, and he became a traitor and a perjured man.
  98. Enthralled by the changing of colour of the ocean from a lovely bluish green to a dank, depressing grey as the weather phenomenon passed and entrenched itself for the rest of the day, Faye smiled as the sun managed briefly to sneak through a clearing in the thick cloud cover and reflect brilliantly off the tumultuous surface of the water; it was indeed a sublime sight for those not accustomed to viewing such occurrences and one that far surpassed anything written in books or magazines or those fancies that the imagination could produce when invoked to do so.
  99. Availing himself of the mild, summer-cool weather that now reigned in these latitudes, and in preparation for the peculiarly active pursuits shortly to be anticipated, Perth, the begrimed, blistered old blacksmith, had not removed his portable forge to the hold again, after concluding his contributory work for Ahab's leg, but still retained it on deck, fast lashed to ringbolts by the foremast; being now almost incessantly invoked by the headsmen, and harpooneers, and bowsmen to do some little job for them; altering, or repairing, or new shaping their various weapons and boat furniture.
  100. In the economic relation they preach a theory, the essence of which consists in this, that the worse it is, the better it is, that the more there shall be an accumulation of capital, and so an oppression of the labourer, the nearer will the liberation be, and so every personal effort of a man to free himself from the oppression of capital is useless; in the relation of the state, they preach that the greater the power of the state, which according to this theory has to take in the still unoccupied field of the private life, the better it will be, and that, therefore, the interference of the governments in the private life has to be invoked; in the political and international relations they preach that the increase of the means of destruction, the increase of the armies, will lead to the necessity of disarmament by means of congresses, arbitrations, and so forth.
  1. His recent glory he invokes.
  2. His very size invokes them all.
  3. He invokes one whose harm is closer than his benefit.
  4. Another invokes the idea of Spaceship Earth and.
  5. He invokes, instead of God, what can neither harm him nor benefit him.
  6. But it’s not entirely satisfying to toss off an answer that invokes.
  7. One invokes one’s birth nagual for protection, guidance, and blessing.
  8. The object that invokes the command is decoupled from the object that knows how to perform it.
  9. Whoever invokes another god besides God-he has no proof thereof-his reckoning rests with his Lord.
  10. The priest invokes this Lord to bring the people together like nets bring together the ears of maize.
  11. The conscious refusal to go along with your weakness is what invokes and finally delivers real inner-strength.
  12. Releasing his thumbs, he invokes grace from on high with large wave gestures and proclaims with bloated pomp:).
  13. Somehow, I still sensed that something I could not quite figure out, but which invokes abnormal air, was circling in on me.
  14. Israel will be joined unto someone who falsely invokes the name of Hashem, while the Antichrist takes unto himself God’s people.
  15. Look at God's messenger (cpth), Master of the creation, how he fears and invokes such invocation so as to preserve his spirit's pureness.
  16. About her I won't speak; and I don't desire to think; but I earnestly wish she were invisible: her presence invokes only maddening sensations.
  17. Indeed, this information invokes concepts and dimensions that are incredibly interesting, yet, difficult to comprehend from a human perspective.
  18. Who is more wrong than him who invokes, besides God, those who will not answer him until the Day of Resurrection, and are heedless of their prayers?
  19. So, look at God’s messenger (cpth), master of creation, how he is afraid and invokes such a prayer so as to preserve his own spirit’s clarity and pureness.
  20. Jaynes says that when Homer invokes the Muse (Sing Muse and through me tell the story) he is requesting that those voices assist him in creating the poem he is about to speak.
  21. On the other hand some followers of Christianity would describe purgatory as being the spiritual process that invokes the purification and purging of transgressions through personal Self reflection, increased awareness, and as a result of this, Self improvement.
  22. The torn, split, wounded girl cries, struggles, invokes me to her rescue, and endeavours to get from under the young savage, or shake him off, but alas! in vain: her breath, might as soon have strength to have quelled his rough assault, or put him out of his course.
  23. Human evolution from primates is information that advocates some explanation and understanding of atrocious human behaviours, but which can never justify such behaviour, but invokes human accountability when adding it to the mix of human consciousness, intellect, thought, emotion and freewill.
  24. All the pious ideas that had been so long forgotten, returned; he recollected the prayers his mother had taught him, and discovered a new meaning in every word; for in prosperity prayers seem but a mere medley of words, until misfortune comes and the unhappy sufferer first understands the meaning of the sublime language in which he invokes the pity of heaven! He prayed, and prayed aloud, no longer terrified at the sound of his own voice, for he fell into a sort of ecstasy.
  25. Human death, a death that invokes the horrifying prospective of the possible inevitable transition into the unknown world of the ‘afterlife’ is the architect of a Creator who would not possess unconditional love? Is the architect of a Creator who would not have infinite compassion, and judge infinitely justly? The Creator of human sickness, pain, suffering and death, a ‘God’ who made such human experience, would be a Creator who would not be infinitely sympathetic?

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